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US Soccer unveil new USMNT and USWNT away kit

USMNTAwayKit2014-1 (USSoccer)


When the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams take the field in their new away uniforms, there’s no doubt that everyone will notice them.

Early Tuesday, U.S. Soccer unveiled the new away kit for both national teams that features a bright and bold red, white, and blue jersey paired with red socks and red shorts. The uniform will be worn by the USMNT for the first time in their friendly match on Wednesday against Mexico in Phoenix.

According to U.S. Soccer and Nike, who designed the kit, the uniform uses a combination of Nike Dri-Fit technology, “burnout” mesh, and laser-cut ventilation to allow for air to flow in and out of the uniform. The uniform also features the lightest-ever Nike Pro Baselayer to help the USMNT players down in Brazil in the hot and muggy weather.

“I really like the new, patriotic colorway,” U.S. Men’s National Team captain Clint Dempsey said in a statement. “It’s a distinctive design that looks great on the pitch. They will serve us well as we head into a competitive group.”

The kit is made from fabric that is made itself from recycled materials. The shorts are 100 percent recycled polyester, the jersey is 96 percent recycled polyester, and the socks are 78 percent polyester.

Unlike the home kit for the World Cup, the away kit features a “crew-neck” collar and on the inside of the kit, a pennant with 13 red and white stripes to represent the original 13 colonies in the United States of America.

The kit bears a striking resemblance to the Bomb Pop popsicle sticks found in many ice cream trucks in suburban and urban America.

In addition to Dempsey and USWNT forward Sydney Leroux, NFL players Andrew Luck and Ndamukong Suh, skateboarders Eric Koston and Sean Malto, track and field gold medalist Allyson Felix, and former USMNT defender Alexi Lalas took part in a jersey photo shoot.

Check out more photos of the new USA away kit below:

USA_AWAY_COLLAR1_PRIDE_large FINAL_AlexiLalasFlag_large USA_AWAY_TURN_large FINAL_SuhFlag_large FINAL_ClintDempseyFullBody_largeFINAL_AndrewLuckFlag_large  FINAL_SydneyLerouxFullBody_large

The kit is already on sale through Nike and The authentic jerseys are priced at $149.99 while the replica top is priced at $89.99.


What do you think of this kit? Do you like the design? Think it looks too corny? Do you plan on buying this top?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I went and looked at all the home and away kits for all teams for the WC. I have to say the bomb pop kit has kind of grown on me. It is quite unique and jumps out when compared to some of the others. I have to say though, the all white kit is amongst my least favorites. I really like the Germany away kit, both France kits, both Australia, and Portugal’s away.

  2. Well I have to hand it to Nike, I didn’t think anything could look worse than the white kits. It seems like they are actively trying to make bad kits for this summer. Like you actually had to try pretty hard to come up with something worse than the all-whites, and you did, so bravo Nike.
    Trying not to be a hater too… I know a lot of people disagreed but I really liked the red hoops.
    Can we just find a style and stick with it though?
    I’m not a jersey buyer, but is that price typical for soccer jerseys? I find that hilarious both for the cost and the lack of appeal. I wouldn’t want to wear that around even if it was free.
    A new crest would trump any jersey design though. C’mon US Soccer get on that.

  3. I hope these kits are not foreboding our WC performance. If they are, it is going to be a short, miserable summer for US soccer. Both kits absolutely suck, and I wouldn’t pay $5 for either.

    Can we not have a shirt/kit to be proud of, folks at Nike?

  4. I like the design. I say this even though I also dig the hoops and regret that this color presentation invokes the French flag. (nothing on France).

    Still, I agree with several commenters above that the U.S. should try to establish a more consistent visual identity. The federation should identify a kit theme and then limit itself to variations within that theme. Consistent usage of Amurrrican colors like navy blue would also be nice.

  5. I don’t know why USSF doesn’t let at least one of the jersey designs be from a fan vote? Also, why not let Nike and Under Armor fight it out for best design?

  6. Funny was just talking the other day about nicknames,
    and Super Eagles(Nigeria) versus I guess we got Da Bomb Pops baby!.

  7. I thought the home uniforms were bad until I saw this. These look like pajamas I had in the fifth grade. What the hell is Nike thinking? National team uniforms should have a simple, classic look, is that too much to ask? If Nike is this clueless about uniforms, they should at least crowdsource the jjob, posting different options online that people can vote for. That would be a democratic approach, and likely result in something less horrendous. Call in Puma for a makeover.

  8. I’m sorry but the red,white and blue in that pastern remind me too much of the French Flag “Viva La France!” I am sure that the rest of the world watching will think the same thing.

    We have to get out of the mindset (from too many US sports that have little or no following outside the US) that we are not the only players or team out there..

    If you are going to use the RWB then be a little more inventive. Many in the US gave the USMNT “94” jersey some ridicule, but it got plaudits from countries all around the world.

    We have a US FLAG, not US colors. If you are going to use colors that represent the flag, then add some stars for Pete’s sake, or add some red stripes.. We are know for the “Star’s and stripes” not the red, white and blue that by the way are shared by England France and the US, plus about a dozen other countries around the world.

    I really think they should FIRE the idiot who came up with the jersey. It’s is a genuine as a 3 dollar bill and as inventive as a knockoff copy.

    • Someone—let alone “countries all around the world”—gave the ’94 jerseys “plaudits”? I’ve gotta see a reference for that.

      (It was mocked mercilessly in Brazil, where I lived at the time.)

  9. It is just not the USA. I went to a large Nike store in Atlanta two weeks a go and they had no Soccer gear. Adidas was in the same building and they were loaded. We have the best colors in the world. There are so many great team kits with the US colors, but Nike can not get it right with ours. The US is NOT royal blue!

  10. The kit is not perfect but I don’t dislike it. Perhaps Nike could give it some more pizazz in the future by adding some eagle wings on the upper chest/sleeves similar to what they do with the Oregon Ducks. OHHHH YAAAAA! I will at least buy an away jersey. No way on the mundane home jersey though.

  11. All we had to do with this kit is make the blue darker and add white stripes to the red area… BAM!!! Instantly better!

  12. I’m loving these Left over Russian Olympic Hockey Jerseys!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s earth day EVERYDAY when you recycle!!!!! We are the world…..We are the Children!!!!

    • Putin is Nike majority share holder… it seems…

      for real… it a Nike designer doesn’t even know what the colors of a the US flags are, what business of their is to design anything USA?

      who are these people, are they from, china, taiwan?

      Im glad to save $300 dollars on a Home shirt that looks like Englandls and on a Away shirt that looks like France’s.

  13. It’s great that Nike employes heroin addicts. I just wish they kept them in the executive suite where they belong and not designing uniforms.

  14. Meh. I just don’t understand why it’s not a big deal for Nike to keep changing our national colors. Use the colors that are on the flag, please. The red and blue are both much lighter on the jersey, why not go with robin egg blue and cherry?

    • GW: Oil filters? I’ve changed the oil in my cars many times, yet I have no idea what you mean. Different kind of oil?

  15. this probably looks so good because the home jersey is so lame. but i think the way this one works into the shorts and socks makes it look very sharp. hopefully they just wear these and skip the home jerseys.

  16. I would have been fine with these if they had used the blue from the US flag instead of the blue from the Russian flag.

    • the thing is that Nike has paid professionals pushing this crap on us. what kind of moron thought this was a good idea? and you bet your ass i won’t buy one, but i still have to watch my favorite athletes wearing this crap at the World Cup…


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