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CONCACAF working to land 2026 World Cup

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Having seen the United States lose out on hosting the 2022 World Cup, CONCACAF has set its sights on landing the 2026 edition of the tournament.

CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb told reporters Tuesday that he believes it is only fair that a nation from his region is given the 2026 World Cup after missing out on a chance to host the upcoming tournaments in 2018 and 2022 because of FIFA’s decision to do away with its rotational policy. The next two World Cups will be played in Russia and Qatar, which means CONCACAF’s wait to host another tournament will be at least 32 years.

“From a CONCACAF perspective, our focus for the World Cup is 2026. We’re committed to that,” said Webb. “That’s not about the USA hosting the World Cup. For us it’s about a confederation standpoint.

“CONCACAF was obviously hard done (by) when (the) rotation stopped, we were the ones who lost out because it should have been our turn after Brazil. When the rotation stopped, obviously it impacted us the most.”

While FIFA got rid of its rotation, it created a new rule that that prevents countries from hosting World Cups if another nation from within their confederation had staged any of the previous two. That leaves CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, CAF and Oceania as the confederations eligible to host the 2026 edition.

The United States, which hosted the last CONCACAF-based World Cup in 1994, has previously expressed an interest in landing the 2026 edition. Mexico and Canada have, however, also said they are keen on trying to host it.

Webb believes the chances of CONCACAF winning a World Cup bid will increase if a single nation is in the running.

“Obviously we believe our best chances is to put one member forward, one country forward, one bid forward. That gives us our best opportunity,” said Webb. “CONCACAF has 35 votes and of course if you split those votes amongst ourselves you’re defeating the purpose.”

Even so, Webb did not say that a joint venture – where two nations co-host the tournament – was out of the question.

“I think it is very much possible,” said Webb.


What do you think of CONCACAF trying to land the 2026 World Cup? Think its chances of doing so are good? Would you mind seeing the U.S. co-host it with one of Canada or Mexico?

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  1. Lets face following:

    1. FIFA wont forget easyly which country has caused its falling down with these new corruption investigation, and It would look very obvious that FIFA would be giving the World Cup to the U.S. only to calm down the situation. If the U.S. accept to co host the tournament with Mexico, they will avoid this problem.
    2. It is almost sure that for 2026 there will be 40 teams in the world cup, that would mean that there will be 10 matches by group, that would be 80 matches only for the first part of the torunament, plus 16 matches for the final part, there are 96 matches in total, which means that each country will be able to keep 48 matches in 12 cities at leats for each one of them.
    3. Of course FIFA likes modern staudiums, however, FIFA is looking too for countries that would be willing to build new staudiums in order to develop the Sport in the selected country. US already has the stadiums, this could seem as and advantage, but it would mean as well that the US will not make any investment to construct wny new stadiums for soccer, and that is not very atractive for FIFA and the dvelopment of Soccer in the world. If the tournament takes place in both countries, FIFA would be able to fulfill with this two goals, modenr staudiums in the US, and new staudiums in Mexico.
    4. We in Mexico are realistics and we know that if this happens, the US wont be willing to give up to the final Game, thats why I propose the following escenario:

    (Groups A,B,C,D) USA Cyties:

    New Jersey (Final Game)
    Dallas (Semifinal)
    Toronto (Canada), if you want to be nice with your canadian neighbors

    (Gorup E,F,G,H) Mexico Cityes:

    Mexico City (2 staudims) (Semifinal)
    Guadalajara (2 staudiums) (3th place game)
    Monterrey (2 stadiums) (Opening ceremony and opening game)

  2. I say we just make the best bribe and get it over with. USA is the most successful WC to date, and a WC in 2026 would be 10x more successful in the USA than Mex or Canada.

  3. If CONCACAF gets it it’s going to be Mexico or Canada since the US held it last time. I’m not sure if Canada wants it, if they don’t then it’ll be Mexico.
    They’ve been taking about it for a while and they know how to play the FIFA game.

    • The Canadian federation came out months ago stating that they want the 2026 WC. Their belief is that if they win hosting rights that they’ll be able to springboard the sport similar to what the US did after the 94 WC.
      The US Federation has claimed not to have an interest in bidding on a WC again until FIFA make changes to the voting process.
      Since I don’t see FIFA changing (other than the who’s accepting the bribes) that basically leaves Canada & Mexico as the nations with the best potential to host from CONCACAF.

  4. I have been saying this for the past year, mexicos ligamx is planning on expanding to 20 teams, since they know MLS is expanding. LigaMX is trying to get all their top soccer markets in the league, in order to keep up with MLS. Not only do they plan to expand to 20 teams, but they want new stadiums, new sponsors and that is the reason they got a new name, LigaMX.
    Their plan is to host world cup 2026, just like usa and canada has in mind and as a matter of fact, their famous estadio azteca(azteca stadium) can only be remodel if they host a world cup and thats why they want world cup 2026.
    Mrexicos top soccer markets= (Tijuana, Cd Juarez border cities) Monterrey has 2 teams, Torreon, Guadalajara has 3 teams, Mexico has 3 teams, leon, querretaro, morelia, puebla, bacially all their tourist cities have division 1.
    Then their 2 division is only getting better every year. I wouldn’t be surprise Mexico is taken over USA and Canada, we all know FIFA. Think, what if ligamx grows to 22 teams by 2026 since they are following MLS steps.

      • In El Paso, Texas, we get like 7 channels from Mexico and they are like the ABC and NBC and CBS from Mexico, so trust me, I watch Mexican soccer and listen to Mexican soccer news 24-7.
        As a matter of fact, our sister border city in Juarez, Chihuahua, are getting 2division soccer 🙂 again. The owner behind the division2 team that is coming to Juarez, Chihuahua is none other than Chivas USA exowner Vergara or Pachuca rich ass owner.
        Only if we had NASL or USLPro in El Paso,TX

      • I also have acces to mexican tv (I live in southern California).

        first, Grupo Pachuca’s owner is only interested in one team thus far, UdG, who were recently promoted to the first division, they already have a team in third division and another in second division (Estudiantes), it is unlikely that they would get a team to move to Juarez.

        second, Vergara has a lot to think with Chivas getting involved in the relegation fight and doesn’t have the money to take care of more than one team (one of the reasons why he accepted to sell CUSA), so that’s why he won’t buy a team in Juarez.

        third, Liga MX doesn’t see the MLS as a rival trying to take its market, the biggest soccer markets in Mexico are two: Guadalajara and Mexico City. If Juarez is getting a 2nd division team is because a local company is interested just like it happened with Tijuana, but not because there is a big plan to try to steal fans in the area or because they are planning an expansion.

  5. North America WC

    Just divide it in 4 clusters. USA plays Group A, Canada in Group D and Mexico in Group E. Traveling of long distances reduced at a minimum,and even less with charter planes.

    Groups A&B -> Dallas/KC + Chicago/Columbus
    Groups C&D -> NYC/Philly + Toronto/Montreal
    Groups E&F -> MxC/Guadalajara + Monterrey/Houston
    Groups G&H -> LA/Bay Area + Seattle/Vancouver

    Second Round

    a 1A vs. 2B -> KC
    b 1B vs 2A -> Columbus
    c 1C vs 2D -> Philly
    d 1D vs 2C -> Montreal
    e 1E vs. 2F -> Guadalajara
    f 1F vs. 2E -> Houston
    g 1G vs 2H -> Seattle
    h 1H vs 2G -> Vancouver


    W a vs. b -> Dallas
    X c vs. d -> Chicago
    Y e vs. f -> Monterrey
    Z g vs. h -> Bay Area


    W vs. X -> Toronto
    Y vs. Z -> Mexico City

    Third Place -> Los Angeles

    Final -> New York

    • People in the US don’t care about Mexican stadia. Even Mexicans don’t care that much about modern stadia. It’s like the best taco cart in your city, there is always a bite of grizzly meat but the food has “el sabor verdadero.” The product on the field and the energy in the stands are what counts.

  6. I still can’t get over the clause “Russia and Qatar” …

    I’m a big fan of globalization and using sport to break down borders, but I also know a blatant money grab when I see one. Russia is already out in the open about their culture of paying folks off as a matter of doing business, and Qatar has more money than they know what to do with (although not enough it would seem to make good on their promises of not having to hold the tournament in a way that helps progress human rights or, more mundanely, disrupts domestic league schedules).

    As someone who has dreamed for the better part of the 30 years about the USA finally reaching a point in the development of the sport that we can be legitimate contenders for a World Cup trophy, my fear is that within 12 years we could see FIFA be essentially irrelevant as professional leagues decide they are tired of taking one on the chin and refuse to release their star players, making the tournament a glorified olympics-style tournament.

    Time is not helping the nausea.

  7. After a the extremely risky WC in Qatar FIFA is going to want a sure thing… USA and Canada to a different level fit the bill. Mexico could work too.. But we all know what those making money off the cup will want

    • Yeah but that logic said that after an extremely risky WC in South Africa, Fifa would want a sure thing…. then, after an extremely risky WC in Brazil, Fifa would want a sure thing… then After an extremely risky WC in Russia, Fifa would want a sure thing… then After an extremely risky WC in Qatar, Fifa would want a sure thing…

      I think what we should acknowledge is “after a successful bribing campaign, FIFA voters will want more bribes next time.”

  8. I may be in the minority here but I want nothing to do with this. I love soccer, the world cup and Clint Dempsey but the farce of FIFA and their decision to award the cup to Russia and Qatar while passing over the “backup option” USA make me want to say screw you for 2026. Good luck finding a proper host in your remaining regions. Who would that be exactly?

    Let’s take a look:

    CONCACAF – Canada or Mexico? Mexico has to be the favorite.
    CONMEBOL – Argentina? Chile? Could be decent options.
    CAF – Nigeria? Morocco? Egypt? – None seem like good options
    Oceania – New Zealand? – Doubtful (Australia is in the Asian Federation ((Qatar)))

      • It will be Canada w/sea, chi, and Detroit as venues…a sort of joint bid with Canada being the prominent host

      • Sounds plausible, except that FIFA would be choosing a nation that doesn’t often (ever?) qualify for the finals. If they did that under current structure, the confederation would be down to two real spots plus a play-in. So… imagine a scenario in which the U.S. doesn’t qualify yet is hosting a few games?

        Remember, if Canada was hosting this year, then Mexico wouldn’t go.

        I think FIFA would have to go with the U.S. or Mexico, or maybe do a joint Honduras/Costa Rica co-host thing.

      • Then, think about the tradition of the hosts being seeded, lol. I think FIFA would have to go with the U.S. or Mexico.

      • That’s an excellent point. I’m not sure any of the supposed soccer powers is willing to see Mexico take that honor first.

        Another thing to consider, 2026 will likely NOT be going to South America because they are likely to want to have Uruguay co-host the tournament with another nation to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first World Cup, held in Uruguay of course.

        Which probably also means that FIFA is not going to want to see a co-host situation in BOTH the 2026 and 2030 World Cups (unless they use this as an excuse to add a fifth team to each group and to have 40 teams instead of 32).
        Of course I think they could do something like have Canada host the world cup but use one or two American cities also (like Seattle perhaps) but not give co-host billing. Of course the same could be done if they wanted to have a Mexican World Cup and use a couple US cities. I don’t think they’ve ever done that before though.

      • well, technically FIFA asked Mexico to host it in 1986 because Colombia couldn’t get things done back then.

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