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Donovan breaks MLS goals record as Galaxy romp past Union

Landon Donovan Record (USA Today Sports)


CARSON, Calif. – The outcome seemed inevitable as soon as Landon Donovan took the field on Sunday.

Just three days after being a surprise omission from the U.S. World Cup team, Donovan cemented himself in the MLS record books, scoring his 135th regular season goal to become the MLS all-time leading goal scorer, bypassing former record holder Jeff Cunningham.  Donovan finished the night with two goals and one assist as the LA Galaxy manhandled a hapless Philadelphia Union, 4-1, in front of 21,000 at Stub Hub Center.

Donovan set the record in the 48th minute when he stepped easily into a well sent cross from Robbie Keane and tucked home the ball from the six to double the Galaxy’s lead.  Donovan dropped to his knees and raised his hands skyward.

If the coaching staff of the USMNT wasn’t watching, the soccer gods – as well as the rest of the MLS – was.  Both Twitter and the Stub Hub Center erupted, but after congratulating his teammates, Donovan quickly returned to the center of the field and resumed play.

“That felt good,” Donovan said after the match. “A lot of relief, a lot of joy.  I said yesterday, I feel like I’m in really good form right now, and I’m playing really well.”

“It’s been a long week,” Donovan continued.  “It’s hard to not make it about me.  I don’t necessarily want it to be that way.  But, I’ve sacrificed a lot to be in the position I’m in, and I was very happy for myself.  I’ve dedicated a lot to this, and I think I deserve what happened today.”

Donovan was not done, however, and in the 81st minute, he and strike partner Robbie Keane treated the crowd to some tasty combination play, culminating in Donovan beating Union keeper Zac MacMath low and wide to put the game out of reach.

Keane also participated in the rout, capitalizing on a failed clearance by Sheanon Williams before racing in alone on goal and nutmegging MacMath.  Keane appeared to relish in the return of his strike partner, and appeared to be looking for the boots of Donovan all night.

“As you know, the relationship between me and Landon has been fantastic for the last few years, and we’ve seen that again tonight,” Keane said.

Donovan did not wait long into the match to make his presence felt.  After drawing a foul in the second minute, he took the free kick himself and sent a long curling ball to the far post and onto the head of a waiting Leonardo, who popped it past a helpless Zack McMath and gave the Galaxy the early lead.  It was Donovan’s third assist on the season, to go with his brace of goals.

The only blemish to the Galaxy’s celebratory night came in the closing minutes, when Donovan’s substitute, Raul Mendiola, tracked back late, made a rash challenge in his team’s area, and brought down Zack Pfeffer in the box from behind.  Referee Jorge Gonzalez did not hesitate to point to the spot, and Maurice Edu converted shortly before the final whistle .

With two goals and an assist on the night, Donovan received a standing ovation when he was subbed out in the 83rd minute by Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena.  The longtime compatriots hugged it out on the sideline

“I’m really happy for him.  It’s an unbelievable milestone for any athlete,” Arena said. “Just a great accomplishment.  We’re grateful for having him here.  I know it takes a little pressure off him, to have that record now.  Others can chase him for the rest of his life.”

Donovan also discussed the crowd’s reaction, as well as the overall response he’s received since his dismissal from the national team.

“It’s incredible.  You have no idea how many messages I’ve received – literally thousands of messages, from people around the country, around the world,” Donovan said. “People that say ‘I’m a diehard Sounders fan, I’m a diehard D.C. United fan, I’ve hated you all of my life on the field, and I’m so happy for you, I respect what you’ve done,’ and all those things.  So the support’s been overwhelming.

“It’s funny the way things work out.  I’ve said this many times in my life, I try to stay present.  It’s been hard all day today, my mind was wandering, and thinking of where else I could be today, and I kept coming back to being present, and staying present, and enjoy THIS game, and do your best.  I’m glad I was able to do that.”

The Galaxy have now collected more points – six – in their first week back in Los Angeles, than they did in their entire, gloomy, five-week, four-game, two-point road trip.  The Galaxy will now travel to Chicago to take on the Fire on June 1.  The Union will stay  in Los Angeles for the week and face Chivas USA at the Stub Hub Center on May 31.


  1. Again the starting 11 are all Hackworth. At what point did the decision to start Hoppenot and Cruz translate into goal scoring potential? Seriously this man needs to go. He can not manage at the pro level. All the BS about team unity is a joke. They certainly aren’t playing for him. The players have no direction or idea what to do. Noguiera,Edu,Maidana are players who should be able to make players of equal or lesser skill around them better, but you have a manager who doesn’t have even a thimble full of soccer IQ unable to get everyone on the same page. Instead he’ll throw out Cruz and Hoppenot to pinball around in hopes of accidentally scoring. He’ll experiment when games count with Wheeler at CB who has never played the position. He’ll bring in some skilled players like Berry and White and sit them in order to let Wheeler learn the position instead of letting Berry and White build chemistry with the other defenders. He’ll keep riding the coattails of Brian Carroll,the turn over machine, when Okugo and Edu should be using the superior skills in midfield. He had McInerney, a one time 12 goal scorer, frustrated and 2nd guessing himself, then traded him for a bigger version of the same player. He has Le Toux,the teams all time leading scorer 2nd guessing his role on the team. He has Leo Fernandes playing dazed and confused. Then he wants to blame the players for consistently poor play and accuse them of playing scared. They are affraid to play and make mistakes because of Hackworth’s inept management. Things don’t bode well for the continued development of Zach Peffer under Hackworth and staff. Nowak was the tip of the pyramid of this ridiculous dog and pony show. Sakeiwicz and Hackworth have been here from the beginning and are just as responsible for this crap as Nowak. It’s been a 5 year joke on this fan base. We tried since day 1 of the MLS to get a franchise in Philadelphia and when we finally get one it turns out to be a hot mess from top to bottom.

  2. Landon “sacrificed so much”? Really? What is it he sacrificed? His credibility by ditching his teammates while he took a ” sabbatical “? Perhaps its that snot nosed sense of entitlement JK wants to eradicate. Nobody ” owes” Landon a single thing. He’s a well compensated professional athlete who has been afforded the honor of representing Hus country many times. Coach if the team now prefers other options. That’d his prerogative.

    • This isn’t about what is owed to the players. In the end, you’re right, they are professionals and compensated. This is mostly about what is owed to the people of this country. We are being represented by a man who seems to have no ethical compass. That is the most disappointing thing.

  3. I think German coaches don’t like being shown up. I remember when Clint Mathis got in trouble when he pointed to his “watch” when he scored a goal as a sub and I seem to recall Arian Robben getting in trouble when he refused to shake his coaches hand after being subbed. It’s probably not just a German thing but I think that coaches need to show the world who is boss. My guess is to the rest of the world Jurgens actions would be considered normal.

    • And what would you call what Mikey and Clint did?

      JK could not have been happy about that but he moved on because he need those guys and they have performed.for him after the fact..

      • hey GW, I agree with you.

        So how about the Mexico qualifier in September, who performed in that one for JK after the fact? Let alone the Gold Cup, also after the fact?

        When the MLS season started I thought LD was done. But I watched every game, like I have for many years now, and to my amateur coaching eye it was blatantly clear that LD was improving, fitness better game to game, form too, a crescendo occurring before any observant eyes. I’m sorry, but I do not believe these things were missed by Jurgen and his staff…they saw this too if a hack like me did.

        like you championed for Clint, and I agree, these veteran players know how to prepare themselves, know what it takes to be ready. Like LD is showing today

      • The thing that bugs me about all these posts is that everyone picks one little fact and runs it right out of context. Yes, LD did great against Mexico in 2013. He did not in 2014. When is the WC again? I guess I’m a hack too, but I saw a guy who was trying his best but just couldn’t cut it. I also saw a guy who, even if performing well, did not perform well as a winger and could not beat out the more in form or tactically more important forwards in the pool. I still don’t get the Brad Davis thing, but I’m not willing to drag him through the mud to save a legacy Landon admits is on the wane.

      • I’ve never dragged Davis thru nothing, hope he plays well and does it

        it’s not about saving a legacy imo

  4. I believe that the reasons JK did not select LD are LD would not be starting (a distraction for the team and from the media), and there are no players like LD on Germany, Portugal or Ghana. LD would not even be helpful in preparing the starting XI for these teams. We all know that Yellin, Green and Davis will NOT be starting and may never play, but they do bring to the practices elements the USMNT will be facing. Yellin could mimic the wanderings of Coentro; Green may have the speed of Ronaldo; Chandler is similar to Lahm. I suspect we will play with a very tight defense. Davis can test the back line on set piece practices. JK is tapping into the enthusiasm (especially since it will probably be their last chance to go to a WC) of Wondo, Davis and Beckerman, who would have never been on the plane if LD had been on the team. JK wants players who will give their body and soul to be a part of this team. Unlike Beasley, LD never reinvented himself when his game and his body changed. Beasley, to his credit, has embraced being a left back, and contributing anyway he could. There was talk that LD would make an interesting right back but ?attitude and poor defensive skills never allowed this to happen. LD has also made it clear that his body is not a resilient as in the past. LD would never be able to stand the schedule. LD may be good for ONE game. I fear that the USMNT will NOT make it out of the first round and JK will be slaughtered by the press. We would have not made it out even WITH LD.

  5. I have supported Klinsmann and want the U.S. to do well and go as far as they can in this 2014 World Cup, but definitely he has had it in for LD. I have been saying this.for a while; it has been in-house for a long time, mostly in his own house (especially after seeing his son’s tweed). Man, Klinsmann must have been furious.

    However, most people didn’t think that some personality conflict would get in the way of LD being selected. LD is so invaluable to the U.S. team that it’s incomprehensible that he is not on it.. What happens if the U.S. needs a penalty kick in the dying seconds against Portugal or Germany to advance, or even in the round of 16? Who is going to take it? Dempsey? LOL!!! Hold our breaths. Donovan has not only the poise but the experience to take penalty kicks in a WC environment.He would have not been rattled. His vision is another other asset, especially late in games.If there is some kind of injury, it would not surprise me if he gets a call. Perhaps Yedlin will pull a fingernail and for Klinsmann that’s injury enough to bring in Donovan. The other guy that should be in the 23 is Goodson.

  6. sad watching the apologists trip over themselves here trying to explain that LD got dropped for soccer reasons. hate LD, love LD, whatever…have the spine to understand it’s not about soccer or LD’s fitness or form

    come on Jurgen, do the right thing. Step up and do the right thing

  7. Another viewpoint

    Just saying it looks to me that JK has it in for LD but here is the real reason

    You all recall LD went to Germany and was a bust? Who invited him and whose career went south soon after as the coach of that famous Germa team??? Uhh none other than the same JK so he has not forgotten and now he has it in for LD? Witness the rant by his son?

    Enough said JK sacrificed LD as a spiteful payback and not only does LDhave to suffer but the US Nat team as well Shame on you JK You made it ll about you and not our team!
    We won’t forget this and I doubt we forgive you either if the USA struggles and we are all thinking in the 65th min, Gee I bet LD would be great entering the field about now?

  8. It’s obvious it’s personal. Is Donovan the one who talked anonymously to the press? Ever since then he has been persona non grata

  9. Since USSoccer is only paying for 23 tickets to Brazil…. I’m gonna pay for Landon to fly out there on a different plane. He needs to be in the World Cup! I can’t believe we only have 23 tickets! How else is the US best player of all time going to get to Brazil?

  10. Congratulations, Landon, on a job well done, sir. You could add to this number and make it stand for quite a while. Excellent work, LD!

  11. Good job with the MLS record thing you did, Landycakes.

    Sadly, though, good players perform when they want to while great players do not need motivation or controversy to perform. They are always on top of their game. 100% of the time. And never chubby. Until they retire.

    I certainly am enjoying the drama. It’s great for the game in these parts. Let’s admit it. One way or another he will be in Brazil. It’s unfolding before our eyes.

    Enjoy the ride USAers.

  12. After surveying the 90+ comments currently on here, I can confirm I am at least 1-3 steps closer to filing a one-time switch to the morgue. How about some methadone here? A non-Donovan story to provide some distraction and quell the violence? It doesn’t matter if you make it up at this point… Maybe Donald Sterling confessed to Joe Gaetjens murder. Maybe Barcelona broke the Eurpoean transfer record to buy Kenny Cooper. Maybe US Soccer is replacing the unpopular WC uniforms with a Nadal-Style halter-tops-and-capri-pants look, with matching propeller beanies. Maybe Sepp Blatter was the head vampire all along. Maybe you have information suggesting that FRANK is my biological father. Whatever it takes. Just do it. Godspeed.

    • Oh my.. I can’t BELIEVE the foolishness that I’m reading…
      Do you honestly think Jason Patric would have invited Sepp Blatter inside?

      • any comment on what you’re seeing my friend? you’re a man of integrity here. I know you didn’t see the RSL game or the Portland game, but if you believe what I told you about them, then saw him yesterday…what’s your take on things?

      • Yes sir, and I got blasted by a few the last few days. I’m in the very very small minority of people that believe the following:
        -That JK didn’t cut him because of a drawn out personal grudge that goes back to Bayern, through the sabbatical, etc..
        – That JK rated him only as a forward bc I think it’s tactical/formation related. For more info, go to the bottom of the thread titled Cameron Coy on his position (read it, and if it’s true a lot of these roster decisions would make sense) worth your time..respond there if u like
        – That despite what JKs “coachspeak” in public, what really matters is what he’s telling the guys in private, which we don’t know
        – That despite the controversy, I think JK is doing this bc HE thinks this is what HE thinks is the best lineup for what he wants
        – That 2018, contract, Dual Nationals, ego, WHATEVER other conspiracy theory be dammed, I think his desire to win now supersedes all the other stuff being thrown out there
        – I believe JK when he said he made his decisions based on what he’s seen in games, practices, scouting reports, talking to coaches, and the Camp…
        – I don’t think JK is the Devil
        For these comments I’ve taken some heat

        The comments people chose to ignore which I included were:
        – I wanted him to make the team
        – I don’t think he’s over the hill
        – I honestly don’t think he helped himself with the comments he made leading up to camp.. (cite Twellman)
        – Despite not being in the best form in some people’s view, that WE really don’t know what JK has been looking at and analyzing, and don’t know how he or anyone looked in camp.. and in truth WE really don’t know a lot…
        – That by raising these questions or possibilities, they are NOT what I would do, but what I think JK thinks he’s doing based on what HE thinks is best-repeat, not what I would do..

        I made one mistake about LDs positioning this year and owned up to it, it was an honest mistake which I corrected yet everyone on both sides of this discussion is so polarized people are slinging so much mud they are only reading what they want to..

        But this has become so polarizing that either JK is the Devil or Landon is Grandpa…

        Like I said, the vast minority…
        And attempting an honest dialogue
        I believe the possibility exists that this was a decision based on what JK thinks he thinks is best WITHOUT it being a personal/vendetta/conspiracy issue….

        Sorry for being long winded, but that’s a brief summary

      • And I just saw u commented on a few of my posts on the other thread, which I answered.
        1 was a joke, the other..see above..

      • thanks Bac. I’m sorry you got blasted. We truly disagree on this.

        Jurgen handled this very poorly imo. Why bring him to camp to see if he’s in form and fit, only to cut him unceremoniously and abruptly after seeing he’s in form and fit? No way it’s for soccer reasons, the facts are showing up that perspective as false.

        re. tactical and formational reasons, LD is the most versatile player in the pool in that regard, not only by position but also by formation and tactics.
        He can play a possession game, he can counter, he can play up the flank, he can play thru the middle, he can play out wide, he can play up top, he can play underneath. He can play a pressing D or a D that absorbs pressure

        his speed? just watch his games the last month. his burst? watch him play, today. his form? watch him play, today. All reports of his demise here are exaggerated or simply false. One must only use their eyes to refute that BS.

        I believe Jurgen wants to win too, but unfortuantley I am also left to conclude that he wants to do it without LD. I make that conclusion based on the evidence before us. That’s his prerogative as the coach, but let’s call a spade a spade

        that is if you all want to move forward and get on with it. If it’s going to be a discussion which says Jurgen is making this decision based on soccer reasons, this will not die because that is BS

      • And because I respect you we can surely disagree somewhat without sending each other to purgatory right???
        Note that I did say I think it’s what he thinks, not what I think..( If that makes sense)
        I am not really defending him, but I’m not attacking him either. Maybe it’s only making sense in my head and too difficult to put into words in a brief post.(frustrated at myself)

        Regarding the position issue, yes I agree with you.. If you get a chance to read that other thread it would make more sense behind the reasoning.. I’m not saying I agree, or disagree, or I would do it-or not- just that it’s plausible…

        So hard to explain.but it makes sense to me without completely trashing either one of em.

        And by the way, I’m not saying JK didn’t blow it.. but I don’t know yet. If it were ME, I’d quote Clarence Whorley.. I’d rather have him and not need him rather than need him and not have him.
        But I’ve been pretty consistent in my message (regardless of how it’s interpreted)
        I’m a deep thinker, and rather than either blasting JK or blaming LD after the initial shock..I’ve been trying to think 4 steps ahead of this…
        Maybe you follow what I’m saying

      • **Meaning the thread I mentioned earlier.. titled Cameron Coy about his position from a few days ago

      • thanks again Bac

        I reserved opinion initially, made no comments on this for a few days. wanted to measure my opinion and let things shake out a bit, and not just pop off. wanted to think about it too

        if it wasn’t the guy who has proven to be the most able for 15+ years we were talking about, no biggie. But he’s a different talent level than others in the pool, and showing he’s fit and in form.

        and then still getting dropped the way Jurgen did it? you believe Jurgen the master planner didn’t already have that figured out? come on man…LD is fit and doing it right now. Jurgen was hoping to bring in LD, show the young guys he was old and out of it, and prove to the youngsters they were better than him. Old coaching technique…OLD!

        But then LD showed up fit and ready and forced Jurgen to move quicker than he wanted to, and he dropped him before friendlies may have revealed how fit and ready LD actually is.

        this only makes sense if you can get to the perspective that says Jurgen wants to do it without LD for whatever reasons (who knows what they all might or might not be).

        but if you can see that as a possibility, then hello my friend. And it’s not some wild idea that coaches move players or drop them for personal reasons…happens ALL the time!!!

        that’s what this looks like to me. call me as crazy as you want to. others probably will.

        but dropping a guy who is in form and is fit happens…for personal reasons. it’s not new

        just wish people could admit that instead of clinging to claims of not being fit or in form

      • Don’t think you sound crazy at all, and like I said in the very beginning, I put myself in a vast minority..which means I also don’t agree with a lot of things being said to defend JK or criticize LD. Like I said, hard to explain but makes sense to me
        Give the Cameron thread a read when u get a chance…like I said, worth your time, respond to me there

  13. You know what every LD apologist sounds like? A parent whose golden child did not get the lead in the school play or captain band on their weekend bunch ball side. You know what LD sounds like. With his “I don’t want to make it about ME, but…” and “I’ve sacrificed so much to be here…”? That narcissistic 14 year old that we’ve all met and wanted to talk some sense into.

    I’m so over all of you.

    • hmmm…. interesting.

      EJ was snubbed for the 30 list… he scores for club in his first game immediately right after.
      LD was snubbed for the 23 list… he scores for club in his first game immediately right after.

      see what some good ol’ spanking does? Glad JK brought these two divas back to reality…

      Both are making huge salaries than they are worth, both are still very outta form.. I’d still take EJ over LD… I look at the final 23 and I see that we need speed and physical play in the wings, and we need someone who can out jump most defenders… that was EJ.

      • LD is out of form? you’re not a very able observer. you’re the diva, unable to admit reality and instead holding on to some fake belief of why things are or are not

  14. Again, LD only talking about himself after the goal. No thanks to his team, to his coaches. Only a bunch of “I’s”. If he really wanted to help his country, he should’ve kept his mouth shut yesterday and said that he’s available if needed after he scored today. If someone does get hurt from the 23, no way LD is taking the spot.

    • No way jk was taking him no matter what. Jk wants the legacy of this World Cup to be his alone. If their is glory to be had, he doesn’t want share the spotlight. Strikers personality.

  15. Klinsmann promised a team that represents an American style of soccer and he is not taking Landon Donovan or a single Latino player to Brazil. Klinsmann said players would have to earn their spots but not Green Brooks and Chandler. Klinsmann picked DeAndre Yedlin at the last minute for one reason only. As cover. Klinsmann must feel more comfortable surrounded by adoring players who speak German and who stroke his massive ego and who will be useless and not have the heart to truly fight against Germany in Brazil.

    • The underlying point that jurgen likes “yes men” is valid. He doesn’t want to deal with attitude or people who have their own perspective. Truth is that is fair, a coach should be able to make some decisions based on team and clubhouse. I personally think Donovan’s talent is worth the risk. If jurgen didn’t believe in Donovan because of the perceived lack of commitment or coach ability, I disagree but fine. I hate that he made a laughing stock of us all by saying this was a decision about skill.

      • If you listen to JK enough, you will come to realize there is no point in listening to him at all. He contradicts himself all the time and just says anything that sounds good at the moment.

        I can’t wait to her the spin when his handpicked team gets the crap kicked out of them in Brazil. For sure it won’t be in any way the players he picked and of course, it won’t be the fault of any Germans… it will be the fault of MLS or some other nonsense.

        Can’t wait for the friendlies to see how we look and for his sake, anything less than domination will be a failure

      • Hey guys– It is possible to appreciate LD, to admire what he has done… and still root for the USMNT.
        Just saying…

      • Jesse,

        He did not say it was about skill. He did not really specify the reason.

        When you do that you leave the floor open to all kinds of speculation, accurate or not..

        The alternative is burning the bridge with the player even more than you already have. And JK may actually need LD if injuries happen.

        If JK ever tells the real, unvarnished story it will be after LD’s potential usefulness to JK ends.

        JK is not afraid to take risks but burning that particular bridge now could hurt the team and is unneccessary at this stage.

      • apparently JK said Donovan had burned his bridges back when the US played Italy. So why string him along then?

        JK does continue to say other players are just “slightly ahead” of him. Which seems to be a skill conversation to me. You aren’t slightly ahead of some in “burned bridges and commitment.

        I think Duke has the correct take on this. JK is full of BS, he says whatever is convenient at the time, whether that contains shades of truth or not.


  17. Donovan is the leading scorer in the MLS! That’s like being the thinnest kid at fat camp. Hooray!!

    Whoops. I’m sorry. Did I say “fat”? Didn’t mean to hurt people’s feelings. You fanboys for Donovan are ridiculous. He was too fat to make the team yet you protect him. Get over it. He scored a big goal 4 years ago against Algeria. Hooray. That was 4 years ago. Or, measured in Donovan time, 1280 burritos ago.

    Maybe the reason Jurgen didn’t include him was because US Soccer couldn’t afford the insurance premiums on him. Guy with that much weight might just have a heart attack on the field paying against Ghana.

  18. Donovan got to play off the striker tonight… he does that well…

    I wish people would see how a Jozy up top with Landon behind and Clint on the leftside would work especially with FJ or DB playing as a LWB… Clint could cut in still like he likes and Landon could be Landon and be spelled by Bacon once he hit the wall.

    • Ding ding ding

      I’m glad someone finally pointed out that he was playing his preferred position tonight.
      Arena had bumped him to the midfield to accommodate for Ishikazi and Friend playing advanced roles.

      I suspect most players would have a drop in form when they are moved out of their best positions, but no one seems to consider that when taking about Donovan.

      • Yes, true, but you guys don’t seem to realize that LD is not one of our top 4 forwards. He is not better than Jozy at holding up; not better than Duece all around, or in pertinent stats over the last 2-3 years (or 2-3 weeks); not better than or have a better upside than AJ; and both of LD’s goals last night were Wondo’s bread and butter, NOT classic LD… Keane made the first one, which LD tapped in at the far post, and I’ve seen Wondo take goals like the second one routinely. Even Donovan admitted that Wondo is on fire right now. LD was only going as a role player up top, and he didn’t beat the people he needed to beat. End of story.

    • Clint isn’t really that effective on the the wing and plays the 10 better than LD. Why would we sacrifice quality in one position to accomodate LD? Clint made his name in Europe playing slightly underneath the striker LD made his name as a forward & LM/RM in a 4-4-2.

      • Clint is not better underneath the striker. He is soft. He dives 99% of the time the ball is taken from him. His passing ability is no where near landons. If you want to talk about poor firm what about every single us game Clint played in this past year save for maybe 1

      • It’s amazing how everyone just disrespect the rest of the players on the roster because of LD. I can’t wait till he retires now. Clint is an amazing player that never gives up. He had a poor run of form and injury and kept grinding through it to get better unlike LD who decided to go the sabbatical route

      • You can take them both to Brazil and give yourself options. Hats what a smart coach would do.

      • As a Revs fan, I loved Clint during his time here but he was actually playing a DM position that creeped up on attack. This created a numbers mismatch and resulted in him scoring a lot of goals. He was never put into a playmaking role or any kind of outside mid.

        Flash forward… still a good player but not really a striker nor is he that good as a #10 or outside mid. He’s a talented player that actually fits no specific position and coaches have a hard time trying to figure out where to use him

    • Yes exactly. Why cant JK put Donovan in center. He is better at passing than clint is and can score. Clint can play well on the left.

    • On offense that definitely works, but we are going to need lots of defensive cover from whoever plays out wide. Simply will not get that out of Dempsey, never have. Sadly, that used to be one of LDs strengths, but he can’t do it anymore and has said so.

      • Good point. That was probably one of the factors that led into JKs thinking. Maybe he had visions of Claudio Reyna’s breakdown that led to a Ghana goal in the 2006 world cup and didn’t want to take a chance.

  19. Donovan has always been that emotionally charged, moody kinda player. He’s hot he’s not but he is always up for big games. I honestly think his ‘poor form’ this season is in part because breaking this record got into his head. Think about it, willingly or not, right or wrong he has carried the mantle of the guy who carries american soccer for 10 years or more. Breaking records, being unsurpassable in the record books is important to him. It’s what gets him out on that field week in and week out. I can see how he could alienate a coach or two, that moodiness is hard to deal with, it’s hard enough to do all the things a coach has to do without dealing those issues.

    Now he’s broken the last important record and Klinsmann has got his revenge, I think he’s going to tear up MLS at least for the rest of this season. After that I’m not sure what it will take to get him fired up again.

  20. I knew Edu should have been on the plane to Brazil, He scored too how can all you biased fans not notice that too? Imagine we are in the knock out stages tied after 90 mins and OT, who do you want taking a PK in the shootout???

      • There are 5 pk’s minimum in a shootout. I hope you know that LD can’t take all of them you dullard

      • “who do you want taking a PK in the shootout???”. Key word was “a” PK meaning I would want the USMNT’s most proven penalty taker in Donovan to take A PK. Comprende? Read it a little slower next time so your brain can process it.

      • The correct answer would be any player of the 5 best Pk takers ON THE ROSTER. I’m sure that sounds logical to you

      • I’m actually a fan of the team not just a fan of LD. you’ve got it backwards you’re the type of fan we should be ashamed off. I stick with the team regardless of who’s playing. Would it be nice to see LD in Brazil? Yes. But the coach of the team thinks otherwise and I’ll go with that and still support the team. Ranting on the internet won’t get LD on the team. He made several questionable decisions over the years that affected his position with the team, you don’t leave your team when you feel like it and come back when you feel like it. I appreciate everything LD has done for us over the last 14 years but we have to eventually give someone else a chance. We’ve seen the best of LD. Its time for him to stop crying about being left off, stop talking about how he thinks he deserves to be on the team and get behind the team and support the team. He’s causing a lot of controversy right now and I think thats the attitude Klinsmann doesn’t like. Granted LD is a good player he has a tendency to think he can just say or do what he wants, how do you openly criticizes a teammate for refusing to pay for your meal? Everyone is blinded by the name but no one is looking at the game plan. Klinsmann plays organized tactical attacking soccer while LD is a free flow counter attacking type player thats why he failed at Leverkusen and Munich but succeeded at a mid table team like Everton. Watch the game against Mexico again and you’ll see what happened when LD entered the game. There’s a crazy misconception that you bring the “best 23” to brazil or a coach chooses the best players. That is not true at all, when you factor in team chemistry sometimes you can’t bring the best players. Take a look at England for example Gerrard and Lampard are 2 world class midfielders but anyone with eyes knows they are the same player and can become counterproductive on the field at times and playing Gerard out of position as a defensive mid doesn’t help the team. Or look at Man Utd there Kagawa, Rooney and Mata are the best players on the team but they are basically identical and don’t belong together so the coach decides to play Kagawa out of position on the left and he plays like a scrub!!! LD and Dempsey are the same way! They are the same player and We can’t have the same player on the bench as a sub we need a different style!

      • Really Jay. Donovan and Dempsey are very different players. They both would fit best on this team in the same role, but the way they play the game is totally different.

        Even if they were they same player, that isn’t a bad thing. Do you think if Ronaldo had a twin brother Portugal would say, nope can’t take two of those. You always have room for top players on the roster.

      • Jay Are,
        to your response
        down there, is a lot of fluff my friend.
        Rating Bayer Leverkusen, over Everton shows you are clutching at straws.
        I can assure you, I have no bias or prejudice, I actually am a big JK supporter and still am.
        These kind of things happen, and I hope all egos aside the best solution that gives the team (women’s team included) the greatest possibility to achieve success.
        my track record affirms this.
        I and many people here only want one thing regardless of who the player is or where they come from and that is to have the best 23 players available.
        If you want to dispute player facts and credentials ok.

      • Jay. I thought you had some good points. JK does have a different strategy that maybe Landon couldn’t adapt to. I wish JK explained his choice like that.

        Jesse and Garrincha. I am with you and believe that you should bring your best 23. No way Landon is not one of the best 23.

      • JAY ARE….JK plays organized, tactical attacking soccer?
        Talk to me after the first two games when we have everyone including the waterboy behind the ball. The guys is full of fluff and this 4-3-3 attacking style is hyperbole from a guy who cannot be trusted

    • I am worried Dempsey is going to take a PK in Brazil and miss it. I don’t know his percentage, but it seems like he’s missed a lot of PKs in his career. I think Altidore would be the best one for taking penalties.

  21. I thought LD would make the team as a sub be a good replacement for Dempsey in case of injury ejection etc. That said, the melodramatic pity party is getting old quick. Move on.

      • Guess what, you are wasting your outrage, angst and breath… Klinsman is not going anywhere until post World Cup. Should they do well…. which in spite of me not agreeing w/ this decision, I hope they do… all of this will disappear. Fair bet you’d be less pained too. If this WC is an unmitigated disaster, JK is likely gone and I suppose you’ll be happy? I think LD should be on the team, but thankfully, the days of USMNT (and my suppot) living and dying by Donovan or any single player are over- he is no longer the same player he was and thankfully our program isn’t either.

        Dust yourself on and get on with it for F sakes and enjoy WC, they don’t come often. Plenty of time to throw stones later if that brings ya joy.

    • I feel bad for Magee. He got sick right before his only chance to play for the Yanks and never got called back. He’s a better looking Wondo.

  22. Just watched the Galaxy vs Philly video highlights and the commercial that played right before them was a Gatorade spot with Landon Donovan in a USMNT kit. The sponsors must be pissed.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking. Also saw this article about it Klinsmann must have some stones to risk pissing off the sponsors, considering his demands for a $1M plus salary to take this gig at all. U.S. soccer is improving in terms of revenue, but does not have the luxury to lose big sponsors, or even to see reduced funding from big sponsors. I dont know if it will have any ramifications, but I would think sponsors would not like paying for spots with players representing them that are not actually on the field. If I am U.S. Soccer, I would be telling Klinsmann he better be damn sure of himself too.

  23. We all knew this would happen right? Landon responded to the snubbing. There is something to be learned here.
    1) Landon doesn’t always play up to his potential. Call it an attitude problem if you want.
    2) Landon can turn it on at will and compete with the best in the world, which is exactly why we could use him on the biggest stage. He will show up.

    • 3) Arena has been playing Donovan in the midfield and not even really as a winger the entire season so that he can use his new transfers up top. LA has a horrible road trip so Arena decides to move Donovan out of midfield and back to his favored position playing off of Keane. Landon proceeds to play well again, just like he did last year whenever he played up front.

      That’s also a possibility.

      • So.. Donovan is infact a forward these days… Whatever…

        Urg, I hate this whole thing make it stop. I just want like…urg not this. Why can’t Donovan act like he cares when he isn’t actually on the bloody field? The man is so frustrating. dsgasgaqssadfqrqhyhsds

      • I mean, this is so obviously true, and has been, that it is astonishing it has to be pointed out. Donovan has been playing further and further back because of the formation. Restore what they were doing last year and guess what? 2 goals and an assist.

      • +1

        it is astonishing it has to be pointed out, but there we have it on the SBI boards these days.

      • And if he’s a forward, then he has even less reason to go… unless you want to argue that he’s a better holdup guy than Jozy, is all around better than Deuce, or works harder and is on a better run of form than Wondo, Boyd, or AJ. You people are hilarious.

  24. yeah, whatever…he’s clearly washed up because a long time ago he scored five goals in a game and in this game he only scored two so his form is in steep decline and clearly he’s not in the top 23, because if he was he would be on that plane to Brazil and Brad Davis would have scored at least five and USMNT coach WON a World Cup so he’s the best coach ever, except for this World Cup when it doesn’t matter if US goes 3 and out because by 2018 this team will be awesome, just look how predicable unproven soccer players’ form is four years ahead of time…

    • Yes, because you remember all those soccer prodigies we had that panned out to be stars (Adu, Rogers, Danny Szetela, Sal Zizzo (Bundesliga) Brandon manzonelli (La Liga, Villareal), Gabriel Ferrari (Serie A Sampdoria), kirovski (Manchester United)… What a shame bob Bradley didn’t take Mcinerney, Connor Doyle.

      When Donovan, Ronaldo, Messi went to their first World Cup they were more then articles and quotes. Donovan score 35 goals in 40 u-17 matches and won the golden ball.

  25. I will be in Jacksonville in a few weeks for the Nigeria math… I already have my 2014 Germany kit ordered and on the way with Donovan on the back the #24 with a ? after it…

    #Germerica Ficken Klar!

    • Good luck getting that hashtag to catch on. (Might want to drop the spaces, though.)

      Just to confirm, you’ve ordered US star Landon Donovan’s name on a German team shirt you’ve purchased?

      • More of a silly protest really… Germany because damn near half our team is German as is our clueless coach… Donovan out of protest over the worst decision in the history of soccer and questioning whether Donovan is the “24”th best player in the player pool…

        #Germerica as hash tag will likely catch on before and during the WC when we start 3 or 4 German Americans on June 16th…

        Ficken Klar… you can guess what that means or google translate.

      • “More of a silly protest really… Germany because damn near half our team is German”

        Well leaving aside the rather unusual math implied there, I guess it must be silly, as all members of our team are Americans. That’s the way the international side of the game works, you know.

      • They’re American because their Fathers are U.S. Military. I gather you haven’t served, or you would understand. Constantly belittling players because they grew up overseas after our country stationed their parents there is getting old, has always been pointless, is mean-spirited and is divisive. 23 players are going to Brazil to represent you and the rest of us. Support the crest.

      • NolaJ, fighting the trolls and hate mongers.
        funny and quite hypocritically most likely many of them would have voted for Mr. McCain.
        Who was born in, I don’t know Panama?.
        But the Grinchy, likes Whos.

  26. Thanks UclaBruinGreat. You seem to get it. Klinsmann has been dropping hints before the Camp started how he felt about Donovan. His son’s Tweet was confirmation that it was personal between Klinsmann and Donovan. Appears much has been said at home, maybe around the dinner that the young punk became aware of. There was a lot of venom in his tweet. Most of the players chosen in the 23 are not good enough to carry Donovan ‘s jockstrap. It’s difficult to cheer for the USA because of Klinsmann’s actions.

    • Take your ball and go home then. Wow how old are you? You dont get your way so you might stop rooting for the team. Its going to be a long tough life my friend

    • Who cares? Watch the Kardashians if you want to unwind tweets and speculate on what happens in somebody else’s household.

      It is not difficult in the least or me to root for the USA. It never will be. Impossible. Easiest thing ever. A complete shambles that you would even ask such a question.

      Landon Donovan’s jockstrap thinks you should stop focusing on who should carry him, at least not while you’re so busy menstruating on the American flag.

      I can recommend a shrink who can help you sort out your dilemma for $300. Thing is, I only just met him, he has no medical license, and I’ve instructed him to throw up all over your Prius. He is also Ogre.


  27. I am dying to see/hear more interviews from the players on the 23 man-team about what they think of Donovan being left off! Especially from the senior players and the sure-bet starters. I wonder if they will bite their tongues or say what they really think?

    “So Tim, Clint, you will have either Brad Davis, or Wondo out there rather than Landon Donovan. What do you think?”


    • They’ll be polite in the interviews and buy into JK’s approach. A handful already have.
      They are mature enough not to make this an even bigger spectacle than it already is.

      The articles quoting anonymous sources, should we get some, will be interesting. My guess is most everyone waits until after the World Cup is over even for that.

    • No one will say anything now. Who wants to be the next player in the doghouse. Maybe if somone tweaks an ankle or knee Klinsmann can wiggle out of this mess but this can’t be good for team morale or unity. Still mystified as to how this could happen and still angry that our chance of getting through have been diminished by personal stuff.

      • Magee is smart enough to know he wont be called anyway. I give him all the credit in the world for having the nads to say what many are surely thinking.but are to afraid to say.

        JK has surely lost a good chunk of the team’s support

    • I am gong to regret saying this. I hate this discussion. But wouldn’t it be more meaningful to hear from Tab Ramos, if he was truly among those coaches who JK says agreed that the other guys were “just a little bit in front” of Donovan? This was the actual, stated reason for the decision. And if those guys agree… isn’t it the end of the story? I know I know… much less fun.

      People seem to overlook that JK did not make this decision in a vacuum. Not that it matters, apparently. I guess we only bought enough tar and feathers for one.

      I’m surprised at the lack of curiousity for the thoughts of Martin Vasquez. In my view, somebody should stalk him with a microphone. Maybe two people. Okay five. Follow all of his kids and nephews on Twitter. Watch him while he sleeps. Befriend his cats. Learn how they think/move. This is critical. Also, somebody should beat up Brad Davis’s mom with a bike chain. This really is his fault, if you drink paint thinner think about it very briefly.

      Viva OUTRAGE

  28. They say he’s uncommitted… but we brought Timothy Chandler.
    They say he’s slower… but we brought Brad Davis.
    They say he’s not in top form… but we brought Jozy Altidore.
    They said we needed an X-factor, so we brought a player with 15 pro minutes and 1 USA cap, not the one with 57 goals 58 assists and clutch goals in every single international tournament, and last years MVP and golden ball winner from the Gold Cup.

    How to F’ does Klinsmann have a problem with LDs commitment and then take Chandler. Or form and take Altidore. Dear lord this guy has it out for Donovan.

    Did they only call in 30 for camp so they could justify calling in Chandler without just selecting him to the 23 without having played for us for 15 months?

    At this point the only reason I can see calling in the 30 and not letting anyone play in at least the first friendly was because it would look absurd to name Green and Chandler to the 23 without even a few days of camp.

    • Now he’s going to be on a tear in MLS, and it’s going to be a shadow haunting the US team the whole time. Every missed pass, every missed goal, every time we’re slow to counter. This whole thing seems like it’s playing out as a circus before we even get started.

      Fantastic for Donovan to turn his week around with this. He deserves to play well and prove the player that he is.

      • It is sad but in truth Donovan is more important to the U.S chances than Klinsmann. We would have a better chance of getting some points with Donovan on the field than our current coach. Nothing personal against the coach but you have to put your best players on the field personal grudges aside. What a shame our coach isn’t big enough to look past some personal differences for the good of the team.

      • So he doesn’t in score in the first 12 games of the season, then scores a brace against a team who’s only won twice this year and he’s going on a tear? So tired of all this Donovan drama. He looked terrible against a Mexico C team, his for in MLS has been questionable, and its a stretch to think he’ll be able to play and practice at a high level with so games close to each other. Klinsmann also caught a lot of grief when he cut ties with Bocanegra, then went on to have the best record in a year for the USMNT, with some pretty big games, and without Donovan for the most part. We have some great pieces, we have a motivated team, we’re going to be fine.

      • Simply no comparison between boca and donovan. Let that idea rest for good. Today was just a friendly reminder of a a top 5 US players skills that should be on the plane to Brazil.

      • Thanks for the reminder. I needed it since i have not seen that from him in a long long time. Personally, i can go either way on Donovan. Like him, appreciate his career, and he could possibly help. BUT some are not being honest. When was the last time you saw Donovan play that hard? Why should a coach rewrd a guy who has been on cruise control for years. Just think folks need to be real. There are good arguments on both sides of tne issue.

        Say what you want, but JK has produced: won Gold cup, beat good teams on the road, won the Hex fairly easily, is attracting talented dual nationals (sorry Slow), and changing the style of play. Now he is not responsible for all the success, but certainly is part of it. Sorry for the rant

      • Byrdman, Cruise control for years?.
        less than a year ago Donovan, and the team won the Gold cup, while he also bagged the golden ball and the golden boot for most goals, and mvp/best player of the tournament.
        lets refresh, all time best
        MLS, goals scored, 120 plus assist’s
        USMNT, goals scored & assist’s
        World Cup,
        total points, goals scored, & matches played.
        at 32 he is a complete team player and and still has a lot to give.
        I have always maintained that he would be best suited as a part time role/situational player option.

      • Last season in MLS was Donovan’s best season in MLS since 2008 in points per game. I know that does not tell the whole story, but it does invalidate your farce of a post.

      • I’m sick and tired of hearing about the best yearly record achieved mainly playing at home against the likes of Belize, Cuba and Guatemala. The true indication of where the USMNT is right now are games away from home against Scotland, Austria, and Ukraine. Mediocre opposition that made US look worse than mediocre.

      • Why not suggest a year that was better? This makes for a much more compelling argument. Anybody can cherry-pick bad moments and friendly results. Pick a year. Any year. You’ll find some mediocre results somewhere.

        I don’t know how you arrive at the conclusion that “true indication of where the USMNT is right now” involves the performance of a half-strength side against Ukraine and two friendlies from November. They are data points. But they are not “true indicators” and they are hardly “right now”

      • YES, thank you! Hardly, “on a tear”…

        some USMNT fans have very short attention spans, here. The rest of the team arent chopped liver!

        LD not looking good these days, time for him to step off the pedestal.

      • Well he arguably drew the game winning penalty that wasn’t called, but that’s still a very small sample size for rating a player. Here’s a better question, who could potentially do more with experience in this World Cup for the next two, possibly three cycles, Donovan or Green?



        WTF, can we stop thinking like there is no other frickin way to prepare players for a World Cup other then making them play in one after having 1 or 2 caps. MORONIC. IS THIS WHAT OTHER COUNTRIES DO? No, they play qualifiers, friendlies, and regional cups.

        People should be ashamed to say they can throw away Dempsey and Howard’s last World Cup away because we are essentially using it as a training experience for our team in 2018.

      • Stop. Just stop. It’s over. Your anger has been noted for the record. This argument has now been articulated by yourself and many others. Repeatedly over the course of several days. We see it. It’s documented. All this has added is more CAPS.

        I wanted that, I’d check out Jonathan Klinsmann’s feed.

        And how on earth did you manage to drag Howard into this? Absurd. You know what, please don’t answer. It doesn’t matter. Just stop.

      • I can say nearly whatever I want as many times as I want. Unless you are the moderator of this comment feed you can’t tell me what to do. And you couldn’t possibly stroll into a Donovan article comment section after he had just been cut from the world cup squad and expect no emotion or venting. Are you serious? Are you the guy who strolls into the corner bar at 2 am and says “Hey, enough guys. Why all the drinking?”

        If you care to read I am bringing something new up I have not in other posts. People keep talking about the youth and how this world cup is about giving them experience.

        “Drag” Howard and Dempsey into this? Last time I checked this is their last world cup, and two of our most respected players shouldn’t have their last world cup thrown down the drain because, as many commenting are saying, we need to give some experience to Green, Brooks, Yedlin, etc. ??????

        World Cups aren’t about gaining experience, it’s about utilizing experience. Friendlies, Gold cups, Confederations Cups, WCQs, those are all places to build experience.

        Howard stated himself it gives him confidence having Landon on the team and that LDs one of the top 2 players on the team. That was what Howard said days before he was cut.

      • How are we not using the World Cup, or any game for that matter, to build for the future? That seems very short sighted, but that would explain where you get your viewpoints. And it’s not like Green is terrible, especially with all the reports coming out of camp lately, so heaven forbid Bayern Munich botched that one and locked up a player that is absolutely terrible.
        And even to top it off, how does preparing for the future automatically mean you throw in the towel on the here in now?
        And there is a big difference between Dempsey and Howard vs Donovan, Dempsey has played in 9 games, has 8 goals and 3 assists, and Tim Howard just came off one of the best seasons of his careers. Big difference between someone who has played in 8 games, scored 2 goals (both of which came in one game) and has 3 assists (one which came in his last game). Who would you rather play?

      • So it’s a good enough sample size for Landon Donovan… too small for Julian Green.

        Oh wait, are you going to say that given more games you believe Green would have a more impressive record? Kind of like, I don’t know, Landon Donovan?

      • Utterly terrible. Your point has been made a billion times over several days (yes the youth one too). I don’t even disagree. It’s just time to stop.

        I obviously can’t stop you from repeating yourself over and over. This is not news either. So go ahead. Finish your tantrum. Take as many days as you like. Paraphrase as many times as possible. Use Google Translate and do it in Swedish.

      • Simply put the Union are the worst team in the league. A top form Donovan would have done much worse than that. Keane and Zardes tore them apart with speed all day but Landon got on the end of it. It would’ve been more of a surprise if he didn’t score against them.

      • ? You sound as if he needed to prove something, and only did so now. If that is the case then too little too never for Green or Davis. Chandler, Brooks, Yedlin?

      • A lot of you narrow minded people need to open your eyes and try to understand and see things thru Jurgens eyes, Have we seen the best of Donovan?? H3ll yes!! Yedlin, Brooks, Chandler, Wondo, and Davis are all playing the best ball of their career right now. You have seen the best of LD and it’s not getting any better than that, he’s declining while all the other player in the forward pool have room for growth! Have respect for the team and coach and stand by them. Get off LD’s nuts !

      • Yedlin playing the best ball of his career?!?! He is 20!

        I think you need to stop rationalizing and get off JK’s nuts.

      • Yes he’s playing the best ball of his career and getting better. Is LD getting any better? Tell me one thing thats improved about LD over the last few years? If the x factor of Green and Yedlin don’t get you excited then I don’t know what will

      • Neither of them are better then Donovan right now.

        Neither of them will likely be better then Donovan in a month’s time.

        Donovan would be much more helpful to the USA then either Green or Yedlin.

      • Donovan can probably play better defense than Yedlin. That guy is a trip and a missed clearance waiting to happen.

      • Do you guys even watch games? Less than a month ago Donovan got chased down by Rafa Marquez. RAFA MARQUEZ! And then you’re going to come here and say he can still play wide? And then someone has the audacity to say he would be a better rb than someone who plays there for a living? That’s when I know things are definitely getting ridiculous. We’ve seen Green play once, so let’s disregard everything that anyone who actually sees behind the scenes says about him, and Yedlin has world class speed, enough to say that he could have chased down even Donovan when he was in his prime. Why would you not want that at your disposal?

      • The thought of you never posting again gets me excited. JK turned against his best US friend in Matin Vasquez 2 months before the World Cup. I don’t trust him as far as I can punt him

      • Sorry to see through Jurgens eyes we’d have to make our minds even more narrow.
        Playing the best in your career is great, unless of course your best is no where near someone else’s average.

      • I; sorry to say it but you sound ignorant my friend! How in the hell do Davis and Wondo have room for growth and they are all t same age as Donovan 32….you don’t learn anything new at their ages and this is the reason why so many people are upset with this snub because the aforementioned can’t hold a candle to LD. Wondo my have been in better form but what has Davis done to support that claim? The camp was supposed to be about getting everyone to peak fitness and on the same paige and I just find it interesting camp was cut short for the 30, especially considering that his teammates and coaches said LD was fit and playing great over the 2 weeks he competed smh…..oh well

      • So a player hitting form RIGHT BEFORE the World Cup is too little too late? Seems more like the perfect time.

      • Exactly. He has done that his whole career. He shows up with big performances when he needs to. Unfortunately, this should have happened before Klinsmann decided his 23. He should have made JK’s decision to cut him a harder one to make.

      • Donovan is the BIG GAME player. He has been all his career. Remember the Gold Cup? Remember US -Algeria, remember Portugal.

        Donovan has played hurt in a lot of games, and played in games where he was only recovering from injuries. His dedication is remarkable. And that includes his sabbatical where he needed to listen to his body and make decisions.

        Most of the newer players like Yedlin, Greene, are for the future, they have never played in a championship game, home or abroad, .

        Donovan has played more games at the WC than Klinsmann and KNOWS what it takes. You need 23 players who are ready to play NOW and you need to use every field player you have for a short time. a long time, as a sub for defense or a sub for injury..

        A scary though! Yedlin lining up against Ronaldo.

        Klinsmann had to pick his team and live with it , we can only hope he picks right.

        Although I fear another Steve Sampson in the making .

      • Yes, I fear that too. If the country is still upset by this, several of the players have to be bothered by this. Focusing on WC preparations will be a bit more difficult than it had to be. Stupid decision IMO.

      • I still think that one goal against Portugal in 2002 that was credited as an own goal should be Donovan’s. It took a deflection and glanced off the defender’s head. He should have six. That was such an awesome game to watch at 2:00am. I was at a friends house and we wanted to scream with each goal, but we didn’t want to wake up my friend’s parents. Those were awesome memories.

      • He could have played the friendlies, klinsmann cut the camp short.

        Howard’s comments just before the cut show Donovan was in good form.

        My God, how short a memory we have. Have we not seen time and again landon turn it on when he needs? My goodness, and we Altidore and Johansoon folks. Where is the good form there?

        Room for growth… Davis?

        There is NO SENSE in any of this, and it is flicking criminal that the player who was involved in so much growth of the American game is cut for personal reasons.

      • Well I would have to say, where was this Landon 3 weeks ago. Landon only has himself to blame because if he was trying this hard 3 weeks ago for the Galaxy he would be on the US team. Now it is too late.

      • He was nursing an injury three weeks ago. Just like AJ has been, who, in fact, has been quite terrible lately.

      • It seems like AJ’s ankle injury was the cause for his downturn in form. Before that he was on fire unlike Donovan..

      • Wrong GW. Donovan could have been on fire this season scoring in every game and Klinsmann would still have not taken him. Simply put it is personal. Great form or not, still super fast or kind of slow now, etc, wouldn’t have mattered. JK simply doesnt like Donovan so he would have left him off regardless.

      • Unfortunately, you are probably right. So do you think Donovan will be JK’s first choice replacement if there is an injury? That might be an even tougher decision for JK.

      • What’s weird is in some of JK’s after-selection comments, he spoke about how he told Landon to be ready, and if there’s an injury, JK wouldn’t hesitate. He didn’t say it specifically, but made it sound like (or tried to make it sound like, since I and many others believe the cut to be pre-meditated and set in stone) he was the last cut.

        Regardless, there would be a ton of pressure to bring him in, and I don’t think Klinnsman would be that foolish to ignore.

      • It’s only weird if you believe that this was a predetermined conspiracy to bring him in only to cut him.
        If you were to believe that he really brought him in only as a forward, and rated him behind Jozy, Deuce, Wondo, and AJ, then it’s not weird, it’s just where JK rated him as he said, based on what he’s seen in his games, practices, scouting, and the camp.
        Only JK and his coaches know what/how he rated everyone as it related to his tactical approach to our group..

        Now obviously 95% of the people here don’t believe that, but if one of those 4 get hurt.. we will know for sure.

      • There is no way I’d rate Jozy, Wondo or AJ ahead of Donovan. One has sucked all year, the other is a poacher that only scores against mediocre teams and the other has sucked the last 3 months when he should be in top form (hit the Dutch Wall maybe).

      • And to my point, you’re not the coach, and we don’t know how he rated his forwards.
        But as you say, one has sucked all year, one is a poacher, one hit the Dutch wall…
        And the next one hadn’t scored in 8 months..
        So unless someone gets hurt we’ll see what happens…

      • It seems like JK’s plan is to have a 4-5-1 with Beasley and F. Johnson on the left, Zusi on the RM and Altidore up top. Okay so he doesn’t see Landon starting. It’s still debatable that Landon wouldn’t be as good as the two starting wingers, but he is definitely better and more proven than any of the backups.

      • Gonzo is the most likely to come up lame,

        Are you going to replace him with LD?.

        JK said he would call in LD if one of the strikers gets injured.

      • UBG,


        Do you really think every player decision by every manager is entirely a matter of objective information? And that is how it should be?

        Every player decision by a manager is a combination of subjective and objective information. We never know what that percentage is for any manager. The results are all we can judge.

        Your personal feelings enter into your preference for Donovan, do they not?

        You favor LD because he has done it before in the WC. That was four years ago, Objectively, he is not what he was. He couldn’t possibly be. But you would bring him anyway because you have a personal preference for him. You believe in him.

        Here’s something to consider. LD’s pattern is to have a good WC (2002), followed by a bad one ( 2006), followed by a good one (2010). So LD’s record tells you he would likely have had a stinker in 2014 had he gone.

        JK’s is no different from you he just has a different preference. And I’m guessing he has more objective information at his disposal than you do.

      • Here’s something to consider. LD’s pattern is to have a good WC (2002), followed by a bad one ( 2006), followed by a good one (2010). So LD’s record tells you he would likely have had a stinker in 2014 had he gone.

        Yes, this is brilliant. Because all player’s careers are followed out by a Kindergarten pattern. It couldn’t possibly be that he had a learning experience in 2006 that would not be repeated. That would be highly illogical.

      • I’m really disappointed in your increasing venom mourning LD’s loss. What if Landon’s right, and like you or me has his own strong sense of what it takes to optimize his readiness for the most important stuff he has to do? Showing up to Galaxy camp all butterball didn’t make sense to me; but from where I’m sitting he appears to have arrived at June 2014 ready to power incisive passes into dangerous areas and score goals that remind of the Confederations Cup. You’ve been a champion of settle down brainiacs — we don’t what’s going on in camp and we don’t know what’s going on in USMNT minds; but you’re all too ready to call Landon a failure inside and out beyond just failing to successfully identify with his captor, when the evidence before your very eyes screams this mo-fo can PLAY RIGHT NOW.

      • All butterball, love it, good stuffing lil’ Zeke, +10, I think Pele is around here somewhere?.

      • I have been saying the same thing for years. A player with Donovan’s skill and speed can go past players much more often however he runs serious risk of injury so its smart to only do that in big games. Look at Josh Gatt, great speed and ability to run at players. Does it all the time and is always injured.

      • Did you watch any part of last night’s game? When I was watching, LD try to break away from a player he had a little space on, but was caught and stripped of the ball on a tackle from the side. Do not think he was trying to avoid injury. He simply could not pull away as he does not have the speed anymore. It was in the first half btw.

      • The planet where Donovan did more in one game than Altadore did in one season and yet Sir Jozy is going.

        Fire Klinsmann as soon as possible. Get him and his kid out of US soccer

      • I hope you aren’t saying that LD should have been picked over Altidore? If so you might want to get back on your pills

      • Not necessarily “picked over Altadore” but one does have to wonder exactly why Altadore is picked at all? He produces nothing and has no club stats to even hold up as a reason for selection

      • Duke,

        Here is one club stat for you.

        During Clint’s heyday at Fulham he averaged about 42 appearances across all competitions for Fulham. Which was about what most of their best players did.

        Guess how many Jozy had for Sunderland last season?


        He must have been doing something right.

      • It wasn’t just his assist and two goals, he absolutely dominated the game. He had tons of passes to put teammates into great positions and did really well running at the defense then making a great pass as soon as the defender committed. He could have had several more assists had teammates done better and he picked apart the defense all night.
        I understand that Edu and Sheanon Williams aren’t exactly Lahm and Schweneisntsstieiger, but in this game he outscored our only attacking player playing in a major league for the entire year.

      • But you cant play on cruise control and impress JK. We all know that by now. Whether you think Jozy is better or not, JK has said repeatedly, that Jozy is growing and learning. That is needes to find a way thru this. He has said to all of them repeatedly, you have to stretch yourself. Keep growing as a player. JK evidently hates LD’s laid back approach to the end of his career and international football. I think JK thinks like this, “if it was important to Donovan, than he would not have taken the sabbatical, not have gotten fat, not have cruised tnru the MLS season in the year of a WC. So maybe JK thinks LD has entitlement issues. I could see how he would come to that conclusion.

        Again, i would have taken him, but i can definitely see he other side. Leadership is tough. You know things others dont, and have to make unpopular decisions based on that knowledge. Many times people never know the real story. Just saying look at JK side’s

      • Why do you keep saying he is fat, didn’t he take his shirt off and look ripped? I also understand he won the beep test?

      • the one that revealed LD is not out of shape or form like the Jurgen apologists want to believe although the opposite is evidenced as truth

    • The USMNT:

      “United By Team, Driven By Passion. Unless our most famous player feels like taking a sabbatical, and only when he feels like trying against the 2nd worst team in MLS because he got his feeling hurt.”

      USA USA USA!!!!

    • I’d be careful with an argument in this form because the logical conclusion is that you’re comparing the faults of one man to three. It goes against what you’re trying to say. You just said that the faults of one man equal that of three.

    • Maybe the combination of all of those factors adds upto more than it does for any of them? Jozy may be out of form but he’s not out of shape and Chandlers playing a position with serious holes while Davis has never relied on his speed. Landons out of form, out of shape and out of gas. Making the decision on today, I might not have taken him either.

    • Maybe LD should have showed this type of commitment from the beginning with JK.

      The rules aren’t equal. Veterans are supposed to show leadership and commitment at all times and without requiring encouragement to do so.

      Instead, LD decided to talk at press conference about how he deserved to be there. Not a leader and not committed by show this reaction. Maybe JK knows what he is doing.


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