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Must-See Goal: Erik Hurtado

Erik Hurtado Golazo (USA Today Sports)



  1. Hey Ozzie, the field crew a BC Place called, they have your feet and ankles you left on the field after the Hurtado goal. They’re wondering to send them to you.

  2. Klinsmann already had a predetermined 23…

    I speculated on this before, but with the players now coming out and saying such things, I know it’s definite.

    Jurgen lied to the players and to americans publicly about the legitimacy of his camp and he should be singled out for his deceit and held accountable.

    Conspiracy? Yes. This roster is designed to promote MLS in a dishonest way. They made the investment to bring back Bradley, Dempsey and countless others because their going to ride their superficial success at the World Cup to popularize MLS. Players who play in the English championship and Liga MX players weren’t invited into camp because of this self promotion agenda and because the US soccer staff already knew who was going to at camp.

    If your going to bring in players for the sake of the highest caliber competition available, then I don’t know any players who put in more work on all sides of the ball then championship players. No Duane Holmes, Spector or Ream or Packwood (if he isn’t injured)? BS…

    • Let’s assume that your self-proclaimed knowledge of things that you cannot possibly know for a fact are true is correct, SO WHAT? A handful of teams coaches already knew their 23 man rosters and announced them before even calling players into camp. So “lying to the American public about the legitimacy of his camp” doesn’t really mean s***. His camp isn’t meant to be a democracy for the people and players, it’s meant to be whatever Klinsmann damn well pleases so long as he announces his idea of the best 23 man roster at the end of it. Seriously though, the idea that we are going to ride our “superficial success at the World Cup” when we could very well go 3 and out is preposterous and no professional coach is going to choose his team to promote a soccer league that he has no strict affiliation too. That idea is just preposterous. Did he choose his team based on the WC in 2018, maybe. I’ll even humor the idea that he snubbed Donavon purely for off the field reasons (although I don’t buy it), but this conspiracy is hands down the dumbest I’ve read on ANY soccer news blog or related website. Period.

      • So “lying to the American public about the legitimacy of his camp” doesn’t really mean s***.

        Live your Illusionary reality to the fullest man

      • Dude I get it. Don’t listen to these Muggles. Keep workng on this and you’ll get to where I am… Crop cricles, 9/11, Monsanto. These are important concepts. And that’s just the beginning.

        Don Garber is a hologram. Yup. Thought you might want that little detail, too. You’re welcome.

        For now, play it cool– this place isn’t safe. Don’t post here until I give the sign. You do know the sign, don’t you?

    • This is legimately one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. How does Klinnsman benefit from your complete speculation?

  3. Its a nice finish but feel like Frei has actually shrunk himself on this one instead of getting big. He crouches down and doesn’t do much with his arms. Alonso got torched on this by Hurtado, wonder if he needs a rest, he hasn’t looked anywhere near his best so far this year.


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