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The SBI Show: Episode 119 (Talking the USMNT loss to Ukraine, previewing the MLS Western Conference)

Jozy Altidore


The U.S. Men’s National Team delivered one of the more forgettable performances of the Jurgen Klinsmann era, and Wednesday’s 2-0 loss to Ukraine has surely cost some prospective World Cup roster candidates any chance of making the trip to Brazil.

Episode 119 of The SBI Show takes a look back at the USMNT loss to Ukraine, and breaks down which players hurt their stock the most, and which players helped their stock the most.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also break down the MLS Western Conference, including which teams we see winding up at the bottom of the stacked conference, and which of the West powers we see finishing on top.

Give Episode 119 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:


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What did you think of Episode 119? Who impressed you from the USMNT on Wednesday, if anybody? What Western Conference team do you see grabbing the fifth playoff spot? See any of the so-called Fab Four slipping out of the playoffs?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Onyewu’s odds of making the WC were low before the Ukraine friendly but now they’re even lower. We might have just seen the last of Onyewu in a U.S. MNT jersey.

  2. How bad was this game. It was soon bad that not one person has commented on the new kit. I did not look any better when being played in. My son and kept commenting that it didn’t feel like we were watching the USMNT. Bad crest and now bad kit….

  3. Could it be that Edgar Castillo doesn’t defend well because his style of play is different from what the usual style of play is for the US? You should instead be talking about how to incorporate his style on to the US, I mean at least move him up to the mid and leave FJ as LB?

    Stop ripping the guy to shreds. It sounds like you have a vendetta against the guy.

    On a separate note, what are your credentials to criticize any soccer player? Are you just a blogger who thinks he knows the game? Or are you just one of those people that played high school soccer and now thinks he knows what hard work it takes to be a world class player?

    • This! Castillo is an attacker not a defender finally someone who gets it. Castillo use to be a striker for santos until the coach moved him to LB. TJ already caught on to this, reason why he plays as a LM for them. The US is going to have the same problems with Beasley at LB when we face teams like Portugal because Ronaldo is also going to Mortal Combat Fatality Beas as well. Fab J is our LB unless Chandler is willing to step in at LB.

    • Why does someone have to have a “vendetta” against a player for being critical of their poor play? That’s silly.

      As for my credentials, I’ve spent 17 years covering the sport, more than a decade as a newspaper writer and years writing for outlets like ESPN, Fox Soccer and now I’m getting ready to cover my fourth World Cup, and have traveled all over the world covering the sport. Disagree with my points if you must, but please spare me the questions about my credentials.

      If you want to share a differing view on the guy, feel free, and your initial points are valid to consider. I agree with the idea that Castillo being terrible is more on Klinsmann than on Castillo since he’s already shown repeatedly he’s not a fullback. Truth be told he’s not good enough as a winger either to be on this U.S. team. Doesn’t take a “vendettta” to see that.

      Just because you’re a fan of the guy, or related to the guy, or he plays for your team, doesn’t mean people aren’t allowed to criticize him for poor play. That comes with the job of being a professional athlete. And no, you don’t have to be a pro athlete, or former player, to be able to have opinions on the game.

  4. People do need to calm down, Ukraine is a very good team, and we started 3 players that probably won’t even be on the plane along of back-line. As long as Jozy can regain some form, and Klinsi finally figures out a back 4 that is stable and can pass out of the back, (chandler, Cameron, Besler, FJ), we should at least compete. Start that back 4 plus JJ-MB; Bedoya,LD/Aron/Deuce, LD/Zusi; Jozy/Aron.

  5. at some point your being insanely condescending telling everyone to calm down… jozy couldn’t score for the women’s team at this point.. and 2012 Clint Dempsey is not walking through that door anymore.. Should both be in brazil of course.. starting…. dempsey shouldn’t be at least.

  6. So when can we push the panic button?? When its a month away and we are still wondering the same questions seeing the same results with the same players?

    • Nawww I think we should trust Klinsmann–I think he was just using this game to see what hoes he could fill. The full-team lineup’s pretty set. Only a few questions remain for him I think.

  7. I haven’t listened yet, but I’m gonna wager that Ives will give his “Calm down folks” speech, and Garrett will agree. Am I right? I do think just a little bit of panic is in order because we were drawn against such offensively potent teams in the first round.

    • Ok, so you start with the Calm down folks, but you guys gave them a nice spanking. I appreciate that.

      Ronaldo will Mortal Kombat Fatality Edgar Castillo! Best thing I ever heard.


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