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Chandler linked with move to Eintracht Frankfurt

Timmy Chandler Nurnberg (Getty Images)


With the impending sale of starting right back Sebastian Jung, Eintracht Frankfurt is going to need a replacement in preparations for the 2014-15 season. According to reports from German website Allgemeine-Zeitung, that replacement might just be Timothy Chandler.

Chandler, who has been capped 10 times for the U.S. Men’s National Team, began his career in Frankfurt’s youth system before joining Nurnburg in 2010. The 24-year-old has spent the last four seasons at Nurnburg, who was relegated from the Bundesliga this season.

Chandler would be replacing the incumbent Jung, who will reportedly move to Wolfsburg for a  €2.5 million fee. According to AZ, his potential replacements could include Chandler or Wolfsburg’s Patrick Ochs, who also came through the Eintracht youth system.

What do you think of the potential move? Would Frankfurt be a good fit for Chandler?

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  1. I don’t want to sound like a scold, but unlike jokes about other players’ physical appearance (Beckerman’s dreads, Howard’s beard, Johannsson’s resemblance to Kevin Bacon), some jokes about Chandler just don’t sit well. I’m not taking anyone to task here, just raising a question.

    • so it’s okay to joke about white players’ appearences but not black players’ appearences (or mixed-race, don’t know and don’t care about Chandler’s bloodlines)??? That seems racist to me. Why the double standard?

      • Yes he was clearly talking about race, not that despite both being movie stars Kevin Bacon and Frankenstein don’t exactly have a lot in common looks wise…….

      • evan,

        You are talking about comparing AJ to a leading man movie star vs comparing Chandler to a monster.

        You figure it out.

      • Because he plays for the US and his English isn’t that good. Playing in England should bridge the culture gap a little for him

      • Culture gap? From all I’ve seen on Twitter and Instagram he’s fitting in just fine with all his U.S. teammates.

        These persistent rumors about Chandler have reached hilarious levels….especially when the evidence that he’s committed to the crest, in Klinsmann’s favor, and fitting in with the team is right there for everyone to see.

        Oh wait, he was terrible at San Pedro Sula. Screw him….*eyeroll*

        Some fans, I tell ya.

      • However, the best instagram post from a germerican at camp so far came yesterday when Fabian called out beckerwook for trying to pork him from behind.

      • I’m guessing he’s more happy to live in the city and culture he grew up in than he would be living in some random city in England to improve his English.

    • Stay the heck out of ENGLAND! Go to Holland, Belgium, Austria, France, or really step it up and go to Italy, Spain, or Germany.

  2. Chandler really is the biggest enigma / wild card the US has for this World Cup and beyond.

    Jurgen must see some big potential in him to keep inviting him back to camps.

    • It’s not just Jurgen. A few years back a lot of German journalists were mentioning his potential, and even this season he was being picked in teams of the week. Injury this season and maturing has stalled that a bit. But it seems like he’s grown up and I think this tournament will be a breakout for him.

    • Do you really want to know what JK sees in him?

      Find out for yourself.

      You tube should have him in the following games: March 2011, vs Argentina and vs Paraguay. September 2011 vs Belgium.

      If you can watch only one make it Belgium.

      • Beckerman is getting dangerously close to “so underrated he’s overrated” territory.

      • I would say Ricardo Clark was just another extremely solid defensive mid at the club level and a useful USMNT player, who like Beckerman, was under-appreciated by many because he became well known in MLS.

      • Well he really effed us at the World Cup, so maybe we were all right to not appreciate him?

      • It was Bob Bradley that took out EDU for Clark and that was such a MAJOR WRONG DECISION. EDU was doing really great in MF in the 2010 WC.

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