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Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

Chelsea Paris Saint-Germain (Getty Images)


Two teams are inĀ prime positions to become the first UEFA Champions League semifinalists on Tuesday, but they will have to go on the road to finish their jobs.

Paris Saint-Germain and Real MadridĀ hold comfortable advantages over Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund, respectively, but will play the role of visitors in their series’ decisive legs. PSG head into Stamford Bridge (2:45pm ET, Fox Deportes/Fox Soccer Plus/Fox Soccer 2Go) with a 3-1 lead over Jose Mourinho and the Blues, and Real Madrid are up 3-0 on aggregate as they enter Signal-Iduna-Park.

The Champions League fun does not stop there. Liga MX side Toluca and Costa Rica outfit Alajuelense will fight on Tuesday night (8pm ET, Galavision) for a chance to move onto the CONCACAF tournament’s final. Toluca are in a good spot going into the second leg, as they are up 1-0 after winning on the road last week.

If you will be watching any of today’s matches, please feel free to leave your thoughts, opinions, analysis and some play-by-play in the comment section below.


  1. You guys…the whistle wasn’t early. Nobody AT the game complained. Ever think that FoxSports1 may have been off on their time? Even the announcers were saying that the last corner ‘had to be the last kick of the game’

  2. Today-
    Another reason why they should NOT play both games at the same time…
    Another reason why I need multiple big screen TV’s on my wall….

  3. Mourinhooooooo!!!! Noooooooooo!!! I hope this doesn’t we will see a parked Chelsea FC bus ruining the semifinals of the UCL semis.

  4. ugh the whistle blew pretty early in the Chelsea PSG game, looked like a good 20-30 seconds left with PSG about to cross it back in

  5. PSG was still putting on pressure and the ref blew the whistle 20 seconds early, completely unacceptable from him.

  6. Commentator “That’s so soft. There’s absolutely no foul there”

    Tyler: “Ba shoved over the defender there into the goalkeeper”

    Commentator “Oh, maybe that’s a foul”

  7. Great game in Dortmund, with Dortmund simply overpowering, but up only 2-0 at half time. Weidenfeller saved a Di Maria penalty kick and Ramos basically knocked Lewandoski down in the box but no penalty call. Madrid players looking nervous and camera shots of Ronaldo on the sidelines ready to have a nervous breakdown. First minutes of the second half will decide this I think. If Dortmund can keep Madrid from scoring in the first 10-15 minutes, we might just see a miracle.

    • That was a wonderful game. Dortmund could have tied it up or won. It didn’t happen but it was glorious either way.

  8. This guy is so horrifically pro-Chelsea it’s making me sick.

    That HAS to be a red card. HAS to be. Came into challenge with studs exposed, missed the ball entirely, and stomped on exposed leg.


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