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Atletico, Chelsea play to drab scoreless draw in Spain

Chelsea Atletico (AP)


Chelsea and Atletico Madrid are not the most attack-minded teams, and that was as apparent as ever on Tuesday.

Playing in the first match of their two-legged UEFA Champions League semifinals series, the two clubs settled for a scoreless draw at Vicente Calderon Stadium. Neither side created many clearcut chances on goal, and it was a pair of injuries that actually sprung some of the biggest talking points.

Chelsea saw both Petr Cech and John Terry leave the match early with knocks. Cech sustained an injury to his right shoulder that forced him to come off in the 18th minute, and Terry picked up a foot issue that required him to be substituted in the 73rd. Blues manager Jose Mourinho said after the match that Chelsea would have to make the final of the competition in May to see Terry return to action and that Cech was out for the remainder of the season.

The result kept Diego Simeone’s Atletico team undefeated in this year’s tournament, but now they will have to win away from home if they are to continue their dream run and reach the final in Lisbon. The Spanish side will also have to do so without midfielder Gabi, who was booked and now suspended for the second leg.

Chelsea will be missing Frank Lampard and John Obi Mikel in the match at Stamford Bridge on April 30 due to yellow card accumulation as well.


What do you think of Chelsea’s 0-0 draw with Atletico Madrid? Who has the advantage heading into the second leg? Who do you expect to reach the final?

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  1. blame Atletico just as much…cross after cross after cross into the area played right into Chelsea’s hands. While Costa gets away with his physical game vs. his La Liga opponents it was clear Terry and Cahilll dominated the air and their defensive area. Chelsea dared Atletico to play their game thru Costa and co. thru the air and were totally dominated when they tried.

    if Terry cannot go next game that very well could be an issue for Chelsea and an opportunity for Costa and co. to do their physical thing more effectively

  2. This is how Morinho plays! People seem surprised that he plays just to wear the other team down. And he’s incredibly successful at it – 5 consecutive UCL semifinals, 8 out of his last 10, and 2 titles. It’s beautiful, incredibly successful soccer.

  3. Funny, I was very entertained by this game. Atletico may not be an attacking side, but they play some stylish fluid soccer. Chelsea were hardly impressive but they got a result that suits them. As a neutral, I was very entertained.

    • God bless you. This was more or less the match I expected. I’m not sure how this was so surprising for so many people here. The fact that an offsensively challenged side such as Chelsea (2013-14 edition) would go to as visitors to the first leg of a CL semi-final and play this way should be completely unsurprising.

      The complaining should be about Atletico’s inability to break them down to any truly dangerous degree. Simeone is smart enough, and familiar enough with Mourinho, to have a better plan (they didn’t look bad, but they didn’t look as threatening as they should have). I’ve been watching the CL religiously since the late 90’s and while this was a bit of a “dud” from a neutral POV, it was no shock at all. Mourinho has won this thing twice, both times with teams that were hardly the most talented on a player-by-player basis. His job is to win. The Chelsea fans and ownership will all be pleased with that result, particularly given there is little else on the table, at this point.

      And to be honest, I checked out at halftime and went and enjoyed the gorgeous day outside for a bit longer, then went back to the office. Prob won’t be doing that for the second leg, though.

      • ‘I checked out at halftime and went and enjoyed the gorgeous day outside for a bit longer’

        wait, you mean no one forced you to watch this game? from all the whining on the commentary post, you must be the one lucky exception.

      • hahahaha. actually, in a strange way all the outrage felt like a bit of a suggestion, so yes… 🙂

    • i predict he’s going to think that luiz is ‘a big jerk’ with ‘a stupid face’ and ‘his hair isn’t even pretty’. or whatever that is in czech.

  4. “Jose Mourinho said after the match … that Cech was out for the remainder of the season.’

    Would be interesting to hear David Luiz comment on that outcome and the play in question…

    • he’d probably express disappointment and chalk it up to an freak accident that could happen occasionally when you’re playing a contact sport. you know, like a real person.

      • I would hope he’d express some regret and take some responsibility for his rather reckless, unaware actions and the role they played in such a big injury to his teammate and loss to his team. You know, like a real person.

        But I think he’s more likely to do what you said.

      • see, i don’t think it was reckless or unaware. i do, however, see defenders do this all the time with no negative consequences, so unless you’re expecting every defender to apologize for potentially injuring someone every time they do this, it doesn’t make sense for luiz to ‘take responsibility’ for this one.

      • Well see, I think it was reckless and unaware. (And this is not so surprising, as it is in keeping with the way Luiz tends to play the game in general.) That’s why I commented, as others also have (including on this very page), on his role in the matter.

        Even Garcia seems to agree, judging by his immediate reaction following the collision. The video of the whole thing is rather clear, and he seems more worried about the possible effect on Luiz’ keeper than Luiz is, despite being on the opposing team.

        But if you don’t think Luiz has anything to be sorry for on the play, OK.

  5. Chelsea have good players, but it looks like someone just bought them because they have the money to. It looks like no system was in mind when buying these days players. Also, Ba should have started over Torres. Torres’ career is done in top flight and has been for a while. Can’t believe Athletico are thinking about buying him, again.

  6. It was one of the more painful games to watch. I didn’t turn it off mainly out of some strange sense of obligation. I’m not a Chelsea fan, nor am I particularly anti-Chelsea, but after this game, I want to see them get absolutely crushed against Liverpool and next week at the Bridge. This is what the 4th highest payroll in the world buys?

  7. Why would any striker want to come to Chelsea after seeing that “game”? I actually hope they sign a decent striker so in the future they do try to score and play a bit more positively. Good lord I hope Liverpool kills them on Sunday.

      • I was expecting this answer from someone. But what strikers are going to be okay with game plan that parks the bus and offers him no support or service? Strikers are divas.

      • if you think chelsea just parks the bus, you haven’t been watching them recently. of the games i’ve seen them play this year, it’s been very rare.

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