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Must-See Commercial: Samsung Galaxy 11



  1. what if LA Galaxy get unis like that or a stadium that looks like a galaxy in downtown LA 🙂
    I think galaxy have one of the old school stadiums in MLS, just make it look like a galaxy and same thing with their unis.

  2. why are either of them there? No one knows who they are especially Moses.

    I’d have added Pirlo but he’s quite old. probably doesn’t even know what a Samsung Galaxy is

    • This ad is meant for a global audience, so they need players to appeal to different local markets. So Victor Moses isn’t exactly a household name here, but in Africa I’m sure he’s a bigger presence.

      Of course they top is off with having the biggest players in the planet in there, something that not even Nike or Adidas can acheive given their shoe contracts…

      I work in marketing on a competitive brand, and it just goes to show how much money Samsung has that they can spend that kind of money on all these players and extremely high production value for a spot that will never air on television. All about vanity, but it will likely receive a lot of views from a soccer crazed planet to see if the Galaxy 11 can triumph over the big bad aliens, and will help the brand seem cool to the masses in the process…

  3. why Donovan? why not Dempsey?

    He’s the most widely known USMNT player. Plus he’s the captain. Donovan isn’t as marketable as he was 2006-09

  4. Galaxy II? Why would they make a campaign around LA’s USL team? Oh Samsung… you wacky kids, none of those guys even look like Robbie Rogers.

  5. Reminds me of the Nike commercial for the ’98 cup (I think).

    The one where they play a team of demons and Cantona says “Aur revoir” as he blasts the ball through “Satan”.

    Anyhow, not the worst commercial I’ve seen.

  6. If Samsung wanted people talking about their commercial, they were successful.
    If they wanted to help their brand, it’s debatable whether they succeeded.
    If they wanted to spend lots of money on marketing, I can only imagine what CR7, Messi and co. demanded to be paid before they put on those embarrassing costumes.
    If they wanted to make a hall of fame superbowl type ad, epic fail.

  7. Actually, I would think this was inspired by an oversized comic book from the 80s, where Superman fights Muhammad Ali, in a duel to anoint Earth’s champion to fight the aliens’ designate bruiser…and Supes and Ali conspire to fool the aliens and defeat their plans.

  8. Kinda reminds me of the ending of the Avengers movie……when the Avengers thwarted the schemes of Loki (Messi and Co. doing the same) and at the end, Thanos turns around……(same here with the Alien looking dude)……….maybe just my comic-mind in overdrive, don’t mind me

  9. I thought the ad was over-the-top, lacking coherence, and cringeworthy. A little too cheesy for my tastes, but I get it if some people think it’s light and fun. This probably could work okay in some foreign markets?

    Does Beckenbauer want the aliens to win, I mean, who is gonna play D?
    Did Lando playing for the LA Galaxy kind of help his chances?
    They are going to be playing soccer against the Monstars, right? These training methods don’t seem to be very efficient if that’s the case. Like, Casillas has to wait for the soccer ball spies to try to steal more phones before he can practice? LD and Moses slide directly into each other at full pace? That seems like a good way to get your guys hurt.
    I want to go on, but what started out as kind of flippant questioning, slowly gave me a headache.
    It’s too crazy to even parody analysis.

  10. It’s interesting that Donovan and Moses are the only two with names across their back. Do you think this is because most people don’t know who the hell they are?

  11. Really makes me want to go out and buy something that will keep me from ever being associated with or reminded of this commercial.

  12. a pretty ridiculous commercial for the 18-35 yr old market segment. and clearly someone at Samsung is a football fan. considering their new north american headquarters is probably less than 10 miles from the Quakes mew stadium, it’ll be disappointing they dont put their name on it.

    • Haha. It is pretty ridiculous.

      As a side note, I personally hate commercials where athletes are portrayed as heroes.

      • But athletes are heroes!

        he·ro (ˈhi(ə)rō): noun; a man who does what he enjoys, gets paid handsomely for it, and is on TV.

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