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Villarreal permanently bans racist fan after Alves incident

Dani Alves (Getty Images)


Villarreal did their part in taking a stand against racism in soccer Monday by officially banning the fan responsible for racially abusing Barcelona’s Dani Alves Sunday.

During Sunday’s match between Villarreal and Barcelona, a banana was thrown in the direction of Alves as the Brazilian defender was preparing to take a corner. Alves kept his cool and calmly peeled the banana, took a bite, and continued the game.

Despite not enduring the wrath of Alves, the fan responsible was heavily disciplined by the club, which has permanently banned the perpetrator from the team’s stadium,¬†El Madrigal.

“Villarreal CF wants to communicate that the club deeply regrets and condemns the incident that happened yesterday during the match against FC Barcelona in which a fan threw an object onto the field of El Madrigal,” the club said in a ¬†statement via their official website. “Thanks to the security forces and the invaluable assistance of the Yellow crowd, the club has already identified the author and has decided to withdraw his season tickets, permanently banning his access to El Madrigal stadium.”

The club also showed their support for the game’s fight against racism, stating that respect is expected from both supporters and players alike.

“Once again our club would like to express its firm commitment to promoting respect, equality, sportsmanship and fair play both on and off the field,” the club said, “and our absolute rejection of any act that is contrary to these principles, such as violence, discrimination, racism and xenophobia.”

As for the club’s efforts on the field, the Yellow Submarine will look to bounce back from the 3-2 loss to Barcelona when they take on Sevilla on May 4.


  1. How does a ban like this work? It’s not that hard to get a ticket anonymously. Do they use facial recognition at the turnstile?

    • Simple. Implant an RFID chip in his arm that sets of blaring sensors if he tries to go through the turnstile.

      Of course, don’t tell the fan where it is so that he can’t take it out, unless he gets a bug sweeper to find it and then can take it to an illegal doctor to remove.

      Sorry, watched too many sci-fi movies.

      Um, yeah…in the real world, he can just get an anonymous ticket somewhere and keep going in.

      • It wouldn’t be too hard to get back in, but the problem for him is that if he had any incidents again and got caught then he’d be trespassing and breaking laws.

  2. What is interesting is that in some of these countries racist remarks and acts can carry criminal penalties. Freedom of speech here allows people for profess their ass-ness and stupidity. However, i suspect that if a fan in the US actually threw a banana at or towards a black player, he’d get his ass kicked by the fans around him.

  3. I’m glad Villarreal has taken quick action in identifying and banning this racist. I would hope the police will get involved as this could as should be viewed as a hate crime. Now, the only thing I wished they could do is take this racist and his said banana and stick it where the sun don’t shine!


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