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Klinsmann eases fears over Dempsey’s groin problem

Clint Dempsey

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When Clint Dempsey was removed from the U.S. Men’s National Team’s starting lineup just minutes before Tuesday’s kickoff against Azerbaijan, the fear of the U.S. captain missing the World Cup began to settle into the hearts of American fans everywhere.

U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann effectively put those fears to rest late Tuesday night.

Klinsmann said following the Americans’ 2-0 win over Azerbaijan in San Francisco that Dempsey was made a late scratch during pre-game warm-ups because of precautionary measures. Dempsey had initially felt some discomfort in his groin on Monday and thought it would be best to rest rather than risk a long-term injury after going through the pre-game drills at Candlestick Park on Tuesday.

“It’s not serious at all,” said Klinsmann, who replaced Dempsey in the lineup with Chris Wondolowski. “He had a little pain yesterday in training and he told me about it. In the warm-up, he was just a little bit nervous about it. I talked to the physio about it and he said he needs just one or two days of rest. That’s what he needs and because of that work that we did, the players have pretty much been on the edge.

“That’s what we have to do: prepare them for something bigger. I decided that at the warm-up talking to Clint and talking to (team physio Ivan Pierra) that let’s keep it to two days as it’s going on, so it should be no problem at all for Turkey.”

If Dempsey’s injury had been serious, Klinsmann could have replaced the veteran attacker on the 23-man squad that is headed to Brazil in a couple of weeks.

The Americans play host to Turkey at Red Bull Arena on Sunday in the second of the U.S.’s three send-off series games.


Glad to know Dempsey’s injury is not serious? Expecting him to start and go the distance vs. Turkey? Surprised it was Wondolowski who filled in for him in the lineup vs. Azerbaijan?

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  1. Call me skeptical butI playing soccer thru the years, have had groin injuries and they kinda linger? While you feel OK to run even sprint, a quick odd turn , then bang out again Sooo If Dempsey has a groin injury I think it will manifest itself in another few weeks? Bad news all around for the US?

    Ergo time for LD and JK should bite the bullet and simply say EITHER LD or Clint will play but probably not both?

    Goes back to my original comment as a College coach I would have kept/announced 24 until deadline and let the chips fall then. IE Injuries etc sometimes let the team pick itself?

    Now IF ( huge if) he calls on LD all the hurt is already there. But what if clint is injured, then ?

    Bad coach move JK.. Bad move

    • “A quick odd turn, then bang out again” ?

      Pretty sure Klinsmann has prohibited banging until after the tournament to prevent just such an occurrence.

      • “Hey guyz liszuun….I want alz of you to be puure givahs but please when we landz in Brasil no giving ofz ze field”!

  2. Glad they rested him for the first send off game… Shouldnt be playing top players too much yet

    Hopefully he is good to go soon

    • I actually disagree that we don’t need to be playing our top players too much right now, in fact that’s exactly what we need to be doing to build chemistry(if last night proved anything)! I think we’ll look a lot better Sunday against Turkey, heavy legs and that vicious wind may have contributed to the disconnect amongst the players but with a recovery day today and some light training the next few days we should be ready to do some damage to the Turks!

  3. I hope Dempsey is not hurt, but Klinsmann saying he isn’t doesn’t really ease my concerns. Afterall, he said his son is a big LD fan – I kind of find that hard to believe. He’s said other things that I don’t really believe either, but none come to mind (not that all coaches don’t do the same thing …). Not complaining, just saying he didn’t really put my mind at ease.

  4. I find it compelling how often through every cycle and camp all the pundits discount Davis. He’s too old. He’s too slow. He’ll be the first one sent home. Blah, Blah, Blah. And over and over again Jurgen picks him. Obviously he sees strengths that others don’t. Then you read Ives Man of the Match article and go through the “vote” and guess what? Davis is ranked second by the silent majority. We all see his steady play, good field vision, excellent passing (most of the time) and work ethic. So Kudos to Brad Davis, a hard working unassuming good guy…. with a deadly left foot.

    • Good game, great left foot, but if he had a right foot more useful than a pork chop, he could have scored last night.

      • This is the only complaint I have. I’m not sure he touched the ball with his right foot the entire time he was in the game and would’ve had a couple of good scoring chances if he could use it. Otherwise he was very solid.

  5. Surprised to see Wondo fill in for Clint? Yes. Bring on Ice man!

    P.s.- did I hear “Landon Donovan” chants throughout the match or was that my imagination?

    • You did hear it. AO had a Landon chant. Wish people would move on. Hell, the longer we drag this out, the less likely it is he will return to the team. Squash the beef yo.

  6. I realize that it’s become the cool thing to say on this site that we don’t want LD, kinda like how I said in the 90s that U2 was over the hill (even though I secretly still liked them), but I’ll admit that if Deuce picked up a serious knock, LD is definitely the one I’d want to be called in.

    • Always thought that U2 was horribly overrated band, and that Bono was a pretentious twat who was always lecturing us about poverty in Africa.

      Having said that, and realizing fully that I am not cool:

      I want LD and Goodson back.

      • Why would you want Goodson to come back and sit on the bench? He’s only in competition for 4th CB. He’s better off playing for his club team. They need serious help on defense.

      • Agree on U2 (except the early years).
        I would like to see LD if a replacement was needed too, but in this game, none of his strengths would have been used (other than set pieces and the replacements did very well with those). LD needs space to run with the ball straight or at angles (we actually don’t have anyone on the roster who can do an angled run with the ball at his feet the way Landon can), and either break out or thread visionary passes. Trying to break down 11 defenders behind the ball is not really a good place for any of our players…especially Yedlin….OUCH!

    • Give me Boyd, I want to see him go crazy and eat the badge like he promised he would after scoring his first goal for us.

  7. It seems likely that there will be 1-2 soft tissue injuries in this squad with big impact on the available line up in Brazil. Dempsey now seems like a likely candidate for one of them.

    • Agreed and since every comment has to include Donovan….

      It seems equally likely that Landon will NOT be the replacement for ANY replacement needed. Unbelievable..If it is an attacker Corona be on standby tirns out you will be 24


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