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Bolton holding contract negotiations with Holden

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Bolton Wanderers have begun preparing for next season by parting ways with four players.

Stuart Holden is not one of them.

Bolton announced on Monday that they will release a quartet of players and are in contract negotiations with three others, one of them being the injured Holden. The midfielder’s contract was set to expire this July, but Bolton are attempting to work out a new deal with Holden in the hopes that he can return to action on a permanent basis after suffering his latest knee injury in March.

The 28-year-old Holden has been with Bolton since 2010, but several knee injuries over the past three years have prevented him from playing a significant role with the club. He is expected to be out of action until late this year.

What do you think of Bolton wanting to re-sign Holden? Do you see him making an impact at the club next season?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. i wouldnt be surprised if this was some sort of incentive laden pay-if-you-play sort of deal, not uncommon for players with Stu’s injury history

  2. Cinderella Story: World Cup 2018, Michael Bradley and Stuart Holden start at central midfield. They provide the veteran leadership on a very young team featuring AJ and Altidore up top, Arriola and Green on the flanks and a defensive backfield of Fabian, Brooks, Besler, and Yedlin. The dominate the groups stage and make it to their first final game!

  3. I always wish him the best, but his new contract will have to include bionics or something because players just don’t come back from knee trouble like the kind he is having.

    By keeping him around the locker room, however, Bolton is making a great move. He is undoubtedly an inspiration to every player who has sat out a season or taken a knock and required recuperation. I don’t know what the value of “inspiration” is, but it is good to see they are trying to figure that out.

  4. Would love to see Holden and Ream on the same field together. Would get my panties all twisted in a knot. Respect (ali g style) to the Wanderers for sticking with our boy. Go Stu!

  5. Big ups, Bolton! Seems like a classy organization, and they have been very appreciative of the Americans they have had there. I hope more Yanks go there! (seems like a Championship team like this could be a great next step for good MLS players like Zusi or Besler)

    • I like what Bolton has done and Stu should reward them with loyalty. That being said, I think some players (like Besler) are above championship level even though the championship does make significantly more than MLS (whereas the Premiership has average salaries at a little over GBP 1.3 million, I think I read the championship average was about GBP400k (approx USD 650k)

    • Agree that Besler and Zusi shouldn’t bother going to Europe (unless they want to) unless it’s for a better club than Bolton.

      • ok look… this is so common and frankly ignorant. you cant judge a club solely based on its league position. you have to look at the support, the ownership, the history. Bolton have not been good for a few years but they are one of those clubs that in the right circumstances could find themselves earning promotion, ala Burnley this year or Crystal Palace last year.

      • in other words, Bolton are a year away from being a premier league club with the right players and in the right circumstance. Would Besler and Zusi help them get there? I think they would. If that happens, that sounds like a pretty damn good move to me.

  6. Respect to Bolton for standing by Stu. I hope he’s able to repay their loyalty by putting in a few good years and helping them return to the Premier League. I’m a Fulham supporter, but I’ll also be pulling for Bolton in the Championship next year.

  7. I think it speaks to the quality of Holden that Bolton want to keep him. Too bad it is can’t be displayed on the field of play.

  8. good move from bolton. can’t remember what interview it was, but either the manager or someone else in leadership there made a point of saying that holden would always be welcome at bolton in some capacity.

  9. One one hand give Bolton credit for trying to take care of Stu. On the other hand it is a business and they have received very little on their investment so far and unfortunatley they are dealing with damaged goods. I do hope he can get over these injuries and have a nice career for the next 5 or 6 years.

      • they’ve already said as much, basically saying there will always be a position for Holden at Bolton.

    • How do you know that Bolton “have received very little on their investment so far”? I don’t mean to be snippy with that question; I really wonder. He’s a fan favorite, right? How much revenue has he brought to the club, even if indirectly?

      • Well he can’t sell tickets if he is not playing. I don’t know what they make off his uni sales but he has been with the club for 4 years and has appeared in 40 games total for them. I think Holden, when healthy, is a wonderful player. However if I am the boss I am going to hedge my investment on a fit player.

      • I wonder how much he already brought the team—may have more than paid for himself—and how much he continues to bring in because fans like seeing their team stick by him.

      • You’re delusional if you think this is true. Outside of David Beckham, players aren’t bought for t-shirt sales, and they certainly aren’t bought because they bring fans to the stadium because these fans wouldn’t come unless they thought the team believed in a particular player. Teams buy players to play. And Holden’s career is over. They’ve shown a lot of loyalty to him already, it would be insane if they kept him.

      • Lets make sure that I understand your point: I’m delusional because I’m trying to think about explanations for the decision the team actually made, as opposed to your great insight into the situation which is exactly the opposite of what the team decided?

        That makes about as much sense as a frog in a chicken costume.

    • Also, from his perspective with all his injuries it’s probably his best deal. They might be generous where other suitors would likely be skeptical and emphasize incentives related to appearances….ie, expect him to play to be paid much.


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