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U.S. Soccer unveil 2014 USMNT World Cup home uniform

USAWorldCupJerseyHome2014 (USSoccer)


The day we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.

No, not the start of the World Cup, but the release of the U.S. Men’s National Team’s latest uniform that they’ll wear at the World Cup. Designed by official partners Nike, this uniform is an all-white kit with red lining at the end of the sleeves and the polo-type collar. The jersey features a return to the regular U.S. Soccer crest and the jersey top features faint grey horizontal hoops from the top to the bottom.

The rest of the uniform features white shorts and white socks, with a red stripe running down the side of the shorts.

The 2014/2015 uniform is already on sale on for fans who want to purchase it ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.


What do you think of the uniform? Like the design? Think it’s too plain? Would you have rather seen them go a different direction?

Share your thoughts below.


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  2. Thanks to Nike for summing up our problems in a simple kit: other nations show up to play football and we show up for a round of golf. Thanks Nike!

  3. Disgusting. Does anyone know where I can pick up a centennial and hoops jersey? I can’t find them available anywhere right now.

  4. Who is the dullard that thought that jersey up?

    And why do we have this stupid crest. Blue friggin’ stripes??? Now with more blue around the outside. Like a bizzaro-world US flag. Go with the Centennial Crest, copy US Hockey and that would make this look more snazzy. But please get rid of the idiotic US badge. It truly sucks.

  5. This is the shirt the coaching staff is supposed to wear. To revert back to the old crest with the punching soccer ball could mean one of several things one of which is that US Soccer does not own the rights to the centennial crest and is too cheap to buy the rights, or they have printed a quintillion of these punching soccer ball crests and want to use them all up before they move on to a better design again US Soccer is cheap, or US Soccer honchos don’t care about the fans and think that they can do whatever they want and us fans will eventually go along. Let’s do a boycott of this new jersey and request that the centennial jersey be brought back and do a buycott. We should recognize that us fans. WE are US Soccer. So sign the petition to keep the centennial crest at Or go to the US Soccer website and scroll down to the bottom of the web page and click on “contact us” select pr/communications and let US Soccer know how you feel. If enough of us take just five minutes to do one of these things we can be heard but we have to speak out. If you don’t like the new jersey (polo shirt, golf shirt) with the old crest and you don’t speak out then you shouldn’t write on a blog complaining.

    • Kojo –

      I’m on board… I’m going to contact the federation’s PR/Communications contact and express my POV about the pitiful crest. I encourage everybody to express their opinion…

      • Here is a comment from the creative director at Nike about our 2014 World Cup polo … I mean jersey… I mean golf shirt … Oh you know what I mean.

        “The new kit clearly showcases the USA’s national pride and distinct sense of style, while also capturing the nation’€™s eternal optimism,€” said Martin Lotti, Creative Director for Nike Soccer.

        For someone who probably takes home a seven figure salary this is really pathetic if he thinks this shirt showcases our national pride and a distinct sense of style.

  6. I like the idea of the centennial crest, but a lot of non-soccer types are going to mistake it for an Old Navy shirt. I would put the number 1913 on the centennial crest and a soccer ball from that period (brown leather). The current crest looks like AYSO clip art.

    As for shirts, I don’t like the idea of changing the whole design every WC cycle. For me, the hoops (Waldo) jersey is the only jersey that is unmistably American from 100 yards away. Brazil has their yellow, Holland their orange, Spain their red, etc. They tweak the jerseys ever WC cycle, but the basic idea stays the same. I think we should adopt the hoops as our permanent jersey and just tweak it a bit every cycle.

  7. I like the austerity, the timelessness. I dislike the change from navy to royal. It’s disappointing that the centennial crest wasn’t retained.

    Perhaps the most obvious compromise would be to keep the classic white with the traditional navy as the second kit, and use the hoops as the third jersey.

  8. It’s not bad, but I have more than enough white home jerseys, so I will not be buying. I will wait to see what the away jersey looks like.

  9. Oh I get it, this is one of those mullet shirts. Up front it’s all business but the back is where the party is at. There must be some killer graphics back there.

  10. Taste is taste, so I hope I don’t get any nasty responses from of my comments… I actually like it: simple, clean with nice touches such as the red lining and the gray hoops. Classy. Again, taste is taste. I also like the crest – much more modern than the centennial one (obviously).

    OK, now ready for being bombarded. Just do it nicely, please.

    • I agree that taste is indeed taste. I will also say that I prefer jerseys that are clean and simple as well. My biggest problem is that it’s not a jersey, it’s a polo! The US Soccer site even used the term polo to describe it. It looks almost exactly like what a US soccer polo looks like that you’d buy at the store.

      Going to disagree big time on the crest though. The current one screams 1990s clip art. Nothing modern about something that looks like it was made with 20 year old technology. At least the centennial had a “retro” look, 20 years old isn’t retro or modern though. It’s just dated.

      • The first US game is based in Manu and Manu is the launch off point for the Amazon Jungle. Anyone been there? Are the Brazilian stadiums completed? Does anyone know if the Manu stadium is completed and if it is air-conditioned? FIFA draw puts the US as the home team in a hot climate. If the stadium is open-air, someone is really, really smart! Moreover, how did they get NIKE to every agree to a jersey that doesn’t hit us at first sight?

  11. After seeing a couple pictures with someone acually wearing it, i think its growing on me. Far better then the 2010 shirts with that awful sash.

  12. I like the polo, but the crest just makes it look a junior high school kid designed it. Go back to the Centennial and I will buy this.

  13. It seems like most people like the centennial crest. I just want to make sure people realize that’s not everyone’s opinion. I vehemently oppose the use of the centennial crest. I find it to be unnecessarily gaudy.

  14. this also may be the first bit of USMNT news where 90% of US fans all agree on something. that something being how awful this jersey is. already multiple petitions out to get Nike to change it.

    can we just use the Copa America jersey from years ago? but add on the Centennial crest.

  15. Here are all the problems with the crest, which is actually worse than the old, but similar crest:

    1. There are three stars. They have no meaning.

    2. The middle star is larger that the two aside it. That has no meaning.

    3. The stars are mostly blue, which has no meaning and makes no sense because the stars on the American flag are white.

    4. The outline and stripes are royal blue, which has no meaning and makes no sense because the stripes on the American flag are red and white and the blue on the star plain is a darker blue.

    5. The vertical stripes look like the bars on a cell phone, not stripes on a flag. That’s because they lack a border that would give it context.

    6. The flying soccer ball is cartoonish and unecessary.

    7. The angle the soccer ball appears to be flying makes no sense. Is the crest meant to evoke someone putting a speculative shot into the 15th row?

    8. The U and S are partially covered. Don’t cover the name of the country.

    9. If you are going to put “US” on the crest, you must add the “A.” Its not “YMC” either.

    10. Its actually too small. It should be about 1/3 larger.

  16. If the U.S. didn’t already have a hard road ahead in Brazil, it just got harder wearing this self-esteem deflating jersey. The players take the field already at a disadvantage.


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