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Klinsmann to bring 30 players to pre-World Cup camp

US Men's National team

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U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann was not initially planning on bringing the maximum 30 players to his pre-World Cup camp, but he has had a change of heart.

Klinsmann used his Twitter account on Thursday to announce that he intends to summon 30 players for the World Cup preparation camp set to begin in Stanford, Calif., on May 14. Klinsmann had previously indicated that he would bring less than 30 players to the two-week camp that includes friendlies vs. Azerbaijan and Turkey, but that is no longer the case.

Klinsmann’s announcement should be encouraging on many levels for several players in the pool. The U.S. currently has one of the deepest teams in its history, and a handful of deserving hopefuls would have missed out on the camp had Klinsmann opted to bring in less than 30 players.

Klinsmann must submit his 30-man preliminary roster to FIFA on May 13 and his final 23-man squad for the World Cup on June 2.

The U.S. hosts Azerbaijan at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on May 27 before heading east to take on Turkey at Red Bull Arena on June 1. The final 23-man World Cup roster then travels down to Florida to face Nigeria at EverBank Field on June 7 before taking off for Brazil.


What do you make of this development? Think it is a good move to bring in the full 30 players? Wish he would have brought a smaller group instead?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Can’t understand so many people saying Diskerud is a lock for the 30. He hasn’t been a consistent starter for his club team. I like Joe Corona, who plays in a better league and played in the Copa Libertadores, where Tijuana went all the way to the semi-finals.

    • Interesting thought, fact is none of us have seen much of Mix in quite a while, and Corona has regained his playing time and has looked sharp. I’d guess JK has film on Mix. I’d still think he’s in the 30 though..

      • I’m willing to bet that neither makes the 23 man roster. Their roles are not high need ones for the US. If they were wide midfielders of the same talent level this would be different. Neither is talented enough or in good enough form to knock one of the top US attacking midfield options off the team.

      • I don’t necessarily disagree, but I will say this, I think JK has to have one attack minded central midfielder in mind in the event we either lose MB to an injury or 2 yellows , or we need a late sub in the central midfield because we’re down a goal late.
        Jones, Becks, and Edu don’t meet that need. Zusi is a wide player, LD is either wide or a withdrawn forward like Deuce … in a pinch Bedoya could be that guy in an emergency.

        This is a reason why I’ve been saying I still think JK only brings 3 forwards instead of 4, Jozy, AJ, and either Wondo/EJ/Boyd… because Deuce will start as the withdrawn forward, and Donovan and AJ can play there.
        Or maybe only brings 7 defenders instead of 8 due to the versatility some of them have.

        I haven’t predicted a 30 or a 23 like most, but I have been predicting for the last month or so that I think he carries an extra midfielder..
        I do think MB, JJ, Beckerman, and Edu are going… plus…
        It may be Mix just by default…

  2. I think that frankly there is not a lot of difference in the quality of players that would make up the 3rd to 5th choice at most positions. Who gets called in will have more to do with JK and staff’s thoughts on which of the first 16 to 18 players are carrying injuries that might limit them, which players might have a special talent that the team could use in some situations, and just what tactical approach and contingency to those tactics some players might bring. The camp will serve to further refine those choices and to provide a final evaluation of the players’ current form.

    There is scarcely a player mentioned here who could not be in the 30, the fact that there are so many in the conversation is a good thing, even though it will mean dashed hopes and disappointment for some.

  3. Really hope to see Benny in the 30. I hope if he doesn’t make the 23 it’s because Klinnsmann thinks he’s a chemistry killer/bad teammate and not because of personal dislike (seems like every coach has players he just doesn’t get along with). But how does someone with his skill set not fit into Klinsmann’s possession-based ideal? He’s having a great year.

  4. Im all for competition as long as people that bust their butts and show well, earn a spot over others that maybe don’t do as well during the camp. JK can’t pretend its an open competition then not reward those that perform. My biggest fear is that he would say its totally open then ignore the on field results, in some cases, and goes with his favs anyway. For example, Imagine if Wondo is popping them in left and right while Altadore cant score on an empty net but JK picks Altadore anyway. What message does that send to the team? Or maybe Beasley is getting beat like a rented mule (as usual) but still gets picked.

    I like that he’s bringing in 30. I think thats great but to be fair, the team should totally be picked based on what is shown during the 2 week camp and not based on who he likes. This is the way people earn spots in track & field and skating for the Olympics with no exceptions. That is to say, no free passes.

    I do not have a high degree of faith that JK would ever do that and if he doesnt then the camp is a sham

    • The problem is historic results count. Jozy’s performance against Bosnia still looms large in my mind, especially since it was less than a year ago. That being said, obviously he can’t still be as confident. But there’s no way Jozy isn’t include, there’s a good chance Wondo isn’t. if you’re going to directly replace Jozy it’ll be with AJ not Wondo, so its not a 1 for 1 comparison.

    • Nice thought. However, this past Olympics the US woman’s Ice skating team just added a female that fell in the trials over the skater who beat her in the trials. Why, because she “had a bad day”.

    • Duke,

      I’m just curious as to how you are going to prove that the camp is a sham by your standards? So if JK picks a player you don’t like and leaves behind a player you do like that proves it?

      “the team should totally be picked based on what is shown during the 2 week camp and not based on who he likes. This is the way people earn spots in track & field and skating for the Olympics with no exceptions. That is to say, no free passes.”

      Because what you are saying is that JK should just throw out the last two years entirely and base everything on the camp.

      The camp is not going to tell him who comes through under real pressure like EJ did in the qualifiers. Or whether or not someone can set the sort of inspirational example JJ did in the Denver snow bowl game when he played more than a half with a huge bleeding hole in his leg that caused him to miss time with Schalke afterwards. So what if Wondo is popping them in left and right in camp, is that the same as doing it against real competition?

      Your choice of track and field and figure skating shows the flaw in your logic. Those are individual sports based on competing against a clock or a measuring tape in one instance and against a set of subjective judges in another case.

      Olympic trials for those sports lend themselves to making the kind of judgments you are talking about.

      But soccer is a team sport. You actually have to interact with 10 other guys and Olympic trials are not going to tell how well Player X interacts with Player Y on the field especially when everything is hitting the fan. That is what the last two years were about and that is what team sports are about, building and testing a collective that can work together to a greater good.

      For a team sport, player evaluations go far beyond just numbers and get into the intangibles of team “chemistry”. And unless you are on the team or the coaching staff, you have no reliable insight into that, in spite of the fact that many posters to SBI claim mind reading abilities.

      JK is the manager and he must be allowed to pick the team as he sees fit otherwise there is no point in hiring a manager or else you may as well just have a popularity contest on twitter and pick the team that way.

    • “Best” is always subjective. A different coach has a different 23 and different methods.
      Remember Raymond Domenech and astrological guidance.
      It seems JK spends a lot of time evaluating and searching the globe and not so much time trying to form a cohesive unit that knows each others tendencies.
      It’s like whittling a stick of wood to try and get the perfect shape and point and you’ve whittled so much you/re just left with a pile of wood curls. Who the heck knows how it will all turn out but I am stoked for the WC. US of Freakin’ A

  5. I noticed that Germany is #2 and Portugal is now #3 in the world. I dont put a lot of stock in these normally, but man we have a bg hill to climb.

    • Sounds more like he has a chance and the US is watching him closely. There’s nothing to indicate he has already made the 23. Especially with the injured players (or players who do something stupid like getting a huge tattoo mid-season), you would expect JK and his staff to talk to his club to get the straight scoop. Even moreso with a German club where JK knows and is respected by these guys.

      • yeah, okay on second reading I guess it could be interpreted to mean that Brooks is on target to be called for the May camp without making the final 23-man roster. But after reading those words “Jürgen Klinsmann already has Brooks in his plans for the trip to South America” I, for one, now predict that Brooks will be on the plane to Brazil. Or are they taking a bus down there, as is now being rumored?

      • Jet packs, biff. Except Klinsmann, who will time-travel in a tricked-out DeLorean and play as our target forward.

      • Wouldn’t the Delorean only travel through time, which I guess would leave him in the states still? Unless of course he is in Brazil when he uses it.

  6. I remember when the men’s team last trained at Stanford during the run up to the 2006 WC. I was nearing the end of my senior year. I remember walking around my fraternity house (SAE, which at the time was still a “soccer” house. Quite a few guys came out of my fraternity and went MLS) after they played a couple of games against the Earthquakes and the Stanford Men’s Team, and there were a bunch of people huddled around someone I couldn’t see very well. I approached the semi-circle that was maybe tow or three people deep and seated in the middle was Landon Donovan talking with a few of the soccer kids who were hanging around! It was pretty effing awesome! This story has nothing to do with anything really- just thought I’d geek out a little bit! Excited to see the Nats back on The Farm!

  7. Very embarrassing for JK not to know after 3 years who his best 23 is….too late to fire him for confusion/panic? This is a very bad move and right when team building should be taking place.

    • Are you serious?

      This kind of competition is GREAT for the squad. Everyone will be working their socks off to show why they deserve to go.

      Embarrassing? If anything, JK should be proud of the depth and the fact that he is going to have to make some really TOUGH choices very soon.

      I believe!

    • That’s a pretty short sighted and obvious anti- Klinsmann comment.
      1. He probably knows 19-20 for sure, with a few on the bubble
      2. You have to account for potential injuries, both during training as well as if you need replacements for the final 23.
      3. In accounting for replacements, you have to have all your positions covered, so at a minimum you could expect 26-28 to get called by any coach
      4. Any young player who gets called in but doesn’t go to Brazil, how does that hurt them? Answer- it doesn’t. They get weeks of high level training with our best players

      If you don’t like JK, just say so, but your comment is useless

    • Nothing embarrassing but you could argue the benefit of having a set group and using the camp and friendlies to maximize on field understanding. If there is truly so little difference between players then so be it, if Klinsi is using the “competition” mantra to create a sense of insecurity as a motivation tool then that benefit diminishes relative to the time needed to gel.

  8. I could do this again and likely come up with a different 30 – groupings are a bit artificial, but bear with me.

    GK (3) Howard, Guzan, Rimando. (no need to bring in another, since these are the locks for Brazil)

    CB (6) Beasler, Gonzo, Goodeson, JAB, Gooch, Ream,

    FB (6) FJ, Beasley, Cameron, Parkhurst, Chandler, Evans

    CM (7) Bradley, Jones, Beckerman, Edu, Mix, Williams, Benny (I’m not giving up on Benny!)

    Wings (4) Donovan, Zusi, Bedoya, Greene

    F/AM (4) Jozy, Dempsey, AJ, Wondo

    (fine – no Benny. I’d then probably bring in EJ/Shea/Davis/Boyd/Sacha, but I don’t think any are going to Brazil)

    • Aside from dropping Benny (and I’m an Irvine guy, so I wish I could say he’d be there), I don’t see Goodson, Gooch, Gonzo and Brooks all being called in. One of those does not make the 30 and I think it’s Gooch. At his expense, I think you see Orozco (assuming he is healthy enough) or Boyd.

    • I can go for that 30, though I’d probably replace Benny with EJ or Boyd. Still, a solid 30. Was just kicking this around in my head, but if your 30 ends up being the 30 Klinsi calls, you can still form a pretty respectable 18 with the guys left off. Not saying you’d win much with this team, but you could still do pretty well in CONCACAF:

      ——– Boyd – EJ ———
      Davis – JFT – Sacha – Corona
      Lichaj* – Boca – Orozco – Spector
      ————- Hamid ————–

      Bench: Agudelo, Magee, Shea, Castillo (swaps with Lichaj if he’s not healthy), Gil, Yedlin, S. Johnson

      Realize that squad is short on CB’s, but all in all, not bad for a team made up of guys on the outside looking in. We’ve got some solid depth and I’m glad Klinsmann is going to call in a full 30 man roster.

  9. Definatly 30 (probably a bit more) desirving players,

    My question is how is he going to play the send off series. If he going to rest the locks during the ABZ game, like Bob did vs Czech Rep in 2010?

    If so I have $$ on Wondo scoring a few vs ABZ and locking up his spot

  10. Wasn’t Klinsy set on calling 28 people a few days ago? Now he wants to call 30?

    *cough Bundesliga team of the week cough*
    *cough Bolton Supporters POY cough*

    from 28 to 30, there you go.

  11. Is there a reason we’re believing J. Green is being considered despite playing in Germany’s 3rd or 4th division/reserve league and that we’ve only seen him on the field with the team once?

    • Two words:


      I dont agree with the logic but a lot of people are star stuck and dreaming of the day when USMNT players play for UCL contenders. We are not there yet… Maybe in the next cycle

      • He looked good against Mexico, I’ll give him that; or at least better than what I expected. Better than Freddy Adu’s first pro match with D.C. United to say the least.

  12. I wonder if there are guys in the 30 who won’t be going to Brazil and that are already decided on.

    For example, Deandre Yedlin. Outside shot to make it, then played poorly at times for Seattle this year. His skill level is still going up and should continue to do so. Almost anyone would forecast he would be a favorite to be in the picture 4 years from now.

    JK said the Brazil 23 will be the best choices for this year, he didn’t say the camps wouldn’t be motivation/experience etc for the future.

    • I can see it. It sucks for the Sounders to lose a starter for a few games who doesn’t have a chance to make the trip.

    • “Almost anyone would forecast he would be a favorite to be in the picture 4 years from now.”


      Deandre could be in the USL 4 years from now. I get that the US fan base jumps all over the slightest hint of promise from a player and immediately anoints him the next savior.

      Yedlin is promising but everyone is going way overboard on him just like they did with Arriola, I’m not a Seattle fan so I don’t see him regularly but what I have seen of him in a few CL games and the USMNT games was inconclusive.

      • The scariest thing about Yedlin is that he is very fast. (That’s scary in two ways….)

    • 4 years ago maybe, 8 years ago probably.

      But competition is too tight too many places to lose a spot on yedlin.
      4 years ago people pencilled in agudelo for brazil, he might not even make the 30

  13. Here’s contest: Name the player with the fewest caps that will make the final 23.

    Deadline for entries is BEFORE Klinsmann names his 30-man squad.

    3, 2, 1 . . . go!

    • Well, I don’t support it…but Green (1) is the obvious answer. Otherwise possible bets would be Brooks (3), Yedlin (2), or Gil (1). The fairly safe lock with the lowest would Johannsson (7).

  14. Good move! Considering how uncertain Klinsmann is about whom to take to Brazil, it is good to have a really good look at what needs to be done.

  15. I wonder if the 2016 Copa Murica changes any of the final 23 choices. Until this tourney was official, lots of folks said youth would beat out experience, even if it was to only sit on the beach an soak it in. Suddenly I can see bringing in Feilhaber and Onyewu over young uns who will certainly get the nod for 2016.

    • Although some of those young uns you talk about playing at Copa ‘Merica in 2016 will be (hopefully) prepping for Olympics in Brazil.

  16. my 30 player invite list (first 23 make the team):

    Mid: Fabian

    Defense: Beasley

    Goalie: Howard

    Invites but wont’ make team: Wondo, Boyd, Edu, Ream, J Green, D Will, Brooks

    (just missed out on the camp…aka, hate it for ya: Agudelo, Evans, B. Davis, Castillo, Corona)

    • On current form, I’d take Wondo, Boyd, and Edu, over Johnson, Shea, and Mix. Edu can cover DM and CB. Shea hasn’t played, and Mix isn’t really playing either. And EJ is such a confidence player, of which he has none.

      • see, here’s the biggest problem facing Klinsman: form versus resume.

        That’s why i have to take Shea, Mix and EJ to Brazil…what they’ve done for the team over the last two years was too important to just be discounted. Besides, they each bring a unique skillset that no one else in the pool can, no matter what their current form.

    • No way JK only takes Jones, MB90 and Beckerman to occupy CM/CDM since JK plays 2 of these guys per game. Too much of a risk of having one or more of these guys miss games due to a knock or card accumulations (Jones!). No way Shea goes. Hasn’t been called up for awhile now and hasn’t been playing at Stoke.

    • Dude needs to be willing to get in a plane, or have someone slip him a Mickey like they used to do to BA Barackis on the A-Team…

      • Id expect to see Chandler in Stanford. Plenty of time to see if he can play (and travel) with this team

    • I think Chandler will be there, but how he finishes out the season will matter big time. Remember his outing v. Honduras looked awful. He has some pecking order issues and must fight his way back to show that he presently has the goods even if, in terms of raw ability, he is the best in the pool on his best day.

  17. No guesses on the 30?

    Here it goes:

    GK: Howard, Guzan, Rimando, Johnson (4)
    D: F. Johnson, Cameron, Besler, Gonzalez, Evans, Brooks, Parkhurst, Castillo, Orozco, Goodson (10)
    MF: Donovan, Jones, Bradley, Zusi, Bedoya, Beckerman, Diskerud, Edu, Williams, Green (10)
    F: Dempsey, Altidore, Johannson, Boyd, Wondolowski, E. Johnson (6)

    ****Alternatively, JK doesn’t bring in 4 keepers and brings Agudelo as the 7th forward….

    What say you people? Think Brad Davis makes the 30? Who else am I missing?

    • There’s no way he’ll take 4 GKs. The top 3 are locks.

      Ream for Johnson and potentially Agudelo/Shea/Davis for Diskerud, who’s not really doing anything.

    • Good list. The only real name missing is Chandler, I think he gets the call. No need for 4 GK so there’s the change. I might add Ream in there for Orozco or Evans who both are struggling with injuries.

      • Okay, my bad on Ream. Here is the revised list. Listing F. Johnson as a MF. And, I just realized that Beasley is not in there either, so I dropped Castillo….

        GK: Howard, Guzan, Rimando (3)
        D: Cameron, Besler, Gonzalez, Chandler, Brooks, Parkhurst, Beasley, Orozco, Goodson, Ream (10)
        MF: Donovan, Jones, Bradley, Zusi, Bedoya, Beckerman, Diskerud, Edu, Williams, Green, F. Johnson (11)
        F: Dempsey, Altidore, Johannson, Boyd, Wondolowski, E. Johnson (6)

      • I thought the word was that Chandler was no longer interested in playing for USMNT. If I am misinformed he’s in my 30, with the expectation he’ll be in form by June. Otherwise I’d have to add in Evans. Either way, it’s nice to have options.

      • Dinho – I meant to say that I read somewhere that he was not interested in USMNT because of a fear of flying and I was wondering if that was truly the case.

        Good work on the list btw

      • Oh, okay. Got it. Ya, not sure where he stands on that…

        And, thanks. It’ll be VERY interesting to see not only who makes the 30, but certainly who makes the final cuts….

        Some very tough decisions!

      • A very good second attempt. My only quibble is that with EDU and Parkhurst able to fill in at CB, I think he will take Yedlin instead of Orosco. Also, I think it’s likely that he will bring Davis instead of Green this time around. Other than that I think you’re spot on.

      • If that is still the case, I’m willing to fly my butt to Germany and hand hold him through the process. I’ll drug him on the plane if necessary. Only question, I don’t speak German, will he understand me or will my blabbering freak him out more?

    • Yeah, I wonder if it isn’t Ream who has forced this expansion from 28 to 30. I haven’t seen him in action, but his form and accolades have to be getting notice.

      • Thanks,

        Although I realize that I missed a few people… namely, Beasley, Chandler and Ream. I wouldn’t mind seeing them in camp at the expense of Castillo, S. Johnson and probably Evans.

      • Orozco could be pulled for Ream as well. I think Evans makes it into camp. I’m happy to thank him for his service in qualifying and leave him home, but I think Jurgen will call him in.

      • I like Corona over Diskerud. One thing that is good is how even a list of 30 is leaving some pretty good players off. JK will have some tough choices to make.

    • Knowing JK he will announce 30 players and then add 1 or 2 more and cite increased competition and needs players more hungry and doesn’t want them to take a spot for granted.

      • I am pretty sure 30 is the max he can call in.

        What I don’t know, however, is whether he can call in additional players if some of the 30 go down with injury during camp.

        Anyone know the answer to that?

      • technically, he can call in as many players as he wants to the camp. it’s the *preliminary roster* where he can only have 30 players.

        and for injuries, he can replace the injured player with anyone (even not on the preliminary 30) right up until the day before the world cup.

      • Thanks for the info!

        Does anyone really ever call in more than 30? That seems like it would be a training nightmare….

      • I doubt there is a limit to the size of the camp but the final 23 can only be drawn from that preliminary 30 list.

        Once the 23 are selected, if any of them go down, the US has to get a note from the doctor and then they can call in anyone they want from anywhere. That player need not have been on the preliminary 30 list.

        The US has until the first game ( I believe it is 24 hours before) to name that injury replacement and get the medical paperwork certified)

    • you need 4 keepers in the 30 list just in case Howard, Guzan, Rimando are injured, by FIFAs rules you must bring 3 keepers… so the 4th keeper has to be in the 30 list.

      you’ve got to bring in Shea and Ream to the 30 camp, even if they dont make the 23… how do you do this? Jones, Beckerman, Williams, Edu are the same type of player, only two of 2 of them are needed as Cameron can also play that role…. It will all depend if JK brings in Chandler/Ream then Cameron takes a spot in the midfield…. if Bradley could play DM better than Williams/Edu/Beckerman if needed thus allowing someone like LD, CD, Mix play the attacking mid.

      it’s gonna be interesting..

      • If one of the three keepers we all know are going to make the 23 go down they can be replaced by another keeper up until 24 hours before the first game.

        As I explained above, you have to be in the 30 to get on the 23 but after the 23 are named any of them getting hurt can be replaced by a player who was not on the 30.

        There is no need for 4 keepers in camp unless JK wants them to compete or something.

      • “you need 4 keepers in the 30 list just in case Howard, Guzan, Rimando are injured, by FIFAs rules you must bring 3 keepers… so the 4th keeper has to be in the 30 list.”

        this is incorrect. FIFA laws specifically state that if a player goes down injured, and you follow the appropriate steps, a replacement can be someone who is NOT on the 30 man list:

        “A player listed on the final list may only be replaced in the event of
        serious injury up until 24 hours before the kick-off of his team’s first match. The replacement players do not need to be limited to the release list.”

  18. In the last cycle they had one final friendly in S. Africa against Australia. I recall the game was a televised friendly, followed by a closed-door scrimmage. Does anyone know if something similar will be happening this year? I figure one more friendly with the full squad in Brazil could be highly beneficial.

    • Good question.. Was wondering the same. That Australia game on the training ground was entertaining and combined with the confed cup fueled the hope!

  19. Klinsmann is not afraid to make bold choices. I wonder if we are in store for a stunner. How about no LD in the final 23????? I know I will get grilled for this but Ballack at the age of 33 didn’t make the ’10 Germany WC team. Why??? There were better players. I think JK has better players at his disposal than Donovan as well.

    • Ballack was injured. I think Kevin Prince Boeteng broke him.

      Also, I think Germany would have done better with Ballack there. In that Semi vs Spain, he could have made a difference. Calmed things down and kept them from being overrun. The rest of the matches, they didn’t need him but in that one. Oh ya for sure.

      • Good point. That also might be an example to take LD or some other player that you might need for a specific moment in just one game. You need to be prepared for so many scenarios. So making the correct call on the final 23 is supremely important.

      • Yup, LD is calm and knows what he is doing. We definitely need him and I think as a sub to be honest. So he can go all out when its most important. Zusi and Bedoya can graft like crazy and wear the other team out. Then LD can come in and age won’t matter so much.

    • We do not have the same luxuries…Not better players than LD, especially because he is versatile.

      LD is a lock for the 23. Whether he is a lock to start…different story.

      • what a change from a month ago, when everyone had LD as a lock to play every minute. I think he’s 90 percent in the 23, 60 percent likely to play, and 30 percent likely to start.

      • Way, way off on this. I have no idea what makes people think his stock as fallen so far. He didn’t start against Mexico because of a knock during training, not because of some crazy conspiracy.

        LD is the single most experienced player in the pool, and also is the most clutch player we have (how has everyone forgotten Algeria and Slovenia?) He is 100% lock for the roster. He is also without a doubt 100% going to play. I’d also say he’s at least 90% going to start a game, probably two, maybe three.

      • 100% chance of LD going to Palo Alto. 100% chance of going to BZ. 100% chance of playing. Not a 100% lock to start.

      • Your writing looks like LD’s mom, no facts or thoughts behind your optimism.

      • I dare someone to give me a fact that indicates LD will not go to Palo Alto. I can’t see a world in which LD doesn’t make the 30 man roster.

      • Palo Alto is the only 99% certainty. I hope to see him there. Every other sure thing with LD is just not as sure as some would like to believe.

      • I had to brush off doubters like you before the Mexico game, when everyone was supremely confident in LD, right up until game time. He’s on 0 goals and 2 assists for the Galaxy. We all know that Klinsi doesn’t bank on nostalgia, so how can you possibly be so confident? I think Jack Mac would be a better pick than Lando right now, based on current form.

      • Jack Mack over a guy with multiple WC’s under his belt and is known as a big game guy? Really, buddy?

      • The list of players with multiple WCs is long, but they are commentators now. What about Donovan’ current form makes you think he has something to offer (above and beyond the others in the pool) for Klinsmann?

      • You’re conflating nostalgia and experience. How can I be sure JK isn’t judging LD off of 5 MLS games? Because he’s not foolish and doesn’t judge off a small run of games. Why was he always confident in Dempsey, despite everyone saying he was washed up? Because he’s not foolish and doesn’t judge off of a small run of games.

        If you honestly think Jack Mac (or any other person who happened to score a week prior to roster selection) would be a better choice than LD to go to the WORLD CUP, then obviously there’s no point in even discussing this.

      • I am not conflating anything. If Donovan can’t beat opposition out in space in the open field, on the dribble, then the main strength he’s brought to the table is gone. Zusi and Bradly can take his corners and Dempsey can do everything else Donovan does. We have plenty of guys with World Cup experience who won’t make the team, Eric Wynalda, Lexi Lalas, Brian McBride, etc. Moreover, Donovan’s latest “comfortable with whatever I am given” position doesn’t jump out as a hungry guy who is fighting for a starting spot in the WCup. He and Klinsi have already had a talk, I am guessing, and he knows he would need a fitness miracle to claim a starting spot.

      • So he hasn’t scored in 5 games. The sky is not falling. You sound EXACTLY like the people clamoring about Dempsey’s demise 3 weeks ago.

        Is LD as fast as we was 8 years ago? No. Is he as good? Maybe, maybe not. Would I have Brad Davis, Brek Shea, Sacha Kljestan replace him? Are you out of your mind?

      • except that I wasn’t a Dempsey doubter and I correctly forecasted LDs reserve role v. Mexico. You give all these admissions of Donovan’s shortcomings but do not offer a positive trait of his that will make him indispensable, other than nostalgia maybe. You cite to the wrong people as his replacements, Dempsey will be his replacement.

      • LK – I have to admit that I share some of your concern regarding Donovan. While he’s not been playing badly of late, he just hasn’t seemed quite right. Even so, I respectfully disagree with much of what you’ve been saying. Last year Donovan scored 8 goals and assisted on 8 more for the MNT; Altidore had 8 goals, 2 assists; Dempsey had 6 goals and 2 assists; Wondolowski had 6 goals and one assist; and E. Johnson had 5 goals one assist. For me, these stats show what Donovan contributes that no one else on the roster comes close to contributing: If he’s not able to get in a position to score he has the vision and skill to put the ball where someone else can do so. And he does that better and more often than any other three guys on the team combined. It is this combination of vision and skill that is “the main strength he’s brought to the table” And I don’t think there’s any reason to think he’s lost it. The fact that he no longer has the blinding speed he once had is unfortunate, but not remotely as important as you seem to think.

      • Advocate, thanks for bringing some sensibility to the discussion. You are right about a great year last year, but at his age, drops in form come quick and they can be permanent. I actually have excellent vision and skill with the ball, but I play in an over 40 men’s league because those are my only two good traits. They are not enough. You need athleticism to make it at the WCup, Klinsmann knows this, even if Ives Army ignores this reality. Donovan may still have something left in the tank, but he hasn’t shown it lately, which is why I still have him on the plane to Brazil, but am very uncertain of the scope or breadth of his role there. If you are more confident it is because you haven’t seen any of his last 6 games for USMNT or LA, or because you are an optimist who thinks that he is dipping, but will train so hard over the next month that he will find a way to overcome his obstacles.

      • Agreed, I have a feeling one of those games we will get a PK and we will need LD to step up and take the kick. Dempsey does not need to be taking those!

      • In response to this.. I will say Klinsi has certainly shown that he’ll leave Landon out.. I think your numbers are pretty close to on. I see him on the 23 and starting one game and subbing in one other.

        Last I saw him was v Mexico he looked a little pudge. How is he now?

    • Give it a rest.
      You need to be able to look objectively at a situation.

      For instances, is there any doubt that Sheriff Bart doesn’t want Landon to make the team ? No, no there isn’t. Then it bleeds over to his made up justification to why Landon might not or should not.

      • These are subjective posts. I want the best players available. I think Donovan has a great deal to bring based upon his experience. I don’t think he has the same quality in his game as he did in 2010. I think JK will look at it that way as well and yes I would only be a little surpirsed if Donovan did not make it. If his form is poor from now until naming the final 23 I would hope he would not be kept just because of his past. In essence “what have you done for me lately” could be the determining factor for him and other players. As I see it there are maybe 10 to 12 locks to make it. Barring injuries.

      • This is exactly what people were saying about Dempsey a month ago. These guys aren’t all the sudden terrible just because they haven’t been lighting it up every game. And to say it’s all “what have you done for me lately” might be true for borderline players (Wondo, EJ, Parkhurst, Evans, etc.), but not for established veterans. If Bradley goes on a run of bad form between now and the WC, is there any doubt he’s on the plane? I don’t see a difference between him and LD.

      • Actually, a month ago I had plenty of faith in Dempsey and was doubting Donovan. In any event, it doesn’t matter what “people are saying” it matters what good he can bring to the table in June. He’s playing a little flat and slow, period. I just don’t think he is what the USMNT faithful believe him to be. GOAT USMNT player does not equal greatest USMNT player today.

    • Wondo is in many ways very similar to Gerd Mueller “the bomber”. Gerd Mueller in his days was criticized for doing exactly the same thing Wondo does. Leaving him out would be a tragedy.

      • I like how posters stick up for their guy. And Wondo is heck of a player. I absolutely love watching him play.

        But a tragedy ? He is a boarderline, maybe he goes, maybe he doesn’t.
        He is NOT a starter. How is it a tragedy if they take EJ as the role player, because they know he can jump over everyone in the building ?

        Maybe I chose Wondo, but a tragedy ?

      • I root for Wondo. He has a knack for losing defenders and I like his grit. But he is borderline for Brazil. For me, it’s between him and EJ. Whoever is in better form goes along for the ride. Right now that looks like Wondo. It will not be a tragedy if he gets cut.

      • I am with the other would be tragic if Wondo doesn’t make it. Passionate, great goal scoring record, great teammate. He needs to be in Brazil, and he should get some minutes. Take him over Boyd or EJ, shoot take him over AJ t this point. He deserves to be there…

      • Wondo is great but for me if he isn’t going to play a lot of minutes he shouldn’t go he is not a 15 mins to go in a game kind of weapon.

      • Gotta say this is a tough choice.. Personally I take Boyd and agudelo.. But no matter what someone will be losing out.. Maybe more so than Ching and Twellman..

      • Furthermore, we have could have very few players in the 23 that have actually been to a world cup. I don’t think we should overlook the importance of having someone that has been there and flourished. Finally, all the interviews with Landon hint at him kind of pacing himself right now. I think (and hope) he’ll turn it on when its necessary.

    • US depth is nowhere near that of Germany. I would hesitate about making any comparisons between the player pools of the 2 countries. Trust me, LD is going and likely to start, barring injury. Don’t forget, LD is not just the leading USMNT all time goal scorer, he has about twice as many assists as the person in second place.

      • No!!! … man, that’s almost 298 hours.

        Seriously, I think it’s a good idea to bring in >23. E.g., if someone gets injured, you can bring someone in that actually WAS in the pre-WC camp. Plus, it would appear that the final 7 spots (or more) are definitely not yet decided in Klinsmann’s opinion. Finally, for the young guys that are not quite there yet, it will be a good experience going forward and help their club team marketability.

    • Key battles:

      RB Chandler-Evans-Parkhurst
      CM Beckerman-Edu-Williams
      LM Davis-Green-Shea
      F Boyd-Johnson-Wondolowski

      • Williams is essentially a lock for the 30 man. Shea, that could go either way. JK loves him but dude hasn’t played in way too long.

      • I’m not saying Williams won’t make the 30, but I hardly think he is a lock. Bradley, Jones, Mix, and Beckerman are all guaranteed to make the 30, and I think Edu and Kljestan are just as likely to make it as Williams.

      • At this point, I’d be willing to bet Sasha doesn’t make the it. Hasn’t been playing much and never seemed like JK favored him too much.

      • Williams, with no injury, is a lock for the 30. i think you are on crack if you think Kljestan and Williams have the same chance…

        one plays, when healthy, for Reading every week and has earned great reviews while the other lost his spot on his team and hasn’t played much at all.

      • jcr – exactly. although i will give him the benefit of the doubt in that regard because him and Williams have almost always been used out of position for the US. so then it comes to club form and Williams has been much more consistent and plays at a higher level.

      • They both have their strong suits. Problem is they aren’t the same player so it isn’t an easy keep one, drop one.

      • I like EJ better because neither will be a starter, so who is better off the bench. EJ is faster and better in the air, if we are trailing in a game, set pieces will be very valuable so for that i go with EJ

      • for the US, which is what i figured we were talking about. EJ is a beast on set pieces for us and has scored many headers. including against Mexico in Ohio…

      • Ditto, a point I have been making for some time. EJ’s vertical leap must be as good as top BB players or high jumpers.

      • imagine anyone trying to guard Ronaldo, 1 v 1. That said, Evans should be out in my opinion, although I think he makes the 30 man roster.

      • JK’s comment “some are coming back from injury” was about Evans and Chandler.

      • We’ve seen Ronaldo smoke Alaba, Lahm, and Dani Alves. I’m more worried if the team can just track his movement to be honest.

      • I still remember vividly a friendly a couple of summers ago where Ronaldo was playing against the Galaxy. Ronaldo came down the left flank and was pretty well covered, maybe got a foot or two on the defender and then made an incredible goal from what seemed to be an impossible angle. It’s at that point all you can do is shake your head and say “We’re not worthy.”

  20. That means positions for spots are getting tight even Klinsmann doesn’t know. Everyone better be on their A game this weekend.


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