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Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary

DavidMoyesManchesterUnited1-Tottenham2013 (Getty)


Fresh off of a 3-0 trouncing at the hands of Liverpool, David Moyes and Manchester United will have to erase a 2-0 deficit when they host Olympiacos Wednesday afternoon.

It’s been a tumultuous year to say the least for Moyes’ United. The reigning Premier League champions currently find themselves sitting in seventh, 12 points behind the all-important Champions League qualification that comes with fourth place. However, United have an ever greater task at hand when it comes to staying alive in this season’s competition, as the Red Devils will need at least two goals at Old Trafford to survive. Olympiacos’ 2-0 win in the first leg, which saw goals by Alejandro Dominguez and Joel Campbell, has crippled United. Moyes may be fighting for much more than advancement, however, as a loss to Olympiacos may just be the final nail in the coffin in the eyes of United brass.

Elsewhere in Europe, Borussia Dortmund will take a 4-2 advantage back to the Westfalenstadion when they take on Zenit St. Petersburg. BVB, who trail German rivals Bayern Munich by a whopping 23 points in the Bundesliga, will have the benefit of four away goals when they host their Russian opposition, who currently sit second in the Russian Premier League. Zenit made headlines just yesterday when they announced the hiring of former Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas.

Back in the states, the CONCACAF Champions League continues with a pair of contests involving MLS teams. The San Jose Earthquakes will travel to Mexico to take on Toluca after drawing 1-1 at Buck Shaw Stadium. Meanwhile, Sporting KC will look to avoid the fate of fellow MLS side LA Galaxy when they take a 1-0 lead to Estadio Azul to take on Liga MX leaders Cruz Azul.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action. (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

3:45pm – Manchester United vs. Olympiacos – Fox Sports 1

3:45pm – Borussia Dortmund vs. Zenit St. Petersburg – Fox Sports 2

8:00pm – Toluca vs. San Jose Earthquakes – Fox Sports 2/ Univision Deportes

9:00pm- Leon vs. Emelec- Fox  Deportes

10:00pm – Cruz Azul vs. Sporting Kansas City – Fox Sports 2/Galavision



    • Why not listen to me? I am not as good as him, nor am I produced nearly as well, or at all, but come on! (it’s a brilliant argument). I sometimes rap soccer references into my rhymes? Does that whet your palate? 😉

      • Thanks homie, means a lot to me that you gave me a chance. I love Drake too, and think most of the hate on him is coming from jealousy, or the fact that he could influence society much more, with his skills and insight. Even if he could make more of a statement, he is carrying on a rich, artistic tradition, and it’s not like we need a hiphop Bono at this point.

      • Your song Dream is fire. Yeah Drake is great, his album was amazing but some people I guess just like to make fun of it because it is on the soft side. Still excellent music though. Top 5 albums/mixtapes of 2013 for me were Dizzy Wright, Big Sean, Drake, the Weeknd, and Hopsin, though that hopsin one could leave you feeling slightly suicidal

  1. This is where we stand. Make the money and schedule excuses. They’re valid. But it doesn’t change results. #CCL- Andrew Wiebe

    • I dig you Maykol, but I don’t think these quotes really say anything. So excuses are valid, but we should look at the results? On the professional level, don’t results invalidate excuses?

      • wow the “they’re valid” sentence somehow completely missed my eyes. I have no idea how i did not see that. But still, the results are truly the only things that matter.

  2. The problem for MLS is it wants to exist in a bubble with a salary cap so all the teams are about on equal standing. MLS isn’t designed to compete out side of that bubble however it struggles to get anyone to take it seriously if it can’t.

    • They certainly have some adjustments to make, but MLS doesn’t want a 2-4 team league, plain and simple. They want every team to grow, and to feel they have equal chances of success. Done fairly, and with appropriate caution, it’s a slow process. Yes, they have placed themselves in a bubble for now, but it’s growing, with no signs of popping anytime soon.

  3. At least the spanish commentators agree that you can see a difference when a team is barely starting their season and a team that is in full form with more than 10 matches played.

  4. Well that’s it for MLS teams…

    Until they can afford to to have two MLS staring caliber squads on their rosters, there’s no competing with Mexican teams quite frankly

    And of course, it doesn’t help that MLS hasn’t accommodated the teams schedules like Liga MX does. Never mind the fact that they’ll always start this round at a disadvantage because their season has just started

      • Josh Gardner and Graham Zusi on the left was a terrible choice for SKC. Two right footed players!

        Zusi has proven to be ineffective on the left in International competition for the Nats and I don’t see why Vermes would see it any differently.

    • Their league is better than ours, and two of the reasons why, are ones you pointed out. I think the people in charge of our league have realized this and more, and are making changes in that department carefully. We just have to be patient, because champions aren’t born overnight.

  5. Start drinking, SKC is going to give you a good excuse to celebrate! I am on beer 5, because I thought SJ was going to give me a good excuse, but Vermes and SKC will come through, and in turn, I won’t be considered an alcoholic…

  6. *Rant about how SJ was robbed but it doesn’t matter because they had a few chances to pull it out anyway aarrgrgrgrgagasgsidgfasidufisDGfp!!!*

  7. Toluca wins on penalties 5-4 with salinas shot hitting the crossbar. Busch was a monster during the game but im dissapointed by his form vs the penalties. Overall dissapointed but SJ has my respect for giving it their all and playing with balls

    • Tough one. PK’s are a poop shoot. To see Salinas miss, but give congrats to the opposing goal keeper before he collapsed in disappointment, that’s a memorable moment. Very proud of my NorCal family, for fighting for 120′ plus. I think it will only make them stronger, and help propel them in MLS.

  8. Yeah being in season form does help. It’s like asking Manchester City to play a game against a Barcelona. Only difference is barca has been playing for 2 months while Man City has been playing for 2 weeks. Now who do you think would win. It’s common sense.


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