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New York City FC Notes: Reyna gives stadium updates, brass talks player signings, and more

Reyna Kreis (NYCFC)


NEW YORK – Future MLS expansion club New York City FC might still be working on finding a permanent home, but the same cannot be said about the team’s search for a temporary stadium.

Director of football Claudio Reyna spoke to reporters at the club’s badge unveiling in Manhattan on Wednesday night, touching on a variety of issues. Chief among the topics discussed was the team’s ongoing pursuit of stadiums for both the short and long term. Reyna said that fans can expect an announcement on a temporary venue in the near future.

“We’re close on that. We’ll soon announce where we’ll be playing,” said Reyna at the adidas Sport Performance Store before being pressed on the issue. “Within the next month. We expect to have an announcement within the next month.”

While no details were given as to where NYCFC will play during their initial years as an MLS franchise (Yankee Stadium is widely rumored), Reyna did give some insight as to where the club stands in terms of building a soccer-specific stadium.

Reyna said NYCFC are currently in the process of finalizing a location for their stadium, and insinuated that a resolution was far from being reached.

“We’re still looking, we’re talking to the city,” said Reyna. “There’s a lot of possibilities for the stadium and we’re continuing to do our job, which won’t be easy but we feel good about it. We have a team of executives that are working very hard to not only get a stadium that we’re happy with, but that is good for the city of New York as well.”

Here are some more notes from NYCFC’s badge unveiling:


The hunt for a stadium might be a big talking point as far as NYCFC are concerned, but so too is the search for players.

Both Reyna and head coach Jason Kreis discussed the subject of adding players ahead of the club’s inaugural season, but neither said that signings were forthcoming. Not in the near future, anyway.

“Hopefully, if we have luck, in the summer,” said Reyna. “The problem is that we don’t have a place to play or practice. But there is the opportunity to sign some players and, if we can, send them out on loans to other clubs (until we start). We’re working hard to sign some players now, but the truth is that most of the players we sign will be in December or January.”

Kreis, who has spent the past few months in Europe, has already identified some talent within Manchester City’s pipeline.

MLS rules will allow NYCFC to acquire up to four players on loan from Manchester City, who along with the New York Yankees make up the MLS expansion club’s ownership group.

“There’s actually quite a few very interesting prospects there in Manchester City’s Under-21 team that are from various different countries, not all just from England,” said Kreis. “There’s the potential there to add some really interesting players. We really have to weigh it all out, though.

“We know at the end of the day you only have eight international signings that you can make with the rules that we have in our league, so we have to weight out whether or not that makes sense to use one of those eight on a very young, inexperienced player. Some fantastic prospects, some fantastic potential, but still unvetted, so to speak, in the professional world.”

As for potential star-caliber Designated Players NYCFC are expected to bring, neither Kreis or Reyna specifically mentioned anyone by name. Reyna, however, confirmed that New York City FC are in constant conversations about bringing players over for the start of the 2015 season.

“There’s no names that I can speak of yet, but we’re talking to many players,” said Reyna. “There’s a lot of interest to come here and play, and not just Designated Players, but players from all around the world. I’m receiving calls from players, agents every day, and we have to work our way through this process because we can’t sign every player.

“But there are some with experience, some young players, foreign-based players, who are talking about coming, and there are also American players within the league that seem interested in coming to play in our great city. We’re doing quite a bit of searching.”


Jason Kreis is not a patient man, but he is learning to be as a result of what will wind up being a year off from the sidelines.

Kreis has spent the past few months away from his normal head coaching duties, deployed in Europe instead to observe how some of the top clubs are run in anticipation of his New York debut. It has been undoubtedly a major learning experience for the former Real Salt Lake boss, but it has not come without its degree of hardship.

“It’s difficult. It’s very difficult,” said Kreis. “It pulls on your patience, it pulls on sort of having a large plan and not being able to make it come to fruition right away. Those are very difficult things and things that I’m not used to. I’m not a patient person. I’m sure Claudio is in the same boat. We have a plan, we have a timeline, we have a good organization in place moving things forward, so we think we’re moving in the right direction.

“We do at the end of it all need to be patient because we want to make the right decisions. We don’t want to just be signing players just because we feel like we’re in a rush because, truthfully, we’re not.”

Kreis also admitted that was “odd” to have to watch from afar as the current MLS campaign kicked off. The 41-year-old manager has been on the sidelines for every season since 2007, and sitting this year out seems strange to him.

Still, he acknowledged that he needed this respite after nearly a decade of going nonstop.

“It was one of the reasons, one of the considerations, for why I wanted to take this job and take this opportunity,” said Kreis. “(It) was a chance to step away, to get a breather, to reflect a little bit about what I’ve been doing for the past so many years. To be involved in the game at the highest level day-in and day-out can be very mentally trying and you never have a break from that.

“I’ve had my break, I’m ready to go already, but it has been difficult. When the MLS season actually started and the games started, it was really pulling on me, it was an emotional day for me last weekend.”


Lost in all the recent NYCFC shuffle has been the club’s impending rivalry with the New York Red Bulls. Reyna, however, was asked about it on Thursday and he responded with excitement towards what could be one of MLS biggest derbies.

“It’s going to be great,” said Reyna, who was at one time a member of the Red Bulls during his playing days. “The rivalries are important as you can see throughout the world. This rivalry will be great for us and for the Red Bulls as well. We expect a lot of hard-fought games, and a rivalry like that is really, really great for the fans. We’re awaiting the first game, and expecting them all to be very good.”


Happy to hear NYCFC are soon going to announce their temporary stadium plans? Who would you like to see the club (realistically) sign ahead of next season? Anxious for the start of the NYCFC-RBNY rivalry?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Chivas East is going to play in a baseball stadium. Gotta love the progress MLS is making. I wonder how many years it will be before MLS has to buy this team back, too.

  2. Nycfc will be fine n rule MLS parity, unless MLS goes for 4 or 5 dps n raise the salary cap.
    As for red bull, i said it before they need a new york crest, at least modify it bcus it represents zero of new york or new jersey.
    About cosmos, why not get another owner and join MLS in 5 years. I wouldn’t doubt MLS would buy cosmos in the future because MLS can easily have 28 teams.

    • We’re just fine over here. I love the fact that NYCFC will merely exist as a signpost pointing the uninitiated toward Red Bull Arena for at least the first few years of that club’s existence.

      It will actual boost our numbers following the first game we head to Yankee Stadium and smack fire out of that club.

      So again, don’t worry about us, we’re just fine.

  3. Cosmosfan

    Since you seem to think a ‘fake NYC” club is a terrible waste and that we don’t need these foreign owners coming into MLS, I suggest you stop supporting the New York Cosmos right this second.

    A team that was owned and rebooted by the vice-chairman of Tottenham Hostpurs, Paul Kemlsey. A team owned by a man who finally convinced the original name rights holder to sell to a foreign investor, who then paid grandpa Pele to trot himself out and announce the new Cosmos. Pele was never heard from again.

    Paul Kemsley is also famous for his role in making seriously illegal bets that played a role in the downfall of Lehman Brothers.

    Pele actually owns several licensing rights in the club, a venture he’s using to milk dollars out of you with despite not giving a crap about the club.

    The New York Cosmos of today are the epitome of a sell out club, being used left and right by rabid businessmen to take money from you with little to no investment on their part. They play in a college stadium and attract people who loved the original brand.

    • This entire conversation is fantastic. People like to say that there is no culture in American soccer. I love the passion going on right now. Instead of bashing each other on the internet put that effort into your respective club’s supporter group. At the end of the day, we all want American professional soccer to be the best it can possibly be. This is a good start.

      • Ditto with the good posts etc.

        Regarding the ManCity, NYCFC connect (they both got CITY in their name), seriously though the organization is fortunate that Reyna, has had that ManCity connection from his playing days.
        Regarding other news there will be a lease somewhere, maybe make a Columbia/Fordham arrangement?, build a bigger stadium with more purpose and usefulness. Some sort of partnership that could benefit greater than just a professional sports team, really be connected and a part of the community/City.
        Besides we all know north Manhattan could use some repair.
        And so close to the house of Ruth,
        where conceivably there will be a lot of matches, however most likely expos?.

  4. Hopefully, they manage to get “real stars” to the team, and develop attract style of play or the team will slowly fade to grey.

  5. This is how I feel about anything even remotely relating to #NYCFC.

    Shut up already. Your badge reveal was for a badge THAT EVERYONE ALREADY SAW. Go find a stadium and maybe some players, until then no one gives a flying turd about your ridiculous proclamations.

    • Not caring would equate to apathy, indifference… scrolling by a post on NYFC and having no response whatsoever. Seeing as how you took the time to read the article, read comments and then respond yourself even including a link I’d say you do care. Apparently a lot of other folks do too.

      The first objective of marketing is to put your name/brand out there… make sure people are aware that you exist. Mission accomplished.

      The response to this article is a clear indication of one big reason why MLS wanted another team in NY. Every league needs a team that provokes emotion, even better, a team every other teams fans love to hate and want their team to beat more than anything. No one does that better than a NY team. Like the Yankees in baseball, you can bet they will instantly be a huge road draw attracting fans hoping to watch their Timbers or RSor whoever…their small market underdogs take out the big city, deep pockets cocky NYFC team.

      • Yeah using your analogy I think the Cosmos already have the team you love to hate sewn up. At this point I do think there is less emotion regarding NYCFC because in many ways it is too manufactured and is really a corporate excercise in trying to establish grassroots by using astro-turf as a foundation.I will say this would have been a helluva idea circa 1999.

  6. Despite the rhetoric of Cosmos and Red Bulls supporters, NYCFC is doing everything right. And that’s not surprising as they are owned by one of the most continuously successful sports franchises in the history of sports–the New York Yankees.

    Claudio Reyna–

    American football icon with major ties to New York and Manchester City.

    Jason Kreiis–

    Youngest coach to ever win the MLS Cup and the top young American coach. Plays a strong possession and technically oriented game.

    And for what many don’t know–Jason Kreis has been over to England familiarizing himself with how the top EPL clubs operates to use to his advantage in MLS.

    • Reyna and Kreis are excellent, I have no doubt that they will put a solid team together. My concern (as a Portland fan who wants MLS to be successful) is getting the team off on the right foot when they do not have a home. How long will it be until a stadium is built and how will that affect attendance? I’ll bet teams #23 and #24 will have stadiums built before NYCFC does.

      • And that’s fine. It isn’t necessarily a race. Content is important.

        Getting land outside Atlanta or in Orlando or Miami is easy as 1,2,3 compared to acquiring large amounts of land in NYC. There simply isn’t space available.

        But when they have a stadium to play in, you can be sure it’s going to be magnificent. Sheik money and Steinbrenner money.

      • You said it yourself though, why are they giving them a team without any potential land purchase in site? It could take years for them to purchase a piece of land in NYC and then a couple more years to actually build it. That seems like extremely poor planning by MLS

      • It’s a long-game proposition. Having their own stadium is just simply not that important in the short-term. The real target here was the owners.

        The New York Yankees and Manchester City (courtesy of the Sheik) wanted to throw historic capital behind a club.

        Think long term.

        This is the ownership model that takes top flight teams to another level. And they are the types of owners MLS wants involved in the league.

        NYY have tremendous leverage in the TV market and the inroads to building huge deals. That asset alone is worth more than the club.

        10 years from now when this club has a stadium that would fit into any top flight european league in New York City with the financial backing of an oil and gas tycoon and the Steinbrenners–nobody will remember any of this.

      • RSL didn’t have a stadium for the first four years as an exapansion club. They played at the University of Utah stadium for a long time. When the club came into existence they didn’t know where their soccer specific stadium was going to be. That took a couple of years to lock down. RSL is a great club now and they’re doing just fine. I wouldn’t worry about NYFC finding a home. But it can take time, just like any other expansion club going through the same thing.

      • Getting land in Salt Lake is significantly easier than in NYC though so that comparison doesn’t hold water to me. Also the league was in a very different place back in 2005 than it is now, it didn’t have as many choices as it does currently.

      • NYC with a Sheik and the Yankees backing a team?

        I mean come on. That’s one of the best things to ever happen to MLS.

        Lack of business perspective on this board is disturbing.

      • Lack of business perspective? In what world is playing soccer in a baseball stadium good business? I understand that the money was extremely enticing but the blind faith that the NYC people here seem to have is what is really disturbing. I would not be shocked at all if in 2020 the stadium still was not built.

      • And if it isn’t built until 2020, that still doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Fans will watch the games in Yankees stadium. It’s a nice, easily accessible place anyways.

        Because when they do move into a brand new, NYC stadium, the ownership will still be the NYY and Man City with major financial backing, a huge branding and outreach group and prime access to European talent that any other MLS club could ever dream of.

        A team that knows how to build a major squad in football and an owner with the most experience and connections in NYC and the surrounding area.

        They even own the Yankees TV network–where you can be sure games will be broadcast locally.

        This is a long term investment.

      • Those are fairly lofty dreams you are projecting there. I just know how fan bases can get fatigued when they are stuck playing in venues that clearly were not designed with soccer in mind. Is Yankee Stadium a good venue? Yes it is for baseball, but for soccer it is very mediocre at best from what I’ve heard. It also doesn’t look right at all on TV, like the game was just put together at the last second. Time will tell how things work out but I’m not sure at all how all NYC people seem to be so confident everything will turn out roses, they have made really good hires but the infrastructure doesn’t look pretty thus far.

      • That’s a strech… I don’t think NYCFC is a 50/50 split between the Shiek and Hank. While I think Kries is a solid selection as manager I wouldn’t say NYCFC is doing “everything right”. They’ve still got a year before they even put a ball in play on the pitch… So at this point I would say the jury is still looking at the evidence being presented. We are still aways from closing arguements.

    • I’m a huge Reyna fan but nothing shows us he’s “excellent”. He had zero front office experience before this job. Kries is “excellent” as you say, and we all saw it. It will be interesting to say the least.

      • He is the director of football operations–definitely not on the business side.

        The business side is being run by Soriano–the CEO of Manchester City and Pernetti–Rutgers old AD and one of the most powerful men in the nation in the television world.

        It fits perfectly with his role as the USSF Youth Technical Director. Reyna will be fine handling technical aspects of the game, which Man City know he can do from his time as a player with the club.

  7. “MLS rules will allow NYCFC to acquire up to four players on loan from Manchester City, who along with the New York Yankees make up the MLS expansion club’s ownership group.”

    This is new to me. What rules?

    • Ya that was an interesting comment. A month or so ago City put out a little video clip showing Kreis in Manchester and the comment “we will be able to take up to 4 players” was made in there and reported on here as news. But at the time I took that to mean City would allow 4 players, not MLS rules.

      Would definitely be interesting to get a bit more clarity on that

    • Does this rule apply to all MLS owners? Can AC Milan loan players to DC United and can Arsenal loan players to Colorado? Or are there some obscure franchise rules that disallow this except for NYCFC?

      • Thats the question… This is just the first time a European club has actually shown any interest in loaning to an MLS team regularly.

      • Man City loan players to NYCFC have their full MCFC salaries counted against the NYCFC salary budget. Same rules as when Chivas & Chivas USA operated. Arsenal can loan players to the Rapids the same way. AC Milan have no financial ties with DC United so the budget hit is only what DC pays during the loan. TFC got their Brazilian keeper the same name.

    • Still extremely concerned that rule is going to be used for a massive loophole, essentially NYCFC will be able to have 7 DPs. Even if they are only bringing in young players those guys will still make well over the DP number and be considered some really bright talents in Europe. This year Toronto is able to play with 4 DPs because Cesar isn’t counting as one for some lame reason. What a joke

      • Toronto FC is paying $75k for Cesar. QPR is paying the balance of his salary. QPR does not have a financial interest in TFC. In what world is $75k a DP salary?

      • TFC has three DP’s. Whatever way you want to cry and throw a fit and stomp around and say its all not fair, TFC still only has 3 DP’s.

    • “Rules?,” said Garber. “We don’t need no stinkin’ rules!”

      MLS roster and player acquisition rules are like suits from a fancy tailor — they’ll customize them if you ask nicely and enough money is at stake.

      • ah yes dont bother to consider that there might be an actual valid rule in place about this, just jump straight to “mls makes it all up as they go along!” You sir waste space and time with your lazy group think nonsense.

  8. No stadium. No players. Lots of problems. So glad MLS decided to rush something that clearly wasn’t ready so their owners could pass around some extra cash.

    The rivalry between them and red bull will be great, a constant battle for second place in the hearts and minds of NY.

      • I have to agree with Cosmos fan on this. It was obvious to everyone except to the MLS brass who were blinded by a $100 million dollar franchise fee that the next move should’ve been the Cosmos. Instant history, international credibility, built-in fan base, name recognition, they have it all going for them. NYCFC was way too soon.

      • It’s $100 Million and not the payment plan kinda $100M the Arab wire you the whole thing as soon as the deal is done kind. MLS was wise to take it.

      • You want to know how much 100 million really is….its like $6 million per owner each. Most these owners are mega millionaires or billionaires. In the greater scheme of things its not really that much to the league ownership…maybe one year of operating costs.

        What was stupid was taking that money and allowing this foreign branding project to come into the most important market and AGAIN sell out the city and its fans for a fake NY club. With no real plan in place. There is a reason almost everyone one there thinks this is a disaster…its because it is one. Hope the league owners feel that 6 million was worth it.

      • I’ve had enough of you, so I’m going to put you in your place where you belong.

        The New York Cosmos are owned by Paul Kemsley of the United Kingdom, also better known as the Vice-Chairman of Tottenham Hotspurs.

        So sit down and shut up.

      • Even better as Sela Sport is out of Saudi Arabia.

        But Paul Kemsley was the owner. Not sure how much of his stake they took in the bankruptcy proceedings, but yeah.

        Oil money.

      • Its owned by Man City but they aren’t man City. Different logo. Nothing like Chivas or Red Bull. I don’t get you people sometimes how can you criticize a team that hasn’t began playing yet. They’re putting all this time and money into their staff so just imagine how good the players will have it. NYC is not Portland, MLS needed strong owner that can handle NYC and when one fell in their lap they took it. This is NYC!! Even the knicks are about to get kicked out of the Garden. Portland is a good team but the Ownership there can’t handle NY. Garber is no fool, He gives the big fishes to people that can handle it example Atlanta, people complain about possibly playing in an NFL stadium but don’t understand the business and economics behind things like that. ATL, NYC(Proper), LA, DC, Seattle, Chicago (maybe), Miami the big cities are not for the nickel and dime owners you need deep pockets to handle those cities. Lets be honest the Redskins play in hanover MD and they have basically stonewalled DC United from building a stadium on RFK Stadium ground, If the Sheikh bought DC United how long do you think it’ll take him to tear that place down? So i respect everything NYC is doing in NYC

    • Disagree. Are you even from the tri-state area? I grew up 15 minutes from the Meadowlands. My friend was neighbors w/ Giorgio Chinaglia (who I realized during Once in a Lifetime is a world class dick). We went to Cosmos games at (old) Yankee Stadium and then even more so at Giants and did so until they folded.

      As soccer crazy as I was, and some of my friends are, it is nothing like it is now. We’re grown up and lots of us have made our kids fans. Lots of these young hipster-ish kids live in Manhattan. I think that depending on how the field is configured, they could easily average 20-25K.

      The problem is, if you google images of Yankee Stadium football seating, that the configuration used made most of the seats — if not all, poor to mediocre. The good news, since MLS completely overlaps the MLB season, is the Yankees will probably configure the field differently. Googling, Yankee Stadium soccer seating chart, images show up for the series in 2012 (International Cup?) that took place in a bunch of cities with Chelsea winning? Anyway, they have the field set up IMO much better than it is for football in the fall.

      If you artificially limit the seating by closing the corner of what would be behind home plate seating, most of the seats, excluding the RF bleachers, would be right on top of the field. IMO it would be a pretty good atmosphere.

      I’m not saying that NYFC shouldn’t have a proper football pitch, and given both the difficulty of finding an appropriate location AND of navigating the intricacies of NYC politics, they may never get one. I just think that Yankee Stadium is a decent “temporary home.”

      They could put a very credible team on the field, much better than most of the modern expansion era. I’m not predicting a repeat of the 1978 Chicago Fire, but you have a good coach, a deep-pocketed ownership (yes I know full well of MLS financial regulations), a chance to get four MCFC U-21 players, smart choices on their DPs, and a few good expansion signings, and this could be a very good football side.

      • I was at the 2012 game between Chelsea and PSG at Yankee Stadium (tickets courtesy of Ives), and the seating and sight lines were fine. There should be no issues with using the Stadium for a couple years. It can’t be as long as the MetroStars/RB played at Giants Stadium, but for a few years, I don’t think it will be any issue whatsoever.

    • The only thing more of a joke than the clown club that is NY Yankees FC is Hempstead Cosmos. Seriously, what is the point of that club?

      • Merchandise. Seriously, they just wanted an excuse to sell stuff with the log of Pele’s former team. It’s probably also nice for people on Long Island to have a minor league team to watch.

      • Is it really so bad to have an enjoyable 2nd division. Isn’t that point enough? People go, have fun & are happy. Is that so bad?

        What’s the point of anything really?

        jesus – You must be fun at party.

        “Why listen to music? What’s the point?”

        Why do anything other than eat, sleep & pro-create?


      • MLS fans are just so used to being marginalized by fans of Europe and Latin America that all they have is to pick on NASL fans. They have such a massive insecurity complex its funny. After getting their asses owned by Mexican sides they need to pick on someone to make themselves feel better. lol

        NYCFC is a farm team, a “real” minor league team and their ownership is using NYC to expand the “City” brand.

      • Actually, I think it’s more that slowleftarm is just an insufferable troll when it comes to the Cosmos. Or a closeted fan ashamed of himself since he’ll talk about the Cosmos even when they’re not mentioned or discussed. Who knows.

      • The point of “that” club is to show that you can have a competive soccer club and don’t have to sell your soul to MLS to do it. Unlike NYCFC.

      • I have no problem with the Cosmos beyond their insufferable fans lecturing us about how much better their team/league is compared to MLS. The fact is Cosmos were desperate to get into MLS and instead MLS went with Sheikh Mansour and the Yankees. That’s ok, you can still have your team and watch them every week. I think that’s great.

        But there’s no need for endless lectures about Cosmos are morally superior to MLS (like the comment below about “selling your soul” to MLS) or that Cosmos are the “real” NYC team when they play in Hempstead. And the comments about Red Bulls are especially ridiculous given that the Cosmos are actually even more of a branding exercise than NYRB!

  9. MLS jumped the gun with NYCFC. It stinks of desperation and the team has no home. I am onboard with having a team in NYC, I just think MLS did a terrible job with getting the team in place. Even the Cosmos are closer to getting a stadium than NYCFC is. I am not trying to hate, I just feel like this is a huge misstep.

    • This shouldn’t have been news. He should’ve just said, no new updates, we haven’t made any progress, not only are we not any closer to a permanent home we don’t even have a temporary place to play yet.

    • Yup, they called up the league with $100M and got their team in.

      Really wished they waited until they had their stadium or at least a temp stadium, in place before MLS accepted their bid..

      • Hey I’m sorry if I’m missing something here but it’s a $100 million from people that have proven they can make a something out of nothing. They made metropolis out of sand, Built artificial islands out of sand when everyone said it couldn’t be done. Let give it some time.

      • Are you really so thick? Different countries. Different laws. Different cultures. You should travel more, Cheers.

    • NYC politics are a mess right now, taxes are very high, and NYCFC will probably have to pay its janitors more than its players. I think NYCFC success is going to be entirely dependent upon how much their sugar daddy owners are willing to lose in order to have the prestige associated with having a team in the big apple.


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