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Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

Mesut Ozil of Arsenal


It might only be Tuesday, but that does not mean that there are no interesting soccer matches to keep you busy.

Arsenal and West Ham United (2:45pm ET, NBC Sports Live Extra) will get things underway on Tuesday afternoon in a Premiership match that should draw plenty of eyeballs stateside. The Gunners currently trail Tim Howard and Everton by two points in the standings, and anything but a victory could spell doom to Arsenal’s chances of reclaiming the UEFA Champions League qualifiers spot that the Toffees currently hold.

Other matches on tap are RSC Anderlecht’s clash with Zulte-Waregem in the Pro League play-offs and Borussia Dortmund’s DFB Pokal semifinals meeting with VfL Wolfsburg (2:30pm ET, ESPN3/Univision Deportes). Sacha Kljestan will try to get on the field for Anderlecht as they try and make a push up the postseason table in Belgium, and Dortmund will hope to be able to pick up a victory at home in an effort to still claim some hardware this season.

At night, Cruz Azul and Toluca will do battle in the opening leg of the CONCACAF Champions League finals (8pm ET, Univision Deportes). Cruz Azul will be at home for this first leg, so they will be looking to grab a victory before traveling to Toluca for next week’s decisive match.

If you will be watching any of today’s action, please leave your thoughts, opinions, analysis and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. sucks with ARSENAL winning. really hoped to see Everton in the CL. they earned it this season. it’s real tough for a non top 4/5 to break into the CL. Tottenham had it for 1 season a few years ago.

  2. If Arsenal collects full points in the last four games I would be shocked if they don’t squeak into the CL. Everton still play at Southampton, vs United and vs City. They are going to drop points somewhere in there.

      • They have an extremely easy schedule but based off their form of late, I wouldn’t be surprised if they mess up somewhere along the line. They don’t have to be at their best but they need to step up a bit to close out the year.

    • And crystal palace. Don’t sleep on them. They are playing great football now and could finish in the top ten after being in the relegation zone, or close to it. They are tied with West Ham and only a few points away from stoke.

      • I am not a huge fan of his but the work Pulis has done with CP this year has been remarkable. If Liverpool falls short of the title, Pulis should win coach of the year.

  3. This was the danger game for Arsenal. Banged up, exhausted from the semi-final. This now clears the way for a top four finish and an FA Cup. A disappointment considering our early form, but I’ll take it now and hope that we spend some $$$ to get us over the top this summer.

    • Are you basing your optimism on the remaining schedules of the two sides?
      Everton have CP, United, Southamptono, City and Hull
      Arsenal have Hull, Newcastle, WBA, and Norwich

      On paper, I would agree with you. But to risk using a sports cliche, the games still have to be played (therefore giving Arsenal a chance to blow a “win on paper”).

      Would be nice to win the real FA Cup trophy and the fake Top 4 “Trophy”

      • No doubt about it. They have to take care of business and they can certainly blow it.

        But my optimism is more about getting past the injury crisis and the fact that today’s game had danger written all over it.

  4. Tricked me with the Ozil picture… had to double check to see if he was in the 18. Silly me.

    Will he be back for the FA Cup final?

  5. Dortmund vs Wolfsburg. why isn’t Bundesliga matches covered on BeinSport?

    also just how good is Lewandowski? Is he the real Deal?

    • Its a Pokal match. I dunno if they have the rights to those. But he is a stud on Dortmund.

      BTW Dortmund are playing a really deep counter. It odd as they don’t seem to be pressing as much as normal.

      • okay but how good is he compared to say Mario Gomez or Mandzukic. I can’t say I know most about the Bundesliga or the top strikers there but are they on level with La Liga and EPL top scorers?

      • He is as good a poacher as Gomez while having similar movement to Mandzukic.

        I feel like Mandzukic is much strong in the air and makes more space against a set back line.

        In comparison to EPL and La Liga strikers? I think Lewandowski is as good as RVP. Better than Benzema.

      • I think Lewandowski would possibly be the best striker in the EPL, with only Saurez for competition.

  6. but serious if Everton qualifies for the CL, what kinda additions will they need to enhance the squad? Could CL be enough to get Lukaku to stay?


    • They need depth, they’ll need to either buy Lukaku or replace him, and they need to add one or two dynamic players to compete in the CL. I think Depth is key because possibly playing 55-60 games a season will take a toll on players.

  7. but serious if Everton qualifies for the CL, what kinda additions will they need to enhance the squad? Could CL be enough to get Lukaku to stay?

    • I think if they pay Chelsea a fair price for him, Mourinho would let him go. He doesn’t seem to be a fan for some reason. I have to say I disagree with the special one.

      • Mourinho is usually right about players not fitting his teams.

        That does not mean that they are bad players or that they won’t fit well elsewhere.

    • I’d love to see Everton buy Deulofeu, but that’s impossible with Barca’s transfer ban. Unless it’s not because I don’t understand how a transfer ban works.

      • I think Barca can sell still. The idea is to punish the club. If players couldn’t leave it would punish the players so I understand the logic behind it.

      • even if the transfer ban still allowed them to sell, i don’t think they would allow anyone to leave who had even the remotest chance of contributing to their team. if the transfer ban goes forward, it’ll be ‘all hands on deck’ for the next year, at least.

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