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Chandler’s strong season at Nurnberg paves way for USMNT return

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It has been over a year since Timmy Chandler last played for the U.S. Men’s National Team, but head coach Jurgen Klinsmann insinuated Monday that Chandler has as good a chance as any fullback to make it to Brazil this summer.

Speaking to reporters on a conference call in which he touched on a wide variety of topics, Klinsmann addressed Chandler’s return into the U.S. fold on Monday afternoon by saying that the 24-year-old right back made his way onto the 30-man preliminary World Cup roster by putting together a strong season at Nurnberg.

Chandler – who is freshly recovered from a knee injury suffered this past February – has not been with his American teammates since a 2-1 World Cup qualifying loss in Honduras in February 2013. He missed most of the qualifying campaign, a bevy of friendlies and also did not partake in last summer’s championship run at the Gold Cup.

Still, Klinsmann kept close tabs on Chandler even while the versatile defender was away from the U.S. team and his performances at the club level led to a somewhat surprising call-up that could pave the way for a World Cup berth.

“Timmy has done extremely well throughout most part of the season,” said Klinsmann. “I was always in touch with him. But he knew he kind of had to do a lot more work to come back into our picture because of the situation that happened in Honduras and how I looked at the team developing and it did extremely well last summer with World Cup qualifying and the Gold Cup (without him).

“He had to be very patient, but then he kind of got the message and he worked harder and he played at a very, very high level throughout the season until the knee surgery came. But I kind of encouraged him always to keep going and he’s fully fit again.”

Klinsmann is confident that a fully fit and in-form Chandler can help the Americans’ cause in Brazil, where the U.S. will take on Ghana, Portugal and Germany in a tough Group G.

The skill of that opposition, which includes superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and the skillful Thomas Muller, makes having a strong right back a priority for a U.S. team looking to surprise and advance from the group. Klinsmann has the likes of Brad Evans and Michael Parkhurst at his disposal, but the addition of Chandler gives the U.S. head coach another option that is capable of providing some steady defending and the ability to jump into the attack consistently.

Chandler, however, must first prove his worth in camp in order to keep dreams of Brazil alive.

“I had him scouted many, many times, also in training, and I think he’s a player that can make a difference if he’s on his highest level,” said Klinsmann. “He has the experience to play against very, very good and strong players throughout Europe and that’s why he earned his way back into the group.”


  1. A lot of interesting comments–but in many cases (on both sides), there is more heat than light.

    A couple of thoughts.

    Klinsmann is putting more emphasis on the camp than most posters acknowledge. I do think he used the opportunity to come to camp–meaning the right to compete for a slot–as an enticement–but not the opportunity to go to Brazil. While we all know that Bradley and Dempsey are going to Brazil, they have not been told that by Klinsmann. Donovan has been specifically challenged with omission. So I don’t believe Green or any of the Germans have been promised a spot in Brazil.

    While the fact that Klinsmann is German has made him a more effective recruiter of German-Americans, he has cast his net wide seeking inclusion of many other joint nationalities.

    One area of profound Klinsmann change has been hispanic outreach. If you look up and down the team ladder, a specific emphasis has been placed on bring Hispanic coaches into his team and we can see in the youth teams a pronounced increase of the number of Hispanic Americans rising in the ranks. Much more than the Germans, this will have long term influence on US soccer.

    Finally, I think Klinsmann has an option on the next cycle. So some of his recruiting of younger players is to position them for leadership in the next cycle. Should Green or Yedlin be on the current roster, maybe not. But both will be important in the next cycle and he just might be giving these and other younger players the opportunity to gain some experience.

    I think Klinsmann has done many things well. We might not see it in this cup because of our difficult group assignment.

    PS. I think Lalas is a bit of a buffoon–more entertainer than analyst. His criticism strokes his own ego.

  2. Did anyone else think the ESPN 30 for 30 was just trying to start something with having Jones speak in German? I’ve seen Jermaine speak English in many, many interviews. Sure he has an accent but its fine. He played in England and even in Turkey I’ve seen him speak English to a translator. I don’t know seemed like a strange choice on ESPN’s part.

    • It may have been Jones’ preference. I have European friends who are perfectly fluent in English who tell me that sometimes when it really matters that they get it right they prefer to speak in their first language.

      Its possible Jones wanted to be very accurate about what he said.

      He may also be embarrassed about his imperfect grammar, sentence structure and accent, especially on such a big program for the team..

    • I thought about that, but Roger Bennett who produced this is a big fan and seems like a class act, so I don’t think so.
      What was weird was Brooks’ first segment was in English, then his segment immediately after Jones was in German.. just like Jones’ interview
      I’m thinking maybe they were done while the team was in Germany training, and the interviewer was speaking in German…

  3. I tried to look up what went wrong at FC Nuremberg this year.
    One fan site mentioned some of the following:

    1. Losing key players at DB and Defensive midfield. Sounds like the defensive spine of the team was suspect.
    2. Stingy club spending + bad rash of injuries = very thin team. Interestingly, it described the time that Chandler had to sit out as a one of the “devastating Injuries”
    3. The Manager for most of the year gambled too often with a thin team…went for the win and lost when a few more draws could have saved them from relegation.

    In an other article I read that the left back opposite from Chandler actually was one of the top two leaders in touches.

    Yes I’m speculating, but it sounds to me that Chandler and the left back worked their buns off most of the year, trying to compensate for poor CB and DMF play and put in a lot of effort going forward to help on the attack, all in one of the top leagues in the world with plenty of attacking talent.

    I think that’s what Klinsman likes, much like Brad Guzan’s previous campaign at Aston Villa, he sees Chandler as someone who spent a season under fire and someone who knows a little something about desperate defending against top talent.

    • What JK probably likes about Chandler is that with him we may be able to finally counterattack with speed again, something the US has not done a lot of. It helps to have a fast, attack minded fullback .

      Dolo was not real fast but in addition to his defense, he was a great passer and had great attacking instincts. And Chandler may be the closest thing we will get to a replacement.

      That is why Chandler, Green and perhaps even Donovan may be really vital.

      A great counter could be really useful especially against Portugal and Germany

  4. All I know is the first two showings of Chandler were USMNT equivalents to lighting the field on fire.

    This is the WC. You have to bring him in the 30 and at least see if its there. If he can replicate that, its a big upside.

  5. I think this means JK is getting serious about defense, and realizes none of the other 114 RBs he’s played has a prayer of hanging with Ronaldo.

  6. I know this is a great blog to talk soccer, even though I think the opposite of most here. But things go on.

    Nevertheless, I have a question. I know that our host makes comments on every high comment thread. I thought I had it figured out but I didn’t. On the last 6 high comment threads it appeared to me that our host might have been commenting on each one using 5 or more names. So here is my question, which comments on this thread were made by out host? I think The Imperative Voice and The whole truth may be him. But I am not totally sure.

    • No I don’t think Ives has sock puppets, though I know no one on here personally the IV has been commenting on Dynamo boards for years and is definitely not a sock puppet so you can rule him out.

    • Ives generally is fairly even handed and reasonable in his opinions.

      His writing is generally about the subject.

      The sock puppets you refer to use SBI to highlight themselves and their philosophy. Soccer seems secondary to them.

      It seems unlikely, unless he has a multiple personality disorder issue, that Ives would go through the trouble. He is too busy with his other endeavours.

      What would he have to gain?

    • Ives how long are you going to let this dingbat poison your website, including accusing you of posting under multiple names. She is a one-woman wrecking crew and she is the one who on this thread was posting under more than half a dozen names before coming in late in the day under her currently preferred name. She is destroying SBI.

  7. Concerning Timothy Chandler and the perception here that he is bad for team chemistry all I can offer is this question. Does anyone think, even for a moment, that a 24 year old fullback could be a 3 year starter in the Bundesliga without getting along with his teammates and coaches? Being a bad apple?

    • Sometimes players play themselves into a team, other times they play their way out. Starting a game doesn’t necessarily mean a player has won a position battle.

      • If you listened to Ives podcast, he predicted that if Yedlin was brought in, it would be to use him in practice to simulate the speed of our opponents, cause u can’t teach or simulate speed… but he would get torched in the WC…
        Ives be a smart guy…. Yedlin ain’t going

      • I beg to differ. Yedlin is coming to camp because he can compete for a spot on the 23. And I think he will make it.

  8. How can we not want the best 23 players? If Klinnsman rates him in the best 23 he should go. I’d rather win with the best 23 than lose with the “old boys club.”

  9. This is the problem with “hiring” players for the national team. These guys don’t feel the shirt like they should have no problem disappearing during qualifiers and friendlies only to reappear around World Cup time ready to travel.

    • Not good enough for your home country?
      Nothing to do this summer?
      Would you like to meet your father?
      Give us a call!
      Our player development system is specifically designed for those with no national pride but would like to increase their net worth by being a part time USMNT player.
      Our industry leading team of beggars, hucksters and posers will help you navigate every issue you could encounter such as:
      Genealogy: who’s your daddy?
      FIFA Regulations: are you American enough?
      Tattoos: Ol’Glory or Bald Eagle?
      Give us a call today and stop those harassing overseas call at once.
      Operators are standing by.
      Collect calls accepted.
      We’re an equal opportunity employer.
      Se habla German.

      • Sadly none of their fathers chose to stay with their German born children/families. Reality not judgement.

      • That is true G.
        My feelings are for the children who grow up without both parents in their lives. It could be father or mother, in fact, that chooses to leave the family.

      • Um, most of them CANNOT stay with their families. They are US Military personnel who finish their tour duties and you can’t gain citizenship through a child.

      • From what I’ve read, Timothy Chandler parents split shortly after his birth. I feel for him. I think that most families find a way to stay together if the parents want to. The wives could have moved to the US, where they would be immediately eligible for green card status as are their children. To act as if their tour of duty ending is a factor in staying together is somewhat disingenuous. If they weren’t married but having children anyway, I don’t agree with that rationality, as it rarely is in the best interest of the child.

      • This is a bald faced lie, Danny Williams dad still married to his Mom. Greens dad and mom did break up a few years after he was born but he didn’t abandon him at all (Visited a couple time a year, brother went to HS in Florida)

      • 2 times a year. wow
        US GI’s having kids in foreign countries and not staying around to raise them is an historical fact. Do some research before you get indignant. Europe, Vietnam, Korea. That’s a dig at the mentality not at the kids.
        And if you really want a reality check, look at the state of black america and the disintegration of the family due to the “baby daddies” not around. Yes families split in all types but the numbers for the black community don’t lie. Not the same numbers with Vietnamese or Jewish or Indian. If you really want to do something use your energy to stop that cycle.

      • I say that because the black community is important to me. But any community that has that problem has my support also.
        I’m preaching to choir probably.

  10. I am glad that Chandler has been given a chance. As a coach, you play the best available players if you want to win. Chandler has been given an opportunity to play his way into the last 23. If he is healthy and plays well, everything else will fall into place.

    I totally believe that he can be all that we need him to be at the RB, LB or left or right mids if necessary. His quickness, attack minded and crosses really would make our other players better.

    Let’s Do this Chandler. I believe in you and more importantly JK believes in you too, all others…need not worry.

  11. What is amazing is how the so called “experts” can distort facts so they can listen to their own verbal diarrhea instead of knowing what they’re talking about…

    I listened to the MLS live show with those 3 guys plus Twellman yesterday and the following were said or insinuated about Chandler:

    He’s played for the usmnt 3 times – wrong, he has 10 appearances
    He has a fear of flying- wrong, he’s said he can’t sleep on long flights, which is tough when you have to get off a plane and play the next day with no training time
    He is part of the Germericans that JK favors etc. (The Strauss article was referenced) – Misleading… Chandler started his usmnt play under Bradley, not JK
    He can’t play in the heat (the quote was I can’t get that Honduras game out of my mind) – Who DID play well that day, or adjust to the heat?? TWO years ago…
    Nurnberg is relegated so how good can he be? – Oh I don’t know, but how many times did you guys actually watch him play? It sounded like Zero times…Stuttgart wants him
    How will he affect the chemistry of the team? WHO KNOWS??? I bet if he plays better than any other RB it will help pretty quickly……Twellman even said something like Lalas was looking for an excuse to bring up David Regis.. (sounds like sour grapes to me)

    If the guy plays well in camp, then play him.. If he doesn’t, then he won’t play

    • I can’t stand most of those guys over at Look everyone can have an opinion, but when an opinion clearly distorts facts like what happened with this show then it’s spotty journalism. Not a fan of Twellman either. It will be funny when Chandler starts and plays well because those guys will be the first ones to gush about him.

      • It is hard not to feel like Lalas has a very deep resentment of JK.

        He really seems to resent that JK is drawing so much media attention away from him. BB never did that.

      • Lalas is a dinosaur in terms of playing style. He doesn’t believe in tactical or technical play. He believes in hoof-ball and set pieces.

        He’s almost too clownish to be taken seriously at this point.

      • Lalas as a defender likes defensive minded teams. While everyone else loves Barcelona he loves the way Chelsea plays. He even admits it’s not the popular stance but it’s what he likes. So when Klinsmann came in and said he was going to shift away from this it Lalas wasn’t that happy about it. That’s really all there is to it.

      • Wasn’t Lalas all about firing Bradley and bringing in Klins? I’m pretty confident that was his stance from the beginning. Weird to seem him switch so hard. I guess he is just a negative, pessimistic guy. Time to get some counseling Alexi!

      • Jack I respectfully disagree. You may be correct that Lalas prefers a defensive style, but I don’t think “that’s all there is to it”. I think Lalas’ feelings towards JK goes beyond his playing style.
        Let me give one example from a podcast from 3-4 weeks ago with him, TT, and Ian Darke.
        Ian made a statement,” The question is, does the usmnt have the skill or the lineup or the ability to win when they don’t have the majority of the possession, because they’re not in CONCACAF, there’s a good chance all 3 of their opponents will control possession”
        Lalas: “Why is that a question.. why would we have to expect to play without the majority of possession, Klinsmann promised us a new style, one with possession and a new brand of attacking soccer.. that’s what he promised, that’s what he was hired to do.. so why is that a question and why should we expect any different if that’s what he promised”?

        Darke: ” Well Alexi, you have to be realistic about who you’re playing and how to prepare”

        Lalas: ” I don’t accept that. Klinsmann was hired to take us further than we ever been, and promised a new style of play, at this point in time in the US, the opponents shouldn’t matter. So I don’t accept that”

        He sounds like a bitter jealous baby… and I used to be a huge fan… that’s just one example.. I could go further but hopefully you see my point

      • I think Lalas has a point, you can’t just think you can now change your approach. We don’t have the pieces to do it if we wanted anyway.

      • Jack,

        Since we really don’t know what goes in the USMNT training sessions and how they having been building up the team, I would say no one here is qualified to comment on what constitutes a “change in approach”.

        It is soccer. It is a simple game. The “approach ” often changes in the middle of the game.

        If you decide you need to put up the shutters, the USMNT has done that. And if the idea is to go all out on attack they can do that too.

        I don’t think Lalas has a monopoly on understanding the game and the US team dynamics .

        In fact I would say JK has a better handle on that then Lalas does.

      • What point does Lalas have? That because we’re playing Ghana Portugal and Germany that we should win the possession battle because 3 years ago when JK became the coach that he wanted to play with more possession and attack??
        If you had heard the show you would have heard Darke trying to insert some reality into the discussion and Lalas went OFF on JK .
        I for one-and I doubt I’m alone- respect what Ian Darke says vs the big mouth redhead.
        Your point was that Lalas’ comments and issues were solely related to his affinity for defensive minded play
        My opinion is that it’s much more than that. Maybe if you heard that one exchange you’d get it, or maybe not.
        But just insisting our way into winning the possession battle against these 3 teams because of a desire to improve our style of play stated by our new coach 3 years ago doesn’t sound like a supportive…or objective.. analyst.

      • i listen to big head red head, and you are right he was over the top and i’m not sure why he was mad. Its something he’s been going on about for awhile as well.

      • can see how you’d call him a baby but I like it when he refocuses on these things that Klinsmann said he would do as coach. what’s wrong with that?

      • Two separate issues my friend. I don’t know if Jack (above) went and watched the replay of the podcast I was speaking of and that’s why he just replied that “you’re right Lalas was over the top”. My issue here is-and has been- what I perceive to be an analyst who just flat out doesn’t like JK and will take any opportunity to stir the pot. (That podcast was just one example that really irked me).
        I think he’s continued to throw fuel on the fire re the LD issue which I consider old news, he was furious about JKs contract extension, his sarcasm about Evans at RB is insulting, his feelings about Green and other Dual Nationals reeks of jealousy, his comments about American fans having an inferiority complex about both players and commentators has been blatant and ongoing…

        These are just some examples of how he’s acted recently.

        The reason I say it’s two separate issues my friend is that when an analyst goes so far over the top he discredits himself in my opinion. Of course it’s fair to raise any and all issues and address accountability, but when the questioner seems to be creating the news rather than report, comment, and analyze.. he loses credibility.

        I will also add this. I’m not just throwing this out there because I don’t like Lalas..
        In fact, for a long time he was my favorite player.. by far.
        As a Greek-American, I’m very proud anytime someone who shares my heritage makes a name for himself here in the US.
        But I just can’t stand listening to the guy anymore…
        Like Twellman said on his interview yesterday, Alexi is just waiting for an excuse to bring up the David Regis issue…
        Just my two pennies…

      • gotcha my friend but still do not see anything wrong with it though can understand how it might irk followers. I’d like to see our team fulfill the promises Klinnsman made, don’t get me wrong, which is why I don’t mind the reminders of what those things are. I didn’t like the extension either fwiw

      • BTW, I threw a question at you earlier on another post- “Klinsmann names his 30”.. dont know if you saw it – curious about your thoughts

      • missed it…what was your question? these threads are so huge and there are so many it’s hard to keep up

      • Someone was ragging on Donovan, said he’d seen the last 3-4 Galaxy games and thought he looked bad, you countered and asked if he’d seen the last 2, that u thought he was busting his @$$ etc…

        My question was, I’ve only seen them play twice this year and to me the entire team looked disjointed. They didn’t look in sync at all, I didn’t think LD looked in sync with Keane, but I didn’t think anyone looked like a cohesive squad and wanted to know your thoughts about Donovan.. Is he not sharp, is he not getting looks, is he pressing too much to get that goal, is the team outta wack…
        Just curious your thoughts b/c I’d trust your take and there’s a million opinions out there..
        That was it

      • just scrolled through that thread and found your question. I don’t know if Chandler can dance….

        also found your LD question.

        early on the team still hadn’t found Ishizaki as a playmaker. Keane was coming off the surgeries on his Achilles and it showed. Leonardo, who had his best game as a Galaxian in Portland, was unsure and mistake prone plus they missed Franklin. they were disjointed and getting booted out of the CCL hurt imo

        I saw LD look out of shape and unwilling to cut the speed loose throughout the beginning of the season. I think he was afraid to get hurt or was unsure of his fitness and I was questioning his fitness myself on this board.

        However I agree with Arena that LD was the best player on the field in Portland. Started average then just began to take over connecting the field. Tracked hard and defended like a leader on the road in a hostile environment. The energizer bunny. The week before in Salt Lake City he impressed as the game wore on again, looked like he let the speed go full throttle all game for the first time and did it late. He’s peaking his form for the WC, my opinion.

        his next MLS goal is the record, I’d like to see him get the next PK chance instead of Keane and get it over with

        thanks for asking Bac, cheers

      • another thing about the Galaxy and the USMNT

        Gonzo is the sh!t and playing to his strengths is good for the team. that means higher pressure and a willingness teamwide to win second balls and bust a$$ across the field. He’s great at that game

      • Yea Cup, the funny thing was Twellman seemed to be on board with Chandler initially then he dropped the line about Honduras.
        He then followed it up by saying something like, “Guess what Timmy, it’s gonna be just as hot and humid in Maneas”

        As if the heat and humidity only applied to him, not the other 22 guys on our squad or the 23 on Portugals

    • You forgot to add “Chandler doesn’t want to commit to the US program, he is lazy and doesn’t care about the team” – yes, in the past he did not play in some friendlies (perhaps team pressure/injuries/immaturity” but all signs point to the fact that he has grown up. He was KILLING it before getting injured trying to prove that he wanted to come back.

      Plus, this is not a qualifier in Jamaica, it’s the WORLD CUP. If Chandler isn’t motivated now he will never be. Don’t think Chandler is going to blow off this opportunity.

  12. Chandler is best option rb create some attacks, let’s forget Honduras game (weather was a major factor), and Chandler could pull a “Cherundolo” in the World Cup.

    • I agree that he is a great option at RB. However, like Honduras, weather will undoubtedly be a factor in Brazil as well.

      • The difference being that Chandler (and the other Euro players) won’t be coming off a single day’s rest after a 13+hour flight and a European winter.

      • Thank you. I can’t see how people get the narrative of “Chandler can’t play when it is hot” based on that one game in Honduras, where he came off a 13+ hour flight (and he doesn’t sleep well on planes) from 35-40 degree weather to 90+ degree weather in SPS. Of course he wasn’t used to it. I can see why the whole team sucked, vs a Honduras team that had just finished a major tournament in that heat.

        Yes, there is travel involved in Brazil and yes, it will be hot, but he has a month to acclimate and nothing more than a 3-4 hour flight at most with NO time zone change.

        Imagine yourself jet lagged, tired, and then thrown into a furnace. Of course you wouldn’t be 100%. That Feb game was absolutely brutal, the whole team sucked and it’s easy to see why.

      • Excuse me, where in my post did I say Chandler can’t play when it’s hot? I said weather will be a factor. And weather will be a factor for every single player that plays in Brazil. Some players, such as the MLS players that play during the warm weather months, will better able to handle it than others even with a month to acclimate.

      • Not so sure. Manuas will be as you say. The temps on the coastal cities Recife and Natale could be low 70’s. Who knows the weather man can’t predict that accurately just yet. Chandler should get an opportunity to play in DC and even Miami, and we know it will be hot and humid in those places. Good prep.

      • DC and Miami? Sorry I’m confused. The last two send-off friendlies are in NJ and Jax. I do believe the team is spending a few days in Miami before leaving for Brazil but to the best of my knowledge they’re not playing any games there.

      • East Coasters… whining over the difference between Jax and Miami and DC and NJ. It is all the same.

  13. If he is to start at CB, Geoff Cameron will literally need to play 70+ min in each of the send off matches in order to develop a rhythm after spending the entire season at RB.

    • Agreed, Klinsmann can’t wait on making this call. Lets face it Cameron hasn’t been much better then Omar when at center back if not worse recently. Not saying he can’t make the move but he has to start playing it from the second he walks into camp.

      • That is a fact. Unfortunately Cameron has not been an amazing CB for us. He is a guaranteed 23 guy for us and he is in the discussion to start at 2 positions and maybe even 3 for those people still clamoring about the Panama game. The truth is, he might end up on the bench with Omar at CB, Chandler at RB, and Jones at CM.

      • Not sure it falls that way.

        Timmy Chandler can also play left back. The team attacks a whole lot better when Fabian Johnson is at left mid.

        I could see Chandler starting at left back, Cameron at right back, Gonzalez/Besler at CB…and FJ pushed up to left mid.

        This also pretty much means Zusi starts at right mid, and Donovan slides to the bench as a super-sub…which I suspect is the role Klinsi has in mind for him.

        I think the trick is to get the best 11 on the field. Cameron is one of our best 11, and I think everybody knows it. FJ is definitely one of our best 11. When he’s on and playing well…so is Timmy Chandler.

        I think it shakes out like this:
        —Fabian Johnson————-Bradley———————–Zusi——-
        –Timmy Chandler—–Gonzalez—–Besler———–Cameron—-

        Off the bench: Donovan

        That’s a pretty impactful team.

      • Gonzo will be displaced by Brooks.
        Chandler, who everyone forgets has flying phobia, like Brooks will displace Beasley at LB or Cameron at RB if Cameron moves to CB–that puts Fabian back at LB.
        Who plays Lmid? Bedoya, Donovan or really who?

      • I can see that as a real possibility We just don’t know at this point. However, F Johnson is listed as a defender this time around That tells me JK is thinking of Fabian as one of his full backs, not his left wing. Maybe once camp is underway if JK believes shifting the roster this way makes the most sense, we could see it. I think you are right JK wants Donovan to be his supersub. He may think Zusi, or even Green could be his starter at LM. This will take some time to shake out. It will be very interesting to see the starting lineup in the first friendly.

  14. “Timmy has done extremely well throughout most part of the season,”- however when we played Scotland back in November Klinsmann said he wasn’t playing well enough to be called in. So at least half his season wasn’t that great. At the time Chandler said an interviews he hadn’t heard from Klinsmann in months.

    • shhhh…. Franco is the Politburo of the USMNT… if Chandler is on the roster that means he had a strong season-yes? good. He played great even when he wasn’t up for a call up and played even better when he was out with injury…

      • Klinsi-logic:
        Chandler was not good enough to get a call up (when healthy) since Feb 2013 but now he is a “must-have” because of his performance during that same period.
        Ah, Klinsi double-speak,
        “icebergs…what icebergs”

  15. Honestly, my thoughts on our chances of advancing improve ten-fold if Chandler is playing for us as he has this season. A back line of Fabian Johnson, Besler, Cameron, and Chandler is a top 15 defense in the world.

    More importantly, that back line is solid enough where it might give us a chance to actually possess a bit in a calm fashion and actually move forward at times against a world class talent like Germany. Evans is a competent international defender with experience in spades. Chandler is a top flight defender. He has the ‘it’ factor that a coach sees and recognizes (and we probably never will).

      • Seriously he is better than Evans but this over hype as him saving the team is absurd. Nurnburg didn’t win a a single match for the first half of the season. He’s alright.

      • It’s not just that he’s better than Evans, it’s that it allows Cameron to move central to partner with Besler. So you’re getting a net gain at both RB and CB, just by replacing Gonzo with Chandler. I would sleep much better at night dreaming of a back 4 of Chandler, Cameron, Besler, and Fabian. I can only imagine how much better Timmy would be sleeping!

      • I don’t know Timmy seems to go off on Cameron more then anyone. I remember he flipped out on him hard against Bosnia.

      • How do you figure that’s comical?

        That’s three defenders starting in the EPL and Bundesliga–Johnson just being purchased by a top club in Gladbach and Chandler being eyed by bigger clubs as well.

      • Well there are 40 teams in those two leagues and most of them field a four-man back line. Add 40 more back lines from serie a and la liga.

        That’s roughly 320 defenders to choose from. Now assemble as many different back lines as you can. They can’t all be top-15 in the world.

        And yes, I know a lot of them come from a small number of countries. Still.

      • And that’s not even counting players who play outside the top 4 leagues. You think Thiago Silva could be in a “top 15” defense? I think he might just make it.

      • Silva is a stud, but for every example like that I can find 10 starting defenders in the top 4 leagues that aren’t superstars.

      • Then name 15 units that are stronger than the US, so much so that the comment was absurd.
        I’ll start:

        continue please… You only need 11 more clearly stronger units.

      • I think thats a fair assessment. Johnson, Cameron and Chandler all play in top leagues in Europe. Besler could too but he gets paid pretty well in MLS and chose to stay. Can you name more than 15 countries that have 4 defenders that play for top Champions League teams?

      • The fact that they have never played together as a unit would bump them out of the top 15 couple that with the fact you are playing Cameron in a position he is not starting in week in week out and you have a unit while solid on paper does not come close to a top 15 defensive unit.

      • There are teams that did not qualify that probably have better defenses than teams that did.

        I’m thinking in particular of UEFA’s non-quals.

      • Sure, Slovenia and Ukraine have better defenses than Honduras or Iran. That doesn’t mean there D is better than the US’s.

        Howard is World Class. Cameron, Johnson, and Chandler are plus defenders in two of the best leagues in the world. Our only shoe in starter, Besler isn’t even included in that group.

        There are better defenses out there, and if we were talking top 5. I would agree that is absurd. Top 15… that is not out of the question.

      • Yeah, way overblown. However, it is definitely better than Ghana’s defense and hopefully as good as Portugal’s. That might be good enough for us to get through.

      • Portugal’s defense is pretty darn good. Hard to picture us being better, unless you include the keeper in the discussion.

      • great. so do you then agree that we don’t have the ability to matchup? That was the underlying point he was making. We don’t have the skill, tactics, whatever to compete with the Top 15.

      • “better” “best” is subjective, not much to it.
        We play, they play, skill, match-ups, tactics, luck, spirit, injuries. What ever happens happens. I think we have as good a chance with those variables as anyone, regardless of where we “rate” in some amorphous rating system.

  16. I would expect to see a back line of F. Johnson-Besler-Cameron-Chandler on the field for an extended stretch at least once during the upcoming friendlies. On paper, I think that is the best the U.S. can put out there, unless Gonzalez magically improves his focus in the next few weeks. Whether it works or not, who knows.

  17. The question is will he come back humble and will the team accept him. Chemistry is as important as raw talent. I’d love to see him turn things around with this camp even if he doesn’t make the 23.

    • I have no idea either way, but has there ever been anything to suggest he was detrimental to team chemistry? It seems like this has been a self sustaining rumor, but I don’t recall anything from players about Chandler, good or bad. He seemed to have a bit of a falling out with JK, but that seems as much to do form as it did w/attitude.

      • Well stated James.
        No evidence with Chandler or Brooks or any other player for that matter it seems much more of a health and form issue?.

      • What would you expect players to do? You want them to come out and air their dirty laundry in front of the media, so you know if he is a cancer or not? That is what Kobe would do, but hopefully our players are more mature than that. I just hate that well “no one has aired their grievances publicly, so there is no problem” attitude. Maybe he is an issue. On talent, he belongs with this team and I hope he is on our starting lineup. I do think locker room stuff is important though. We are never going to beat Germany and Portugal on talent. What we can beat them on is fight, work ethic, determination. Put as much talent as you can on the field, but you have to keep some chemistry too.

      • By this way of thinking, it is entirely reasonable that every player might have a problem with every other player on the team. After all we can’t know, because they’re not going to air their dirty laundry.

        Making a baseless presumption that Chandler is a locker room problem when there is exactly zero evidence for such a presumption is a mistake.

      • I don’t disagree. I’m not saying you should assume there is a problem. I don’t know if there was or wasn’t.
        For those people who claim that because no one has complained to the media, there must not be a problem is silly. Smart players talk to the coach, not to the press. Someone did complain to the media, I believe it was Bocanegra. There clearly was some tension in the locker room. Whether that was directly Timmy’s fault is not clear at all.

      • It’s purely speculation, obviously, but I would think some players aren’t too thrilled about his lack of participation on the National team during the unsexy friendlies and qualifiers.

        How many times was he tired and/or conveniently nursing an injury during call up times?

      • To piggy back off of the comments regarding spexulation and not recognizing if ever or when there is inner turmoil, you only need to think back to when that Brian Strauss article was written claiming that there was tension within the squad but there were no sources or any other reliable means to the truth but it was put out there anyways and people ran with it! I still think that piece was bs but what do i know!! If any team is willing to accept a player out of favor or one that has been away for awhile its this team, the american spirit has always been one of second chances and forgiveness!

      • There was a lot of truth in that article ronniet. Especially considering what happened with the duo Klinsmann and Vasquez at Bayerrn. That was documented in Lahm’s book.

      • things changed pretty quickly for the better after that article. Strauss is 100% trust worthy – no way it was bs. we don’t know the whole story and we don’t know if players were as much to blame as coaches or any of that, but things were not good with the USMNT before that article was written and they have been pretty good ever since. I suggest someone do a similar article about the US WNT because they are in a world of hurt

      • “Strauss is 100% trust worthy – no way it was bs.”

        Unfortunately that claim itself is pure speculation, so…

      • “I have no idea either way, but has there ever been anything to suggest he was detrimental to team chemistry?”

        I think his voluntary absence from the hard work of qualifying provides an inference that his return risks harming team chemistry.

      • There were numerous occasions that Timothy declined US camps and games, including many friendlies and some qualifiers. Lets not pretend otherwise, despite the fact that Juergan declined to add him to some camps.

      • For sure, something happened between Klinsmann and Chandler and it was personal, it had nothing to do with football.

        However, Chandler is the best back on the U.S. team, no one is close to what he can do. How about we wait a few weeks to see what happens.

      • This: “Chandler is the best back on the U.S. team, no one is close to what he can do.”

        He is head and shoulders above all other outside backs we have, and I don’t think he’s done developing as a player. He should start. Even if Steve C. hadn’t retired due to injuries, Timmy is better. He just needs to get his head right, and he can be a lock for this and the next WC.

      • “I think his voluntary absence from the hard work of qualifying provides an inference that his return risks harming team chemistry.”

        Like Landon right?

      • I think a lot of it is fan emotional projection. He turned down some call-ups to solidify his starting position at his club…that set off fan anxiety that he either didn’t care about the US or he would try and eventually snub us for Germany. The slight oddness of his flying phobia, plus the fact he had a particularly crappy game in Honduras(?) where the heat and travel got to him really feeds a lot of fan unease. Some fans thus sort of assume that the team players must feel the same way.

      • I think it is understandable, but I think USMNT fans saw it as one more sign he was some sort of flake. Personally, I think he is in some sense this year’s Guzan. He played his buns off on a bad team against top competition and the experience makes him valuable.

      • Ah yes, aerophobia = flakiness. I wonder what John Madden, Muhammad Ali, Evil Knievel and others would say about that.

        I also wonder if people would be saying the same things had Tim Ream made the 30-man roster.

      • So he withered under the heat, humidity and travel involved in playing a match in Honduras…but it’s a no brainer that he should be on the squad for Brazil? Not like the USMNT will have to contend with heat, humidity, and tons of [air] travel for that…

      • The “chemistry” question with Chandler is that his past behavior (repeatedly turning down national team call-ups) suggests a lack of commitment to the USMNT, and his teammates may harbor lingering resentment about a player who elected not to help them qualify then being rewarded with a place on the WC squad.

      • I think this is overstated and projection- many didn’t make the cut who helped greatly in qualifications. those who did, save for the shoe-ins, are fighting for survival to make the trip. the coach’s choices are just that and the players now have to worry about themselves.

    • I was thinking of this in terms of a team getting promoted from the Championship (CONCACAF qualifying) to the EPL (World Cup). You might have the inclination to stick with the guys who battled together and got you there, but promoted teams who do that end up going right back down. You could, of course, go the other way and bring in too many new guys (e.g. QPR last season) and never find any coherence as a group. Obviously, the answer is to find the right middle ground of bringing in enough new guys who up the talent level without ruining the cohesiveness of the whole unit.

      • Yeah, but this is a national team, not a club. You can’t buy new talent for the next season. A country has who is available in its pool. After qualifying for the WC we shouldn’t be looking to ‘up the talent level’.

        I want the US to do well as much as anyone, but if Chandler (and Green) end up on the plane to Brazil, part of that won’t sit well in the back of my mind.

        I’d feel bad for the guys who put the effort in for the whole cycle and wanted to be with the team in those other matches. They ‘deserve’ to be on that plane more than a couple guys who’re picked up at the very end. (in my opinion, of course)

      • exactly. if green comes off the bench and scores or even makes a nuisance of himself, then the risk was worth it, imo. everybody knew who was on the bubble, and every four years coaches are paid big money to make big decisions.

      • deserved? I think you deserve something for being the best option at the time. If you are currently the best option, form, skill, cohesion then you are the best. Evans is an example of a guy who put in a good shift for us, but he shouldn’t be at the World Cup. He was a great stop gap, and he can take pride in how he helped his nation qualify. Donovan and Beasley didn’t play a significant role in qualifying for 2002, but they proved they belonged and made the World Cup roster better that year. When a young talent comes up, you can’t always push back and say “earn it first”. If they are ready, and they are better than the old guard, the time to change them is now.

      • Evans has a lot of value because a player like him allows you to take an extra attacker or a someone with blazing speed to stretch defenses but maybe not much else. He can play multiple positions effectively in a pinch. He can be a back up to 5 or 6 positions and get the job done. There is a ton or value in that. Personally I would rather see Cameron at RB and bring Evans for depth at multiple positions. That way you can take an extra attacker that maybe can do something the others cant.

      • The comment about Evans versatility is fair. Do you need him to play that role though and is the best example of that? Cameron is better than Evans at all the positions he plays (in my opinion). Edu is a higher caliber player that has versatility. Donovan is a versatile player. Fabian Johnson is too. Chandler has some versatility. You need some versatility to plan around injury and suspensions, but Evans needs to be the clear #2 option at least at 1 or more likely 2 positions for that versatility to bring value.

      • Well said Jesse + 10 looking for Pele and more.
        A little competitive secret. All differences aside.
        The best players want to play with the best players.

        Besides there’s what half a dozen or more spots that are not locks. So plain and simple be the best, rise to the occasion and make one of those places.

      • good question Expo D.
        Will Yedlin, make the Final cut?.
        I think it depends on many variables, a few that come to mind?.
        1. Is his health and form as good or superior to others at positions of interest.
        2. Is there a better substitute in his place for any given tactical situation of concern?.
        3. Does his potential to have an overall impact, trump being fairly raw and inexperienced at a superior international level.
        4. How inspired, willing, and dedicated is he or player X,
        to do whatever it takes to complement and make the team better?…

      • bb,

        “They ‘deserve’ to be on that plane”

        Deserve has nothing to do with it. That word has no meaning in sports.

        If it did then Holden who has worked as hard as anyone and desires it as much if not more than anyone would be in the 30. But he is not. Or would you prefer JK pick him anyway?
        Or what about the guys who came back from the dead and worked their butts off to get into the 30 like Mo Edu. I don’t remember him contributing much to the qualifying but I dare you to tell me he does not “deserve” to be where he is.

        Just because he is not one of your boys it does not mean he is not “deserving”.

        The manager picks the guys who he believes give the team the best chance to win at that particular time. In a World Cup situation where the qualifying process stretches out over a long period of time it is possible for “deserving” players to be out of form or injured by the time the final 23 are picked.

        Quite a few good “deserving” players were left out of the final 30 for any number of reasons.

        That is just the way it is.

        Chandler has been an American since birth. The fact that he did not play in more qualifiers was because he was out of form and then injured.

        And “but this is a national team, not a club” is exactly the point.
        You are stuck with the fact that Chandler, a guy you don’t like or find “deserving”, when he is on his game, is the best fullback available to the US.

        Otherwise you might wish to buy Lahm, Ivanovic,Baines or Shaw for the US but you can’t do that.

      • I’m not sure Holden is the best player for your example. Maybe Eddie Johnson, who helped the US qualify, but point taken.

        What are you talking about ‘one of my boys’? If you’re talking about who i prefer than who you prefer, then it’s all just a matter of opinion.

        And being honest, Chandler missing games wasn’t only because of injury & form. He was in JK’s doghouse.

        And I think you missed the point about the difference between club promotion and WC qualification.

      • It doesn’t matter why Chandler missed games.

        LD missed games and Jozy missed games because JK dropped them.

        Both are back. So is Chandler.

        The idea of the comparison between promotion and qualification was you try to get better between qualifying and the tournament.

        Which is what JK always claimed anyway in that the idea was to build the team so that they peak in Brazil, assuming they can qualify.

        You can see here that JK thinks in American sporting terms i.e. the idea is to qualify for the playoffs and then anything can happen.

        How many times in American sport do you see a completely unrecognizable playoff team from the team that you saw in the regular season? How many times in the playoffs do you see guys emerge that you never noticed in the regular season?
        Club teams can buy or trade for players.

        The only way a national team gets better over the time period at least in terms of getting different players is that injured players get healthier, out of form players find their previously missing form or new players finally make the jump to the next level.

        With WC campaigns being so long it is not unusual for significant changes and hopefully improvements, to happen this way.

      • looking to equate Chandler’s situation to LD’s? come on GW. Comparing it to Jozy’s? can’t see it man, very separate equations seems to me

      • beachbum,

        You are making more of what I wrote than is there.

        LD, Jozy and Chandler were all dropped by JK for whatever reason.

        The reasons vary but for practical purposes are irrelevant.

        All three are now better and are back in the picture for the 23

      • hey GW, just reread your post. I think I’m responding to what you wrote, wasn’t trying to make more of anything.
        You said it doesn’t matter why Chandler missed games, then said LD and Jozy missed games too. Looked like you equated those situations. I said they are not the same. I’ll stand by that.

      • beachbum,

        Stand wherever you want. If you are anywhere in So Cal, don’t stand out in the street or you might get hurt. In the eastern half of the country you might need to worry about sinkholes opening up under you so you should try to be more mobile.

        Jozy, LD and Chandler, in fact, are all in pretty much the same situation, for all practical purpose.

        If all three play to their best in the camp and the send off games, they will be locks to start against Ghana. The USMNT will get a huge boost.

        However, all three have had things happen recently that makes them all question marks.
        Nevertheless all three are in the 30 and will have a chance to show us all what they have in real time. I foolishly suspect all US fans wish the best for all three but I know that is not true.

        You are focused on delving into the past and, in that respect, yes all three have different and unique situations.

        That is all too TMZ for me. I’m not interested in last month. I’m not interested in being friends with these guys or in what their teammates really think of them. I’m not interested in the twists and turns of their relationship with Klinsmann.

        I’m interested in this month and the next few months, I’m interested in these three guys giving the USMNT more of a chance to get out of their WC Group.

        Most of you are constantly referencing things that have happened in the last two years.

        And that is all well and good but the reality is the USMNT is that most clichéd and hackneyed of all things, a work in progress.

        Obviously, JK has been trying to build a team that will give the USMNT the best possible chance to advance in the World Cup. If he wants to insure that he retains his job and has shot at building a team for 2018, when it will probably have a much better shot at glory, then he needs to get out of the group.

        JK is from European soccer and he knows a contract extension is worth nothing. Three bad games and he could well be fired extension be dammed.

        Some would say that he should be to revert to Lalas ball, good old fashioned USMNT circa 1996. There were a lot of good things about those guys and I suspect the USMNT will hope to emulate the best aspects but the current team will need more and I suspect they will go for more.

        In other words I think the team you see in Recife will be significantly different looking and playing from what you have seen the last two years. This is as it should be. As American sports fans we should all be used to the playoff teams being quite different from regular season teams. The World Cup is the playoffs and JK has been trying to get this team to build to a playoff peak and hopefully the timing is right.
        So whatever is going on behind the scenes, hopefully these guys can keep it all together for the next few months so that we can all be pleased and entertained.

        After that they can all live in harmony with cats and dogs for all anyone really cares.

      • “After qualifying for the WC we shouldn’t be looking to ‘up the talent level’.”


        Slow down there. Take a breath and reread that. I think you’ll see that it is (it just cannot be denied) what’s known in the vernacular as “crazy talk”.

        If ever a side needed to do anything it could to up the talent level (or the fitness level or the preparation level or the scouting level or the anything level), it’s precisely just before going to the WC.

        I mean just think about this a moment: you’re presenting an argument that, say, Conor Casey should have gone to South Africa, because after all, he participated in qualifying and even notched a key brace in an away match to help the team qualify.

        No, qualifying is qualifying, and by definition a lesser challenge than the WC. You don’t need to use the same guys you used in qualifying on your WC team, even if they are lesser talents, any more than you need to use all your very best players during qualifying, even if you’re playing lesser opponents. Different challenges, different objectives, and different opponents all mean different players are not only fine but what you’d naturally expect, to some extent.

    • I think the inclusion of Brooks, Green, and Chandler is a locker room risk because they were not part of the qualifying unit that performed well, and some of them got in at the expense of regulars.

      But I think the first two might have been promised this camp to secure future services, and I think Chandler reflects a certain amount of desperation about RB and perhaps CB. The defense has been so poor for so long perhaps you risk upsetting the apple cart. Or do you really believe Cameron, Evans, or Parkhurst is on his level? Ha.

      I mean, with how poor CB has been I was surprised there was no dice roll there.

      • Do you have a single shred of evidence to support those beliefs? Because Clint Dempsey seems very on board with Julian Green playing for the USMNT. It was after all him he led the way in making him feel welcome and actually part of the reason Green felt comfortable making his decision.

        But nah, let’s make up bullsh*t.

      • I agree, if Clint thinks Green can create him a chance or goal in a World Cup then I doubt he cares who played in qualifying.

      • I think it’s misleading to take Dempsey comments related to an isolated first cap and act like that means he wants him in Brazil feeding balls to him.

        I think it’s harmless from a sporting perspective — Green is OK enough to be in the 30 — but risky in a locker room sense, because he hasn’t really earned his stripes yet.

        I can also see how Green could be useful off a bench right now if he grew up and got fit as a player realllllllllly fast. But particularly at the 23/30 cutdown it’s going to be hard to elevate a foreign player still earning his stripes past people who have been in the trenches for years, with most of the fat now cut. You would have to leave some name player home and upset some of the team to do it.

      • He is in the 30 now. The other players will see him every day for the next several weeks. If Green, Brooks and Chandler hold themselves as professionals, play with passion and display real talent then their compatriots will recognize that. They can earn their way on to the roster by being too good leave behind. If they do that, players who work with them every day and see the talent and work ethic won’t begrudge them. Somebody who was important piece of qualifying is going how. EJ already has. This is about who is ready to help the US now.

      • agreed it’s about who can help the US now, but that doesn’t always mean what many here are saying imo. The best now could be Yedlin in camp to simulate speed for the defense to get used to; it could be a teenage phenom just getting his feet wet; it could Wondo with his crazy hustle and 100% commitment and hard work

        all this talk about ‘form’ is true but only part of the equation in putting together the best team

        we’ll see how Chandler fits. I’m passing no judgments on him or any of the others yet

      • Bocanegra?

        He was a warhorse, but he’s on the outside looking in. Lots of guys who were in 14 months ago are barely hanging on or are on the outside. In that time the USMNT has only lost a handful of games and those losses were not in competitive matches.

        Basically… that’s old news.

      • Nor is there a 98 precedent where this sort of decision went south.

        But carry on.

      • So you’re not sure what you’re talking about?

        Because ’98 went south because the captain of the team slept with another teammate’s wife, not because David Regis played.

      • And again, you don’t have a shred of evidence that there’s a problem with these players.

        I asked your for evidence that there’s an issue. You gave me a link from when half these kids were still in primary school.

      • First off, I said “locker room risk” not “locker room problem.” So unless you can disprove “risk” (as oppsed to “issue” how you reframed it) your argument is up a creek without an oar.

        Second, similar issues were voiced last March regarding the same team with the same coach, when lineup changes were made and players dropped for Honduras. So you can quit claiming there’s “no evidence” or not a “shred” or that I’m just speculating. The very fact everyone is like, how will this go over, suggests it is a reasonable concern.

        Third, the Straus article was last March. Not when they were kids. There was a recent article about Regis that was also interesting, about what happens when a foreign player is suddenly inserted into a World Cup roster late in the game. You can suggest it’s irrelevant, but that’s just your opinion.

        Fourth, there is a reasonable argument to be made that both Harkes/Wynalda and Regis resulted in 98.

        Last, I actually find Chandler an interesting player, and Klinsi’s choices pretty apt, I just find them risky in a locker room sense because you are elevating marginal Germans at the expense of regular pool players. Chandler may turn out a good choice, it’s just not free of chemistry risks.

      • You are, without a doubt, the most full of sh*t on this board–and that’s saying a whole lot.
        1. just because you said “risk” and not “problem” do you get to avoid evidence. You are just speculating. This is you opinion, based on very little.
        2. When the story about a locker room rift came out prior to the Honduras game, it resulted in a whole lot of public “shut the hell ups” for those who were pissed things went public. The public airing of laundry was the far bigger problem than the laundry itself. THAT was the locker room problem.
        3. The recent story on Regis did NOT blame ’98 on Regis, but was merely a timely story given Green. Even the author said that there were other bigger problems and that Regis was a solid contibutor for years after 98. You can suggest it IS relevant, but that is just your opinion. And with out any actual susbtative and persuasive evidence, as Bach, requested, your opinion counts for just as little as everybody else’s…. Oh, except your the all powerful IMPERATIVE VOICE … I forgot.
        4. That is a reasonable argument … except without any evidence weighing of evidence, it is also “reasonable” that it was just betrayal or just Regis that was the problem.

        None of your “reasoning” is actually persuasive.

      • What is Dempsey going to say? “We don’t need him and don’t rate him” You make “everyone” feel welcome because that’s the human thing to do on a team. Who knows how Dempsey and others really feel? Not me, not you.
        I do know that Klinsi changes his buzzwords and reasoning with the wind.

      • Mr. Voice,

        Horse manure.

        If the US is to beat these teams they will need to be:


        Chandler, Green and Brooks are all rather fast with the ball at their feet.

        Be able to counter quickly.

        Chandler, Green and Brooks can do that well.

        Cristiano Ronaldo has one possible weakness; he does not defend well, does not generally like to track back. Thus the US will need to have the counterattack back in action. Chandler, Green and Brooks make that potentially more deadly. And it will help with Germany as well as they too can hit by the quick counter.

        As for “chemistry” issues, the USMNT is not your college or high school team.

        Worrying about petty stuff like these guys didn’t help qualify is what I would expect from an Alexi Lalas, closed minded, frat boy team. That is the kind of childish crap the USWMNT old timers pulled on Solo when their girl Briana got dissed. Both cliques believe their excreta is not odiferous.

        It seems unlikely to me that JK has that kind of entitled clique in this group. Every one of these guys has known or should have known for some time now that none of them are safe.

        That’s why you cut Boca, drop Jozy and LD and even leave off EJ. This is JK’s team and everyone knows it.

        Chandler, Green and Brooks may not make the final 23 but it would be better for the US if they did because it would mean that they are in form or close and that is something this team will need to advance.

      • I think you’re misreading comments about potential locker room risk in a vaccuum from other posts I’ve made about the value of the players. If you want to know what I think of them, I think Chandler could start, I think Green could be interesting if he got fit and in form off the bench, and I think Brooks is a mistake justified only by the fact we may have made him a promise looking at the long term.

        I can see the arguments for all 3 of them, but I do think there is some chemistry risk in putting them in.

      • OK, well my argument was it was a risk and you say he gets paid to take them. My argument in other contexts has been that on the merits Chandler and Green might contribute.

        So we’ll see.

        Last thing I’m going to point out is it took roughly 12 years for the explanation about Wynalda and Harkes to emerge. All we knew is Harkes got cut. These guys are professionals but also human, so if there is an issue we will likely hear about it AFTER THE FACT. The Honduras articles came out right around the Costa Rica game.

      • Of course there is a risk.

        The Point out one move by any USMNT manager that does not have a risk

      • these guys do not play in a fox news bubble- they are all professionals playing w/ every stripe of player and coach every week. your insecurities are your own.

      • Imperative,
        Why do commentators continue shovel out this manure about guys being “promised” spots. Now you are attributing that to Brooks?
        Brooks is in the 30 because he is the only CB on the US team playing in a top 5 league. He is an up and coming player who recently won player of the week in the Bundesliga. His selection doesn’t wreak of “promises”. His form, his resume and his potential warrant are reasonable coach to consider him. JK is doing just that, and I take zero issue with it.

      • +1. i think these are grown-@ss professionals who know that, if they raise a fuss about some sort of ‘undeservedness’ of a teammate, they’ll find themselves on the bench (or even out of the 18) in a second.

        it would seem that IV (and others) have never played with someone they didn’t care for. and, as i said, these are goddam professionals in this case.

      • I’ve played with people who were headcases before and the assumption that what works is dealing with it only covers part of the possible outcomes. I’ve also seen those same headcases let me down or walk off the field during a game because of an argument, so it’s a two way street.

        Surely you understand I need to trust the guy next to me almost like a brother to make the thing hum. And he’s been off the team and even talking like he didn’t want to be bothered. That is a hurdle that has to be overcome.

        The only reason I think we are bothering is RB is a mess. If there was any similar CB option they’d have probably been called in from the blue too. But to pretend this is a non issue is naive. People who are affected or who are friends with the affected may take issue. At minimum you have to gel him back in, in just a few weeks. It is at best less than ideal and at worst risky for a group of death.

      • Mr. IV,

        I doubt that you or anyone has any idea what these guys really think of Chandler or the German American controversy.

        All that matters to me is how they react on the field and if that is okay, then, as professionals they are expected to work out the rest so that everyone can work together.

        In my profession and I suspect this is true of most of you, I expect a certain level of professional behavior even from people who I know for a fact hate my guts.

        If you can’t do that then I won’t work with you.

        I see no reason why Chandler should not be able to expect the same from is his co- workers.

      • All I said is, it’s a “risk.” People wanting to make blanket statements of bonhomie they can’t prove either are trying to distort that into an argument that there is some present issue that I say exists but can’t back up.

        All I’m saying is there is a risk people don’t take this well. It’s naive to act otherwise in light of the Straus article. I respect your position but history will tell the tale of how well this is actually received. They might take it professional and meld well, or who knows what.

        But the idea there is no risk to this is pollyanna.

      • Because pointing out risks is stupid commentary, much like worrying about “distractions”.

      • Mr IV,

        Some risks are more reasonable than others.

        Chandler and his fellow “mercenaries” are a reasonable risk.

        If it was simple and easy you or anyone here would be the USMNT manager.

      • So, do you work as well with the people who hate your guts, but are showing a professional courtesy, than you do with the people who like you, or just don’t hate you? If so, great for you and your workplace. The Honduras game looked like a bunch of guys making a professional courtesy to their teammates.

        As far as these being “Professionals” so they just go one with their business, completely ignores the fact that they are still human, and have feelings. Landon should have made that clear to us all by now. In talking about how the team would feel about Chandler, all I can do is consider how I would feel if I were on the team. I know that I have been supporting this team almost all of my life. Getting to pull on the shirt and march out onto the field for the US would be one of the greatest moments I could imagine. I am assuming that is the way many of the players on the team feel. From what I have seen, admittedly from the outside, Chandler does not feel that way. He appears to not want to be bothered with the team unless it fits around his schedule. He does not appear ready to make any sacrifice for this team. I know that if I were on the team, I would not want Chandler coming into the squad now. I would not want to train with him, eat with him, talk to him. That is why I would say it is a risk. Because if I were in that situation, that is how I would feel. Would I suck it up for the good of the team, yes. But I am sure it would still have an impact. Now maybe all of the players on the squad, and all you on this site are better men than me, and would not let it impact the team or play. But if I were in that situation, I know it would impact me. I know from the outside, simply as a fan, it affects the way I feel. I know the players are all humans, and that is why I believe calling in Chandler will result in a problem. How big, I don’t know, but I believe it will be a problem.

      • White Kix,

        You make my point for me.

        There are two possibilities:

        ONE, none of us knows what these guys truly think about Chandler. On the surface it appears that all is well and everyone is being “professional”.

        What if underneath half of them feel a burning resentment similar to yours? That might be bad. . I would expect you, a civilian, to be petty, to hold grudges, to be selfish and self-centered.
        But these guys are paid to be professional and put the team first. Or maybe the put it aside temporarily because they care more about team harmony and the goal doing well in the World Cup. Maybe they make that sacrifice like I would expect the highest level professional athletes to do.

        If not and JK sees that then I would hope he cuts them. They are not worthy of playing for the US.

        After all you have Mikey playing lights out and leading the team for the man who maybe got his dad fired in the first place. His alleged antipathy towards JK don’t seem to have affected his play for the man.

        If Mikey can put that aside for the good of the team then anyone else on the team better be able to handle the comparatively minor issues with Chandler.

        Or TWO, the other possibility is that you are wrong about Chandler and he really does want to play for the US in the World Cup and that his US teammates can see that and are okay with it.

        It seems to me those who make the 23 aren’t going to be looking much past those three games and whatever else they can get.

        In which case, no harm,no foul.

        It’s up to you which scenario you want to go with.

      • If we all really want to go their we can blame Bob, this was Bob’s boy, and considering he has the stamp of approval by Two different national team coaches that tells me just about all I need to know.
        furthermore I am of the belief that when healthy and in form TC, has been one of the more memorable, noticeable, and impactful defenders in the Bundesliga this season.

      • if a player is going to seriously think this way (as you presumably would), then it is HE who’s more of a chemistry risk.

      • to beat these teams we will have to be tougher, with a stronger will to win, and a self-belief that is true and not contrived.

        then speed and other technical things will have a chance to make a difference

        I’m not saying so and so is a chemistry risk or not, but to downplay the immense KEY that team chemistry is seems very off target to me

      • “I think Chandler reflects a certain amount of desperation about RB and perhaps CB. The defense has been so poor for so long perhaps you risk upsetting the apple cart.”

        Hey, Klinsman is or record saying he wants there to be a competition in camp. Even if Chandler doesn’t start (I do see him making the 23), I see Timmy and Yedlin ( at least for camp) being real useful for lighting a fire under Gonzo and Goodson: “Hey guys you heard of this guy Cameron…plays in the EPL? He’s pretty good. I’d positively hate to leave him off the field and I hear he can play some CB, and you know these two dudes Chandler and Yedlin are kinda athletic at RB….Gonzos, can you show me 90 minutes of absolute concentration today?…Goodson, today we are going to have Corona, Bedoya, Green and LD practice making some fast runs into the area, cause I hear that Portugal has a guy who is kinda good at that. Lets see how what you got.”

    • I would speculate strongly that chemistry has something to do with it and I’m not just talking about with the other players. The whole team set up should be cohesive.

      My observations only – Would he never get called back in just on the poor performance in Honduras? The lack of responsiveness to general call-ups or participation in the Gold cup has to rub coaches/ some players in the wrong way. And just in general when you see his body language when playing with the team he seems like he’s not connecting. It’s not a German thing, it’s a Timmy thing. He just doesn’t look like part of the group.

      Just my take and hoping he finds a way to get more involved.

      • You are going on data that is nearly a year and a half old.

        Imagine if you managed your money that way

      • Science denial. We have articles discussing various reasons he previously bypassed playing — proof, if dated. You suggest he’s found Jesus but point to nothing showing he has — absence of proof.

        Part of the reason the attitude articles are dated is……that’s the last time he was part of the pool regularly. Hard for him to be expressing doubts when he’s on the outs and basically getting his way. You would only then hear from him again in this context when he got called again.

        So what I’m looking at is someone who just jumped queue, and while the defense stinks so I think it makes sense, it may be an issue that he expressed hesitation before and now that Brazil’s here, he wants back in. The regulars may not like that.

        We’ll see, I trust our players are pretty professional, it’s just at this level everything has to be well oiled.

      • the elephant in the room is really the player’s confidence in the coach, not some projected schoolyard resentment from your childhood.

    • I think the Team Chemistry is overriden by his play and effort on the field. The player’s aren’t dumb- they know he has talent. And the times I’ve seen him play (minus the Honduras game where everyone sucked), he’s been all out effort kinda a guy- who leaves it all on the field. That speaks a lot to fellow players.

      • +1 that is what Chandler and all the “fresh faces” need to show. That they are hear to play, to represent a country that does mean something to them, and to do it with an appropriate amount of professionalism.

    • I think the lesson from this thread (and countless others) is that if you question the Germericans, be prepared for a stream of angry and indignant responses.

      • There you go being a over-generalizing, xenophobic douce-nozzle again. You were doing so well, too.

        IV isn’t not questioning them because they’re Germericans. He’s questioning one (T. Chandler) because he hasn’t been active – for reasons known only to the player and the manager – in the national team for about 14 months. Asking how his inclusion will affect team chemistry is a valid question. Some players might be upset he’s now called in. It is, however, a lazy question that can’t engender much constructive discussion, because the answer is unknowable until after the fact.

        Unless it’s really bad and Chandler has a threesome with Bradley’s wife and Jermaine Jones.

      • I know Mason, thought slow lefty, was just about rehabilitated?.
        Like we know though, TC, was originally Bob’s Boy.
        So any argument on this one for some kind of GermArican favoritism goes out the window.

      • There is bias from JK regarding Europe and Germany. He has many contacts and trusted relationships there, German is his native language, his history in the Bundesliga and EPL. A coach from Brazil, Italy, France, would have different biases. Debating JK’s bias and choices is valid.
        Do you think all of the German based players would have been called in if we had a coach from Spain or Brazil? No
        If JK gets the axe or steps down (and a non-German background coach takes his place) do you think those players are as valued in the US player pool for the next cycle? Not likely.
        JK’s reasoning and “rules” change with the phases of the moon.
        How that impacts the WC, is tbd.

      • Chandler and Jones were first capped by Bob Bradley, who is not German.

        Johnson, Green, and Brooks were capped by JK, as was Boyd, but he was in the US U-20 system, so he doesn’t really count.

        For all JK “biases” he’s brought in exactly one more German in his time as USMNT manager than the man before him did. Of all of those players, only two (Jones and Johnson) are locks to make the roster. The other three will have to do well in camp to beat out more established players in front of them. If they do, that is a good thing, because it will improve the level of the team. Even if they do not make the 23, they will push the existing 23.

      • The broader point was that everyone brings a bias. And that bias can be debated. You forgot Danny Williams and Alfredo Morales as 2 German connections capped under Klinsmann. If you only add Danny Williams that changes your “only 1 more” to “double” the amount Bob Bradley capped. Numbers can be manufactured to make any and sometimes opposite cases. That Klinsmann brings a bias related to Germany shouldn’t be a taboo. Everyone does bring a bias, that’s the point. The players with a German connection wouldn’t improve the team anymore than the players with a Mexican connection would, in terms of pushing others for a spot. Is Boyd better than Herc Gomez (or Aguedelo or EJ), is Brooks better than Orozco (or Ream). Is Green better than Gill (or Feilheiber). Talent and fit is not quantifiable in absolute terms, each coach or person chooses differently. Who Klinsmann rates is not independent of his biases. If you think he has no biases you’re welcome to that opinion, we don’t agree. c’est la vie.

      • “I think the lesson from this thread (and countless others) is that if you question the Germericans, be prepared for a stream of angry and indignant responses.”

        Looks a whole lot more like the lesson is: SLA is just never gonna get it.




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