CONCACAF President Webb open to moving Gold Cup out of U.S.

CONCACAF President Webb open to moving Gold Cup out of U.S.


CONCACAF President Webb open to moving Gold Cup out of U.S.




CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb spoke out against the fixed nature of the Gold Cup Friday, stating that other CONCACAF nations should get the chance to host.

The Gold Cup has been hosted by the United States since its inception in 1991, aside from 1993 and 2003 which saw Mexico as co-hosts. However, Webb stated that it’s his desire to see the tournament visit different venues out of fairness to the confederation’s other members.

“I think the Gold Cup should not always be in one country,” Webb said to the Associated Press. “It’s the best tournament in the area and all members should be able to receive the best prize that is this tournament. The decision to have it in the United States has been solely for financial reasons.”

Webb also addressed the Copa America, stating that there is consideration to allow Mexico to feature its full squad in the 2015 edition in Chile. Currently, there is an age restriction that forces the team to field its best side in Gold Cup play.

“We have not made ​​a decision on Copa America,” Webb said. “Of course we like our teams to play at the highest level because they grow. That’s the only way to grow, pitting top teams (against one another). At the same time, we do not support it at the expense of a deterioration in our competitions, Mexico is a symbol and we want them to go with their best team to the Gold Cup.”

Finally, Webb discussed the upcoming FIFA elections, saying that he supports current FIFA President Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter and is in favor of him running for re-election.

“We have a president, Joseph Blatter, that has indicated to us and to the world that he is healthy and wants to continue,” Webb stated. “FIFA is in a great position from a financial point of view. Of course many people have different opinions, especially on the integrity and transparency, but we are comfortable with Blatter.”

How do you feel about a non-United States based Gold Cup? Should Mexico bring its stars to the Copa America at the expense of the Gold Cup?

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