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Report: Stuttgart once again interested in Chandler

Timmy Chandler Nurnberg 2 (Getty Images)


FC Nurnberg are sure to lose a few players if they are relegated this season, and Timmy Chandler could be one of them.

According to a report out of Germany, Bundesliga strugglers VfB Stuttgart are once again interested in signing Chandler. Stuttgart initially expressed interest in the 24-year-old right back in December 2011, but Chandler opted to agree to an extension with Nurnberg a few months later.

A member of Nurnberg since 2010, Chandler only recently returned to action for the club this past weekend after being sidelined since February with a knee injury. He started and played 45 minutes in a 2-0 loss to Mainz on Saturday that left Nurnberg one point shy of the relegation play-off spot with two matches left in the season.

Like Nurnberg, Stuttgart are currently not clear of the relegation zone but will be if they pick up a home win over Wolfsburg on Saturday.

What do you think of Stuttgart expressing interesting in Chandler? Think he should make the move this summer? Should it depend on which club, if any, is still in the Bundesliga?

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  1. For the record: VfB Stuttgart have only been “strugglers” during the R├╝ckrunde; the Hinrunde went alright. Then Bruno Labbadia had some issues… long story short, Huub Stevens is helping now. But yeah, we could definitely use his depth and quality

    • Absolutely not. Back tattoo time. The star spangled pennant, with a rising sun making love to a maple leaf. What do you think?

    • I really think this back line is the best we have with everyone in form. I know it was a planned 45 min game last week where he played bad, but he was coming off a two month injury break. Hooefully, this week, he plays better getting another week of full practice.

      • The few times we have seen Cameron play CB for the USMNT, they have been uninspiring. His best performances for the USMNT have been at RB and as a holding. Don’t get me wrong. I think Cameron makes it to Brazil due to his versatility alone. But it’d be a stretch to say our best backline would include him at CB.

        To be honest, a guy often overlooked at CB but has performed well everytime he is in the starting XI is Goodson. He’s definitely better than mistake prone Gonzo.

        In the end, I hope Chandler does make the squad. Not ahead of Cameron at RB. But his speed and passing would make for a nice change of pace as a sub.

        More importantly is what do we do about the leftback position. I think Fabian is better for us as a left winger to be honest. And at least Beasley has played some leftback for his club in recent months. But one name I’d include, over Parkhurst, would be Tim Ream. Has the same level of versatility at Parkhurst and plays LB for his club.

    • Not if he plays like he did in Honduras. That was dreadful. The problem with Chandler is who knows what you will get on any given day.

      • You know who else played poorly that day? Geoff Cameron. Omar Gonzalez. Fabian Johnson. Tim Howard. Danny Williams. Eddie Johnson. Jozy Altidore. Michael Bradley was thoroughly average. It happens.

        Saying “The problem with Chandler is who knows what you will get on any given day” based on one bad national team game is a pretty short-sighted statement. There’s no player anywhere about whom you could not say the same thing based on the same level of evidence.

      • How many guys do super well on their first international game. Did Brooks dominate, how about Green? First game ever on the road game in humid heat, yep Chandler is going no where.

      • We will also be playing against Ronaldo in humid heat, so it makes sense for him to stay in temperate Germany and watch the games on TV, so he can be comfortable and not have to deal with flying.

      • Everyone played like shit in Honduras. It’s unfair to single out his performance when all the players surrounding him also shit the bed.

      • I’m not making excuses, but you try playing in (a) 90 degree heat and humidity, 4 days after playing in (b) 40 degree temps, while in between (c) taking 2 8+ hour flights and working through (d) a 10 hour time difference. Probably not easy.

        And everyone sucked that day.

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