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SBI MLS Team of the Week: Seattle Sounders

ObafemiMartinsVsRapids (JaneGPhotography)

Photo by Jane Gershovich/Jane G. Photography


The Seattle Sounders came into the 2014 with high expectations, and the past few weeks have shown them to be a team very capable of meeting these expectations.

The hottest team in MLS continued to roll this past weekend, as the dynamic duo of Clint Dempsey and Obafemi Martins led the way yet again, this time in a 4-1 thumping of the Colorado Rapids. The victory not only moved Seattle into first place in the Western Conference, it also earned them SBI MLS Team of the Week honors.

Dempsey and Martins combined to score three of Seattle’s four goals, with Dempsey helping set up the fourth in a match the Sounders blew open after a scoreless first 45 minutes of action. The victory pushed Seattle’s winning streak to three in a row.

What did you think of Seattle’s performance? Which MLS team impressed you the most in MLS week eight?

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    • Exhibit A for why other fans aren’t fans of Seattle fans. It doesn’t matter that you’re joking. It’s obnoxious regardless.

      • Exhibit A for other MLS fans being way too sensitive to the fact that Seattle has these rabid fans.

        Go to any other sports board and you see this stuff all the time (especially where the fans concerned are those of, say, the Yankees, Saints, 49ers, Packers, or any team from Boston). MLS fans seem to think there’s a different kind of decorum to their fandom, but as the sport grows more clubs’ fans will become just like (your image of) Sounders fans.

        Not to say it’s great, but to say maybe people should learn to deal because it won’t go away, it’ll only get worse and more widespread. MLS fandom is losing its “insider” feel – the other option would be MLS dying.

      • I would also add in that it is a vocal minority that is obnoxious. Remember there are 40k+ people who attend matches and don’t go on the internet and rub people’s faces in it.

  1. When Marshall and the back line start to work better together look out. This is the best team in MLS even without that chemistry on D.

  2. To be honest, I felt like I was watching early 2000s Arsenal during this weekends Sounders game. They are going to be my go to MLS LIVE team going forward.

    • I may not go that far, but they are probably the most entertaining team to watch in MLS right now. It’s strange, because this has never been Schmid’s style – last year they were so reliant on the long ball that it was painful to watch.

      • Sounders were painful to watch last year. The massive team makeover is working wonders. The best soccer I’ve seen played in MLS in a while.

  3. I guess you are technically correct Caitlin. It was in stoppage time of the first half when Seattle’s Lamar Naegle scored goal #1, so it was after the “scoreless first 45 minutes of action” but 1-nil at halftime. ;^)


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