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Germany unveils strong 30-man preliminary World Cup roster

Thomas Muller (Getty Images)


Germany head coach Jogi Low has released his provisional roster for the 2014 World Cup, and it is as strong as anyone could have expected.

Manuel Neuer, Phillipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Thomas Muller headline the group of 30 Germans in contention to play against the U.S. Men’s National Team, Portugal and Ghana in Group G in Brazil this summer.

Low also included Per Mertesacker, Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski in the squad that will be trimmed to 25-26 players after next Tuesday’s friendly against Poland and ultimately 23 before the June 2 deadline.

Low had a few surprise selections and omissions in his side, which is among the favorites to win the World Cup. He called in the recovering Sami Khedira, uncapped players Kevin Volland and Max Meyer, and left off quality players like Mario Gomez, Rene Adler, Sven Bender and Bernd Leno.

Germany opens its World Cup campaign on June 16 by taking on Portugal in Salvador. The Germans then take on Ghana in Fortaleza on June 21 before wrapping up group-stage play against the U.S. on June 26 in Recife.

Here is the full 30-man roster:

Goalkeepers: Manuel Neuer (FC Bayern München), Roman Weidenfeller (Borussia Dortmund), Ron-Robert Zieler (Hannover 96)

Defenders: Jerome Boateng (FC Bayern München), Erik Durm (Borussia Dortmund), Kevin Großkreutz (Borussia Dortmund), Benedikt Höwedes (Schalke 04), Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund), Marcell Jansen (Hamburger SV), Philipp Lahm (FC Bayern München), Per Mertesacker (FC Arsenal), Shkodran Mustafi (Sampdoria), Marcel Schmelzer (Borussia Dortmund)

Midfielders: Lars Bender (Bayer Leverkusen), Julian Draxler (Schalke 04), Matthias Ginter (SC Freiburg), Leon Goretzka (Schalke 04), Mario Götze (FC Bayern München), Andre Hahn (FC Augsburg), Sami Khedira (Real Madrid), Toni Kroos (FC Bayern München), Max Meyer (Schalke 04), Thomas Müller (Bayern München), Mesut Özil (FC Arsenal), Lukas Podolski (FC Arsenal), Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund), Andre Schürrle (FC Chelsea), Bastian Schweinsteiger (FC Bayern München)

Strikers: Miroslav Klose (SS Lazio), Kevin Volland (1899 Hoffenheim)


What do you think of this roster? Is it as stacked as you expected?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I am American, but my last name is Bender. So do I vote for Germany because Lars has my last name? Or do I vote for America because I’m American and love the USMNT?

    I’ve never been so torn in my entire life.

  2. In order for the US to win it is all about the facial hair. We need a clean shaven Howard, a goateed Jones, bleached blonde haired Eddie Johnson with the lighting bolt insignia in his hair, and 5’oclock shadowed Dempsey!

  3. Aaron, if your scared go to church…one look at this 30 man roster and it looks even more like a no brainer that Julian Green filed his one time switch. I am aware he is really young and has plenty of years ahead of him to prove himself to the German National team, but even if he is a world class player, he will just be another guy on that team. With us he has a chance to be the head hauncho down the line. Loaded is not even close to properly describe this roster. The seven they leave behind would all be in our starting 11 easily. Gonna make it all the more sweeter when we draw with them to advance to the knockout rounds.

    God Bless our Yanks

  4. Oh boy this is a strong roster. Obviously we knew who would get called in, but to see the talent written down makes me want to cry.

    Good thing it won’t matter since the US is going all the way. As long as Wondo isn’t called in.

  5. It’s somewhat off-topic, but does anyone know why the US always seems to be the LAST team to announce their roster. Does Klinsmann think that he’s going to have the element of surprise on his side if he waits until the last possible moment (even though there’s a month of camp before the WC)?

    • Matt,

      JK originally was going to invite only 28 to the camp. Now it is 30.

      Waiting until Monday gives some of those fringe guys another chance to make a case.

      Since he still has some decisions yet to make there is no advantage to rushing your announcement.

  6. not that the past is any true authority, but I think Germany blows everyone in the group out of the water this year. it’s in the quarters where they’ll likely choke. for the record, I’d love to see them make a deep run. my motto has always been “anyone but brazil”.

  7. Too busy at work to do the math but I am wondering how many of these players actually played in the 4-3 friendly win last year against the US. Anyone?

    • Probably only 1 of the starters in the friendly will start for Germany at the world-cup. Klose or Podi. There were 4 others on the 30 man list (5 counting the non-starter of Klose/Podi): Lars Bender, Mertesacker, Schurrle and Draxler that started against the U:S.

      So 5 of the German starters in the USA friendly didn’t even make the 30 list.

      • Honestly, Klose probably won’t start, and wouldn’t be surprised if Podolski doesn’t either. For my money, Mertesacker’s the most likely starter from last summer to start for them, and he’s probably not even gonna be in the first eleven.

        So… Maybe 0 starters?

  8. Yikes.

    Guesses for a Starting XI?

    ————————— Neuer—————————–
    Boateng —— Hummels —– Mertesaker——— Lahm
    ——— — Schweinsteiger —— Kroos ——————
    Gotze —————- Ozil ———————- Reus/Podolski
    ———————— Muller ———————————

    Among those on the bench:
    Jansen, Khedira, Reus, Schurrle, Bender, Draxler

    • But if Germany have the grouped wrapped up, swap out all the starting players for the subs…

      I know, still doesn’t make much of a difference…

      • No team ever swaps out all their starters for subs. At best they might rest half of them. But with Portugal playing the weakest team in the group on the final day im not sure Germany would risk finishing in 2nd.

    • Boateng in the middle, Lahm on the right, Durm/Schmelzer on the left for Mertesaker.

      And Reus is an automatic starter.

    • I bet that Podolski does not start. Also, Klose will start with Mueller playing the Goetze position, at the location you indicated, at least initially (or maybe he replaces Kroos). I am going to have split allegiances between the US & Germany but I am a loyal US citizen and am also going to root for the US underdog. The main chance for a US win & great upset is to attack the German defense which is made up of four defenders who ALL have some significant weaknesses! GOOD LUCK US & KLINSI!!

    • yeah i used to bash Beckerman too but I’ve become a fan. The guy is solid defensively, a good passer, and dare i say could do well to frustrate and disrupt Germany’s attack.

      • This is International play at the highest level. Beckerman is going to get abused vs elite players. This isnt playing Honduras, or Jamaica (which torched Beckerman btw) I’m glad that he will play so that he can get exposed and not have to worry about him any more. That goes for Evans as well…..

      • Beckerman would be WAY out of his depth at this level. Too slow, both in terms of athleticism and defensive reactions.

  9. Mother of god. That is just frighting, do I still think we have a chance of getting out of the group stages, yes. But we will not be beating Germany in the process, I am so happy that is our last game of the group stages. We need to take care of business early, if we enter this match needing points then we could be coming home early.

  10. Phew, what a comforting headline. As a Germany fan I was worried that they might have unveiled a weak 30 man roster.

  11. If Albania misses out on Januzaj AND Mustafi, its fans will have to endure a generation of regret, like Polish fans currently must do when Klose, Podolski, and Trochowski suit up for Germany.

  12. Löw seems to be uninterested in Matthias Ostrzołek from Augsburg. I suspect now he will commit to Poland before the EURO qualifiers.

  13. You can’t be serious? Goetze, Reus, Lahm, Neuer and Ozil (when he’s on) are seriously amongst the best players in the world at their positions. They’re probably going to have guys like Schurrle and Draxler coming off the bench. Off the bench!

    Meanwhile, the US is going to have to rely on whomever doesn’t start between Bedoya/Zusi and potentially a super unproven 18 year old to “change the game” off the bench. Ay dios mio.

    I love me some Amurica, but if you’re not impressed with the German personnel, I don’t think it’s possible for you to be impressed with any International roster.

    • Heh, Draxler is your big surprise off the bench? Are you judging players based on how good they are in the FIFA games? He’s a rising star, to be sure, but his form this season is nowhere near what it was last year. He’s only on the bubble to make the 23.

      That being said, yes this German squad is undeniably talented, and the best in the group from top to bottom.

  14. Do not understand all the ooohs and aaaahs about the Germany team. This is a team that the USMNT can beat, and IMO Germany is over-ranked at Number 2 in the Fifa rankings. I am not saying Germany suks. They are a very strong team, but some key players are either out injured or still working their way back to form. Plus a lot of disruptions with key Germany players before shuffled around FC Bayern by Pep Guardiola’s. Germany is not as good now as it has been in the past few years.

    You can tell by the roster that Jogi Low is desperate at this late date. Six of the call-ups have never played a game for the senior team, while two others, Weidenfeller and Ginter, have only played one game. Even more telling is that Jogi Low, mascot of FC Bayern and no fan of Dortmund, called in seven Dortmund players, including the much misaligned Kevin Grosskreustz. It is not hard to imagine Low taking a deep breath before he signed a roster with nearly a quarter of the call-ups being Jurgen Klopp’s men.

    And how many Bayern players did he call: Seven. The same as Dortmund. This is groundbreaking under Low and I think it will be unsettling and the USMNT has a very good shot at getting three points against Germany. As I have said before, Portugal I think will be a much tougher opponent than Germany, assuming that Ronaldo is healthy.

      • such as the eurosnobbery!!! It amazes me how scared of Germany people are smh…..I’m just glad the actual team is playing and not these scurred posters lol

    • No s*** every team is beatable
      That being said, its pretty clear that these are some world class players, and dont think that they are not as good as recent years. They had young players in the last world cup like ozil and muller who are only better now then before

    • Grosskreustz is the ultimate depth player… and has been good at right back this year.

      I do agree that injuries has hurt them a lot. A half fit Khedira and gundogan being totally out makes a big difference. But Portugal is not tougher than Germany if for no other reason that the Danger on Portugal is easy to identify.(Ronaldo) Germany has attackers everywhere and Reus isn’t that much easier to contain that Ronaldo…

      Instead of Ronaldo crossing to Nani.(Hah) We have Reus crossing to Muller or Goetze.
      It is weird that so many Dortmunders were called up but that’s where the young blood in German football is right now. Durm could be huge, Bender is a effective but not amazing player.

      I do think the team’s biggest weakness is Low though. That 2012 Italy game is still mindblowing.

      • Agree with most of your comments, especially Jogi Low, who I think will be sent packing after Germany fizzles in the WC. And you are right about Rues and Muller, but Gotze is not in the same form now that he was in last year. But I still think Portugal will present a bigger problem for the boys than Germany. We will see soon enough.

        And gotta say, the defeatist attitude in the comments above pretty much saying no chance of beating Germany is irritating as hell. If Klinsmann feels like that he will surrender and accept defeat before the bus leaves for Brazil and the bus will be filled with youngsters while several of the best players are left at home to brood.

      • We can beat Germany but it does depend on the first 2 games.

        If they have a win and a draw, I think we are in trouble.

        If they have win and a loss. I think Germany could pull a France and lose.

        They have to not be at their best for the US to win because our best is no where near as good as theirs and that’s a fact. But we can win.

      • who is their best and who is our best??? Since we’re in a comparing mood! People like to make blanket statements without stats, analysis, etc but the reality is no one knows what will happen come the WC so all of these predictions are exactly that, predictions! All I know is we’re 1-0 versus Germany in my not so distant memory!

      • The most in form is Reus. Ours is Clint.

        Basically Ronniet what is comes down to is that German has many more players than we do who can do special things and they can do them more often.

        Our guys can do them just no where near as often. We don’t have anyone like Ozil at all.

      • ronniet,

        Of course the US can beat Germany.

        The question is not whether the US can but rather how likely is it and will they actually do it ?

        And we won’t know the answer to that until game day; we don’t know what the records of the two teams will be and how the injuries and form will work out.

        We could get there having beaten Ghana and Portugal and everyone playing like a house on fire. Or not.

        Anyway, there is nothing wrong with admiring their players and lineups.

        Besides the thing you really want to wonder about is how many comments SBI will draw for the article that posts JK’s 30 man list.

        I’m betting north of 300.

      • I did say “At Their Best.”

        On the day who knows…. but at their best… lordy they are good.

      • People act like it’s that simple LOL. On paper Germany has much better attackers but when Germany and Portugal played in Euro 2012 Portugal created more chances. It doesn’t matter if Germany has 9 great right wingers because they can only play 1, and in Euro 2012 that one winger couldn’t outplay Nani, who tore up Lahm, who to be fair was out of position as a left back. Also i’m not sure why Ronaldo would ever be crossing to Nani, or Muller to Gotze. In fact it would be the other way around, as the latter in each pairing play more of a playmaker role than the former.

    • +1 I do not understand why Low called in Klose, or for that matter, Podolski. Those guys best days are long gone.

      • If Klose and Podolski had chosen Poland, they probably still would be starting in 2018.

      • Klose ya, I dont agree about Poldi. He isnt starting but he is still a very good player.(well very good left foot)

      • Of course biff, their best days are behind them but, try to remember, their best days were among the very best in the world.

        Now, how are their days today? How would you compare Klose and Podi’s play today as compared to……………..Wondo, Altidore, Johannson and Dempsey?

    • Sly is all of 5′-5″ w/ lifts in his cleats and has hands of stone, but the roids, 6′-3″stunt double and overly dramatic background music would more than make up for it just as they do his lack of acting chops.

  15. Klose is over the hill. 7 goals this year for a mid-table Lazio. They don’t have any real strikers like, dare I say it, Klinsmann. Park the bus and don’t let Ozil, Schurrle, or Muller break you down. Nil-nil, grab a point, right?

    • That’s kinda it. Don’t let the fleet of glorious attacking mid fielders beat you. Its not easy but would be much harder with a good young striker.

    • Klose is the sort of striker who can raise his game one last time for the World Cup. It is only 7 games if they reach the final.

      And Germany certainly should be able to give him all the service he can handle.

  16. Wow what a bummer for Kiessling! Volland is going over everyone else? SUX YALL

    I just hope we can join hands in front of the goal and survive the goal machine that is Germany. Park that bus.

    • Kießling withdrew himself from selection a long time ago and won’t play again under Low. I’d say the biggest surprise is not taking Gomez– leaves them without a plan B, since no one else on the roster is a pure striker the way he is.

      • He’s had two significant injuries– that’s a lot different from Jozy’s season. But he should be fit for the WC and I think most people expected him to be a bench option. Low decided it wasn’t worth the risk, I guess.

    • “…thinking…in my head”? Where else would you think?

      No, wait, don’t answer that.

      I think it’s classless to crack on the SBI reporter, really – but if you must, at least write well yourself.

  17. I know it was a German B team fielding, when we played them and beat them. I am confident we can frustrate them to a 0-0 draw.

  18. If you guys are in need of some comic relief after the anxiety of seeing this roster, just Youtube Jogi Low picking his bugers and eating them.

    • La Klinsy,
      Seeing that like was like watching a bad accident in slow motion.
      Something like this:
      Oh there’s coach on the bench, he seems engrossed in two things at once,
      oh wait, what’s this?, what’s going on there, are you using the whole fist?.
      man I hope he picks a winner.
      Holy boogers Batman!
      Good job!, well done sir, got a good one hey.
      We can see that, I mean everybody.
      Now where’s he gonna put it?,
      is he going to flick it discretely onto the pitch.
      wipe it on his trousers,
      put it in his pocket and save it for later?
      No, oh nooo, he’s hungry rite now,
      down the hatch and back to where you just came from.
      German, efficiency and recycling at it’s finest.

      • I wonder how many first team minutes they would have had if they were at Bayern and how many Julian would have played if he was at Schalke.

      • Shaqiri gets almost zero time because of Ribery…
        So Its hard to say how much more if he played at Schalke but instead of Zero it would definitely be more.

        I kinda wish he was at Gladbach or someplace with room for a bit of failure.

    • Max Meyer is supposed to be pretty excellent… I don’t think Goretzka plays much though…but I checked and apparently… 23 games this year. That’s a fair amount for a 19 year old.

    • Meyer has been pretty great this season, and you know the current German soccer infrastructure is all about pumping out youth products. Thomas Mueller in 2010? I’ve never seen Goretzka though, don’t know anything about him.

      • I did some research AKA Youtube found a video of him vs Leverkusen. He looks like a solid CM. Germany may have no striker right now but here is yet another midfielder.

    • Hey Expat, aka Dirk?, I owe you an apology.
      I realize I balance a fine line sometimes with the humor and sarcasm etc. I playfully give nick names and so on, however I do my best to not call names, or tell people to shut up,
      I am interested in what other people think and what they have to say.
      I do respect your opinion and appreciate your enthusiasm.
      regards and welcome back.

    • THIS. We’ll have a hard time getting a result againt any 11 that starts from this squad. If we don’t get 3 points against Ghana

      • I see a tie vs Ghana. Portugal underperforms and Ronoldo, their top goal-scorer only scored in (I think) 4 of 10 WC qualifiers. Although, when he does score, he averages 2-goals per game. So. Shut down Ronnie and beat portugal. So, 1-1 Ghana, 2-0 Portugal, and it depends on Germany game if we go through. (although a tie and a win could put through depending on how other teams perform).

  19. It will still take a miracle for the USA to beat an already-qualified-and-resting-its-starters German team. If we are lucky it will be very hot and/or humid and Germany will want to take it easy.

    We need to come out of the gates like a rabid honey badger against Ghana.

    • I thought that the heat/humidity thing might be a talking point. I mean Spain in South Africa is the only European team to win a World Cup that wasn’t on European soil. Then I looked at the weather almanac for Recife, Brazil on June 26. The average high is 81 F there on that day, although the humidity will be high. Unfortunately, I don’t think the weather will be an issue for the European teams. I do realize your comment was more tongue-in-cheek btw.

      • I don’t think the weather will be an issue when the Euro teams want to win, but in a game that will potentially mean nothing to Germany, why go all out and risk getting dehydrated and such? On the margin it could make a difference for us.

      • Instead of looking at the average, consider the normal range of weather:

        Weather for Recife, June 26, 2014, 1-3PM local time:
        Temp: 77-86 F
        Humidity: 62-87%
        Heat Index: 77-104 F

        It’s the heat index that matters: it goes from pleasant to unbearable. A lot of that, by the way, depends on if/when a coastal rain shower hits during the day. They last for just a few minutes in Recife but dump tons of water. If it’s just before the match, then humidity will skyrocket and we’ll see that 100+ degree heat index.

        And FYI:

        Weather for Manaus, June 22, 2014, 6-8PM local time:
        Temp: 79-84 F
        Humidity: 70-88%
        Heat Index: 81-97 F

      • No doubt, but that still leaves a large range of temp/humidity/heat index. Let’s hope that any edge that the weather may give favors us.

    • You know it’s amazing to me that so many people on these threads don’t think we have any chance of beating, no less competing with the likes of Germany! Our boys are professionals just like Germany’s and I get the impression from some of the comments that we’ll just roll over or we’ll need some sort of miracle to compete with die mannshaft. It’s naïve and ignorant to think this way especially considering we beat them a summer ago, friendly or not! This is the WC and I for one think that having the most quality in the team that ive witnessed since watching US soccer will go along way to a productive and surprising(not to me)WC!

    • Who said they will be already qualified? Portugal could most definitely draw them at the very least. And even then they will want to lock up 1st in the group which likely wont be possible after 2 games.

    • We’ll have to be somewhat careful when we play them, because that’s the type of squad that could sneak away with a draw against us, if they start praying and doing steroids right now, of course.

  20. Only two strikers? Would think they’d at least call up three for the 30 man roster. Otherwise great list nice to see Mustafi from Sampdoria get a call underrated, seen him a few times against Roma and Juventus.

      • There is a London sports book that actually has us beating Germany.

        Oh wait. It was from odds on WWII. My bad.

        Germany is going to go far in this cup.

      • Saving grace, perhaps? European teams (including Germany), while always talented, are notorious underachievers playing outside of Europe and Asia.

      • if by underachieving you mean not actually winning the WC outside Europe, well… they do pretty darn well getting to the finals, regardless of location.

      • Hopefully South Africa was an out-liar with a Spain-Dutch final based on the games still playing in European time zones. But I worry the world has shrunk a lot in the last 20-yrs and players are much more worldly individuals these days. The Europe outside of Europe curse may prove to be shrinking. I hope that I’m wrong.

      • Cpl,

        It is true that the world is shrinking but not in a way that will help Europe win outside Europe.

        The rest of the World has many, many more players playing in Europe than was the case 20 years ago. I don’t think the reverse is true.

        It may not make a difference but the USMNT players as a group are not unfamiliar with hostile, hot, humid, less than perfect pitches and stadiums. I don’t believe that is true for Germany and maybe Portugal. I’m hoping the Ghanaian players have been spoiled by their time in Europe.

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