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Projecting the USMNT pre-World Cup camp roster

USMNT Training Sao Paulo, Brazil


We are just a month away from the U.S. Men’s National Team convening on Northern California for the all-important pre-World Cup training camp and Jurgen Klinsmann is going to have some interesting decisions to make on the group he winds up inviting to the camp.

The current U.S. player pool is the deepest in history, and while you probably already knew that selecting the 23-man roster for the World Cup will be difficult, even selecting a 26-28 squad for the training camp will be tough.

In my latest column for I break down my projections for the USMNT pre-World Cup training camp roster, coming up with a 28-player roster, as well as the players who miss the cut.

There are several position battles that are extremely close to call, and some that are easier to predict based on Klinsmann’s established preferences.

Here is your chance to make your own picks for some of those roster spot battles. Give my roster projection piece a read, and then cast your vote on some of the tougher roster battles after the jump:

  • Mix Diskerud
  • Joe Corona
  • Benny Feilhaber
  • Luis Gil


  • Michael Orozco
  • John Brooks
  • Oguchi Onyewu
  • Tim Ream

  • Eddie Johnson
  • Juan Agudelo
  • Herculez Gomez

What do you think of my projected training camp roster? Who did you vote for in the above polls? Who do you see being the most surprising exclusion from the training camp?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Chad Marshall should be included in the group of Centerbacks! He is big, strong, incredible in the air, hasn’t had as many gaffers as gonzales and has been one of the top defenders in MLS his entire career! Not many better in the air on attacking set pieces!

  2. If I could pick a 30-man camp it would include:
    GK- Howard, Guzan, Rimando
    DEF- F. Johnson, Beasley, Besler, Gonzalez, Goodson, Orozco, Brooks, Cameron, Parkhurst, Yedlin, Chandler
    MID- Jones, Bradley, Diskerud, Beckerman, Edu, Zusi, Donovan, Bedoya, Green, Shea, Dempsey
    FWD- Altidore, Johannsson, Wondolowski, Agudelo, Boyd

    My final 23 would be:
    GK- Howard, Guzan, Rimando
    DEF- F. Johnson, Beasley, Besler, Gonzalez, Goodson, Orozco, Cameron, Chandler
    MID- Jones, Bradley, Beckerman, Diskerud, Zusi, Donovan, Bedoya, Dempsey, Green
    FWD- Altidore, Johannsson, Wondolowski

    • I like it. Just a few changes/comments for me:

      – drop Gonzo, add Parkhurst

      – possibly take Edu over Green. I like Edu’s speed, tenacity and holding midfield prowess. We’ll need plenty of strong central mids against the teams we face

      – Wondo or EJ. Very tough decision. Yes, on current form, Wondo

  3. I think JK might include 4 keepers for the camp in order to make-up training exercises and just in case one of the first 3 gets a serious injury. The 4th might not even be among the 30 rostered spots, simply someone to play in goal in some small sided games. Of course, it would be tough to pull a player off his MLS team for too long with little real chance of making the squad.

    I think Corona or Feilhaber will get a call in and I expect that one more back gets the call, probably not Yedlin, more likely Chandler, but you never know.

    Green is better than Shea, and has some quick dribbling skills the US team could use to help pull the defense out of shape.

    It will be fun to see what happens!

  4. I’m a big fan of SBI, the entire team, etc. However, I’m disappointed with the Goal piece because I’d like to know the explanation, analysis, logic, or rationale behind why said player missed the cut or why fringe player made the cut. Sure I have my thoughts on the subject and so do many fans, however, we don’t have the access to information that SBI has. That’s my only feedback on the matter.

    • Roman, i agree. He’s got lots of promise. And he’s playing really well at Reading which is in a dogfight for promotion. Danny’s problem is the position his plays. Arguably one our deepest positions. Unless Klinsi wants to move him to the wing, he’s in competition with Edu, Beckerman and Yellow-card-machine-Jones…and to a lesser extent..MB90.

  5. This is who I think will be on the plane to Brazil, barring any injuries.

    Goalies: Howard, Guzan, Rimando

    Defenders: Besler, Cameron, Gonzalez, Goodson, F Johnson, Beasley, Evans, Parkhurst(versatility and speed will win him a spot over Orozco)

    Mids: Bradley, Donovan, Jones, Zusi, Bedoya, Beckerman, Diskerud, Edu(will need another d-mid to cover for Jones and Beckerman wins over a green Green)

    FWs: Dempsey, Altidore, Johannsson, E Johnson(Although Wondo has slowly won me over, EJ’s versatility in being able to play the wing and striker will win him a spot. Plus EJ is dominant in the air.)

    Players who will just miss the cut:
    Wondolowski – Although he’s been changing alot peoples minds regarding his chances of going to Brazil. He just doesn’t offer enough to warrant a spot on the team.
    Boyd – Just not good enough to unseat the other 4 going.
    Green – Too young and too inexperienced. Would need to unsettle Donovan, Zusi, Bedoya or Diskerud and I just can’t see that happening. 2018 & 2022 will be his time if he continues to develop.
    Orozco – Although he has been fairly solid when called upon by JK, Parkhurst offers far more speed and versatility in being able to be slotted into multiple roles when needed.

  6. Ives, All: you’ve forgotten who should get the 23rd spot. If i’m the coach, Frankie Hejduk gets it every time. In fact, i give him the #23…for life.

    So the discussion really is, who makes the final 22.

    • In 2006 I met Hejduk before the Czech Republic game. He was injured and missed playing in the 2006 WC. But he traveled to support the team, gotta love that. I got a picture of him with my sons before the game. So in 2006, he might have been the 24th at the game. (Bradley was actually the 24th in the pre-world cup camp)

  7. scratch Evans, we don’t need him. outside of Beltran, i’d bring ANY of the other defenders who missed the cut over Evans.

    for midfielders, Mix isn’t even starting right now. so Corona should be ahead of him because Corona is and he is playing REALLY well. if anything, both should be there and they can battle it out. i’d drop Wondo or EJ just to bring those two in. i’m also not convinced Williams should be left out over Edu, but i can see why Ives thinks he will be.

    hard to disagree with the forwards, but like i said above, i’d sacrifice Wondo or EJ to bring in Corona AND Mix.

      • It’s possible Klinsi only brings 3 forwards as well, considering that Deuce could also play there. LD can and does play as a 2nd striker as well. That makes 5 forwards. We are strong in midfield, so I see this as a distinct possibility.

      • it is possible for sure. i think i agree with Ives though that IF Klinsmann lists 5 strikers, one of them will be Dempsey and the other 4 will be Jozy, AJ, Boyd, EJ/Wondo/Agudelo.

      • Yes, those will be the 5-7 lads that will be invited to camp. Will be interesting to see if he goes with 3 or 4 strikers to Brasil (not including Deuce)

  8. I agree with the 30% that say Orozco is the best option of the 4 mentioned. Honestly, I see OG as the weakest link in that group of 9, and he would be my first sacrifice. We’ve been trying to correct his ball watching since Honduras but hasn’t come good. The next cut would be Evans or Parky, although I like the latter’s defensive ability. And I do agree that Chandler deserves a look if healthy.

    I see Mix and JG making it to camp, but they would be my cuts. LD, AB, Zusi and even A Bacon can play wide, making JG surplus to requirements. Mix is hardly getting off the bench in a league inferior to the Championship and way below MLS level. He is no #10 against the teams we are playing. Deuce plays there, but even MB90, LD, Ale B and Zusi are possibilities as well. Then we’re set with holding mids in JJ, Becks, Edu, MB90. Even Cameron can play there in a pinch.

    The hardest decision will be whether to take Wondo or EJ. On current form, it’s Wondo, but a close call indeed. Boyd gets the axe.

  9. Let me preface by saying that I am not making the argument that he should be on the plane to Brazil, but why don’t we see more of Terrence Boyd? I don’t think he’s ever started a game for us and when he does play, even in European based player friendlies, he comes on for like 5 minutes.

    I get that he’s in an inferior league and all, but I would like to see more of him – he’s got an ideal frame in terms of a big, physical striker. He scores goals in Austria, too, from what I’ve seen.

    He’s not that old – maybe Klinsy is saving him for 2018? Somehow Juan Agudelo jumped him along the way….

    • Connor Wickham with 2 goals. Looks like he will continue to be on the pine. Sucks, because if Jozy had that service, I believe he would’ve put those in as well

      • Wickham did his job well, but the difference was Giaccarini. I’ve been yelling for the coach to play him all year. He is the best player on that team and yet he rides the bench every week. Poyet is completely out of his league as a premier league coach.

  10. I pretty much agree with everything with the exception of Agudelo. He’s getting real minutes and contributing in Holland. IMO he brings some of the pace and spark that Shea and EJ are regularly attributed with, but also the creativity of Mix, or Iceman. Furthermore, he might be better at directly taking on defenders with pace then anybody we’ve got (I thought JG, displayed some ability in this department as well). Hopefully he’s put the alleged hotheadedness behind him.

  11. how does yedlin not even make the camp.. he’s already better than beasley, evans and parkhurst.. look at his whoscored rating… he’s the best outside back in the mls….

    • Look at Yedlin’s defensive play in his last outing against FC Dallas and even before that against Portland. He’s too naive, and although a bright talent, I’d prefer Parkhurst as a more solid Defender.

      • This is a fair criticism. However, to be completely fair, one should look at how Yedlin plays defensively when he has a quality RM playing in front of him—like he will if he plays in the WC (e.g., Zusi). Cooper was playing RM in the games you mention, which means Yedlin had little support on the wing. What’s more, Cooper probably didn’t communicate well with Yedlin (because Cooper wouldn’t know the right things to communicate).

        So yes, Yedlin is raw, inexperienced, and perhaps even naive, but he mitigates those weaknesses when he has experienced support. The question then, is does he mitigate them enough?

      • +1, feel like I am bashing my head on a wall trying to explain that a defender is going to be in trouble when the midfielder in front of him has no interest in defending. When Cooper left both games Yedlin’s play vastly improved. I think Yedlin will get a call into the camp but miss out on the 23 personally.

      • A guy who gets turned inside-out on 1v1’s 2 weeks in a row in MLS has little business playing at the international level.

  12. Decent Ives, decent: I am going with a full 30 man prelim roster:

    GK: Rimando, Guzan, Howard
    Defense: Chandler, Cameron, Fabian, Beasley, Parky, Gonzo, Besler, Goodson, Ream,
    Cm’s: Bradley, Jones, Williams, Edu, Beckerman, Gil, Diskerud
    Attackers: lando, Deuce, Jozy, AJ, Bedoya, Zusi, Green, Shea, Agudelo, EJ, Wondo

      • Would be interesting to see Castillo purely as a left attacking mid option. Might be that left footed player we need there, and he surely can dribble. His defensive liabilities would be reduced from there.

  13. Juan Agudelo over EJ…Juan is scoring in a better league and Eddie is not scoring. Both are strong in the air, but I’ll take Agudelo’s versatile ball skills and ability to create something out of nothing over EJ’s step-over moves any day of the week.

    • EJ scored two game winners and was robbed: the first one was in SA2010, and the second one was in the dos a dos rivalry “friendly”

      He is due for a third game winner, which WILL count.

    • is there any merit to the argument of personality or presence among the rest of the players? just thinking about Deuce who is pretty much a lock. EJ and Dempsey were teammates at Seattle and seem to have played more together. just a thought. I thought EJ looked better against MX

      • I think chemistry certainly should play a decent sized factor, even when you’re talking about subs.

        Futhermore, if you’re bringing on a forward late in the game, to use his speed and aerial ability, who currently in the pool fits the role better than EJ?

        Add to that, Him and Dempsey feed off of each other well, and Demps will likely be playing the key cog in the offense.

        I’m not sure about EJ’s presence or personality, which is probably more important than good chemistry with one guaranteed starter.

        I go back and forth. Is it better to have subs who do different things than your starters, or to have them possess similar attributes, so the team doesn’t have to adjust as much to substitutions?

        Right now, after Jozy and AJ, I take EJ and Wondo. Boyd and Agudelo fight it out for the fifth spot, which might not even be necessary, considering the versatility and importance of some of our more attacking mids.

  14. I keep forgetting about Orozco. And I’d like to see if Ream has learned anything since his last national team outing.

    But I’m really less concerned about who goes to camp (i.e., debates like Beckerman vs Edu or Wondo vs EJ) than I am about who is no longer being considered. For example, it would be good to know that Shea and Castillo have been surpassed/dropped from consideration.

    • I’d be shocked if either of those two are left out of camp entirely based on how frequently jk calls them when they’re available.

      But each night I pray to every deity I’ve ever heard of that neither makes the final roster. Come through for me on this one, horus.

    • …did you see the last US – Mexico game?? He was to me the biggest stock-riser of the game. He was fast (he’s fast??? surprised me too), he can play all across the backline, and let’s not forget, this guy shut down Chelsea and was on the Champions League team of the week once. Who else in our pool can come close to saying that???

      (but i don’t blame you…I think I discounted Parkhurst for years cuz he looks like Bornstein. haha)

      • I was shocked, too, when I saw Parkhurst sprinting up the field against Mexico.

        Everyone rags on him for being slow, but I guess that’s just an urban legend.

    • why laugh, Parky is as solid as they come?! You tell me a bad game he’s had playing with the Nats in the last year, and with the Crew this season? He’s definitely making the cut!

      • I agree that I can’t name a bad game, but I also can’t give you a “great game”. Although he has had very poor offensive service in a couple of games, his defense is always solid. He is a role player, who won’t decide the game for you, one way or the other.

    • More like ParkWORST!!

      Seriously though parkhurst will be in camp and is a good bet to make the 23. I’d rather he be the backup at both wide defensive spots ahead of evans and beasley.

  15. I know it’s late but I think Ream should get a look. Bolton’s been on a good run recently only loosing once in the last 11. He can give you cover in a couple position’s playing at left back and center back this season. I’ve only seen a little of Bolton this year but the forums were saying he’s really improved. His play has at least been good enough to attract the attention of the West Brom.

    • Amen. Ream definitely deserves a look…it could be said he is the third best American field player in England. Anyway, because he can play fullback in a pinch too, his versatility deserves a look. So I would say Ream over Orozco, and hey – why not bring all 30 players? add in Shea and D-Will for the last two camp spots.

    • Well, I haven’t seen him play in forever, but I do see him listed every week as going 90′ for Bolton, and Bolton’s had some pretty solid results for a few months now.

      I really wish we could have seen him against Ukraine. That also would have given him some time to mesh with the squad.

  16. Hey Ives, can you look into a page embedded poll? It’s a PITA to keep on flipping back and forth after you vote. It would be nice to be able to see all of the results on this page at the end as well…

    Tough questions on these players! The last one especially – does Julien Green really warrant a spot on the 23? I would say no. I think it can’t hurt to bring him into the camp as a prospect pick to whet his appetite though.

  17. I got a brochure for all World Cup final kits last week, and the only models for the new USMNT kit are Deuce and John Brooks. So I would say Brooks is a lock to be on the plane, based on the strength of his modeling career.

  18. In regards to the CB question I think that Orozco is the best choice. He is getting consistent PT in Mexico and playing well for the most part. Also he is a better replacement for Besler if he were to miss a game than the other names listed. I don’t love Orozco but he is a better option than the still very unproven Brooks.

    • I am shocked at a lot of Ives choices. First all, Orzoco has been injured recently. Plus he is a starting CB on a team going thru a relegation battle. May be unfair, but I am definitly going to hold that agianst him. Second, Onyewu and Ream are the most in form CBs on the team but neither make the 30ish? Onyewu joined the owls and now they have left the relegation battle and Ream is getting interest from a premeir leage team. I bet both, but expect 1, to make the pre roster camp. If they dont get looks id be shocked.

      • I bring Gooch because he’s fourth in line for a game (fifth if you include Cameron as a CB option). BUT with 10 mins to go and defending for our life, I’d throw on the dominate Gooch over the quicker Fiscal and Ream. You need someone with presence and that’s Gooch.

      • Agreed. Which back defenders and midfielders are less likely to make a mistake costing a goal.

      • Admittedly I haven’t watched Ream this year so I can’t judge him. Same for Onyewu, although I know he really only started to get playing time recently. My argument was mostly for the people who are Brooks v Orozco and between those two I would prefer Orozco at this point.

      • Gooch has been playing consistently for months (excepting an injury where he missed 1 or 2 matches).

        While he wasn’t completely awful technically vs. Ukraine, he failed to communicate well with Brooks at all. Though Brooks’ errors were scarier, Onyewu HAS to be able to communicate with the rest of the backline.

      • That is not really fair.

        Even JK admitted the back four was a patch job put together at the last minute. And Brooks and Gooch are not a natural fit as neither of them really play the “organizer” role that Boca played to Gooch’s “”destroyer ” role for so long.

      • How many organizers do we have on the back line right now? If we count Besler, 1. Howard can only do so much from goal.

      • Orozco is injured, but Puebla has had a pretty good defense. they don’t let in a ton of goals, unfortunately, they don’t ever score. so they lose. Orozco has had a solid season though.

      • also, Ream is not playing CB. so no, he is not one of the most in form CBs we have. the dude has been at LB pretty much all season…

      • He has been shifted around the backline for Bolton. Has played CB, LB, RB, and i think even DM. All the better to take him to the WC

      • i didn’t say he didn’t. i said he has played LB pretty much all season. to throw him into CB for the US, after not playing for the US in forever, would be a mistake.

      • true, and i do stand corrected. his performances this year:

        CM – 4 apps (first 4 games)
        CB – 17 apps (including last week)
        LB – 17 apps

        most CB apps were prior to the new year but he has played LB almost exclusively since 2014 (only 4 apps at CB in 2014).

      • “calm on the ball” Ream has never impressed when he played for the NATS. He’s very similar to Spector in that they’re both decent players on the back line at the club level but it does not translate through to the international level.

        I think Brooks gets called in and makes the plane to Brazil. He had great first game vs. Bosnia, and Jurgen likes him: “I think John Anthony Brooks looks like he’s been with us for 10 years,” Klinsmann said after the match. “First camp, 19 years old and he played against Dzeko. I mean, you don’t get it any bigger. We were really, really happy with his first [cap] as well.”

      • 1. Agree about Ream never looking that great for the US
        2. Disagree about Spector, did you see the 2009 Confeds Cup?
        3. Disagree about Brooks. Like him a lot but he was caught out multiple times against Bosnia and then again against Ukraine. What I will agree with is what JK said in that quote which basically says he did well given his age and it being his first cap. I’m still not convinced he’ll make it to Brazil. We’ll see. I certainly wouldn’t be upset.

      • I agree with you on all 3.

        Spector certainly had his moment in the sun. For that he will never be consider a national team flop. He just had a short moment in the sun.

  19. Has Timmy Chandler’s odds of a call up increased with the report saying he could play this weekend for his club? Or is it too little too late for him?

    • I agree with Ives list but I think Chandler may also get the called. If he regains form, he provides more offense than Parkhurst at RB. I cannot see Omar getting the nod at CB and think Cameron will take that spot (whereas before I had him as the starting RB). I see our starting back line as Johnson, Cameron, Besler, Parkhurst/Chandler

    • No way is it too late. If he is healthy and gets some games in for his club, he will be in camp. If he does well in camp, he will be on the plane to Brazil.

      • talk about causing locker room issues. Should I fly should I not. Oh well its only a WCQ gme no biggie.

    • We gave Obama a second term, with our situation at RB, the calibre of the teams we play, and the fact that Cameron could be the starting CB, I think he’s more than deserving of a look.

    • He would be cutting it close, and you’d have to evaluate the commitment issue and whether you even want him involved this cycle anymore.

      But beyond that, the idea to camp is to try final options out and then train the selection. RB is not settled and he’s as good as or better than many options. And if you think back to people like Ralston, I think you let a hurt player into camp and then let their form and fitness show itself. If they are OK you haven’t dumbly excluded a helpful player. If they are hurt they practically cut themselves. And you can weigh the injury risk in the roster decision. But not even in camp with his quality and the question mark at his spot? Only if you have decided it would be bad for the locker room…..which is a legit concern.

    • Considering the following:

      1. He was willing to be cap tied AWAY at Honduras in the first Hex match (despite playing poorly in that match).

      2. He publicly stated during the Hex (before the US sealed qualification) that he wanted another shot.

      3. He forced his way back into a starting role after being benched for Nurnberg, earning a few Team of the Weeks in the Bundesliga.

      4. Nurnberg’s doing poorly enough that he very well could play the final few matches for them this season.

      5. Our depth options at FB include (in increasing order of scariness): Parkhurst, Beasley, Beltran, Evans, Castillo

      Then, yeah…I’d say Chandler deserves another look.

      • certainly worth a look. He didn’t look good in Honduras and Manaus will pretty much be the same weather. He has a lot to prove.

  20. Check out the results for #4. Yeah, let’s take an 18-year-old attacker who is yet to play 90 minutes of professional soccer!

    • d) none of the above

      And I see Davis as possibly being on Klinsmann’s injury replacement list but not in the camp fighting for a spot.

      • I think you take a wild card like Brek that may not see the pitch, or you take a guy like Corona that can contribute at various positions and can also provide a spark.

    • That 23rd spot is never going to play in a game. It doensn’t matter who goes, they wont see the field. Id rather bring a young guy and give him the experience and more time to mix with the team then some one whi is a little bit better but wont do anything for the team.

      • Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

        When Sven took Walcott to Germany in 2006 it created resentment within the English team and greatly affected team morale, and this was a kid who had played 21 matches for Southampton that year.

        The guy in the 23rd spot does make a difference. He may not see any action, but he plays a huge part in contributing to team cohesiveness at a crucial time (think Meola in 2002).

        The world cup is not a field trip.You don’t ask your players to babysit a kid when their focus should be strictly on matches.
        Julian Green does not belong anywhere near the final roster. He has done absolutely nothing to justify his inclusion.

      • Does it become more true if you say it 7 times?

        Honestly, using the English team as an bad example of team as that team always has problems in the locker room.

      • To emphasize my point I will start with – Wrong x 100! The English are entitle and whiny to begin with. Not unlike a few of the posters on this site. I’m quite certain Rio Ferdinand didn’t take Walcott an English jersey in anticipation of him joining the team (like Dempsey did for Green). It is a different situation. It is all about what the other players see in camp. If Green is just another guy in camp, then yes it may not play well. If JG is outstanding and makes everyone take notice, guys will understand the decision. A decent manager can sell the team on any choice he needs.

      • it depends on who you think the ’23rd spot’ is. if it’s a defender/goalkeeper, then you’re most likely right: they’ll never play in a game.

        however, attacking players are subbed more frequently, and (especially this cup) we’d be much more likely to throw on an attacker toward the end of the game (especially a runner like shea or green) because we’ll probably be trying to score however we can.

    • That’s the problem. That left side is so weak. Whoever our starter will be won’t even be a natural left-sided player. It might be Bedoya. But really I can’t think of anyone else to put there. I wish Castillo was an actual midfielder I would try him there anyway… but maybe he still can’t defend even from there.

      • castillo is a midfielder/winger. and it’s not that he can’t defend–the reason he’s been played at LB is because he can be useful back there–but, as he’s said himself, he’s not really a defender. he’s been played out of position at the club level due to his versatility.

      • The JK master plan has been to play Castillo as a defender to up his defensive skills. JK will use him as a natural left footed wing player. Hahahahaha

    • Green is a young promissing player, who was identified by Bayern as one of the top 3 talents in their youth system. Let’s not hold against him that he has to compete for the roster spot with the likes of Robben and Ribery on a loaded Bayern team. None of the current USMNT players would crack that roster with a possible exception of Tim Howard (as a back up).

      • No, let’s hold it against him that he doesn’t yet have enough experience, regardless of his competition for first-team minutes.

      • His lack of experience contrasts with a lot of his competitors actively playing themselves off the roster. Shea has been inconsistent. Corona as well. Really you look at who can give you the best 15 minutes against a superior opponnent when you are desperate… likely the only role any of those guys would play.

      • Brazil brought 17 year-old Ronaldo to the 1994 world cup and did not hold his inexperience against him. He did not play a single minute. Four years later, however, with the benefit of having one WC under his belt, he led Brazil to the WC finals. In certain cases, where the talent warrants it, it is smarter to invest in the future rather than simply select the most experienced players at the moment. I think that one of the brightest talents in Bayern’s youth system qualifies.

      • Not a good example.

        Ronaldo is an all time, all world great and was, at that point more proven than Green is right now.

        That Brazil team was stacked with Bebeto and Romario. When you have that kind of depth and talent you can afford to carry a tourist.

        And by the way, if he had been needed it’s pretty clear Ronaldo would not have embarrassed himself. He had just scored 12 goals in 14 games for Cruziero. He probably could have started for any number of other teams in that 1994 World Cup. I would have started him over Wynalda.

        And right after the World Cup he moved to PSV and scored 54 goals in 58 games over the next two seasons.

      • Every World Cup played in the America’s has been won by a South American team. Does that mean European teams shouldn’t even show up??? No! There is always a chance something new happens. A chance that a first happens. We can look at examples of other young players who were thrown into the spotlight, but it will never be “exactly the same”. The counter argument is just an excuse as to why we shouldn’t compare. This guy played in that league and scored X goals, this guy’s mother spoke Chinese, and that guys father was a vegetarian. All irrelevant. No one has to prove with examples that in the past it worked under the same circumstances. There is never an exact reproduction of the past.

    • If we made a deal with Green to secure his switch, form is immaterial to him getting in camp. He gets in camp as the price of doing business with an eye to future promise. Not unlike Brooks, who probably gets in for the same horizon reason independent of making the team or the XI, or even playing well now.

      Now, on the merits, Green would have a lot to prove and Brooks stays home as a present liability. But the notion they don’t even make the camp roster seems to be based on the idea we have made no promises and should evaluate solely on current demonstrated performance. It dismisses calling in people as fodder for experience, or based on potential. Shea and Agudelo similarly have potential and it’s a question of alongside the other 25-30 do they belong or are they not consistent or ready enough.

      • Silly! “but Jurgen promised” Seriously, that didn’t happen, only the UFO conspiracy theory nuts believe that. It is a non-logical rational point of view. The facts in Brooks case prove your statement about promises is void. The reason they will get called in, is because we have concerns at the positions they play, and they have demonstrated potential worth a coaches time to look at. There lack of exposure is exactly the reason JK needs to see them in person.

  21. I still love Landon D however he does not have the same pace he did 4 years ago. I know experience is a valuable asset yet if I am an opposing coach he would not put any fear in me thus building a scheme to defend him. That is the problem with this pool. There are a lot of very good players but no one or two that an opposing team has to worry about for 90 minutes. You look at Portugal and they have Ronaldo, Nani,Cavaleiro, Raul, Coentrao. I won’t even list Germany because it scares the hell out of me the talent they can put on the pitch let alone coming of the bench in the 75th minute. I do really like the style of play JK has created but I doubt we can play that way in the WC and be successful. Perhaps going back to the old defend and counter will be the way to try to get points in the group stage and sneak out. Because of that I would pick Davis. To me he is a great late sub becase of the immaculate service he can provide from the left wing.

    • Beacause despite of his lack of playing, he shows he can come off the bench as a super sub and make an impact…he’s been doing it at leats at CONCACAF level, but could Green really shown in one game? The true tester would have been having Green during the Gold Cup, unfortuntely his late inclusion to the USMNT limited JK’s time to do any sort of evaluation as far as him meshing with the players. If anyone shouldn’t even be considered is Davis, who for me is only a specialist on set pieces and we have plenty of guys like Zusi, Donovan, and Bradley who can do those.

    • Because with ten mins to go in a game when we need a goal, who do you put on? Brek – the fast, physically big striker who isn’t afraid to have a go at a defender and who has a reasonable goal/assist record with the US? Or Davis who has never shown up for the US or Green who hasn’t shown up for any professional team?

      I think Green is placed in the camp with Shea. They fight it out for the final 23. Davis isn’t close.

      • +1

        have to say, it was hard for me to pick between shea and green, because i’m really excited about green’s potential, and shea hasn’t been playing for however long.

        the fact remains: shea is a proven performer for us, and so that’s who i’d take a chance on.

      • I think on those 2. We will have to get to camp and the friendlies to see who is fresher, sharper and wants it more.

        Both aren’t playing much. Both are unknowns.(Shea because its a game to game lottery. Green cause he is newbie.) I think it is a direct competition. I do think Shea could win it if he keeps having moments of brilliance rather than moments of promise.

      • I agree. I dont think Green is physical enough at this point. although he may have an edge to some degree by playing in the Bundesliga. I think off the bench Shea has the advantage.

      • He’s never actually played in the Bundesliga, just the German fourth division and one two minute appearance in a dead rubber UCL match.

      • Thanks for pointing that out. I admire your knowledge of the game and I always read your comments as helpful. but the point I was making, is it valid?

      • While I’m not saying Davis is good enough for the WC, it’s totally unfair to say he’s “never shown up” for the US. In limited appearances under Klinsmann, de did deliver a pair of assists against Panama, forced a goal against Korea Republic, and played pretty well in the first half against Mexico last match.

        Still, I think that last spot belongs to a wild card type player.

  22. Question. If someone on the final 23 gets injured and cannot go to Brazil, is his replacement required to be someone from the preliminary roster?

    • No, they don’t have to be. Here’s the FIFA rule:

      A player listed on the final list may only be replaced in the event of
      serious injury up until 24 hours before the kick-off of his team’s
      first match.
      The replacement players do not need to be limited to the release list.

      • Thanks. I was worried because, if they were required to be on the preliminary roster, then I would hope for 28 to 30 in camp instead of the 25 to 28 Ives speaks of in the article.

      • I would still expect more like 30 to provide room for injuries and cuts. If you cut it too close you either have to pull in someone out of camp — not ideal when training for this tournament — or the camp roster dictates the selection independent of actual form. You want to have enough players to make quality distinctions among healthy players.

        Specifically, I can’t see us cutting midfield down early because of the abundance of options, or defense for the opposite reason. Only at F and GK does the roster basically write itself, and even that assumes health.

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