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Chandler and Ream poised for USMNT returns

Riyad  Mahrez of Leicester City competes with Tim Ream of Bolton Wanderers


The race for the defender roster spots on the U.S. Men’s National Team’s World Cup squad is wide open, both at fullback and centerback, and that open race has left the door open for both Tim Ream and Timmy Chandler, who stand good chances of making their way to the USMNT roster for the upcoming training camp despite having both been away from the national team set-up for some time.

To some, Chandler and Ream might seem like long shots, or players unlikely to have realistic chances of making the World Cup team, but don’t go writing either of them off just yet.

In my most recent installment of the series On American Soccer, I take a look at the journey Chandler and Ream have taken from being USMNT outcasts to having very real chances of making the U.S. preliminary World Cup roster.

Give the column a read and let me know what you think of their chances. Would you like to see Ream and Chandler called up to the training camp? See either or both of them making the World Cup team? Think they’ve been away too long to play a role now?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Cameron, Besler, FJ are locks to start in Brazil. It leaves one spot open for the best defender available because FJ could play on the right and cameron can play CB. The players fighting for that last starting spot imo is Beasley, Brooks, Goodson, Gonzo, Chandler, and Ream. If Evans starts in the WC i will seriously question JK.

  2. From the projected preliminary roster these are the 7 I see being cut

    DEFENDERS- Timmy Chandler, Clarence Goodson, John Brooks
    MIDFIELDERS- Julian Green, Joe Corona
    FORWARDS- Chris Wondolowski, Eddie Johnson

    And the thing is these are a good group of quality players who if were as good as they are now back in 2010 would have been locks for the roster

    • who are you Matt, to make such a ridiculous statement? Will you come back as Matt J. Brooks when the players go to Brazil? No, you won’t.

  3. Chandler suspiciously becomes healthy and available this close to the World Cup
    That’s the problem with hiring mercenaries

      • You must agree however GW, it is very suspicious that Chandler has recovered, or is recovering, from his injury at this point in time. In fact. was he even injured at all. Ethan has a point.

        In fact, I think Ethan believes it so much that his family should send him to the psych ward at the local hospital. Maybe there he can get it explained to him, why Chandler becomes healthy,.

      • I must not agree to anything.

        It is an American sporting cliche that when you get to playoff time everyone is carrying some form of injury but , if you can, you play.

        Every World Cup team will have a player who accelerated their rehab in some way to get on the team. In some cases it will be okay and in some cases it will shorten the player’s career.

        But it’s the World Cup and players , not just Americans as shocking as that may be, will do just about anything to play in a World Cup.

        If they can perform, they will gladly give up their long term health.

        So, no I don’t agree that there is anything suspicious about Chandler doing everything possible to make the team.

      • They’re American born and bred. Always ready to join their NT, not only around World Cup time.

      • Ethan, relax, take a deep breath, you indicated there was a conspiracy about Timothy Chandler, in fact you said what you said, we can read it.

        I seriously hope you have some friends or family to help you.

      • Ethan,

        You don’t understand the definition of mercenary.

        Mercs do a job for money. Chandler, Clint , Mikey and the entire USMNT as well as the USWNT are all mercs.

        Or maybe you don’t care.

        Your post indicates you don’t know much about pro sports.

        The World Cup is the mega equivalent of the playoffs on steroids to pro soccer players. For a lot of them there is nothing bigger, ever.

        So if there is a chance to get on a World Cup team players get “healthy” a lot faster than normal.

        In American sports you will often hear “he wouldn’t normally be playing but it is the playoffs” .

        Chandler, and most other players, would still be re habbing if there were no World Cup looming.

        In 2010 Gooch went to the World Cup even though he was not healthy because thus needed him for the World Cup. And he paid for it with a poor World Cup and subsequent diminished performances for his clubs after the World Cup. A bad reflection on him and BB for taking him.

        Chandler , who should be resting his knee, will most likely pay in the long term for his accelerated rehab. They all do but it is worth it to them.

        Which is a long winded answer to your assertion that there is something abnormal about injured players suddenly rising from the dead for the World Cup.

        If you think there is anything suspicious about that you are ignorant about athletes..

  4. Chandler? Yes definately! Ream? Not so sure! Also Brek Shea should definately be on team. And Aron Johannsson should be the starting forward not Altnomore!

    • Yes, Brek Shea by all means. The boy played in a top flight league, and got minutes in his last 4 games with Barnsley. Well not 4 but 3, he sat the bench on the 4th, but in the last 3 matches he was subbed into the game early in the second half of each one. He brought it all.

      Then what happened, just as Brek was showing us all what he can do, and was doing it, he only defended a teammate from someone in the stands. And for that, he was sent back to Stoke, where he is showing everyone he is a great footballer.

  5. The only way we have a prayer in Brazil is if we park the bus. Everyone on the back line will have to have cover at all times. This is the XI and formation that we’ll never see, of course but against Germany, Ghana and Portugal…. sit back, clog the middle and counter with pace.

    Donovan Jones Bradley Bedoya
    F Johnson Ream Besler Cameron Chandler

  6. when Chandler first appeared on the USMNT I thought he could be the answer for years to come. slinking in in the 11th hour after ducking out of so much of the heavy lifting is distasteful to me but I get his ability and how he could make the team, just don’t like it

  7. Ream’s reputation he earned. Funny reading some of the revisionist history of his story above.

    Anyway, If he’s progressed like so many reports say he has, I look forward to seeing the new and improved player

    • Right, he earned his reputation 2 years ago and spent the last 2 years earning a different reputation. As you say, we can look forward to seeing the improvement.

    • The real FRANK is funny. So even if this comment was from the real FRANK, it’s actually not the real FRANK because it wasn’t funny.

  8. Ream had his gaffes but that was 2 years ago if he has played well (and it sounds like he has) he should be considered for the camp.

  9. Yet another reason that the USA needs to schedule more “meaningless friendlies”. We have our players scattered over dozens of countries each with leagues of different caliber. There is no way for Jurgen to make accurate apples to apples comparisons so we really have to take every opportunity to have the players come in and be evaluated in person. Maybe for future friendly dates we should schedule 2 easy teams and field a USA-X and USA-Y team so we can see as many players as possible.

    • Which is why the Copa America is such a big deal.

      Before the 2018 WC JK will have the Gold Cup, Copa America, and possibly the Confederations Cup to blood his team. And he will have the Olympics for the kids.

      That is a lot more than he had before this World Cup.

  10. I can’t stomach the comment sections. I almost think I can feel my brain cells dying in agony whenever I read through any of them. Someone honestly tried to correct Ives by saying the Honduras game was played in Tegucigalpa and that San Pedro Sula is in Costa Rica, not Honduras. And that’s actually pretty tame next to what is usually posted in the comments over there.

  11. I think people are still burned because they thought Ream was going to be the next big thing at CB. He was brought up way way too fast. He had around 2 solid seasons at RBNY, and next thing you know “Silver Fox’ Backe is calling him the next Rio Ferdinand and Bradley puts him right into the starting lineup. It’s as if everyone saw that slick passing and got stars in their eyes. I remember seeing a guy with a Ream jersey in the stands at RFK during the Gold cup in 2011. Too soon?

    He then made a couple of big gaffes (the one where Blas Perez sold a PK against him, causing the US to lose to Panama), and most fans who haven’t seen him play still remember that player. I’m sure he’s done a lot of maturation at Bolton and must have done something right to win POY. Is he now going to start in Brazil? No. But he would at least deserve a look for his versatility on the back line. Call him into the 30 and go from there.

  12. It’s worth noting in that same friendly at Red Bull Arena vs. Ecuador where Ream got beat on the goal, Timmy Chandler had one of his best games in U.S. jersey, completely shutting down Ecuador’s best player, Antonio Valencia of Manchester United fame. After watching that game, I thought for sure he was going to be our starting right back in Brazil.

  13. Ream has shortcomings. All players do. But his faults and missteps were greatly exaggerated by many fans and the many things he has done well were forgotten or ignored. (Like the fact that he transferred in January and stepped right into a starting role in the EPL.)

    His skill set is different than the typical defender, especially his excellent passing, and while that may cause some to underrate him it is actually what gets me excited about him. His ability to play left back, left center back and defensive mid makes him a very valuable commodity to have on the roster. His chance to make the team has always been better than some people supposed.

    He is still on the bubble, but he is better than a lot of options we have.

    • Even the most naive observer must admit the US defense is shaky. I am all for bringing any defenders who have been playing well lately. I am sure Bolton supporters would not be happy with Ream if he were making mistakes in the back. Chandler has talent that was obvious in his first game with the USMNT vs Argentina (he and Bradley were bright spots for the US in that game). Brooks (not the subject of this article) was just named Bundesliga player of the week.

      Bring them all in, we already pretty much know the 8 midfielders who will be part of the 23 and that Jones, Bradley, Dempsey, Donavon and Zusi will see lots of time there with some help from Bedoya, Edu and FJ. That kind of certainty simply does not exist in the back.

      Other than Besler, it is hard to name a back who is a lock, even Cameron who I think will find a spot is not a sure starter. It is not because there are so many great options, rather that the search is still on. The camp will be the last, best chance to identify who starts, who goes and who stays home among the backs.

  14. I have a problem with this article, Ives. It looks like you are just trying to stir the pot.

    What changed in 2 weeks to say that Ream and Chandler would be unlikely surprise inclusions, to now say they are poised for returns?

    Maybe you should say they are only poised to take the last 2 roster spots on the training camp team, and unlikely to make the final team, if you want to be true to your previous article.

  15. Just surprised that Ream seems to have checked all the boxes, starts in a solid league, consistent, plays multiple positions. Not saying he is a lock starter on June 16th but he makes more sense on paper then Gooch or even Brooks.

    • I agree. Ream fell off the radar, but did exactly what he supposed to do. He deserves a look this month.

      • If Chandler gets back in form and impresses in camp, I think there is a risk that Parkhurst doesn’t go. I cannot see Parkhurst playing in the middle due to his size, and others such as Cameron can serve as a backup for Chandler in a pinch.

  16. Ream might become the new Bocanegra and if Chandlers struggled in the heat of Honduras how’s he suppose to survive in the Amazon?

      • Weather during match in Honduras, Feb 6, 2013:
        Temp: mid-to-high 80s F
        Humidity: 60-80%
        Heat Index: 95-100 F

        Average Weather for Manaus, June 22, 2014, 6-8PM local time:
        Temp: 79-84 F
        Humidity: 70-88%
        Heat Index: 81-97 F

        Average Weather for Recife, June 26, 2014, 1-3PM local time:
        Temp: 77-86 F
        Humidity: 62-87%
        Heat Index: 77-104 F

        I used to live in Recife. “Winter” refers only to the chance of rain, not the temperature.

    • What gets forgotten about that Honduras game is that the players from Germany were coming from winter time in Germany, had one day to train in Miami (Chandler didn’t even train that day), then jumped right into the Central American heat. No time to acclimate, no hard training sessions in the heat. Just jumping right into the match against a Honduras team that included many players who had just played in a Central American tournament the previous month. This time around, they will have a training camp and send-off series to acclimate to the weather, so it’s not really fair to point to that Honduras game as an example of why Chandler might struggle in Brazil. If that were the case, the USA would be toast anyway since Jones and Fabian Johnson also struggled with the heat that day (honestly every U.S. player short of Howard, Bradley and Dempsey had a bad day that day).

      • It was his first competitive international so yes it did cap tie him. He had played in a few friendlies previously though.

      • Exactly..Thank you Ives… can we get past the one game heat/travel issue from almost 2 years ago

      • +1. Some people just can’t get over the Honduras game (which is what now, 1.5 years ago?). Try playing in 40 degree weather, flying 10+ hours, literally stepping off the plane and into 99 degree heat. No wonder everyone sucked.

        Manaus is hot too but it’s not like the travel + climate from the Honduras friendly.

      • People have a hard time being able to identify what is an excuse and what is a reason.

        If you ignore the reason something occurred, you can never fix it. It only becomes an excuse if no attempt to fix the initial Reason for the problem.

      • How is that an excuse? Every one of our Euro players was awful.

        That was the worst performance by the USMNT I can remember going back to 2002.

        That they only lost by one goal is remarkable.

      • “This time around, they will have a training camp and send-off series to acclimate to the weather”

        This is called learning from mistakes. Reasons have mistakes.

        An excuse is when you say “It’s not my fault I can’t control the sky!” Then you change nothing.

      • If memory serves me correctly, didn’t Costa Rica insist at halftime against the USA to continue on in a foot+ of snow? So yes, the weather is an excuse that Costa Rica didn’t use at the time, but Ives uses it here!

      • The USA was leading at halftime 1-0. What was Costa Rica going to do ask for the game to be suspended, forfeit? They had to press on to get an equalizer in the 2nd half.

        Didn’t Costa Rica use it as an excuse to file a protest after the game and also to ramp up the home fans when the USA played in Costa Rica?

        Do we not try to schedule qualifiers against Latin American teams in winter months in colder parts of the US? I think Mexico has played several qualifiers in Columbus in Feb, March.

      • You all are amazing! You guys are so into Ives’s johnson that you think he’s beyond reproach or even questioning.
        No American player ever brought up, much less blamed, the weather (including Ives’s subject, Timmy Chandler) for their dismal play down in Honduras. Neither did any of the players of either the US or Costa Rican teams use the snow as a crutch when the referee and game officials at halftime were prepared to abandon the snow game in which BOTH teams (to their credit) refused. It was only the Costa Rican FA, after the fact, that protested it (which everyone knew would go nowhere). I only bring this up because Ives brought up weather as a crutch to the bad performance in Honduras (even though no player did) as a subject to his article and it’s, indeed, subject to scrutiny just like any other sportswriter and pundit’s opinions. If you all see it as a problem, so be it….I don’t really care.

      • divers: “Ives brought up weather [in]t to his article and it’s, indeed, subject to scrutiny just like any other sportswriter and pundit’s opinions. If you all see it as a problem, so be it….I don’t really care.”

        Like any pundit’s opinion? Does that include you? Are we allowed to scrutinize your opinion (and point out its absurdity), or are you “beyond reproach”?

      • Absolutely KingGoogleyEye! Opinions, regardless who they come from, are most certainly up for scrutiny and never beyond reproach. Including myself. I’m not sure slander is (the lackwit) but, again, that’s Lil’Zeke’s right. While I may not agree with everyone, you’ll certainly never see me throw around personal insults to anyone.
        I do agree with Ives that Timmy Chandler will (and should) be at the camp of 30 and will likely make the final 23. I just didn’t necessarily agree with the premise of much of his article in blaming the weather for the lackluster performance in Honduras when none of the players brought it up as an excuse. That’s all….If nobody agrees, I’m cool with it.

      • I just wish to point out one thing, Divers. “You guys are so into Ives’s johnson that you think he’s beyond reproach” and “you’ll certainly never see me throw around personal insults” are undisputably incongruous statements.

        Ironically I agree with your handle, so I guess there’s something good to be said about anyone!

      • divers suck: I don’t know what you’d expect from professional footballers who really did feel that the weather impacted their performance. If they admitted it, everyone would say they were soft, complaining babies.

        How often do athletes say anything worthwhile about their performance anyway? “We just didn’t want it enough.” “The other team moved the ball better than we did.” (Duh.) I just don’t think you can point to the lack of comments from the athletes about the weather as evidence of anything.

      • My apologies Freddy Adu, your right, that part of my comment was over the top.
        KingGoogleyEye, I agree that players would never admit what you say. That said, it was an international break that all the players knew long before. Either way, the implication I got from Ives article was that the Honduras game was the springboard(beginning), so to say, of the spiraling of Timmy Chandler within the NAT picture at the time when, if memory serves, it was reported about his commitment, injuries and club form is what led to his temporary downfall, not a sweltering day in Honduras where everyone played badly. It happens and Ives is only speculating(opining) that the weather was the reason. That’s why I brought up the Costa Rica match and was opining that Ives was only speculating and excusing the Honduras performance himself. That’s all. I thought he was spot on about Tim Ream though..;^)
        It’s all good (I hope), KingGoogleyEyes and Freddie Adu

    • I don’t know if he goes for locker room reasons but I think with a month of camp he will adapt. You have to remember an individual quali you were sitting in 30 degrees yesterday and today it’s 80, and right back to 30 when it’s over. You practice once or twice and there’s no time to acclimate.

  17. Ream could potentially start in Brazil. This is the state of our defense. Not saying he’s bad at all, just saying that it is crazy we don’t have 2 consistently solid CB’s.

    I will be soooo happy if Chandler is finally in camp. He is head and shoulders above any other option at RB (yes, even Cameron). Just hope that his inclusion doesn’t shake any team chemistry.

      • I wouldn’t say he is right now. Maybe at his best…. but I don’t believe he is at his best right now.

      • If Chandler can get back to the form he showed in his first few games for the US, which it seems no one here remembers, he is the best fullback in the US player pool.

        His big advantage over Cameron was he is a far better offensive force going forward. He was the player everyone seems to think Yedlin is going to be someday assuming it all works out.

        Chandler was also a fundamentally better soccer player and better defender than Cameron.

        Now whether you can get that guy back after the injuries is unclear to me.

      • I remember well Chandler’s first game, which was against mighty Argentina. He played great, and looked as if he could become one of the best defenders ever for the US

      • I don’t think people are so much forgetting Chandler’s first games as they are remembering everything since. As you say, it’s quite “unclear” what kind of player he is anymore.

      • A soccer player’s form is a dynamic thing.

        The great Chandler might be a thing of the past just like the lousy Ream might be a thing of the past but that’s why you have scouts follow these guys and why you have these camps.

      • Cameron is a great athlete but a raw soccer player who gets caught out of spot. If Chandler plays on the R where he belongs, he’s a better consistent defender and can get forward well. If tried on the L he will remember he doesn’t like flying and I won’t blame him. Tad one footed.

      • When Chandler was going well he switched to left back for the US and instantly solved the US left back problem.
        At left back he shut down Eden Hazard pretty well when the US played Belgium. JK had him as first on the depth chart at left back.

        I’ve seen him score a goal with his left foot, a bomb from the top of the penalty area, He’s not as one footed as you think.

    • Why? Apparently he’s been playing very well and he won both Bolton’s Player of the Year as well as the Supporter’s POTY. He at least warrants a look.

      • I too was worried about our back-line defense. But now with Chandler on the side and the 6’4″ Brooks in the middle I think we have a chance to advance.

      • I think Brooks will go but has little chance of playing time in Brazil. Chandler is a wild card. It would be interesting to watch him and Johnson contend with Ronaldo’s movements. That’s one of our keys toward the long-shot of advancing out of group – shutting down Ronaldo.

      • Because Ream gave up an awful penalty 2 years ago to Blas Perez and then gave up a goal to Ecuador in a friendly at RBA.

        Permanent black marks on his resume!

        Jeez. No wonder Ives goes on major tantrums about this.

      • yeah, i just listened to the latest SBI Show and he goes on a rant about EXACTLY this issue, then i check this article, and someone does it in the FIRST comment. that’s comical to me.

      • It’s not just that. I heard that Ream also flubbed a throw-in when he was 11, a penalty kick when he was 15, and gave up an own goal when he was 19. You really want to pin all our hopes on such a shaky foundation?

      • Excellent point GW. What’s the use of putting a guy on the roster if he’s just going to crash and burn?

      • I hear he’s been overseas so long that he’s forgotten what it means to be a true American. Only pure American players deserve to play for the USMNT.

      • There is an argument to be made that Ream smashing his jet pack into the field will damage the pitch, delay the game and almost certainly upset Ghana.

        Ream’s sacrifice would not have been in vain.

      • Captain: most soccer teams base their shirt numbers at least to a degree on the position the players take on the field. However, to address the concerns of true patriots like yourself, Jurgen decided that each player’s jersey number will reflect his degree (in percent) of “real American-ness.”

      • GW: if JK hasn’t already, I think he should offer you a spot on his coaching staff as “Director of Travel Solutions and Nefarious Subplots.” What you say is wise.

        (And you know that even though Ream would be seriously injured in the crash, he would “suspiciously” heal just in time for the next World Cup.)

      • You’re being overly generous here. On his 12th birthday, he failed to blow out ALL of the candles (such a shoddy approach shows sloppiness and no attention to detail). He had at least 3 years in school where he failed to get all “A’s”. And I once looked through the windows of his car and saw a fast food wrapper crumpled up in the back–certainly proves he’s sloppy and he’s out-of-shape.

      • You guys have it all wrong. Ream is a fashion nightmare.

        He’s not channeling his inner Phantom, That is his Lone Ranger mask. Given how poorly the movie did it shows you how bad Ream’s judgement is. How can you trust such a man esp., when you consider he could be going against Supermodel Cristiano Ronaldo.

        Do you see how scruffy Ream looks in that picture?. Won’t you all just die when he stands next to the perfectly and immaculately groomed CR?

        The American fashion world will just vomit.

        This cannot be allowed to happen.

    • Bolton fans voted him POTY…what did they get wrong? How has he looked in the games you’ve watched this season?

      • +1. I initially thought Calm-on-the-ball Ream didn’t have what it took to be a national team player, specifically the speed. However, if the folks Bolton are keen on him, I’m willing to give him another shot.

        Chandler will be in Brazil (barring injury). No question

    • Amen. This feels like one of those potential choices where supposed form can only lead you astray. Not like he’s playing EPL. And he’s a flawed player.

      He can only be allowed to play if he runs around with a cape to match the mask, singing Phantom of the Opera songs. Either that or we go Eyes Wide Shut and he has to be asked if he also knows the house password.

      • That cape and mask will look spectacular when our defensive line parachutes down from the zeppelins they use to travel to Brazil.

      • KGE,

        The last US send off game is June 7, Nigeria in Jacksonville.

        The next game is the Opener, Ghana, in Natal, Brazil on June 16. That is 9 days. I assume the team would like to get in about about a week before to get acclimated and all that so I’m guessing they will fly right from Jacksonville to Natal. It is a 16 and half hour jet.

        If they fly in a Zeppelin, that could take about 4 days. Max speed in a Zeppelin is about 85 mph and they are vulnerable to bad weather. Zeppelins can be luxurious but where would the team work out during the 4 day journey?

        It seems to me JK needs to rethink the Zeppelin idea as that could impact preparations and fitness negatively..

      • These are valid concerns. You’ll be happy to learn that JK contracted with Qatar to build a zeppelin large enough to hold a full-size soccer pitch and training facility. (Those Qataris can build anything!) It was the only way to get Chandler down there. Contrary to popular belief, he loves to fly, he just doesn’t like to fly in heavier-than-air aircraft.

        As an added bonus, riding in a zeppelin will allow the team to float at 6000-8000 ft, thereby acclimating to high altitude for a fitness advantage at all the sea level venues—in time for the match against Portugal.

      • If the cape covers up some of our awful away kit, I’m all for making 10 players wear them.

    • Roberto Johnson,

      why would you be “so pissed” by Tim Ream’s inclusion? Did he somehow slight you personally?

      Ream was a legitimate and deserving MLS all-star defender who was scouted by several and ultimately moved to a Premiership team (whose subsequent relegation hinged on a great many factors, his play not included)

      The guy struggled and even lost his spot during Bolton’s first year in the Championship but he clearly worked his tail off to regain a starting role. This fact – winning his spot in the game day 11 – his grit and determination cannot be overlooked. Have you observed his play week in, week out? Do you know something that the Bolton Supporters do not?

      Ream had a bad moment vs. Panama in the GC (and arguably vs. Ecuador in the Red Bull Arena friendly as well.) But given the bad moments other members of the Team’s core have had in recent memory, I simply don’t see what all of the Ream hate is all about.

      The guy deserve a call to the preliminary WC camp. If he proves his mettle there, put him on the plane.

      • Ream also had 2 of the top 5 Gaffes of the Year one of his last MLS seasons. The story goes that he is composed, but then he rolls one across the middle for somebody.

        He is also not real fast, which reduces his upgrade value versus the other calm, composed, slow options already available.

        I see him as like Boswell or Spector, a decent technical soccer player and good defending his little stripe if he doesn’t have to move. But if he has to move god help us all.

      • Y’know who also rolled one across the middle for somebody just last week. Stevie Gerrard.

        You think that gaffe is costing him a starting spot with England?

      • Preach, brother.

        Do we need to compile lists of all the bad moments our other defenders have had?

        Omar Gonzalez? Brad Evans? Edgar Castillo? John Brooks? Gooch?

        Heck…even Besler got completely torched in the 2nd Costa Rica match of the Hex (and this is right after those articles came out about how he was the fastest player on the USMNT!

        And all of these things were In the last year. Ream hasn’t played with the US since late 2011, and he’s apparently drastically improved his game.

      • Exactly. We don’t have a defender without a significant list of bad games, with the possible exception of Johnson (who spent a lot of the last year playing midfield). And given that pool of guys, how are we supposed to get out of the toughest group in Brazil?

        I guess we pick four and hope they all play up to the competition rather than down to their own inconsistency, but that’s just a hope.

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