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Must-See Video: Green discusses first impressions with USMNT

Julian Green

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  1. Im happy I wasnt the only one who saw through this garbage. It WAS in fact, a pep rally. Twellman and Lalas ARE NOT journalists- they are commentators, talking heads. So, yes we all know they are bitter towards JK but who cares. Its not worth it to spoil the mood with their bah-humbug attitude at a televised “send off” / “fan appreciation” day.

    I grew up watching French NT , and yes, they can be even crazier, but the MLS “expert” panel are just fueling the fire for their own selfish reasons. The writing was on the wall for LD and the funniest part is they knew it. Lalas/twellman were the biggest critics of LD’s melodrama. so, this is all just gone too far. GET.OVER.IT.

    Also- I laughed during the interview with damarcus beasly – who, to paraphrase said “its all about going forward…you know, from the Alexi lalas days…Sorry, Alexi”


  3. For all you people that are angry at Taylor Trohman and Alexi Lalas it’s about time our journalist start asking the tough questions. If you want to be a footballing nation like others we need to be more willing to accept that not everyone thinks the situation with US men’s national team is rosy. Including myself.

    • After a day of being treated like “aww thats cute, have fun at World Soccer Cup”, they were probably happy to have a few real questions.

    • I’m angry about it, as you can see, because the entire thing was billed as a Kickoff to the team, and a 6 hour pep rally for the fans..and it was all done with the players sitting there.
      I don’t know if you saw it or not, but there’s gonna be plenty of interviews coming up, and he’ll get asked questions all the way through that he has to answer for. And he’s responsible..period, he’s gotta answer..
      But in front of the players like that.. ridiculous.

      He tweeted about an hour ago…
      “I” was doing a soccer show, not a pep rally…

      This was bushleague..

      • That was an excellent question. Some of us do want to know how does a 4th division German player earned a ticket to Brazil.
        Klinsmann lies and double talks so much it’s nice to see not everybody is buying his BS.
        Don’t be so insecure. This is nothing compared with the way he was treated in Germany.

      • Ok Rob, fair enough. It’s a great question, a perfectly legit question. One he’s been asked multiple times… and I’m sure he’ll be asked again… and no matter how many times he answers it, it probably won’t be enough for some…
        I gave one example…

        Did you see the entire hour long show?
        If so, and you think that was a proper “Send Off” to our team, that’s your opinion.
        If not, then u missed the whole point…

        Seems pretty snarky for Lalas to be out there bragging that he wasn’t doing a pep rally, when everyone else was there just for that reason…

      • Rob-
        No doubt JK should be called out for all his double talk. It’s a shame more people don’t do it more often. The guy always uses whatever excuse suits him best at the time.

        However, as Bac stated, this was a celebration for the team. A final sendoff. Fans, players, music, etc. The purpose was to get the fans pumped up and the players pumped up. US Soccer site called it “Fan Appreciation Day” and ESPN described it as a “World Cup sendoff”.

        Why all the negative BS from them? It contradicts the spirit of the day.

    • Really Andy?

      Today wasn’t the day for that. It was supposed to be a celebration. All the journos should ask tough questions no doubt. But today was supposed to be a celebration and those two bozos just brought a negative vibe to the whole thing.

      • +1. EspinDOHla. Some rotten stench rose to the surface with some journos today. Without knowing for certain, it’s becoming apparent that certain people feel sandbagged. I can’t identify the specifics, but it feels that we are learning something about the politics of the 10 (or less) guys who get access to the coach and talent with any regularity or exclusivity.

        Holding the coach accountable for the job he is doing is absolutely the job of the media. But the tone of questions and absurdly nonsensical choice of venue speaks to a bitterness that did not feel like it was “on behalf of the fans” at all.

        I’d say “this story isn’t over” but I desperately hope it is. Too much distraction from the moment already. Let the players be the story and let’s sort it out later in August when we have nothing better to do.

        Happy Ives has kept his reputation comparatively unsoiled when I see moments like this. (at least nothing I’m aware of… I suppose I Ives handle his own biz here)

  4. Wow, USMNT fans are really showing an ugly and immature side. Why is everyone so quick to judge Julian? Because of good ‘ol ‘merican LD? Everyone is so quick to throw JG under the bus!

    As for language -wake up, there are millions of kids living here with a parent from another country. Why is it such a big deal to have dual nationals on our team? Does everyone want a new rule stating that each member must come from a descendant of the pilgrims? That being said has the usmnt ever had a Native American on the team? You know the first Americans?

    There are MANY kids in Germany with an American parent due to the military based in DE. I actually think it’s great we have everyone from all backgrounds on our team … That’s what the USA is.whether you like it or not. Let’s judge these kids AFTER the WC – not before. And certainly on play not language.

    • “Why is everyone so quick to judge Julian?”

      Oh, they’re equal opportunity judgers! It’s not just Julian, it’a anyone with the German connection.

      (Guys with connections to other countries, not so much.)

  5. German? German? Why can’t he speak Spanish like all the rest of our players?

    Okay, just kidding. But what is up with all these athlete interviews without the sign language interpreter off to the side. That’s downright discriminatory. Just think how many jersey sales we’re losing.

  6. I don’t want to add fuel to the LD fire, but FIFA’s description of the video on YouTube:

    The exciting teenaged winger who ‘kept Landon Donovan off the USA team’, Julian Green could be a major wildcard for Jürgen Klinsmann at the 2014 FIFA World Cup™.

  7. And congratulations go out to the ESPNFC crew and that “sendoff to the usmnt” show.
    I’m sure both the fans and players are so happy they were blessed with such a positive and well prepared display.

    Quite possibly the worst bushleague live show I’ve ever seen on ESPN. Of any sport.

    You have ONE live special show in NYC in front of the 23 guys on their way to Brazil, titled as a “Sendoff to the USMNT”
    You have a show daily to be a pundit…two different things…..

    That was a disgrace. Right there live in front of the players and fans.
    It took Ian Darke, a professional, to say, ” I think we shouldn’t be talking about doom and gloom, you have 23 guys right here ready to go play” etc…

    Lalas should be fired immediately. Twellman should be given a lesson about how to behave by learning from his partner Ian.

      • I saw this story earlier. I avoided it for a few hours I was pretty sure if I clicked through the link, I was about to walk in on a pretty gnarly food fight. And this did not disappoint. This classic SBI topic may never get old, and has become such a reliable debacle that it’s become somewhat enjoyable/familiar. Seeing slowleft in the middle of it all, covered in cake and blood, actually made my day. Guy is never giving this point up. Never. Beautiful.

      • And somehow, I’ve apparently misplaced another post. Sorry Bac this was a general comment–didn’t mean to peel off topic on your post.

        Look’s like that’s my contribution to this little potluck.

    • However I wonder how many times today Tim Howard was asked “so you’re the one that gets to use your hands?”

      • Twellman is now defending himself on Twitter. ( FYI, Yes there are some supportive comments also)

        Everyone has strong opinions about a bunch of things right now with this team. That’s fine. That’s what your daily shows and the internet are for.

        But this was titled “ESPNFC Sendoff to the USMNT, Live in Times Square”

        ONE SHOW, on live TV in front of fans in Times Square.. to send off your team for the greatest sports event in the world.

        I don’t care if you HATE Klinsmann, or don’t like any of the players, that was an effing disgrace to the whole team.

        Klinsmann walks on the set, beaming, smiling, looking around at everybody there,.. welcomed by Bretos…

        As the team is ready to walk off the bus to a cheering crowd…

        1st question from Lalas.. (paraphrasing)
        “You made some huge decisions last week, leaving Landon Donovan off the roster, but I’m not going to talk about that. I want to ask about Julian Green, 4th division player, and why he’s been given this ticket and where you see him fitting on this team” (As the team is departing the bus)

        Klinsmann goes from smiling and happy to looking bushwacked, does his best to stay positive through all the questions… but clearly looks blind sided and stumbles for a few minutes.
        Tries to focus on giving a positive interview as you can see the puzzled/almost predatory expressions on Lalas’ & Twellman’s faces for a few minutes.

        The rest of the show was similar. At least Twellman waited until the team was back on the bus before he predicted we won’t advance.. but obviously not Lalas… but that wasn’t the worst part.

        While that may make some critics happy, there’s a time and place for everything, and these guys should get a lesson in how to do a show. Leave it to Darke to try and change the tone…At least while the 23 guys are sitting right in front of them…
        At least wait till they get back on the bus before some commentary….

        I don’t care if you HATE THE GUY AND WANT HIM DEAD…
        That whole show was a disgrace

      • Yeah it’s difficult situation in some ways. For the most part the US team gets treated like, “Oh that’s cute have fun at the World Soccer Cup.” I understand this is suppose be sold off as kind of send off party however if Lalas and Twellman just ask softballs people would be calling them 2 faced. Klinsmann often talks abut wanting this environment where you can’t leave your house after a loss.

      • Lalas just announced on Twitter…
        “I” was doing a soccer show today, not a pep rally.

        I also see Twellman happily retweeting a few supportive comments.. but none of the others.
        They torpedoed him, and planned it, and did it right in front of the 23 guys going to Brazil, and now they’re bragging about it.
        The negative commentary right in front of the players afterwards was just icing on the cake.

      • Lalas doesn’t know how to do a single thing well. He thinks he’s a GM. Thinks he’s a Rock Star. Thinks he’s a journalist.

        Here’s the stark truth. 20 years ago he and his teammates overperformed in a World Cup. Nobody denies that or begrudges him that. He has milked it for the maximum available. He should be over the moon.

        lnstead he wants to spoil the moment for somebody else.

        Let’s put this dude out to pasture already. I’ll take that job Barry Zito offered me.

      • Such an embarrassment ! Fans showing such an immature and ugly side….as for twellman/lalas dare I suggest they are bitter?

        “leaving Landon Donovan off the roster, but I’m not going to talk about that.”

        Um, you just did bring it up, so yes you are talking about that.

        Thank god, klinsmann is a steely character behind his smiles. He must laugh at these fools … None of them have ever come nowhere near the success he has had… And that must burn ppl like LD,lalas, twellman , arena etc..that klinsmann is light years beyond them talent-wise. So much disrespect. I wish Klinsi would let them have it!

        BITTER. Maybe these fair weather fans should stick to American football.

      • Klinsmann goes on and on about creating an environment in this country where there are players and coaches held accountable. How many times this week has he said “what you’ve done in the past doesn’t matter”, when talking about Donovan? So why should what he’s done as a player or coach in Germany matter? It’s all about him getting results now, he knows that. I don’t know why everyone acts like Klinsmann can’t handle a couple hard questions.

      • Klinsmann has shown he is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. The rage is about the ridiculous choice of venue from the two self-important non-factors who tripped all over themselves today.

        Actually guys, this IS a pep rally! Klinsmann has already provided a press conference for those questions. You should know. You work for ESPN! Nobody has better access than you!

        JK can handle himself fine and did. He really has little to do with this impromptu bozo exhibition. THEY WEREN”T EVEN GOOD QUESTIONS! NOTHING NEW! Weak, weak attempt at making themselves the story.

      • I for one am glad someone finally asked Klinsmann some tough questions. Isn’t he the one always talking about taking players out of their comfort zone, making them uncomfortable, challenging them — can’t he handle a question or two? And who the heck needs a pep rally? I want to hear Klinsmann answer tough questions, not watch some cheerleaders in a circus atmosphere.

    • Oh man, that “ESPN Special” was absolutely terrible.

      I am surprised that one of the players didn’t tell them to STFU. That was so pathetic. Sure, Twellman and Lalas can have their personal views but the point of the show was to celebrate the team. What a bunch of dips*ts those two were today.

      And now, on Twitter they’re acting all high and mighty. Even Grant Wahl with his tweet saying that they weren’t “cheerleaders”. So freakin’ pathetic. It’s like they feel so inferior to their ESPN/SI colleagues that they want to get brownie points by talkin’ smack in front of the players.

      All three of those people have a pulpit to shout their views and they should all be allowed to state their opinions. However, today in front of the squad during the celebration send-off was not the day to do that. It was a day to celebrate the team.

      • One can imagine that Wahl, Twellman and Alexi have to be well aware that there is a segment of the fans out there who feel that the US sports media in general, particularly the soccer specific ones treat JK with kid gloves.

        So naturally they have to prove that they are nobody’s lap dog.

        I always suspected it was culture shock after BB who seemed even less communicative and accessible than Belichek.

        In reference to those three:

        Wahl is obviously moving on to bigger and better things

        Twellman is just struggling to make his mark and at ESPN that do that by trying to be “controversial” and as unpleasant as possible.

        Alexi is just trying to maintain his place. Whenever ESPN brings in these guest commentators with better resumes than him, like most everyone, he turns on the guard dog act. He’s a male version of Brandi Chastain, trading on the notoriety gained from a brief period of glory with the US. The rest of his soccer career is mildly undistinguished.

        Neither Alexi nor Taylor can sniff Jimmy Conrad’s jock.

  8. I don’t really buy that he always wanted to play for the US. He always wanted to go to a WC and JK promised him for a switch I’ll save you a seat. Guaranteed.

      • To be part of the melting pot you have to be in that pot. If you just join the pot for an occasional game of soccer, that’s not being in the melting pot.

      • So who of these players is “in” in your opinion? Mix, Aron, JJ, Brooks, Chandler, Fabian? What if Zelalem chooses to play for us, would you blow him off too cause his parents are Ethioipian, and he played in Germany and England? If there’s one thing I learned to appreciate from this forum – you play for the flag, you are in. Not sure I understand what you mean by “in” the melting pot. What about the pros who play in Mexico but join the USMNT for an “occassional” game?

      • Pretty sure he is referring to the pot as actually living in the country for some portion of your life..

      • Here is from an interview with Michael Orozco (who’s much more American than any of the Germans):

        Orozco said he will always identify with Mexico even though he plays for the U.S. team.

        “Here (Mexico) the doors were opened for me to start my career and I enjoyed it very much. My parents are Mexican, I am Mexican,” he told Univision. “I ended up defending another jersey but I continue to be Mexican.”

      • Not the best example because:

        a) Orozco is no “more American” than any other American who is an American.

        b) Orozco is not currently defending the US jersey.

      • “Here is from an interview with Michael Orozco (who’s much more American than any of the Germans)…”

        Not sure whether the level of ignorance itself or the sheer, unbridled willingness to display it in comments like this on this site is the more impressive.

      • 6 MM Americans live abroad. Please devise a logical and consistent standard for determining which of them USSF should consider when constructing the USMNT.

  9. These interviews were done by a German interviewer.
    Remember the espn special, Brooks does an interview in English about his tattoos, then a few minutes later both he and Jones are interviewed in German… while they are in Germany training….
    Why are some people making such an issue of this… grow up

  10. Someone who looks, acts, and speaks differently is not someone I consider a fellow ‘countryman’, or whatever term is being used most inclusively these days. Citizenship is little more than a piece of paper that says where you might usually live. I have no particular allegiance to this territory, since borders are fluid and could change at any time. So instead of rooting for the US team, which is a motley hodgepodge stocked with players I have nothing in common with, I will instead cheer for a few European teams, the players with whom I share a definitive common ancestry and culture. The Team USA institution has searched far and wide to ensure I don’t find too many of those players here on its roster.

    • Unless your skin is red, you aren’t an American either. This country was founded and operates as a melting pot. If anyone has a reason to be pissed off, the native Americans do. The rest of us are just foreigners on a land stolen from the people that first inhabited this country.

      Where do you draw the line? As long as your parents and grandparents benefited from the homestead act, the Indian Relocation act, and the trail of tears, then you’re American enough to require that everyone else speaks English?

      That’s where we draw the line. It was okay for my European ancestors to steal the land from my native American ancestors and commit genocide on hundreds of independant nations. It’s not okay for a member of the armed forces to have a child with someone from another country and for that child to grow up to be an American.

      Where is the dividing line? If you stole the land previous to 1950 you’re now officially a U.S. citizen, but if you became a citizen after 1980, then you don’t deserve to represent the red, white, and blue?

      Hypocrites unite. You’re only considered a citizen if you’re related to someone who stole the U.S.A. from the native peoples we rounded up and sent to reservations for genocide.

      Merica, F yeah.

      • I’m sure you know that no humans ever developed anywhere in Americas. So, your “native” American ancestors came here a few thousand years earlier than Europeans, most likely from Asia, probably stealing the land from earlier migrants.

      • I’m not the one that’s trying to define the USA citizen requirements for the national team. I’m not the one requiring that all representatives of the national team must speak German for every interview.

      • By a “few” you mean 13-16 or possibly as many as 21-40, right?

        And no… prior to that there wasn’t anybody here.

      • Maya Angelou, “we are all ancestors of some weary traveler”.

        Ogalala/Lakota, Sioux
        “When anybody came here did they bring any land with them”.

    • Wait… So you’re not going to root for the US team because they have too many foreigners, but you’ll root for some European team (not Germany, I assume), because they have foreigners just like you?

      That makes perfect sense…

    • Yeah, maybe we should do like the United Kingdom, and insist that we get a separate team for each state. That way, the US would get 5 or 6 entrants. Canada would follow suit, making the Quebecois happy.

      • This was the reason the South sought to secede. “A house divided against itself cannot field a competitive 4-4-2” was Lincoln’s response.

      • Good catch. I wonder if that “other” team he’ll root for is, in fact, Germany. That would be very ironic.

    • You are describing every wave of immigrants that made this country. The whites didn’t consider the blacks “American” because they looked different. The Irish were hated because they talked funny. The Cornish even worse. Don’t get me started on how badly Italians and Greeks were treated when they migrated. Enjoy your regressive state of mind.

    • @Zimmer, That was either a brilliant spoof or the most ignorant thing written on the internet today.

    • “Someone who looks, acts, and speaks differently is not someone I consider a fellow ‘countryman’, or whatever term is being used most inclusively these days. Citizenship is little more than a piece of paper that says where you might usually live…”


      Not much on the Constitution, huh?

    • It’s one thing if they’re working at a drive through at Wendy’s and all I want to do is get my 2:00 a.m post-drunk-fest Baconator. Then I get really pissed if I’m trying to habla espanol.

      It’s completely different when the “Federation International de Football Association” releases a video with a guy who’s first language is German in German.

  11. I haven’t seen Dirk/Expat/Julio around, after Green didn’t step on the field the other night. I wonder if he has any theories?

    • Why you so obsessive about it Jack? You have been commenting every day for weeks about expat. Did he do something to you? Did he marry your daughter or something?

  12. It is kind of embarrassing having an “American” player interview in German but I guess that tells the world all there is to know about our program.

      • no, that the USSF and MLS can’t produce players good enough for the NT and that it depends on dual nationals produced by other systems to be competitive.

      • Counting the number of WC players who developed in the US is fun kids!

        Let’s all try together: Howard, Bradley, Yedlin, Omar, Dempsey, Guzan, Rimando, Beckerman, Bedoya, Altidore, Zusi, Besler, Beasley, Wondo, Cameron, and Davis.

        Now, here’s some advanced math for you to try:

        16/23 = ?

      • Ok but considering this is our national team, why is 16 of 23 players being from here something to be happy about?

      • Why is 7/23 not being “from here” something to be upset about?

        These people are sons of American servicemembers or sons of college researchers. They contributed more to this country as sperm than I am willing to bet you have as a grown adult. Now they’re playing on a soccer team you apparently wish you could have played for… and they’re pretty darn good.

        Does anyone *else* envision slow as Ben Stiller at the end of Dodgeball?

      • Some people here actually want to discuss the impact of this recruiting effort on US soccer and our NT program and there are others who decided they want to just shut off any discussion through name calling.

      • You’re right, we’d be better off if nobody responded after the 543,632nd time you’ve brought this up.
        Everyone stop calling him names!

      • I only respond at this point when he calls people who WERE BORN HERE foreigners.

        After the adventures with birtherism we’ve had in this country in the last six years, anyone who makes a statement like that deserves a flaying in the town square for abject stupidity.

      • Try to stay on topic. The ridiculous hyperbole doesn’t help your argument. This is nowhere near the idiocy that was the birther movement. Whether you will admit it or not there is a lot of grey area here that is up for debate.

      • “This is nowhere near the idiocy that was the birther movement.”

        At its root, there is no room between birtherism and what SLA says.

      • Yes to staying on topic.

        I strongly disagree with slowleftarm on a lot of this, but I can still find areas in which I do agree.

        For instance, am I more excited about DeAndre Yedlin making the team than I am about Julian Green? Absolutely yes. Why? Because Yedlin grew up near my house, developed in my city, and now plays where I can watch him in person.

        Why does that proximity matter to me? First, because it filters down and spreads around: kids in my neighborhood can train with the same coaches and in the same academies as a World Cup player. That’s very exciting! I would be sad if the opportunities around here couldn’t provide that level of training.

        Second, the only reason I’m a fan of the USMNT is because I am American. (As are Green and Yedlin!) The same is probably true for all people commenting here. So obviously there is some allowable degree of geographical bias that we are all “guilty” of.

      • KGE:
        Proximity is why i support DCU at the club level. I can go see their matches. I’ve called games with people who’ve called HS matches of Andy Najar. That’s a very good reason to be positive on a local-boy-done good who makes the USMNT, but lack of it isn’t a good reason to exclude someone. I would go so far as to say that such an exclusion is unamerican.

        Frankly, until the game in this country exists at the same level as it does abroad, a certain level of the USMNT team will be foreign-based to varying degrees. This is OK, and is (probably) not a harbinger of doom. People can disagree on that, and it is usually a pretty good discussion. Where SLA goes off the deep end is when he starts calling people who are natural-born US citizens “foreigners”. That’s dead-wrong, and far more offensive than anything I’ve said to him. Every time he does it, I’m going to light him up. Maybe, eventually, he’ll stop.

    • “It is kind of embarrassing having an “American” player interview in German”

      On the contrary, it immediately and effectively puts on display arguably the greatest strength and most salient characteristic of our nation: multiculturalism.

  13. He is going to have to grow up fast. If not he will be the next Diego Bozetti. That was the kid that Italia took a flyer on in the 1978 WC. He was supposed to be a prodigy at the ripe old age of 17. He was brought on as a sub in the last 10 minutes of a tie game and unfortunately did not realize he had tied his boot laces together while standing on the side line. He took his first step onto the pitch and landed flat on his face. He never recovered from the humiliation. Lets hope Green doesn’t end up being the next Adu errrrr I mean Bozetti.

    • Please. People who question whether recruiting foreigners for the USMNT is in the best interest of the sport in this country aren’t rednecks. Guess it’s easier to name call than try to discuss the issue.

      Interesting article on this issue in the WSJ today:

      The author is wrong about one thing though. There is a country with a stated policy of seeking “castoffs” from other countries:

      • It’s not worth discussing the issue with rednecks like you because you think Julian Green is a “foreigner”.

      • Of course he is. What else do you call someone who’s never lived here? You’re the one acting as though “foreigner” is a pejorative. There’s nothing wrong with being a foreigner.

        Let me ask you this. Between a couple of stints for work and school, I’ve lived in London for probably a total of five years during my life. Am I English? Should I be eligible to play for England (leaving aside my lack of playing ability)?

      • You’re point is irrelevant considering the conditions for him to be on the team have nothing to do with how ‘foreign’ he is but the fact that he is a us citizen. It must be uncomfortable being you.

      • Not really because he left when he was a baby and many of the other Germericans never lived here.

        Did AJ or Mix’s father serve in the military? Nope. Military service has nothing to do with it.

      • Do you consider yourself part English? If your father or mother were citizens who served in the British military, I would 100% support your decision to play for England.

      • So a national team is the best player who consider themselves that nationality? I don’t think that’s accurate.

      • A national team is the best player who meet the eligibility requirements and wish to play for that country. Full Stop – end of discussion.

      • Did AJ or Mix’s father serve in the military? Nope. Military service has nothing to do with it.

      • Do you think the name calling in your posts makes you sound more intelligent and reasoned? Why does my opinion on this issue make some people so angry?

      • Honest question/scenario for you Slowleftarm. An american citizen takes an oil&gas job in Argentina, and brings his family/young son with him. The son grows up in Argentina from age 3-17, and is a highly touted soccer prospect in an Argentine academy.

        However, he never got Argentine citizenship. He developed in Argentina but his only NT option would be USA.

        Would you refuse to consider him since he didn’t learn the game in America?

      • Perhaps another question could be this Ben Lederman who has been in Barcelona’s academy from the age of 10. Most of his development being in Spain should he really represent the US or Spain.

      • Does BL even have Spanish citizenship? I didn’t think he did…

        The more general question in this vein is this:
        there are about 6MM Americans abroad; do you just completely ignore them because they don’t live in the US?

      • Well that’s the question, is the international game just about citizenship or is it about development of players. At the end of the day everyone needs to take it a little less seriously and just enjoy it for what it is.

      • You don’t need to live here now. But if you never lived here, or only lived here as a baby, I think it’s a real stretch to call that person an American in anything but a technical sense.

        And if this was one or two exceptions to the rule I wouldn’t have as big an issue with it.

        But when you have people in charge of our national team who’ve decided that American players in general don’t meet their standards so they have to search and recruit people who qualify for a US passport but grew up abroad instead, that’s a serious problem for the US program and for the growth of the game in this country.

        Plus, with the exception of Fabian Johnson and maybe Jermaine Jones, none of the Germericans are any better than the players they’re replacing.

      • “But when you have people in charge of our national team who’ve decided that American players in general blah blah blah”

        Do the math: 16/23

      • 16/23? Ok so I should be content that we only recruited 7 players for this world cup? Read the NYT article I posted below and if you don’t think that having people with that attitude in charge of our NT program is a problem, well let’s just say that we profoundly disagree.

      • No…Let’s just say you’re a nativist xenophobe with a squishy and restrictive concept of nationality that you can’t actually explain and that can’t actually be codified.

      • You must be Lakota, Cherokee, or some other nationality that is native to this soil.

        Either that or your a hypocrite trying to define who’s “American” enough to represent the U.S.A.

      • Lakota and Cherokee are “native to US soil?” Hmmm, and here I thought they were my descendants….

      • “when you have people in charge of our national team who’ve decided that American players in general don’t meet their standards…”

        …the it’s time to fire them and get somebody who understands the most basic rule about international soccer: that each country can only use its own players.

        Good thing this is easily monitored and checked and that of course the idea that someone in the US system would try to use non-American players is completely laughable.

      • Looking at this further… the NYT had an article on BL, and it seems that his parents don’t even have Spanish work permits.

        If he stays in Spain, they’ll all be eligible for Spanish citizenship in about 8 years under article 22. Article 21 might allow him citizenship earlier if he becomes the next Messi+Maradona.

      • Mason, funny you brought up
        “snuffspitter|”, “Chawsucker” or whatever. Not just reserved for rednecks, country folks, and people trying to quit smoking. No sir. one can witness Norwegian women, and Swedish bikini types, snuffing it up, spitting and drinking at the same time, who knew?.

      • I agree, Slowlefty. There are some real issues worth discussing about preserving the culture or changing it on purpose. But in general I’d say those issues are more about social/cultural policy than about soccer.

        And if France gave up on protecting their culture from FIFA, the US has never been that strong about it ever, so I don’t think it would gain a lot of traction. But there are still real issues, without denigrating any of the people in various stages of in-between or multiple national status.

        But I’d like to see the French debate it, when a Roma/Gypsy born player, or a Muslim, turns into a good striker.

      • A French Muslim who turns into a good striker for Les Bleu?

        Nah…. Never been any of those.

        Zidane and Ribery suck.

      • Is your name Brian Sciaretta, Slowleft? Articles like this that play up the controversy are par for the course, but each of these players has a story too. One point made in the WSJ article was that for the players this is also a matter of personal freedom. If a player isn’t cap tied to a nation, why shouldn’t they be able to seek out the best opportunity available for themselves? How will the game ever develop in this country if potential players see that we are only falling further and further behind? FWIW, the Green switch could have happened under the old rules too.

      • “People who question whether recruiting foreigners for the USMNT is in the best interest of the sport in this country aren’t rednecks.”

        Well then they must just be quite ignorant about the sport, as it’s clear to anybody who knows even a little about it that no country can have foreign players on its team.

  14. Perhaps because it was released by FIFA and not the USSF and German may be the language he is most comfortable speaking.

    • Too good to read subtitles? Who cares what language he speaks? Get over yourself. There are thousands of languages on planet earth. There isn’t an international law or requirement that everyone speaks English.

      This is exactly why people from other countries hate Americans. We act like we’re so entitled that everyone is required to speak our language.

      • High horse check please.
        People hate Americans for there own personal reasons. Some justified, many not so.

      • No. We’re internationally hated because of smug, arrogant attitudes that the world revolves around us. This is just one example: “Fifa” needs to release their videos in English so Muricans can understand them. Murica…F yeah.

      • This isn’t a ‘FIFA should release all videos in English so Americans can understand’ argument. Its should or shouldn’t an American player do interviews in English.
        If anything this shows American soccer fans’ insecurity not arrogance. Worried we are being used by ‘foreign nationals’ for their own personal gain of playing in a World Cup rather than their ‘native land’. Not something I agree with to be clear.
        The video doesn’t bother me, especially considering Green is surely much more comfortable expressing his thoughts in German.

      • The type of people that are offended by it deserve to be offended by it. If their world view is so limited that they get mad about U.S. citizens speaking German, then they probably deserve to drive their Baracudas back to their trailer homes in the Ozarks mad as hell.

        It gives them something to talk about at their next Clan meeting.

      • I’m not speaking for anyone who is offended by non-english conversation. Simply stating that perception matters, and making the effort to speak English is a big step in being perceived as American. This holds true for every nation, region or territory in the world. Not sure where the disconnect is here.

      • Unmistakable:

        Did it upset you when MB90 gave interview in German or Italian to journos that didn’t speak English?

      • First off, I’m not offended or uncomfortable with this. Read any of my posts on this topic. Point being, this isn’t a “smug, arrogant American” or ‘Xenophbic American’ issue. Some people see the flood or ‘foreign nationals’ as people who are using our team to forward their own careers. Their insecurities with the possibility of being used are exposed. I disagree with this view, but I don’t think having it makes someone some sort of parasite.

        Bradley doesn’t fit since he isn’t one of the foreign nationals.

      • The why do you appear to be devil’s advocating it?

        Look: This was an interview between two people whose primary language is German. People who would be offended by the fact that the interview was in German are so narrow-minded that they aren’t really worth worrying about. They can, as I have said, suck an egg.

      • Enough already with your anti-hillbilly hatespeech.

        In addition to political correctness — which you’ve clearly mastered — there’s an a little thing called politeness you should investigate

      • For the record I live in the ozarks and we aren’t as xenophobic as some of the comments on these sites lately. I completely agree that its nonsense how some fans look down on mix national players.

      • An African German American player doing an interview in German with English subtitles fits right into FIFA’s whole “One World, One Game” theme. It’s marketing, nothing more. If it gets a few soreheads upset, well so what. My kids saw that and wanted to learn German. Lots of kids will be inspired by this.

      • I get tons of love from foreigners and when I travel. Perhaps because of my badass and charming american attitude.

      • Hate Americans? I’m not so sure about that but most people outside of the UK and USA can speak at least 2 languages especially if they travel internationally frequently but the UK and US are really stuck on English. I personally don’t have a problem with him speaking German if that’s what he’s more comfortable with. He’s 19 he has enough time to perfect his English

      • Duh… If you traveled to Europe, almost everybody speaks English already. Exceptions are older people and parts of France (mostly Paris). Younger people start learning it at a very young age all over Europe. If there is a universal language, it’s English.

        IF he wants to play for the USA, he should speak English. If the German media was interviewing him then it makes sense to speak in German. Even Donovan will speak Spanish if Spanish media is interviewing him

      • The “media” in this case was FIFA. FIFA is based in Switzerland. Guess which language is spoken in Switzerland?

      • Who cares what he speaks? It’s a FIFA video. If you don’t know what FIFA stands for it’s Federation Internationale de Football Association. The title of FIFA isn’t even in English. Why would we require a kid who speaks German as his first language to speak English on a video intended for an international audience?

        I hope all of our German Americans refuse to speak anything but German for every interview they do for an U.S. audience. It’s kind of entertaining to watch all the U.S. hillbillies get mad when they have to read subtitles.

      • The funny thing about FIFA is that even though it’s a Swiss org, the definitive version of the LOTG is the English one because IFAB speaks English.

      • Not a requirement, but as a PR move its something that wouldn’t be a bad idea. No matter how you slice it speaking German doesn’t endear him to most Americans. Personally, I don’t care, and I don’t want to speak for ‘most people’. However, I think most people want to see the effort of speaking the native language in a certain country (I’m aware this isn’t in the constitution). Anywhere you travel people appreciate that you make an effort to speak the language even if they can speak English. Americans feel the same way. Whether that makes us all hillbillies or not is another question. You’re starting to sound a lot like the smug, arrogant American you described above with your posts though.

      • “No matter how you slice it speaking German doesn’t endear him to most Americans.”

        Those people can suck an egg. The interviewer and interviewee spoke German so the interview was in German. If the interviewer was Bob Ley, then the interview would be in English.

      • Why is that? The easiest way to endear yourself in any culture is to try to speak the language. People appreciate the effort, and that isn’t exclusive to the US. Its true everywhere.
        Not everything has to turn to the stereotypical xenophobic American who has never left his small town.

      • “Not everything has to turn to the stereotypical xenophobic American who has never left his small town.”

        Yet this immediately did.

        “Why is that?”
        Why is what? Why can those people go suck an egg? Because expecting two German speakers to speak English to one another for your benefit an arrogant expression an anglo-centrism.

      • You don’t think that expecting German-speakers to speak English to one another for your benefit is selfish?

      • It was an interview done in Germany, by a German interviewer, put on the FIFA site, who gives a crap about a PR move.. the right PR move is to do nothing…

      • I have been to Europe for professional and personal reasons. Most of the people I met knew English and I would say that they were more fluent in English than I was in their native tongue. But many of them felt uncomfortable speaking English because they were embarrassed by what they felt were their bad accents and shaky grammar. Most of them were brought up to believe that speaking correctly was a virtue
        Most of my American friends are nowhere near as concerned about their accents and grasp of grammar.

        I can imagine that had I put my European friends on camera and interviewed them on top of that that they might feel reluctant to speak in English. It’s one thing to talk to your dad quite another to talk to the media on TV.

      • But most Europeans only use English when they have to. And you want get a decent job in Germany without speaking German or in Poland without speaking Polish etc.

      • “IF he wants to play for the USA, he should speak English…”

        Yes, because as we all know, the language someone speaks is crucially connected to their ability to play a sport.

      • Thank you, Cowboy Junky for standing against American ethnocentrism! If they were to interview me, I would be answering the questions in American Sign Language and of course, the video would be subtitled. That ethnocentric attitude parallels British and Roman Empires of their days. Read this link for further proof on why many hate United States of America.

        We should be grateful that Julian chose to represent our country to show his talents! I am a very proud USMNT fan but at the same time, embarassed to be an American because of that attitude I see here.

  15. OK, let’s address the elephant in the room (no, not the LD elephant):

    Why was this interview conducted in German? FIFA’s choice, or is Green’s English “nicht so gut?”

    I have a hard time believing it’s the latter since he has spent a lot of time in the U.S. with his dad.

    Just strange to see FIFA advertise this exciting new American player and then conduct the interview in a language not predominantly spoken in said country.

      • Funny how nobody gets bent out of shape when Landon, Michael or Demarcus do interviews in other languages but when a german player does it its an abomination. You guys need to settle down with this ignorant disdain for an issue that shouldn’t be an issue at all.

      • ? Like when LD speaks spanish to a spanish news channel… whose audience is… Spanish speaking? To be honest I think it is fantastic that we have a team that can speak to so many of the news outlets because of our diversity.

        His national team fans mostly speak English. If it was a “world” interview, it would certainly lend itself more to English the German. Not quite like Spanish vs English, which is extremely popular.

        It’s not about being more or less of an American. I wish him no ill will, I hope he plays amazing… But it is odd to do it in German rather than English.

    • i agree that it seems a little weird, but i don’t have any problem with it. i grew up with kids who could speak english when needed, but chose to speak spanish when they could. i’m assuming they just gave him the choice of language.

    • I’ve seen him speak English, and he can carry a conversation fine. Seems like it’d be even easier to do something like this where it’s edited. I don’t know.

    • Additionally, no mention of Donovan as young player of the tournament in ’02. Strange they only mentioned the Germans.

      • Just googled that to fact check myself and apparently Donovan was retroactively voted young player of the tournament by an online survey. The award wasn’t instituted until ’06

    • FIFA is based in Switzerland. I suspect that German was the best language for both the interviewer and interviewee. If I’m trying to speak with a Frenchman or Brazilian and he doesn’t speak English, I’ll ask him if he speaks Spanish. More often than not, he does, so we work in our common language.

      If he doesn’t I just speak really slow loud English. (j/k)

      • Julie Foudy did an interview with him recently for ESPN and she he wanted to do it in German at first. However she convinced him to do it in English.

      • He certainly came off as more nervous then he does here. I just think he needs to be told “yeah your English is fine and he’ll be more sure about himself”

    • Why gripe if it was conducted in a different language other than your own? I was delighted to see the captions because I am one of several Deaf USMNT fans and it is nice to feel inclusive. And it is frustrating to see too many videos, especially by US Soccer website, to be not captioned at all. Fortunately, the USMNT matches on TV are always captioned for Deaf fans to enjoy.

      • I am not sure if it is a sarcastic comment because you may have Usher Syndrome. A person with that syndrome can be legally blind but can read if the fonts are enlarged to readable size. Otherwise, I do not find it amusing. We, Deafs, deal with audism everyday. If you are not familiar with the word, look it up and hopefully, you will understand.

      • I find your story inspring. That said, perhaps he is blind? I am havin trouble imaging a blind person, born blind, being able to enjoy soccer. Is it just me, can anyone correct me?

        This has to be a joke, right?

        I feel hate coming.

      • I cannot say anything for the blind community because I am not blind. It is better to meet one and ask one on their thoughts on sports. But like I said earlier, there are different levels of blindness with some can see if upclose. For a completely blind person, I really do not know.

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