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Klinsmann’s son causes a stir with tweet mocking Donovan’s World Cup omission



As if Jurgen Klinsmann wasn’t already going to face a mountain of scrutiny over his decision to leave Landon Donovan off the U.S. World Cup roster, his son decided it would be a good idea to throw gasoline on an already-prodigious fire.

Jonathan Klinsmann, the 17-year-old son of the U.S. national team coach, posted the above message on Twitter shortly after the announcement of the final 23-man U.S. World Cup squad. The mocking tweet set off a backlash from U.S. fans aimed at not only the younger Klinsmann, but also the latter Klinsmann as conspiracy theories began to fly regarding just why Klinsmann’s son held the U.S. national team’s all-time leading scorer in such seemingly low regard.

Jonathan Klinsmann posted an apology for the original tweet before eventually deleting his Twitter account. That hasn’t kept U.S. fans from being up in arms over the classless tweet posted by someone who, along with being Klinsmann’s son, is also a U.S. Under-18 national team goalkeeper slated to play for college power Cal in 2015.

So what should we make of the offending tweet? Should we chalk it up to a moment of childish stupidity, or is it a peek inside the family perception of Donovan? Do we really want to blame parents for the mistakes their children make, or does the shocking nature of the decision to drop Donovan from the World Cup squad make it inexcusable for father and son?

What do you make of the controversy? Think it’s just immaturity or think there is more at play than meets the eye?

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  1. Its pretty obvious that Klinsmann guaranteed roster spots to undeserving German-Americans (Brooks and Green) in order to get them to declare for the USA. Its also obvious that his son just didnt form anti-donovan feelings on his own, clearly father and son have talked about Donovan and it pretty clear what Klinsmann says behind closed doors in his home doesn’t jive with his public “apologetic” comments about respecting Donovan and agonizing over the decision.

  2. Pretty gutted about this decision. I think it is a mistake. It’s just hard to comprehend why Klinsmann would do this. If the U.S. loses a game in pre-WC matches or to Ghana U.S. fans are going to freak out with the “what if Donovan was there” questions. It puts so much pressure on Klinsmann and the team to step up and prove that he made the right decision. Any falter will lead to “what ifs”.

    The only thing that I can think of that might be a clever/positive way to express our discontent would be for those attending the lead up games to print out as many of those enlarged heads with Donovan’s face on it. A few hundred of those staring back at Klinsmann during the warm up matches will make him acutely aware of the pressure for the team to perform above expectation based on his decision to leave Donovan out.

  3. I’m the biggest Klinnsman fan, goes way back to my teenage years. I wore number 18 because if his play.

    This tweet is just a bit too much, too much of an indication that there is a personal issue at hand here. To cut to the chase:
    If we don’t get through the group, and/or dominate for more than 140 minutes of first round football, Klinnsman is gone. I know he has a contract but there’s too much emotional garbage going in here with Captain LD being cut, and with the disrespect shown by jr Klinnsman.

    All in all, cutting LD has proven already to be a mistake, on a political level. Bad move Jurgen, even if he didn’t warrant a place based on form.

    • Um, we were never dominating this group with or without Donovan. We are not that good. I don’t think he should get a free pass, but be a realist please. This group is the most difficult group we’ve ever been in. The talent in this group is unbelievable on all three teams we face.

      • Arsenal hits the nail on the head. Donovan would not have had a stellar WC, and JK is doing Landon’s reputation and image a big favor. Leave his legacy as a WC performer as is. This tournament would not be a place for him to shine.

  4. The coach’s son knew LD was going to get cut as indicated by his oddly placed “I just found out” claim. The tweet itself smacks of an immature last laugh that was shockingly overt and tells us that the coach’s son is culturally more American than German (he is a GK, for crying out loud).
    Furthermore, JK knows that at least a few field players won’t see the pitch in group matches. If he thinks we will not advance then he is looking for a few guys who will only contribute in the locker room. If LD didn’t want to go to Brazil to be rah-rah guy, it’s right that Brad Davis do that instead.

    • I believe that every field player on the USMNT roster played at least once in South Africa so I wouldn’t be too sure about that.

      • I was wrong – Spector and Goodson didn’t play last time but all other field players did.

      • And in 2006 when the US was also in the group of death, Albright, Berhalter and Ching did not make an appearance. Unless a team advances to the quarterfinals, it’s pretty standard that a few players will won’t receive playing time.

      • Jermaine Jones is 32. I can’t see him playing 90 minutes in all three group games. That is precisely why the USMNT needed Maurice Edu.

      • I agree. I think close to all 20 field players will play in the group stages. Dempsey and Jones are relatively older probably can’t go 90 in all three games (well … they probably can but it probably wouldn’t be very tactifully smart). US tired against Ghana in 2010, especially Donovan and Bradley because they had to play every minute and cover ridiculous amounts of ground (I think I recall hearing that those two were averaging over 9 miles/game). I expect Green, Davis, Bedoya, and Zusi will all start at least one game. I’d be very suprised to see him go with the same starting lineup in any of the three group games. I also thought Donovan was a lock to make the final 23 … Hmmm ….

      • Julian Green isn’t going to start. He will be the 60-minute substitute. His defensive skills make him vulnerable. He’ll have an easier time when his opponents already have 60 minutes of play on their legs and his legs are rested.

  5. It almost seems as if at least one player gets injured before the WC. If this happens watch Klinsmann call Evens instead of Donovan. LLOOLL!!!! Why just not wait until June 2 to make the cuts. My guess is that if LD shows well in the two friendlies, JK would look like more of a fool by cutting him

  6. I think a lot of ADULTS on this message board need to reassess their lives right now. This is a barely 17 year-old kid. I’d imagine there is a lot of personal animus in the Klinsmann family toward Landon Donovan. Note, I said family–not coach.

    It’s widely understood that Donovan’s inept failure at Bayern was one of the major aspects leading up to Klinsmann being fired by the board. Klinsmann took a chance on Donovan and Donovan was too mentally weak to handle it.

    As a coach, that’s something of a job risk. I think Klinsmann gets that. If you were his kid and were told that story (and probably ribbed about it over, and over, and over), you’d feel the animosity too.

    But what we really have here is a group of adults attacking a professional through the words of his 17 year old child on Twitter. Who is the real child, again?

    • Ralph – it’s pretty simple. JK defenders are saying this is a pure football decision while others (including myself) are saying this a petty, personal decision based on some issue or grudge between LD and JK. The tweet is pretty strong evidence that it’s a personal decision rather than a football one.

      • Slow,

        The tweet is a 17 year old kid who is probably told nothing about what happens in those locker rooms. He’s a stupid kid trolling on the Internet.

        I think Donovan’s performances this year have been pretty bad. His club team is in last place (or were prior to mid-week win). He’s been talking last few weeks about his decline in health and that he simply lacks the drive to play like he used to.

        People get old. Donovan apparently trained quite poorly, admitting that his competition for the forward role (Wondo in particular as he singled him out) was playing better than he was (better than anyone actually).

        Think the problem is that people think there’s some magical Captain America business that’s going to happen here. This happened in 2006 with Claudio. People felt the very same about him, he was the general the team couldn’t be without because of his previous performances and all he’d done.

        He blew his knee out mid game being late to a ball and it cost the US Squad the World Cup.

      • Ralph – you are seriously going to tell me JK doesn’t tell his son, who is a GK in the USMNT program, anything about what happens in the locker room? Even you can’t believe that one.

        People keep bringing up that he’s 17 and 17 year olds do stupid things etc. Of course that’s true and this tweet is an example of that but it also is evidence that JK and LD have a grudge or problem and since the decision makes no sense from a football perspective, this tweet fits pretty nicely with an alternative explanation.

      • Well that’s pretty hard to believe and the text is evidence that you’re wrong. But I guess we can’t consider that because the kid if 17 or something.

      • The text is evidence of nothing except that Jon Klinsmann is a 17-year-old with a smartphone.

      • It’s also pretty funny that you said no one can criticize JK because they aren’t watching training but you somehow know definitively what is discussed in the Klinsmann household.

      • slowleftarm: you also seem pretty sure—too sure—of what happens in Klinsmannhaus. Let us consider the possibilities here:

        1) Jonathan, like many sons, mirrors his dad’s opinions. However, he lacks his dad’s filter. The tweet is the smoking gun that damns Jurgen.

        2) Jonathan, like many sons, disagrees with his dad on just about everything—as a matter of principle even. The tweet reflects his views only. (He can’t be too much like his dad: he is a goalkeeper after all—the nemesis of any striker.)

        3) Jonathan, like many sons, thinks he knows what his dad is thinking but really doesn’t have a clue. The tweet is his attempt to seem like he’s in-the-know important and/or to demonstrate that he’s “on his dad’s side” (or what he perceives is his dad’s side).

        Given what little we know, I’d say all are equally plausible. Note that none of these rely on Jonathan being 17- or even 47-years old.

      • well, while we are speculating maybe it went down something like this. JK tells LD that his chances of making the squad are not very good considering his form. Maybe he even hints that everyone would be better served if LD withdraws from consideration so that they can avoid this very scenario. Maybe LD has a hissy fit and says “screw you JK. I’m coming to camp. Go ahead and cut me. You’ll look like an egotistical monster with a grudge and if you lose everyone will say it was because you cut me. You’re screwed no matter what.” You say JK had a grudge against LD. I say, no it was LD who has the grudge against JK. See. Isn’t speculation fun? My scenario is as plausible as yours.

      • “He blew his knee out mid game being late to a ball and it cost the US Squad the World Cup.”

        There was a single play that cost the USA a World Cup?

      • That was a play that directly contributed to the first GHA goal in GHA-USA 2006. It was mis-stated by the OP, but yeah… that play contributed directly to the US losing and going home.

    • I get the sense many of these people aren’t adults.

      So many knee-jerk, uninformed reactions to this. Yes, it’s weird, but blame isn’t always necessary.

      Of course, if you HAVE to blame someone, look no further than Donovan. He didn’t keep up his regimen when his body started to go, This — on top ditching the team for his own personal needs last year — shows he doesn’t care as much. That’s fine and all. His life. But HE (not Jurgen) also signaled it was no longer his team. And LD’s passion was doubtful at times anyway! As a long-time Quakes fan, I can tell you: he could be brilliant… if he showed up mentally. It was about a 50/50 chance. And does anyone else remember 2006? I sure do.

      You’re all so upset? Fine. More seats at the bar for me and my friends. USA!!!

      • Thank you.

        These past two days have depressed me as a US soccer fan and not because of the roster selections. No, it’s been the raging personal attacks, attacks on the coach’s family, integrity.

        The outright lies and libel spread left and right. I always thought SBI was better than the rest. I guess I was wrong.

      • The only personal attack here is from JK’s son and of course from JK himself by letting his own personal vendettas dictate roster selection.

      • Kids man. He’s 17. What he did was stupid and classless, but geez, if my dad had a nickel for everytime my brothers and I put our foot in our mouths pubicly… dude could have retired when I was 19. Having a kid soon myself, so… maybe I’m extra caring at this point, dunno.

        I feel sorry for everyone as a result of this tweet, Landon, Jurgen, the team… and methinks Min-Jurgy is doing the beep test all weekend, lol.

    • I am all for transparency. Question both Jonathan and Jurgen with a polygraph. Let’s have all correspondence and documents from USSF to see whether special promises were made to German American players to get them to come to the USMNT.

      The problem is that we don’t have transparency. The problem is FIFA does not allow a country like the US to subject the local football federation to some of the same laws that normal citizens would be subjected.

      This creates distrust and fraud.

      • “The problem is FIFA does not allow a country like the US to subject the local football federation to some of the same laws that normal citizens would be subjected.”

        SMH… You’ve got to be f-king kidding me. USSF is ABSOLUTELY subject to applicable laws and regulations of the United States of America. WTF are you even looking for in all your polygraphing and document hunting. This isn’t f-king Watergate. Hell… It’s not even Benghazi.

  7. This is a story about kids being kids, period. This story reminds me that it is time to check my boy’s Ipads and see what they are texting these days.

    • Looked at my nephew’s the other day.

      Bad, bad idea. Then I remembered the things I was saying to girls and I high-fived him. After telling him off of course. 🙂

  8. I will hold judgment on the ability of Jurgen Klinsmann as a coach until after the world cup but I would like to offer some thoughts for discussion on his coaching ability.

    German National Team:
    Lowe was the tactical genius behind their success; media and players alike have stated this.
    Bayern Munich:
    Failed in more ways than one. Lost the locker room which is interesting since that was practically 20% of the German National Team. Phillip Lahm stated that all he really brought was physical conditioning (sounds familiar)
    Advisor to Toronto FC:
    Complete failure in his selection and advising on the direction the team should go. It did not last a year and they replaced every coach and the system.
    US National Team:
    Told everyone we were going to play attacking football and change the mentality of the US National system. We really struggled until we went back to the trusted defend and counter which we have always excelled at.

    I would also add that our deeper pool is not because of his coaching but the success of MLS and the growth of soccer in our nation and RECRUITING!

    I for one am glad he went back to counterattacking football because it can be beautiful and we are very good at it.

    • German media is saying the samething about Lowe now. The fans are pissed at him too. Klinsmann made the decision to bring all young players with the German team and did a lot better than expected. Not every coach is a tactical genius, which is why many of them bring in other coaches. But, we don’t even know if this is true. Klinsmann could have been ruffling feathers and the vets got mad.

      Bayern is a different monster. That president gets pissed when they lose one game and he only lost one. Also, the team was not the stacked team it is now. Plus, he redesigned the entire youth system and the products are starting to come through now. People are uncomfortable with change and that is what Klinsmann brings.

      I don’t know the Toronto issue so I can’t comment on that

      Attacking soccer would be nice, but look at the team. The talent isnt there yet. Maybe we see it leading up to the 2018 world cup, but I understand why we can’t play it. He tried to instill in, but the player were not capable of it.

      • Let’s have attacking football by removing the most creative and dangerous footballer ever to wear the USMNT jersey: Landon Donovan.

        I love Brad Davis’ left foot crosses, but that is not reason enough to include him on the roster to the exclusion of Landon Donovan.

        I’m not just upset about Landon. Maurice Edu and Goodson both deserved to be on the team. Maurice could play the role given to Jermaine Jones or as a centerback, and he could even substitute for Bradley in a pinch. Edu and Goodson were the ultimate substitutes.

        Furthermore, if Klinsmann alienates Mexican Americans by excluding them in favor of German Americans, the USMNT is going to lose vital fan support. Every kid growing up in the US who aspires to play for the national team should have an equitable chance of competing. I don’t see that happening when Klinsmann has a bias for the German Americans.

        By the way, I am German by ancestry and my favorite player ion the team is Jermaine Jones. But he earned his spot on the USMNT by sacrificing himself. I haven’t seen that from Chandler or Brooks. If anything, Boyd was more deserving of a roster spot.

    • Glad you brought this up. JK is about the most overrated manager ever. It kills me listening to his fanboys go on about how much better a manager he is than Bob Bradley. A guy that had a great record with USA, almost took Egypt to a WC under the most unimaginable circumstances (that draw was brutal) and now has taken a promoted team to the top of the domestic first division. JK rode Loew’s coattails, flamed out in Munich and was a Dempsey goal in the snow away from being fired by USA.

  9. Yet we still have JK fanboys saying this is nothing personal and that we have no right to question any of his decisions.

  10. It’s time to call it what it his lack of drive. Lady Cakes just doesn’t want to play anymore and hasn’t been the same player in the last 3 years. He’s heads just not in it and that’s not who you want part of the roster. He international career is now over. He had all the opportunity in the world to excel in Europe but in typical Lady Cakes fashion he decided to kick back in the MLS.

  11. Klinsmann is an egotistical d*uchebag who thinks he’s a better coach than he really is and people gobble up the sh!t he says like he’s some messiah. I gave JK the benefit of the doubt at first but i just can’t support him anymore. He’s made too many questionable/dumb decisions this cycle to warrant his contract extension and the money US Soccer is pumping into him.

    It took him forever to scrap the 3 defensive mid bullish!t. It took him a year to bring Bradley into the fold. His treatment of Bocanegra was down right disgraceful. He still hasn’t realized Altidore plays better with a partner up top (Bosnia game anyone). His exclusion of Lichaj while he continued to play Castillo at LB after poor performance after poor performance was a joke. He wasted so many friendlies trying players in positions they had no business playing. Danny Williams at RM? Torres at LB? Any person with half a brain could realize that would never workout and it didn’t. JK’s tactical knowledge is severally lacking and I applaud him for losing his ego for one second to hire an assistant to take care of that for him but wasting 3 years of the cycle with Martin f*cking Vasquez as your tactician was a crucial mistake. JK treats his players like children. Wasting money on sports physiologist and nutrition programs? They are professionals. They know how to take care of their bodies. They don’t need motivation to play. Bob Bradley’s trainer was one of the best in the world. Why don’t you focus on getting this team to actually connect passes in the final third and pass with purpose? And no purposeless possession in the back is nothing to get excited about. There is a reason he didn’t make it at Bayern and Phillip Lahm hated him as a coach. Germany getting third while hosting the World Cup with the talent they have is no accomplishment either. Especially when they came in second the World Cup before and is the only host nation to regress from the previous world cup

    The way he handled this Donovan decision was the final straw for me. How are you going to leave off the best and most clutch player the US has ever produced and put Brad Davis in his place. I was not expecting Donovan to start nor was I expecting the USMNT to advance through this group anyways but to treat Donovan in such a classless way over some petty personal rift is childishly stupid. Complaining to your son about Donovan. Really? What a f*cking b!tch move. A fat declining Donovan
    is still a better option off the bench than Brad Davis. There is a reason Tim Howard was quoted saying Donovan was one of the best players on the team when he steps on the field days before the cuts were made. He should have made it on his penalties and experience alone.

    And before anybody comes back with the bullish!t of “but he’s done so much for youth soccer in this country” no you are clearly not involved in nor informed on anything to do with US youth soccer. That possession based, 4-3-3 player training curriculum that was adopted was implemented by Claudio Reyna BEFORE Bob Bradley was even fired. The funny thing is it was criticized for its over reliance on attacking development and what do you know we’re seeing less polished defensive talent being produced. That year long USDA season that everyone was salivating over was being talked about ever since the USDA was created.

    • I agree and do not forget his recommendations to Toronto FC which went out the door with a year. The only thing he has done is recruited some new players to play for the US.

      • The only thing? He still hasn’t lost to Mexico.

        We had the best year in the history of US Soccer.

        We smashed the Gold Cup scoring record for the US with a B team.
        We had signature results away to major teams in Europe–all of them firsts.

      • In a cycle where Mexico was down and CONCACAF as a region declined. Those accomplishments have much much more to do with the progression of our player pool than JK. And our success at the Gold Cup was because of the play of ……………wait for it…………………..Landon Donovan

      • Klinsmann won the Gold Cup because of Donovan. Do you remember who passed the ball to Brek Shea? Duh.

    • You’ve worked yourself into a delusion.

      Donovan isn’t the best player. It’s widely regarded that Donovan wasn’t even going to start. That’s something that had already been accepted. It was Donovan or Dempsey in that central role.

    • Chris:

      I couldn’t agree more. And you can add to your comments the bias towards German American players that is beyond the pale. John Brooks? The guy was a disaster every time he has seen the field for the US. He will be the back up at central defense to Omar and Besler and is an injury away from seeing action. Clarence Goodson has been a rock and Parkhurst is even a better choice than Brooks.

      Looks to me like Klinsmann is trying to clean house of all but the most essential American players who might have been disloyal to him in that article. And that there is still a lot of truth to what the players said. Seems like 40% of the team is German now. If they were all the best players at their positions, it wouldn’t bother me, but they’re not. Julian Green is in now way ready for the World Cup. We’re not going to get through on talent, so we need the team commitment, camraderie and playing passionately for the flag. I’m sorry but the Germans like Chandler are not going to give you that.

      The combination of leaving Donovan in such a disrespectful way and the massive influx of average Germans will have a negative effect on morale — no question.

      Landon Donovan is a true gentleman and Jurgen Klinsmann may have been a great player but he’s a poseur as a coach. None of the players liked him at Bayern Munich and now we’re seeing why. He is not a class act and his kid’s tweet is completely revealing about his real intentions.

      Sad day for US Soccer!

  12. Assuming no sub-plots and non-soccer-related motivations here, I have to believe he just isn’t healthy, as evidenced by his 0 goals so far this year.

    Personally, I think he’s better than Zusi and Bedoya (and Davis and Wondo)

  13. Klinsmann is an egotistical douchebag who thinks he’s a better coach than he really is and people gobble up the sh!t he says like he’s some messiah. I gave JK the benefit of the doubt at first but i just can’t support him anymore. He’s made too many questionable/dumb decisions this cycle to warrant his contract extension and the money US Soccer is pumping into him.

    It took him forever to scrap the 3 defensive mid bullish!t. It took him a year to bring Bradley into the fold. His treatment of Bocanegra was down right disgraceful. He still hasn’t realized Altidore plays better with a partner up top (Bosnia game anyone). His exclusion of Lichaj while he continued to play Castillo at LB after poor performance after poor performance was a joke. He wasted so many friendlies trying players in positions they had no business playing. Danny Williams at RM? Torres at LB? Any person with half a brain could realize that would never workout and it didn’t. JK’s tactical knowledge is severally lacking and I applaud him for losing his ego for one second to hire an assistant to take care of that for him but wasting 3 years of the cycle with Martin f*cking Vasquez as your tactician was a crucial mistake. JK treats his players like children. Wasting money on sports physiologist and nutrition programs? They are professionals. They know how to take care of their bodies. They don’t need motivation to play. Bob Bradley’s trainer was one of the best in the world. Why don’t you focus on getting this team to actually connect passes in the final third and pass with purpose? And no purposeless possession in the back is nothing to get excited about. There is a reason he didn’t make it at Bayern and Phillip Lahm hated him as a coach. Germany getting third while hosting the World Cup with the talent they have is no accomplishment either. Especially when they came in second the World Cup before and is the only host nation to regress from the previous world cup

    The way he handled this Donovan decision was the final straw for me. How are you going to leave off the best and most clutch player the US has ever produced and put Brad Davis in his place. I was not expecting Donovan to start nor was I expecting the USMNT to advance through this group anyways but to treat Donovan in such a classless way over some petty personal rift is childishly stupid. Complaining to your son about Donovan. Really? What a f*cking b!tch move. A fat declining Donovan
    is still a better off the bench than Brad Davis. There is a reason Tim Howard was quoted saying Donovan was one of the best players on the team when he steps on the field days before the cuts were made. He should have made it on his penalties and experience alone.

    And before anybody comes back with the bullish!t of “but he’s done so much for youth soccer in this country” no you are clearly not involved in nor informed on anything to do with US youth soccer. That possession based, 4-3-3 player training curriculum that was adopted was implemented by Claudio Reyna BEFORE Bob Bradley was even fired. The funny thing is it was criticized for its over reliance on attacking development and what do you know we’re seeing less polished defensive talent being produced. That year long USDA season that everyone was salivating over was being talked about ever since the USDA was created.

  14. We have the friendly against Azerbaijan and plenty of training between now and June 2nd. What are the chances Donovan gets a call if there is a significant injury to one of the 23?

    • Weird. I just caught part of Klinsmann’s interview with Foudy and he mentioned that if there is an injury he could get on the phone and call Donovan back in.

      • There is already a known injury (Omar), but I can’t believe he would call in Donovan to replace Omar. I think they are only 4 deep with CB options as it is if you count Omar (and that has Cameron counting as a CB option). Maybe Omar has improved drastically from the clips they showed on ESPN where he couldn’t do fitness tests on his one knee and was limping. It seems strange to include someone who is injured on the 23 but I guess he thinks those are his best four and he can replace and injured player with anyone of his choosing before the cup starts. I’m pretty bummed … I guess I won’t be working too hard today while I’m checking posts. If Klinsmann were my boss, he’d probably fire me … and justifiably so …

      • Never say never in international soccer, but I understand that either Wondo or ArJo would need to suffer an injury for Donovan to get the call.

  15. Even as a Mexico fan I can’t say I’m happy to see him go like this. He was exciting as hell to watch and he sure knew how to get under your skin with his comments….and his goals.The rivalry will never be the same to me without him on the field to hate.
    Football wise I just don’t see a legit reason for him not to be included for Brazil. Such a young group could use a veteran with is experience even if he’s on the bench. he has seen it all and done it all.
    This has to be personal

    • Yes, Bradley Sr. would have brought Landon. And Boca, and Gooch, and Edu and a bunch of other old (and I stress that word) stand-bys.

      • Jones would have been there. People seem to forget that Bradley was the one to recruit him. I’m not 100% sure but I think he was working on getting Chandler too. I guess this means that Bob Bradley secretly was a america hating german too.

      • And tons of people questioned whether he belonged in the USMNT or if he was just there because his dad was the coach.

  16. Excuse me people ! Plz lv the bigotry out of this ! JK wants to win as much as the US fans ! We need youth n stamina for the tough matches in WC! LD as great as he is , is ??? As regards to stamina ! His son was classless in his remarks! That said ! Go U.S.A. Go U.S.A!

  17. It’s called freedom of speech, guys. From what I am told this is what all of our German players love most about the US

    • Freedom of speech in the Bill of Rights refers to the prohibition of government restricting the freedom of speech. You can say stupid things, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be consequences for saying them. Employers can fire you something you have a right to say.

  18. I hope Klinsmann senior addresses the issue somehow. When I was 17 and did stupid things (and I did a lot of them), my father had to answer for me and he was nobody famous. He did it out of respect for the people that my stupidy was directed towards. I would expect Klinsmann to do the same (and hopefully he already has – not something that has to be public).

    I’m bummed about LD not being on the team, but the negative posts about the players that made the roster don’t seem like things fans of the team would say. I’m pretty sure this was a coach’s decision, not the players. Qualifying takes two years and the best players available for matches two years ago aren’t going to the best players available today. I would argue that LD in 2010 form is better than any person on the current roster, but Klinsmann really might have determined that he didn’t think Donovan was good enough anymore. I sincerely hope there isn’t a riff and Klinsmann didn’t call him in just to cut him and try to humiliate him. I think it might be best for the team if Klinsmann at least addresses the issue with the team; I have to think that some of the final 23 consider Donovan their friend and are probably wondering just like we are why the coaches son would do that.

  19. I believe the Elder Klinsmann should apologize publicly for the dumb message from his son, and then we should all move on. WC is just a few weeks away. I personally dont agree with leaving Donovan off the team, but the decision is made. The son is likely to catch enough grief from his own peer group and I hope he learns his lesson that way. Donovan – thank you for many years of outstanding USMNT contributions, Klinsmann – I hope your decision for youth over experience pays off. Bottom line – we are a good team and have a reasonable chance to get out of group stage if we take a page from the USMNT history book and play team football without the bickering and backstabbing that impacts other teams. GO USA!

  20. I was as shocked about the decision as anyone but holy crap people need to get their s#!t together. Landon was not going to drastically change our outcome in the World Cup. All anyone is really b!tching about is that the end of an era came so suddenly and unexpectedly but that is NOT a legitimate reason to abandon support for the coach or the team. Anyone that does is a just fair weather fan that liked Landon more than the team itself. Everyone needs to get a g0d d4mn grip. I was sympathetic for the first 1000 or so b!tchy tweets and posts but now its just f-ing annoying.

  21. Don’t remember Donovan leaping to defend Ching while, or after, his beloved “fans” in LA were chanting and making fun of Ching for not making the WC roster 4 years ago. No tears for this loser!

  22. On a slight related topic, does anyone know who came up with the One Nation, One Team slogan? Frankly, I’m getting tired of this takeoff on the nazi Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer.

  23. It seems to say that there was at least tension between Jurgen and Landon.

    I think Landon’s hiatus, while supported publicly by Jurgen, could not have been looked well upon by the team management. Here is our ‘best’ player and instead of just handling the presssure needs it taken away. Then he comes back saying all the right things and wants the pressure all over again but his disappearing acts, his hiatus, and his antics have tainted him with Jurgen (and apparently his family).

    If I were coach I would have brought him to Brazil even just for the leadership. But here is a player just past his prime and is arguably the best US player ever and the coach leaves him behind. Of course something else was going on, hence Jonathan’s tweet. We probably won’t know until after the cup. I hope it dies down quickly so that the guys can focus on winning.

    • Timothy Chandler gets a pass? Why? Because he has no track record therefore wasn’t letting the team down?

      • Good point on Chandler. I guess from him there were no expectations, no record really to hold up, no clout. There was and is only his field performance. I think Jurgen’s bias towards German players only helps Timmy.

      • I get the feeling that Chandler was called out by Klinsmann and has since tried to do everything to make up for his transgressions. He would have been in the last friendly but was injured. However since Landon was called by the coach, he’s been talking about being on the downside of his career. It’s just not the reaction Klinsmann wanted. Even though Chandler didn’t cover himself with glory in the 2-1 loss in Honduras, let’s not forget Landon was too busy on sabbatical to even represent the US.

    • Way too much is made of Donovan’s hiatus. So, he wanted to take a few months off after playing virtually non-stop for more than 10 years. What a terrible crime!

      • I’ve always felt that not enough was made of the sabbatical. Some people say the MLS offseason is too long. Landon has always had that built in downtime in his calendar. No one forced him to play for Everton in the offseason (twice!). Also the last USMNT friendly is usually in mid-November. So he didn’t have to worry about call-ups until camp cupcake in late January. So every year he’s had about two months to relax. But he chose to go on vacation when LA Galaxy was starting their season and World Cup Qualifying was starting.

        He is supposed to be a leader for his club and country and yet he choose to go on vacation. The US went 1-1-1 including the controversial loss in Honduras during this time. That’s a sporting felony.

      • Except he was typically one of a few first teamers in all of the those january Camp Cupcakes.

      • (changed my name because another guy’s posting on here as Chris – I’m not the same one as the “57 goals…” post just above this”)

        Not really. He went on offseason loans to Bayern Munich in 2009, and Everton in 2010 and 2012. The only proper break aside from Cambodia that he’s had since the beginning of 2008 was the 2011 offseason.

        I’m sure he needed the vacation. But he’s a professional and surely he realized that choosing not to play for USMNT in important WCQ matches would have ramifications.

      • Does Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Ribery, Pirlo, Falcao, Cavani, Suarez, etc, go on leave from their nationals, or club teams, because they are not loving soccer anymore? Nope. They are there every time they are called upon, and have much more to deal with than Donovan. This whole thing is ridiculous and this sentiment that he deserves a spot is ludicrous. No one deserves a spot. You earn a spot. None of us are in training and seeing what happens. Concluding from his form and comments he doesn’t really want to play. He has no fight in him. I’m glad he didn’t go. I was always a fan until he took his leave and that did it for me. I appreciate everything he has done, but he does not deserve a place on the roster.

      • yes, apparently he did. Why not honor LD for his accomplishments instead of tearing down the other players because LD got cut?

      • Chandler played out of his mind in at FC Nürnberg this season, and apparently he came into camp and has been killing it. So yeah, I’d say he did.

      • Face it: LD got Wally Pipped when he went to Cambodia. He’s not the first, and wont’t be the last.

      • There is nothing at all wrong with taking a leave of absence from work for personal reasons. Some things in life are more important than work and at times deserve more attention than work. The decision is: I’d rather compromise my professional life than my emotional life, or my marriage, or my family etc. I have a ton of respect Donovan for recognizing this… his courage and right to do so. That said, it doesn’t absolve him from the professional consequences of putting his energies elsewhere.

      • That is the best answer with regards to ” Donovan gate” You made your bed now lie in it. Seriously Klinsmann owes to the USA to bring the team he is most comfortable with. You can say he was playing favorites but if that were the case Brek Shea would be on the team.

    • Landon helped Klinsmann get fired from Bayern and probably was the source of some of the not so very nice quotes against Klinsmann in the Sporting News article.

      • rio is a little vague but I remember that Klinsmann decision to bring in Landon to Bayern was not backed the the team’s board and it was one of the reasons for Klinsmann firing. Landon himself didn’t actively do anything to get Klinsmann fired.

        So the baseless speculation is that is that Landon’s omission is revenge for not being a failed loan at Bayern under Klinsmann. I think this belief is just stupid.

      • Is LD widely considered to be the source of the quotes in the Sporting News article? I had not heard that and I don’t believe it.

      • To elaborate on STX81’s brief summary:

        Klinsmann, as Bayern coach, told the board Donovan was the player he most wanted to bring in (but sure, he hates LD…). So they brought him in on a loan, with an eye toward permanent transfer depending on how the loan went. And it did not go well. Donovan was unimpressive and failed to make an impact, so when the loan expired, they didn’t make a move to keep him permanently. A few months later, Klinsmann was out of a job.

      • Landon Donovan wasn’t even being called into the USMNT at the time of the Sporting News article. It is reasonably clear that the article refers to players who were currently being called into the team. That did not include Donovan.

  24. There have been a few posts on SBI displaying satisfaction that LD was left off. But, nothing like this tweet. Not even anonymous readers of this website show this much ill will towards the guy. It is 100% a personal between Klinsmann & Landon just like it is a fair assumption to think Jurgen favors the German players. Where there is smoke…

    • It’s not personal, get over it. Jurgen did the same thing in 2006 with the German team (didn’t bring the old guard and went with younger players). How did that work for him and German soccer going forward?? Trust the guy, he has more international experience and success then anyone commenting on this site.

      • “Trust the guy, he has more international experience and success then anyone commenting on this site.”

        Nonsense! I have made way more comments on this site than Klinsmann. It’s not even close. I even commented from Mexico a few times.

    • Where there is smoke, there is fire. Why should a German American have an advantage over a kid from some mid-western state for a roster spot on the USMNT just because the German American has two countries he can leverage against each other in competition for his services?

  25. donovan’s omission from the team feels alot like ’98 when harkes was left off just before the wc…that didn’t go too well.

  26. You people are amazing. A teenager does something stupid (yes, I know the first time ever in the history of the world) and all kins of strange Z Files are being opened…and the attacks. You know…come to think of it many adults are doing just about the same thing here too.

    You’re hurt about the LD snub, I get that. I was too. But some here are latching on to anything to hurt JK right back. Some posts even suggest/want the team to fail just to prove whatever their point is.

    Yeah kid did a dumb thing and probably got the business from his Dad immediately and then publicly apologized. But that is not enough. I trust neither will the 10 other things that happen from here on out.

    • “Latching on to anything” I think this is “something” it hints that a decision was made that was a personal not professional.
      I’ll take the last father son combo for the US Nat’l team any day over these 2

      • Reid,

        Ah yes the typical front running bandwagon SBI fan.
        Where were you when Bob , to the great joy of the vast majority of the SBI internet cognoscenti,, was being run out of town on a rail for being stupid and boring and playing his son and starting Rico Clark and not being glib with the media and not wearing anything but track suits, and playing Bornstein and the empty bucket and just being boring?.
        You got excitement now. Be careful what you wish for.
        BB could get fired by Staebek any day now. He will be available to replace JK in a shock move
        Omar will be declared unfit and LD will be back to great acclaim to lead the US to three straight 1-0 losses where Landon will come on in each game with 20 minutes to go and send a free kick just over the bar. .
        In the Germany game he will turn over the ball just outside the box leading to the winning goal,just like what happened to Claudio Reyna. .

      • Thank you, you have summed me up completely.
        Also the only thing I’m wishing for is something to excite me about this team. This past world cup cycle I missed watching 3 qualifiers and really didn’t care. I haven’t done that since 2002. I’ll look out for Cameron because he is a local boy and Mix because he doesn’t have our typical skill set. I hope I can get into the US team when the time comes, but as of right now I don’t know if I will be able to.

    • Why did he not laugh at the other players that got cut? I don’t know what to tell you if you can’t connect the dots and see why this is newsworthy.

      • “Jonathan Klinsmann posted an apology for the original tweet before eventually deleting his Twitter account.” That’s from the article above.

  27. Deutchbag: (noun). German soccer coach with anti-American bias who prefers to use untested, inferior German teenagers over American legends while showing utter disrespect for the latter.
    Synonym: deuchebag
    Will that Deutchbag be fired when he fails to make it out of the group stage at the World Cup?

    • Anti-American bias? The man has lived here for years, has openly said he wanted the job, and has led our team to the best win percentage and streak in US history. Show respect.

      Donovan is a legend. But he hasn’t been legendary since he quit the game for a couple months. Even a few days ago, he was saying in interviews that he’s not able to train hard anymore and his body is weaker, yadda yadda. He sounded like a defeatest.

      Then Beasley comes out and says that the younger kids are having a great camp and really nipping at the heals of players like Donovan.

      Green is a wild card and was probably promised a plane seat. Oh well. He showed in his one appearance that if he plays, he won’t be the worse player to play for the US in the World Cup.

      Donovan can’t hack it as a right winger any more. He’s not as fast and failed at it during the Gold Cup. He only really came alive when he was played in the hole. That’s Dempsey’s spot. Aron and Mix are probably understudies, and guess what? Both of them have been with the team recently and put in their time.

      Brooks has Bundesliga experience. Against Ukraine, he was only back from injury for 11 days so of course he would play weaker. I don’t think he’s any better than Gonzo or Goodson.

      Davis is strange but he’s a sub at best when we need a deadball specialist. He was brought in for a very specific reason.

      Yedlin is Chandler’s understudy and we have three other RBs that can play in front of him. What Yedlin offers is speed. Klinsi is going to play the counter, assuming that in the heat defenses are going to be very tired and thus very slow.

  28. Stop being overally sensitive. It was a kid being dumb. Are you am LD fan or USMNT fan? Thank you for your service, it was a great run. Btw, I almost forgot you disappeared on us during qualifying when everyone else found a way to fight through it.!

      • Seriously. I’m not even a huge Donovan fan, but Brooks, Green, Chandler, and Yedlin (who I like) have no business being on the team.

      • By your standards, yes. But then again this is not your team.

        I have read some form of this post over and over again since yesterday. We get it. By all the SBI coaches standards everyone except Donovan is not worthy (OK I went over the top there but you get my point).

        The team is what it is. I was shocked, angered by it and then let things cool down and I am ready to move on and see what this team can do.

      • What DIDN’T Donovan do in camp??

        You know who did something in qualifying at a most crucial time and didn’t even make the 30? EJ.

        I know you hate the decision, and that’s your right, but to pretend like JK didn’t describe the criteria for this last cut and to pretend like LD, by his own defeatist comments, isn’t responsible for failing to meet the criteria is simply disingenuous.

      • Makes you wonder? I think the answer is pretty clear by the reaction to LD being left off the roster.

      • The only thing Jurgen values is his own overblown ego!

        Let’s remember that Donovan lead the counterattack where Eddie Johnson scored what should have been the winning goal against Mexico on 02 April.

    • Of course it was a kid being dumb. But, why does the kid think ti’s funny to laugh at Donovan? Why does he perceive some personal issue here? What he reads in the press, or something more?

      • We all have fathers and we all blindly acted/reacted out of sympathy for them at their times of stress. What were the details? We didn’t know and we didn’t have to. Maybe this is simply that? Maybe the kid finds it funny…you know just plain old funny? Who know why?

        These probing “interested minds want to know” questions seem to be reaching for something that simply may not be there.

        JK said there’s no beef between he and LD and even LD confirms this. But I suppose that’s just not enough, huh?

  29. This display represents a personal rift between Donovan and Klinsmann. This is not a dumb expression by a teenager. This is personal between the Coach and the best player on the Team. It’s going to cost the Team and cause division among the players. I wonder if Klinsmann hold Donovan responsible for getting him fired from Bayern Munich.

    • None of us know for sure the backstory. Possibilities:

      A. Personal rift as you say
      B. Engineered tabloid fodder (drama sells. They live in LA)
      C. Immature 17 y.o. joking around stupidly with his buddies, and not understanding the seriousness of his actions.
      D. Immature 17 y.o. in a fight with daddy doing something out of anger to hurt his dad.

      We just don’t know.

  30. It certainly makes you wonder if Jonathan knows something we don’t about how Jurgen views Donovan. Maybe it’s as simple as Donovan just wasn’t nice to Jonathan or something… or maybe there is some conflict between Donovan and Jurgen that Jonathan came to know about. It’s just speculation, but it’s hard not to think about…

    The fact that we’re even scrutinizing this shows just what a shocking decision it was.

    The other aspect of it is, a US youth international disrespecting our all time greatest player like that? Kid needs to be taught a lesson about what it means to wear that uniform.

    • “The other aspect of it is, a US youth international disrespecting our all time greatest player like that? Kid needs to be taught a lesson about what it means to wear that uniform.”

      I endorse that, but that’s all.

  31. All caps and a hint of inside information about Jurgens decision and misspelled Donovan name..could Junior be Frank?

  32. Oh, wow. Profoundly dumb action by a teenager, but providing insight into some bizarre and personal aspect of the selection process. I suspect that K the elder is more than a bit annoyed at his son, however. Davis over Donovan? You’ve got to be kidding.

    • Bingo… this is pure payback for the leave but it’s more than just Donovan. Beasley? don’t people remember how much he gets beat or loses his mark? Omar? gimpy knee and getting by that…he’ll cost you a goal (minimum) a game. Davis? HA too old, too slow. Jones…. did he even make the camp yet? He also will create set pieces against us when he fouls. Altadore….. he cant score in the UK…. how will he against Germany or Portugal? Green? secret handshakes make me sick. He has not earned this spot and I dont care what his POTENTIAL is.

      I never thought we had much of a chance in this group. With this roster, I know we have no chance. JK was smart to get an extension before the WC cause it would be a tough sell if we go 3 and out and if we do go 3 and out, with zero goals…. I want JK’s head on a platter with his smart ass kid’s on the platter next to his. Is JK’s kid REALLY the best goal keeper available at his age group or is this a throwback to the early days of BB (before mikey proved his worth)?

  33. Too bad they aren’t doing a send off match in Hartford again this year, I would have liked to give coach dbag a good 20-30 min of heckling.
    I never really thought I was that much of a Donavan fan until last night, as of now I’m not really interested in our games this year and definitely won’t be watching at work like I did 4 years ago,and maybe won’t be watching them at all. I always admired how professional bob Bradley was even if I didn’t agree with his decisions… He had class

    • +1
      BB is 100% class.
      Met him after he did a free youth clinic and the guy talked soccer with a bunch of us for 20 minutes.
      US Soccer kicked him to the curb like a piece of garbage

      • Bob Bradley is a nice guy and a decent coach. But let’s not all forget the favoritism he showed his own son when little Bradley was still finding his legs. Many fans came out begging to see someone else play there and even a few players publicly mentioned wanting to see what it would be like playing with someone else.

        Luckily, forcing his son to play even when it wasn’t deserved has benefited us long-term.

      • Many fans were morons who couldn’t see that MB was actually not there simply because of favoritism. It was deserved and anyone saying it wasn’t is tipping their hand. People just saw an easy way to get at the coach since we played a pretty boring and simple style. Who cares that it was successful in a time where the nats were nowhere near as deep as they are today.

      • I disagree. Michael Bradley showed great promise at 18. Let’s remember the talent of the USMNT was not as deep eight years ago as it is today. It’s would be much more difficult for an 18 year old to make the team today. Just look how Julian Green was manhandled by the Mexican players on 02 April. It’s obvious Julian was ill prepared for the physical play at the international level.

    • When its the son of the coach. Who controversially cut the most capped best produced top two player in the history of us soccer. No one would care if this was some dumb kid out there but you can see that there was something personal between. The two.

      • Maybe the kid is on the fast track to be the full NAT goalie? He has the connections and its the connections that get you on the 23 roster.

      • Isn’t it really telling that our last three coaches had sons at the highest level of soccer in this country (youth national teams)? Kenny Arena, Michael Bradley, and now Jon Klinsmann. In the case of Michael Bradley, the connections paid off and he has proven an exceptional talent. Kenny Arena, not so much. Was he really the best player back in his day or were there hundreds of other players out there who didn’t have the connections who could have been better? My guess is yes. Now this entitled wanker (young Klinsmann) who may be a hell of a goalie, but who wouldn’t be there without his father’s connections, has to disparage a guy who earned his way through the youth systems and played at the highest level. Disgusting, really.

      • First you say young Klinsmann may be one hell of a goalie, then you claim he is only where he is b/c of his dad’s connections. Which is it?

      • Mikey benefited from his connections. But that only goes so far.

        But BB did not get Mikey loaned to Aston Villa where he flamed out. He did not get Mikey a job at Chievo where he was exceptional.
        And he did not get him a spot on Roma where Mikey did well.

        Instead BB is managing a club in a fourth rate league and in danger of being fired.

        Mikey made the most of his connections and not everyone does.

      • Couldn’t be farther from the truth. The fans love him at stabaek. Educate yourself homie you have no idea what you are talking about

      • BB in danger of getting fired? you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. Stabaek have won their last three matches and are in third place, which is about 13 places higher than the so-called experts predicted.

      • It is beyond disgusting. The comment by Jonathan Klinsmann was an insult to all Americans who like to think there is fairness in the selection process.

      • I think it speaks pretty deeply to what Jurgen thinks of Donovan. His son is only parroting what he was taught, and he was taught that LD is no big thing. Remember, Jurgen has been a part of Donovan’s life since his first move to Germany.

      • Mr Rey,

        Of course it does. Is it possible that Jürgen knows the real Donovan much better than you do?

        And is it possible that the real Donovan is a lazy, entitled, little prince who thinks he should have been given a spot on the team as a lifetime achievement award instead of because he was still one of the 23 best players for this team?

        Kids are very perceptive and clearly not tied by professional considerations. Maybe Jon Klinsmann got to see the real LD with his guard down.

        However, if you follow JK’s career at all you would realize that he has worked productively with characters who were far more unsavory than Landon like Lothar Matthaus, for example.

        Nevertheless, JK loves winning so much he’d put the scum of the earth in the 23 if he thought it would get him out of the group.

      • Wow, you speak with such certainty. Incredible, really, since you’re basing all this on speculation.

    • When he disrespects one of the most important players in the history of the program and his dad happens to be the technical director or the program, in charge of every level of the program.

      That’s when.

      If Coach K cuts Dwayne Wade and doesn’t take him to the Olympics and his kid is showing his *** on twitter dissing Wade–and, oh–he plays on our U18 national team squad–you can bet your *** that it’s making it as a lead story on ESPN, FS1, sports talk radio and local sports networks. Could even make it to Good Morning America type shows, getting a mention.

      If John Harkes kid said it, it doesn’t get as much attention. It’s more about a combination of factors.

      That’s what makes it newsworthy.

    • It’s newsworthy because no 17 year old can possibly have a personal issue with Donovan. Undoubtedly, this comes from something that he picked up at home from his father.

      • Or he could just be a troll like most teenagers on the web. Obviously not the most media savvy move but the kid is 17.

      • Has he been involved in any web trolling before? Why all of a sudden now? And why, oddly enough, the subject is Donovan? An awful lot of strange coincidences.

      • Very good questions. Let’s look at his previous tweets to get a sense of his tweeting behavior. Oh wait…his account has been deleted.

      • He is a kid. Kids do stupid things. I’m just not going to get bent out of shape from a thoughtless childish tweet. To answer your strange coincidences: Jonathan Klinsmann has an interest is soccer; Donovan’s omission JUST happened; Schadenfreude. It’s just not worth an investigation.

      • Oh yeah sure, first thing every 17-year old boy in the country with interest in soccer did upon hearing of the 23-man roster was to run to the twitter to poke fun at Donovan. The most natural thing that could happen to anyone.

      • It’s not worth investigating. He’s a kid. His father just made a decision that got a whole bunch of fanboys all butthurt and now they’re overreacting to every little thing they see. Hopefully, in a week all this nonsense will have died down.

      • See, this is where the argument breaks down.
        I don’t have any Personal connection with Athletes that I just don’t like for one reason or another. If Ronaldo was cut from Portugal there would be a lot of 17 yr old haters tweeting HAHAHAHA that have no personal connection to Ronaldo. The fact that it is Klinsmann’s son opens up doubt as to where the dislike is coming from, but it certainly does not PROVE anything.

        That being said, I wouldn’t mind deporting Jon Klinsmann

      • His mother is American so young Johan is American, so what you’re saying is, let’s first strip him of his citizenship and then have him deported because he said something stupid. You just said something stupid….

  34. I call bs on anyone defending this move by the usmnt coach as a nod to 2018 or developing younger talent. That is utter bs… you take the best possible team and the best possible players. Doesn’t. Matter if it was a tough draw! We’re. Americans and we want that adversity. So by that reasoning. Come. 2018 and we have a tough draw we give up and develop the future. The world cup isn’t some hobo backwater. Tournament where you can experiment. It was hard for me to root for the usmnt this cycle. From how they handled Bob Bradley to the excessive foreign recruitment. 0-0-3 no goals scored 32/32 worse than 1998. Go go Usa. Excuse the punctuation. I’m on a kindle fire.

    • I agree, we have to bring the absolute best players we have now. It’s obvious that neither Julian Green, Brad Davis, Mix Diskerud, or Wondo is better than Donovan right now. We are not at the 2018 World Cup, we are at the 2014.
      Honestly I don’t even think Brad Davis thinks Brad Davis should be there. Especially over Donovan. All I’m saying is that Davis better bust his butt over in Brazil and play like a star because that’s who he replaced.

      • Things to account for in this decision:
        1) We don’t necessarily need Donovan in that/those positions
        2) His form, desire, fitness are questionable

        ==> His current ability is much higher, but will you get it and will it produce anything.

        That results in him being replaced by the combination of the others.

      • I would agree those questions are logical. But I would say that the fact that he has been able to step up and produce almost every single time called upon in the past (and at least more consistently any other US player) is a pretty good indication that he will now.

        Also, as for form, I would just say that he had more goals per game and assists per game (BY FAR) than any other player on the roster just last year in 2013.

      • Since scoring 5 goals last July in the Gold Cup:

        USMNT – WCQ – played 90 minutes with 0 goals, 0 assists against Costa Rica 9/6/13; played 90 minutes with 1 goal and 1 assists against Mexico 9/10/13; played 45 minutes with 0 goals, 0 assists against Jamaica 10/11/13; played 90 minutes with 0 goals, 1 assist against South Korea 2/1/14; played 31 minutes as a substitute with 0 goals, 0 assists (should’ve been 1, EJ was not offside) against Mexico 4/2/14.

        LA Galaxy – hasn’t scored in MLS play since Oct. 6, 2013, against Chivas (2 goals, 1 assist). Since then, he has played 90 minutes 9 times (810 minutes) and he only has 2 assists to show for it. Both came 6 months later to the day, against Chivas. In CONCACAF Champions League play, he played 180 minutes over 2 matches against Tijuana (3/12/14 and 3/18/14) with 0 goals and 1 assist.

        All told, factoring in USMNT appearances after the Gold Cup Final + LA Galaxy appearances in both MLS and CONCACAF Champions League since the Chivas game on 10/6/13, that’s 1 goal and 4 assists across all competitions.

        If the USMNT were playing Chivas USA in the World Cup and the match were somehow scheduled to be played on October 6, 2014, he should absolutely be on the roster. Unfortunately…

      • Like so many people you are focused solely on the past. Yes, there are players on this roster that from first look don’t make sense. Yedlin, Davis, Brooks, all qualify in that category. However, JK and co. have their lineups and are filling the periphery roster slots with situational specific players. Davis, left foot & service. Yedlin speed down the flank if we’re playing from 2 down. Brooks > ceiling than Goodson, especially when paired with Besler or Cameron.

        Would LD have made a great “Super Sub?”, which was his likely role? Maybe, but he’s not played that role before, so there’s no history there to prove your point.

      • Are you willing to take that chance on a 32 year old who is apparently overweight and is obviously out of form? LAG this year he has ZERO goals in 7 starts. Sure, players go through dry spells (i.e. out of form) so I don’t expect him to always have a goal every other game (which is his career average). It is more than that though. How many of you have really watched Donovan play THIS season. He has looked like an AVERAGE MLS midfielder at best (mostly below average to be honest).

        Past performance is not a guarantee of future results … particularly when the player looks bad right now.

        I was surprised by the move yesterday on a pure sentimental emotional level. Objectively however, it is difficult to make the argument that he is playing well and deserves the spot. If we take him to Brazil and he sits on the bench for 3 straight games that would be controversial also (particularly if we are not succeeding). If Klinsmann plays him and he looks awful (which looks likely given his recent play) then we criticize JK for not making the tough decision to leave him off or bench him and more controversy. Having watched him play 2 weeks ago at Portland, you wouldn’t have even known he was on the field.

      • All these questions about his commitment seem miss placed to me. I viewed Donovans’ comments about being OK not starting as him trying to be a team player. he said he wanted to be a big part of the team, but he was willing to play chearleader from the sideline if that is what the coach told him to do. Nasri got cut because he would take a bit part on the French team. So here is Donovan saying he is willing to do anything to help, and he gets cut because he isn’t committed? Klinsmann might not know this, but in the US, we are raised with a quote that goes..”There is no ‘I’ in team”. Donovan was being a team player, and got let using that as an excuse.

      • You have no idea if that was the reason. Quit getting your panties in a bunch until the real story comes out.

      • White Kix,


        LD just proved he thinks he is not subject to the same rules as those guys.

        Donovan does not exist in isolation. His USMNT participation has to be seen in relation to his peers.

        There was an American coach named Herb Brooks who said,” If you give me 99%, you make my job easy”.

        This goes back to when JK first took over. Over the course of the last two years all the other WC vets, Howard, Mikey, Clint, Jozy, DMB, made moves that showed they were buying into the program. Some made major changes in their lives, all five arrived in cap in the best possible shape they could be and obviously 100% committed.

        None of you can say that the same was true of Donovan. He has always been the golden child and it seems he thought that, despite the evidence, that JK and the team would take 90-99 % of Donovan over 100% of anyone else.

        I’m sure you would but for coaches and managers it is different. Now it is possible that Donovan was physically just done and what we saw at the end of the season and at camp was the absolute best he could do.
        But it is fair to question that given his publicly stated questionable commitment. His sabbatical and his mediocre season raised serious doubts.

        Yet he was good enough to be one of the 30 best players without even breaking a sweat. Given the immense talent he still has I have to believe that if he had given it more long term commitment, put his head down and shut up and worked his butt enough he should have been able to come to camp and blow away all doubt, and force JK, personal bad feelings, vendetta, whatever, to put him on the 23.

        Had he done that I believe JK would have been GLAD to put him on the 23. Instead we get this, “just one of the boys, do whatever is necessary, scrubeenie” garbage. Obviously, he was not that hungry. Or maybe he just can’t do it anymore, in which case the result is the same.

        That tells me the greatest player ever has settled for second best. That is not a message you want to here from such an influential man.

        You want to hear “I am older and slower but hey I’m smart and sharp and I can still cut you to pieces. Clint can dominate with the Sounders? Well watch me find a way, even with my reduced physical ability, to drag this Galaxy team out of mediocrity ”. But nothing close to that happened.

        Instead, we get a guy negotiating in the media for a spot on the bench. That is an embarrassment and a big letdown to his fans.

        Clint faced doubts every season of his life in England and always fought his way onto the team.

        LD, who thinks 99% is good enough, just doesn’t know how to do that.

      • Great points! People with knee jerk reactions need to really look at these and take them into account before saying Davis is CERTAINLY worse than Donovan!

      • Career as a whole to date? Donovan hands down.

        But career doesn’t mean squat if you are mentally and physically not ready when the WC starts … which is where LD is right now.

        To be truthful, I really don’t want to see Brad Davis have to play because I have never really been impressed. Does that mean he is bad? No … not at all, it just means if I am selecting my 4-5 best American midfielders he isn’t in the group (and for the last 8+ years, LD has been) and hasn’t really ever had his best games internationally.

    • I’m an American and I don’t want that adversity. I want France’s draw! Even Brazil’s! Oh, and they’re two countries that have won the thing.

    • The case that Donovan is a better option than the players who made the squad is not that strong. Sure, LD has a history, but what has he done lately? What is he doing right now? A coach who doesn’t take current form into account is going to lose.

      • Then what about Boyd? He was the most in form striker we have right now. If current form was the standard, why was he excluded?

        This decision had nothing to do with Landon’s form. This goes deeper, even personal.

      • Personal is right. JK knew that he was going to cut LD way before the 30 came out. You could tell the way he was foreshadowing things so there would be such an impact.

      • Contribute to what? The bench and a practice player like Davis or Yedlin? Sulking around when his number isn’t called as starting 11? I’d rather have him not there than tearing the team apart if he is unhappy with a bench role.

        Thinking that LD is a constant is pure folly. When was the last time he went 7 straight full professional game 90s with zero goals? When did he last look this mediocre for an extended period?

    • Well, the only adversity this American faced was getting through that post with your jingo logic and abhorrent punctuation.

    • It’s not giving up this tournament for 2018. But it is giving opportunities to those who will play a big part in four years. Other international coaches do this all the time so I don’t get where people are complaining.

      Will Green do a Donovan from 2002 and have a breakout performance? Possibly, but if he doesn’t he’s probably number 22 or 23 on the roster, so who cares?

      The only reason Bradley played so many players in 2010 was because he had the stupidest starting XIs that he’d continually have to change. Klinis has his XI and will probably alter it very slightly.

      People just aren’t used to a European sentiment.

      • You’re totally right about 2018, and those that think Klinsmann is are just blowing the LD exclusion out of proportion. Basically assuming that without LD the Nats are incomplete, or worse, a terrible team. People have to start accepting that the US is the SUM of its parts, not defined by our best statistacal player of all time.

    • Landon Donovan has more creative playmaking skills than the rest of the USMNT midfield combined! One decision by Landon could win a game. I’d be willing to sacrifice 1/23rd of my roster for Landon Donovan in hope that he could have that one golden touch of the boot.

      • In practice? Because if he went, he’d likely be a late game sub if playing at all.

        In 2010? We need to stop judging expectations LD by what he did 4, 8 and 12 years ago. Have you seen what he has done for the last 3 months with Galaxy? He has been mediocre at best. To think that he will just turn it on because USMNT and WC is as immature of thinking as JK’s kid and his mental diarrhea on twitter.

    • You just predicted 3 scoreless draws in a group that has Germany, Portugal, Ghana, and the USA…Gonna go ahead and say you’re wrong…

  35. If this post had nothing to do with Donovan, I would still take exception. ALL CAPS is something that FRANK can get away with in my book, but not some entitled 17 year old who strings emoticons together on Twitter. The only thing sadder is the apparently significant group of dweebs who apparently follow Jurgen Klinsmann’s son on social. I guess it paid off. Whatever that means.

    Congratulations on your move to California, JK. I could’ve told you this in advance, but your kids have come out dumb as the rest of us here. Maybe worse.

      • Your assumptions that this is personal are ridiculous. You have to face it that you DON’T know. This tweet is proof of NOTHING.

        Yes it’s tough seeing LD left off the roster. It was bound to happen one day, it just came far sooner and more abruptly than anyone thought. Don’t let your own personal opinions towards the player and coach sway you from the fact that there is far more to this situation than you are implying.

      • It confirms the attitude we all believe we’ve seen from Jurgen does exist in the Klinnsman family. It is damning evidence. To not see it that way is naive.

      • Then we disagree. I think you’re really taking this personal, not JK and co. Unless you have concrete evidence (tweet does NOT count) that Klinsmann has it out for LD I refuse to believe it. You call it naive, I think looking at it your way is presumptuous. BTW, its highly unlikely that JK discusses Landon with his son. Many fathers discuss things with their children at the dinner table, yes. But how many of those fathers live in the public eye that have to make a decision like he just made? You have to take that into account. IF JK did discuss it and his son chose to voice his opinion publicly, that’s highly unfortunate and very unprofessional, obviously. I still think he made the right choice for this WC.

      • Does your teenage son ever say stupid stuff taken out of context?

        Did you as a teenager ever say stupid stuff taken out of context?

        The first may or may not apply to you, the second should (unless you are currently a teenager, then all bets are off).

        This assumption by many that Klinsmann has told his family that he doesn’t like LD and bad mouths him at home is silly and an immature assumption. Maybe he does, but I honestly doubt it.

        Lots of people like to see the “mighty fall” and revel in the demise of icons — there is no reason to think that JK’s son has his own opinion of LD and just said something unfiltered. Perhaps some of that opinion was created at home, I am open to that possibility … but I am always amazed about how many immature opinions my teenage son has about events, topics and people he barely knows if knows at all based on overheard partial conversations, etc. … and how willing he is to tweet a raw opinion that makes him look stupid because he takes things out of context.

        Until LD himself comes out and tells us that he and JK were like oil and water and hated each other … and that the real problem was that he is actually in the greatest form of his life but decided to completely dog it for the LAG for the first 1/4th of the season in an effort to save his energy for USMNT and World Cup and instead was cut for internal political reasons, then I have no reason to think that JK’s kid posting something stupid is anything other than JK’s kid posting something stupid.

      • Ramone, we just disagree. To me it is a clear symbol of the types of conversation this kid has heard in his dads house.

      • when was the last time you heard a senators kid tweet about the president, or even one of their constituents?

        There is a reason that is not a common occurrence, because those parents teach their children that the subject is off limits in the public eye.

        Jurgen failed to do his job as a public figure in teaching his son respect.

      • True. Because as a teenager living in the US, his views naturally mirror his father’s precisely.

      • his views about his dads work do. He gets info about his dads work from his dad.

        If this was Jonathon tweeting that he doesn’t 4 door cars, then yes he and Jurgen might disagree on that.

      • I love how certain you are of your interpretation of pure conjecture.
        It’s just bizarre.
        You must sit at the Klinsmann’s dinner table with them.

      • I tell you what. If Jurgen is willing to bold face come out and say, Jonathon never heard anything negative from him about Landon, I’ll believe it. I’ll take him at his word. The fact is, he isn’t ballsy enough to come out in say that, because it isn’t true.

    • Should be suspended from the USSF youth system. When you see what some kids go through to be a part of it and this brat does that. Kick him out. Let him go play in Germany. Apparently that’s how 18 yrs leap frog above players who have scored more world cup goals than Messi, Van Persie, and Christiano Ronaldo combined.

      • your hero LD got cut cuz he didn’t fit the system. The coaching staff figured his presence in Brazil to be a liability. During the qualifying campaign JK has proofed every sceptic wrong. Wrong, that’s right. Coach kilns has given America a masterclass on going with ones gut. The balls on this guy ore massive.

      • Even not fitting the system, if Donovan were healthy (knee issue), fit, and in form, he’d be on the squad. He has nobody to blame but himself for not making this team.

  36. It was a terriable tweet, and the Klinmanns need to be suspect. We are playing Germany too. Something is wrong with all this. LD should be on the team. Son should shut his damn mouth. US soccer needs to do something.

    • The kid needs to ZIP it and show some RESPECT for a guy who’s dedicated himself to playing for this country–giving his all when he put on a US jersey since this kid was barely old enough to crawl.

      Utterly classless.

      Having said that, I gotta respectfully tell you that I think that you are way over the top, as well with the “German/suspect” thing.

      I don’t do politically correct, so I’m not coming from that angle. I think that even when we’re angry–and I’m still personally FURIOUS over this whole thing–we have to be really careful about questioning someone’s loyalty and integrity.

      I’m still seeing red, so if I misunderstood your intent and your words, please forgive me, my Man.

      • Agreed. It’s a kid who took it down almost immediately so someone around him has sense.

        There isn’t some conspiracy unless you believe Klinsi took over the team three years ago to qualify and pray he gets to face Germany then try to screw with our team to lose. All at the same time, taking away highly regarded German youths.

        Face it: Donovan was not vital to the US qualifying nor has he showed up when he has been in the team. Yes, he did well in the Gold Cup. Afterward, I remember him getting pulled at half time one game and being benched against Mexico. I would have brought Donovan, but I’m not crying because he’s not going. He wasn’t in my starting XI.

        A lot of people have it out for Donovan because he’s rubbed people the wrong way. This kid probably met him when his dad coached Bayern. Maybe Donovan did something to annoy Klinsi’s son and so he’s held a grudge.

        Does Klinsi himself hold a grudge? I wouldn’t use that word, but Klinsi likes loyalty and Donovan hasn’t shown any to him or this US team. That and poor form has seen him get the boot. There’s nothing more to it and other coaches have dropped big players for lesser reasons.

        At least Donovan showed more restraint than Eddie Johnson.

      • This comment was what sent me over the edge last night. Literally couldn’t sleep I was so upset. It is a little glimpse into Klinnsman family vault. This kid learned that attitude toward Donovan from somewhere, pretty clear where that would be from. Jurgen needs to apologize himself and not with a BS little comment either, I think he owes a sincere apology for the attitude he has shown to a Legend.

      • This tweet by Jonathan Klinsmann, which without any doubt contained sentiments voiced by Jurgen Klinsmann is his own house that were being parroted by his son, was an insult to all American football fans.

        Let me remind people that it was Julian Green who was responsible for the second goal Mexico scored on 02 April in a friendly against the USA that ended in a 2-2 tie score. If you go back and look at the video of the game, it is Landon Donovan who led the counterattack that resulted in the goal scored by Eddie Johnson that should have resulted in a 3-2 victory by the USA. The referee erroneously called an offside penalty.

        But let’s not overlook the fact that Klinsmann did something similar to Carlos Bocanegra. Let’s also remember that Tim Chandler openly refused invitations to the USMNT, but has been selected to go to Brasil. Why is Landon Donovan held to a higher standard than Chandler? It’s because Klinsmann is biased toward Landon ever since Landon played in Germany. It’s obvious that Klinsmann had enmity toward Donovan and a bias for German American players.

        American fans expect a coach to be fair, especially when choosing players to represent the United States as a country. Because Klinsmann has violated this expectation of fairness that at the very least has the appearance of impropriety, he should be fired from the USMNT and immediately replaced by another coach.

      • I totally agree. This was the last straw for me. My mission now is to see JK fired. We cannot have a coach that does not believe in Americans and picks his own countrymen over American icons. Of the ones he does believe in, many he shouldnt believe in.

        I also think JKs son has heard this discussion at home and I for one think this SUCKS. Donovan has done more for us soccer than JK will ever do and I’d rather see him on the bench than listen to JK latest round of whiny excuses on why it was OK to screw over Landon

        Fire JK

      • I agree with bh, and very well written. Not so sure that he has to be immediately fired, but I was really in JK’s corner until this and I am having a really hard time shaking it.

      • If USMNT make it out of their group, or even make a deep run in WC2014, do you still want Klinsmann fired?

      • I’d rather not give him the opportunity. Let someone with a little bit of class run the show. It is more important that I respect the players and coaches I root for, than that they are the best. I’d rather be represented by blue collar, respectful men with mediocre talent than by arrogant men in power struggle with all the talent in the world.

      • The answer is yes. He should be fired for not being a professional. For making decisions based on his own ego, not on the talent on the field.

      • Let us assume that the son heard nothing like this from his father and did this on his own. It is still totally classless and shows that Klinsmann did not bring his kid up right because there is no way you should show that kind of disrespect toward someone else, especially the all time best US soccer player. As we used to say, this kid isn’t qualified to even wash Donovan’s jock, so he has no business saying anything.

      • If this is the class Klinnsman teaches his own son, I don’t want him involved in forming a other young American men like Yedlin and Green.

      • “shows that Klinsmann did not bring his kid up right”

        You hear that Jurgen? You didn’t raise a perfect child. Just let that sink in. Feel the burn.

      • Jesse: no rational mind could get that from my comment.

        I am arguing that when you become a parent, you sign up to be embarrassed by your child’s inevitable mistakes.

        And that every parent should ignore a$$-holier-than-thous like you and Gary Page who suggest that a child’s mistake is an indictment of the parent.

        A good parent doesn’t raise a kid who never makes mistakes. Rather, a good parent helps a kid recognize and correct his mistakes—which is what Jurgen is doing.

      • Agreed. People are taking this far too seriously. It’s a kid. An older kid who sets his own agenda.

        I’ve never personally met Donovan. But I was happy to be in the Landycake corner for years. You don’t need to meet people to have opinions of them.

        Everyone here has it out for a particular player they’ve never met or person, may it be a politician or celebrity.

        People pointing at Klinsi and claiming it’s his fault his son acted the way he acted is acting just as childish.

      • Josh, Not childish to point out the facts. It is childish to treat people so callously.
        You were mocking people, acting as though Jurgen shouldn’t be embarrassed, this is just par for the course. It isn’t par for the course, because there are lots of kids of celebrities who manage to no embarrass the family publicly.

      • Really!! you couldn’t sleep!!!
        Can all you PLEASE remember how LD decided to take time off and Suzi came in and owned that position. USMNT does better without LD than with him. All these years when Bruce and elder Bradley just gifted positions to certain players are gone. We needed this stop the crying and get on with it. Now LD will have soo much time this summer to give his all to MLS 🙁 BooHooHoo!!

      • No, he wasn’t. But if he’d been included in this squad, he would have been. Klinsmann’s son’s bad attitude and moronic decision-making aside, Landycakes has nobody but himself to blame for being out of shape, out of form, and having proven the USMNT can succeed without him (when he declined to play for 3 months during crucial WC Qualifying matches).

      • I disagreed with the decision, I thought it stunk of Jurgen playing power games rather than making soccer decisions. I was willing to give Jurgen a little bit of slack though, and try to assume the best… that was until his kid proved that he really was just about power and didn’t care about winning, or treating people with dignity.

      • The anger being expressed about this tweet is way over the top. Get a grip. It’s a 17 year old kid. They say dumb things on occasion.

      • Thank you. If you looked back on all your texts/tweets/emails from when you were 17 would you be proud of them?

      • never ever, would have commented on my dads work. I knew better. I knew better at age 10. 17 is old enough. The problem that you are overlooking is that he got that information and that lack of class from somewhere.

      • If I had made texts/tweets/emails like this when I was 17 then I would have been immensely proud of myself.

        But only because texting, Twitter, and most email didn’t exist back then, so it would have been quite an accomplishment!

      • Totally agree.

        As the father of a 16.5 year old boy who repeatedly says dumb, dumb things on social media (but sometimes witty/appropriate/smart things too – and yes, we have talked about it with him, and yes he has issued apologies when necessary … and he has deleted several accounts only to create new ones later) I get it.

        Just of the sins of the father should not be how we judge the son, same goes the other way around (though easier to judge parents based on a loose cannon kid). Just like when we were all high schoolers (though in my day there was no internet so when I said something idiotic it wasn’t in text format and broadcast for the whole world to read) kids say stupid stuff sometimes. It is part of growing up. I have no doubt Jonathan Klinsmann will learn something from this.

      • dude, in the tweet!!! Have you ever seen a tweet? He tagged a bunch of faces crying their eyes out.

      • Totally agree.

        As the father of a 16.5 year old boy who repeatedly says dumb, dumb things on social media (but sometimes witty/appropriate/smart things too – and yes, we have talked about it with him, and yes he has issued apologies when necessary … and he has deleted several accounts only to create new ones later) I get it.

        Just of the sins of the father should not be how we judge the son, same goes the other way around (though easier to judge parents based on a loose cannon kid). Just like when we were all high schoolers kids say stupid stuff sometimes (though in my day there was no internet so when I said something reactionary and dumb it wasn’t in text format and broadcast for the whole world to read). It is part of growing up. I have no doubt Jonathan Klinsmann will learn something from this.

      • Maybe I’m weird and old fashioned, but I was taught not to disrespect others and I followed that direction, even as a teenager. As my mother always told me, if you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.

      • No, not weird and old fashioned. That is good, sage advice. Have you always followed it and never insulted anyone in your life (particularly when you were 16-17)? Maybe you have and I commend you for it … you are a much better person than most.

        Most mothers make that statement however as corrective action for the kid saying something inappropriate … just my experience, don’t want to project. 🙂

      • I can guarantee I never insulted or even considered insulting one of my dads employees. Insulting a kid at school, although inappropriate was different. I absolutely ALWAYS knew better than to do this. No question. This kid has grown up too spoiled.

      • So tell us Jesse, what mistakes did you make as a teenager? Please list them so they can be as public as Jonathan’s.

        Then we can all point out how delinquent your dad was because he didn’t teach you to never do X and how we never did X when we were kids.

      • I egged a kids house I didn’t like. I drove my car too fast and got pulled over. I wrote an angry email to a girl in a breakup. I talked back to a teacher who I thought was dumb.

        I knew better than to do all of these but for the most part I was a respectful kid.
        These were all dumb, I’m willing to admit they were mistakes. I get that we all make them, but there are some things that you should never ever do. Ripping an employee your dad just fired publicly is on that list.

      • And yet, Gary Page, on this thread you have said things about Jurgen and Jonathan Klinsmann, but not one of them nice:

        “Klinsmann did not bring his kid up right”

        “this kid isn’t qualified to even wash Donovan’s jock”

        “worst player choice ever”

        and about other commenters:

        “Only a terribly biased person…”

        and about the rest of the squad:

        “I’m not exactly happy about a couple of the other choices either.”

      • No retraction or admission from Gary Page? On one hand I get you voice your distaste for disrespect, but then when it is said as it “thou art that man.” At least own up. Admit like every one of us, you are guilty of criticizing and showing disrespect yourself, and be gracious enough to grant the kid some space to grow up a little. We are ALL STILL learning, I hope.

        Ps – i would prefer LD was on the team, but that is not the issue here.

      • I have agreed with Gary on most of these issues. This is a place to offer opinion, our own advice and to vent when appropriate. We do so under pseudo names and go over the top in our anger. When we disagree we are able to argue here. That’s part of the point of the website. When you are a public figure, or even when it is your own facebook you have to act with more constraint.
        I have called Corona names, because I think he is awful as a wide midfielder. Not fair to the kid, who I’m sure just wants to be a good soccer player. I admit I should be softer in my verbiage. I apologize if I have offended anyone.

      • I think you are missing the point. It’s not like he said something embarrassing or posted a picture of himself chugging a beer. He said something related to his father’s job. Why? What does he know? What has Jurgen said? Six other guys were cut yesterday, and they did not get this treatment. What does this kid know about Landon Donovan and his father that we do not?

        The tweet is evidence of something. We don’t truly know what, and we never will, but we know for certain something other than soccer ability was in the head coach’s mind when he decided to not bring the best player in US history to the World Cup.

        It’s not that I want to visit the bad judgement of a 17 year-old kid on his father, it’s that the only explanation of the actual content of the remark is that the father is incapable of doing his job in an impartial manner.

      • Nope. This tweet doesn’t prove anything about anything Klinsmann’s said in the confines of his own home to his son. It’s evidence of nothing but that in the digital age, when a 17-year-old kid says something stupid, the whole world can hear him.

        I’m not saying Klinsmann has absolutely not said anything about Donovan to his son in private – I can’t say that, because I have no way of knowing it and no evidence proving it (neither do you, by the way). What I’m saying is, you’re drawing some HUGE conclusions from thin air.

        As to Klinsmann’s ability to do his job impartially: where’s Brek Shea on this roster? He’s just about Klinsmann’s favorite USMNT player.

      • Lots of people say stupid things. I say stupid things all the time. They just do not involve insulting Landon Donovan. Your theory is that this is just a completely random happenstance? Well, that’s one theory I guess. As I said, we will never truly know, but I prefer to go by the axiom that where there is smoke there is fire.

        As for Brek Shea, where is your proof that “he’s just about Klinsmann’s favorite USMNT player?” Klinsmann tried Shea out, perhaps longer than some would have liked, but that’s it. The comparison between Shea’s and Donovan’s soccer resume is the issue.

      • Not at all. My assertion (not theory) is that this tweet does not PROVE anything at all about what Klinsmann has or has not said in front of or directly to his son regarding Landon Donovan. Claiming it proves with certainty that Klinsmann’s been operating on some sort of vendetta basis against Donovan is patently false.

      • Yeah, and someone standing with a gun over a dead body doesn;’t prove they pulled the trigger, but it is pretty good indication.

      • I imagine I will get over this, but if the WC were to start today, I would really have trouble rooting for the US right now. And I’m as die hard as it gets, having followed the US team since it qualified in 1990. Donovan’s snub was the worst player choice ever, but I’m not exactly happy about a couple of the other choices either.

      • I’m 100% with you, although I didn’t know a thing about US soccer until 1994. I’m as die hard as they come, but if they took the field tomorrow, I don’t think I could root for them.

      • If you can’t root for the US team because of a couple of player choices then you aren’t Die Hard. You are a fair weather fan who gets upset and throws a tantrum. The USMNT is bigger than any coach or player and rooting for them to do well transends anything else.

      • I’m not in any way shape or form a “fair weather” fan. It isn’t player selections I’m mad about. You don’t perceive the issue the way I do. I see this as a major corruption of the system. Jurgen is not making soccer decisions anymore. I believe he is making decisions based on not wanting to share the spot light, and particularly liking the person who is Landon. If this was a soccer decision, of course I would disagree but be no where near as upset.

      • Exact opposite is true. Jurgen is making soccer decisions. An emotional/sentimental decision would be including an out of shape and out of form Donovan who isn’t properly prepared for this World Cup instead of guys who showed in training that they wanted it more.

      • he won’t even defend as a soccer decision or on soccer principles. He is like well I just see some others ahead of him… really? That’s it? Donovan is a forward, he wasn’t competing with Julian… Really, Donovan can only FW? why would he paint him a box like that. Donovan is a soccer player. JK is not answering the questions, he is avoid the obvious.

      • I’m just as upset as you are. I certainly do not believe that we should blame Klinsmann for his son’s actions. However, I do believe that his son’s actions reveal negative conversations in the Klinnsmann’s household about Donovan. I believe it provides us with an insight that pretty much confirms most of our suspicions that the decision was based on personal issues that have nothing to do with soccer. There is no way that Klinsmann can square his decision, which is why he was unable to justify when taken to task on this. He only gave vague answers. It is incredible that he puts his ego ahead of the hopes and dreams of our country. To voice your displeasure, please sign the petition at:

    • People need to quit getting butt-hurt over Tweets….especially from 17 year olds. Seriously? Why are we even entertaining this? Move on, who cares? For crying out loud.

      • +1000

        Its classless and everything else but there is nothing to read into here. This is a 17yo trolling and nothing more.

      • HEAD IN SAND here wandmdave…

        There is no reason a 17 year old would have any interaction with Donovan that would shape this reaction unless if comes from his father… there is absolutely everything to read into this.

        100% personal and not about soccer.

      • I really think you and many, many, many others are reading too far into this. 17 Years old. Do you honestly think Jurgen is telling his son, even if he did have an issue with it?

        Haven’t seen anybody raise this question yet; What if you read the tweet as if Klinsi Jr is surprised that Donovan is left off? The tweet reads totally different if that was the case. I’m not saying it was, being that he deleted it & his account right after.

        BUT, Klinsi Jr is also putting his personal FUTURE in jeopardy with a tweet like this. Something he’ll have to live down forever with any call-ups, regardless of the age group in the US setup.

        When you look at it without the malice that you’re assuming the Klinsimann’s have for LD and factor in the above, it looks like a 17 year old kid made a bad decision. Happens ALL THE TIME across the world. ESPECIALLY, in this day and age where feelings are put on display for the world to see without much thought.

      • absolutely he is telling his son about his work day. Most dads do talk about it at the dinner table. Jonathon learned this from his dad.

      • Probably. Dads do this ALL THE TIME. I know mine did. I probably will too one day. It’s normal.

        Guess what folks? People have feelings about the people they work with. All of us. Sometimes they are strong. Often times, they come out in the home, which is pretty much the only place we deem appropriate. It’ good to talk about these things with somebody.

        And sometimes you have a 17 year old kid with a Twitter account. 100 percent of these people are prone to idiocy.

        It’s entirely possible JK has been expressing his frustration about LD around the house since well before he was the USMNT coach. Perhaps he even used LD as an example of “how not to behave if you want to be a great professional” when the Bayern thing went down. Is that unethical? Not really. Normal human behavior. Expected, even.

        (I don’t know any of this to be at all true… just an example that’s easy enough to imagine)

        It’s not a good look for the Klinmann household. But there is nothing I would call “new information” here. Folks would do well to let this go. It’s a distraction nobody needs. I’m sure junior will get a tongue lashing and maybe lose his helicopter privileges for a month.

      • Ali, you are right, but a man teaches his son discipline. A man who is a leader is used to teaching young man discipline. Sure a kid is going to pipe off on occasion, say something he shouldn’t have… but never, ever should that kid say anything about his dads work. Never even consider it. If he hasn’t been taught that, then he hasn’t been taught anything.

      • You are correct. The tweet shows Jurgen Klinsmann had a grudge against Landon Donovan. Why hasn’t US Soccer taken action? It’s because US Soccer is like FIFA: addicted to the power and money of their positions.

      • you are so gossipy, it’s disgusting. Digging for dirt. Kids make huge mistakes all the time and unless this came out of Klinsy’s own mouth; i don’t read anything into it.

      • Yup. It is amazing how many people truly believe that somehow the Klinsmann family all sat down and discussed this and crafted this tweet, as though they were all together when it happened.

        I hope that those people are one day judged by an inappropriate or silly social media / internet / personal statement made by their teenager and insist that their employer take action against them because of something silly their kid said after soccer practice or at school on Twitter.

        Crow – all parents eat it at some point.

      • I guarantee one thing from my children. They will never ever make comments about any of my employees. I may be frustrated with an employee when I come home. I may complain about them openly to my wife. The kid may overhear it. My kid will absolutely positively know they are not allow to repeat, or even have an opinion on anything related to my employees. Jurgen should have taught his son the same thing.

      • You don’t know that Andy. There are lots of public figures (sports or otherwise) that people don’t like and celebrate a little bit when they hit some sort of personal setback.

        Yes, this is close to home for the Klinsmanns so will lead to all sorts of conjecture from people like us discussing and guessing with anonymous pseudonyms here on the interwebs, but maybe there really are some people who don’t like LD as a player / person based wholly on things other than what JK said. Maybe JK did say something at home and the kid is taking things totally out of context.

        As I said in a post above, my kid says inappropriate things on Twitter, sometimes things that he hears at home and takes completely out of actual context and posts on a lark. It is called immaturity.

        Whether or not you think the Klinsmanns had some sort of vendetta for LD, the reality is that he is having a poor season and go back and look at interviews with him over the last 6 months … he was not at all confident he was going to make the team. Yes, he may be an icon … but if your goal is to win, do you take an aging icon who is out of form and mentally checked out just because of their name or do you move on. The fan in me says take the icon and sit him on the bench for veteran influence. The coach in me says move on.

      • You take a guy who is always at his best when the moments are the biggest. Someone who doesn’t shy away from important moments.

      • This is literally the dumbest comment ive ever heard. This is the wildest of all wild speculation. Unless klinsi locks his son in a dark box and hides him from all human interaction, I could literally give a million reasons on where else besides his father a 17 year old could have a perception like this. Also there are many ways in which the tweet could be interpreted that are not necesarily offensive. Very stupid thing to post, but honestly the reactions to this tweet are way way more immature and disrespectful than the actual tweet itself. I mean come on do some of you people have any ability to think at all?

      • This was a 17 year old US Youth player who hasn’t done squat on the national level taking a shot at an icon who has paved the way for US soccer.

      • the kid could of been responding to something else and be completely taken out of context.

        his timing was terrible though

        let the conspiracy theories fly

      • I don’t get how LD or any other player deserves so much deference. Inclusion should be about putting together the best team, not kowtowing to passed their prime stars or even current one. I agree, the tweet was unfortunate, but I think you go too far to assume that everything that comes out of JK jr’s mouth can be attributed to JK sr. If so, you must not spend much time around teenagers.

      • I spend plenty of time around teenagers, and they both know that certain subjects are off limits. They learnt that when they are 10 or 12.
        This came from Jurgen, and now it is out in the open. It is clear Jurgen had a personal vendetta against Donovan.

      • Jesse: give it a rest. You have made about a dozen comments already stating that any good parent can of course control his kid’s behavior at all times. It’s ridiculous. In another comment you actually compared Klinsmann to a US Senator.

        We get it: you are a perfect father. None of your kids has ever done anything to disappoint you. Ever. The sun rises because you tell it to.

        When the US bombs out of the World Cup—or gets arrested because Klinsmann takes the team to brothels and robbing banks—we will all be sure to place you at the top of our list of national team coaches, oh great Jesse, molder of men.

      • King you’re missing the bigger point, Jonathon’s behavior is indicative of his fathers unprofessional attitude. That is why this is a story.

        The kid screwed up, clearly Jurgen couldn’t control him. The problem is that Jonathon was disrespectful and had no other place to learn his attitude about Landon Donovan but the source, his daddy.

        Why is this any different than a Senators kid tweeting about another politician?

        To answer your mock of me direct. I don’t want to be the coach, I’m not where near qualified, but I do know that if I were in that role I would always make decisions professionally.

      • +1.
        Especially 15-18 year old boys. They hear things and go flying off on an illogical tangent, unafraid to demonstrate their misunderstanding and strong opinions based on the misunderstanding to the world.

        Girls do the same but tend to think about the consequences of what they say because girls are much more social starting at younger ages. Not all of them, but they are more likely to choose their words wisely.

        Same as it ever was.

    • Should have the kid made that comment, of course not. Is Klinsmann still upset over Landon’s sabbatical instead of wanting to play with national team, probably. Conspiracy cuz the US is playing Germany is ridiculous. Then Bradley (someone vital to team) should have been left of roster. Unfortunately, Donovan has not really been vital to this cycle, excluding gold cup.

      Why take a guy who isn’t committed 100%. Is he better than Davis or Green, heck yeah (I would have left Davis [horrible at international game]). Donovan hasn’t been lighting up mls. He couldn’t get by Rafa Marquez. Has knee issues. Complaining about getting old. Constantly question his chances to make team.

      I’m a galaxy and Donovan fan. I’ve defended the guy over the years, but I get why he was left of. Donovan of a few years ago would have left his on the field work and swagger of the field made it impossible for Klismann to drop him.

      Changing of the guard.

      Btw, big time and “legendary” players are consistently left of the World Cup rosters.

      • usually with a little more class than what the Jurgen family allowed. Also most of those countries have had more than one great player in their history.

      • FINALLY someone who gets why LD was not selected – simply put, he’s no where near fully fit, is not in form and this is a World Cup campaign where fitness will mean EVERYTHING for the US…they have the tournament favorite in their group, an under-rated Portugal led by Ronaldo and a Ghana squad that is as fit, fast-paced and physically strong as anyone in the entire tournament…and everyone is mad because a player who is past his best, not fit and not mentally there in the game anymore was left off? Who cares what Donovan DID for the national team and the sport in this country…you don’t select WORLD CUP ROSTERS based off past achievements…and to think that it’s some sort of larger conspiracy that Klinsmann is trying to somehow underhandedly screw the US because they are playing Germany is just about the stupidest thing I have heard in quite sometime. Granted wenig-Klinsi was foolish with his tweet without question, but that is not some sort of window into a greater thing going on here…absolutely ridiculous how so many people have blown this up into some massive issue. You do realize Germany are not taking their best striker to the tournament because he has not been fit all season long for his club? Was there some big stink about it? No, why? Because fitness is key as is a players form…calm down, realize how the sport works and stop trying to make something out of nothing honestly.

      • While I didn’t see him getting left off coming, I think people are reading way too much into the personal stuff. Just like every other player, LD didn’t have a lifetime pass to the MNT starting 11. He is playing mediocre soccer right now, maybe he rounds into form in another 3 weeks but I wouldn’t bet on it.

        If Dempsey was still stinking it up like he did for months last year, “his spot” could have gone elsewhere too.

        Having watched the MNT now since 1990, this is a GOOD problem to have. There was a time when LD could have been 42 and out of shape and he would have still been a starter. Nobody is irreplaceable … that means that the second and third tiers of players are better. Once upon a time the second and third tiers were playing weekend amateur soccer.

      • It’s amazing to me how someone will made a charge and so many people will repeat it unquestioningly. I’m a Galaxy fan. Have you seen the Galaxy play the last month? If you had, there is no way you would say Donovan isn’t fit now. He has been playing 90 minutes , including recently at altitude in Colorado where he was still running hard at the end of the game.

      • Fit? Maybe. Playing well? When is the last time he went 7 straight starts without a goal? He looked totally anonymous a couple weeks ago in Portland. Yes, he played the full 90 but blended into the background rather than a player who was “Wow, did you see Donovan?”.

      • how many full 90’s has Julian, Timothy or Mix gone recently? Yet they are on this roster.

        This was a personal decision, not a soccer decision. No way to avoid that reality now.

      • Legendary players are consistently left off WC rosters you say. Yeah, I’m sure that if Klinsmann were manager of Italy he would have cut Pirlo 5 years ago, long before the last WC and European Championship. Do you really think Brad Davis brings more to this team than Donovan? That’s the issue, is Donovan worse than all the players who made it? Only a terribly biased person would say that he isn’t among the 23 best US players.

      • Donovan is irrefutably a “better player” in absolute terms. But RIGHT NOW – when it counts – he’s out of shape and out of form (and has been for the last several months), and nursing persistent knee injuries. If you’ve watched him play at all this season, you know he’s slower and doesn’t have the acceleration that used to set him apart.

        Brad Davis, on the other hand, has been in great form for Houston lately, and he must have killed it in training with the USMNT the past week and a half. I say this as a guy who firmly believes Brad Davis should not have made the 23.

        The question isn’t whether LD is the best, it’s whether the version of Landon available right now would is capable of contributing at the highest level. On current form, no way he’s a starter. And if you’re not a starter, your role on a World Cup squad is to be absolutely relentless in training and to push those starters so hard they HAVE to perform at their absolute best – and Donovan himself has admitted that he is not capable of that kind of training right now.

      • Please explain how Chandler is more committed than Goodson or Parkhurst.
        JK’s explanations today were all over the map and terribly inconsistent. It was almost like he was making things up because he couldn’t say the real reason.

    • Anyone who thinks that “Klinmann” is doing this because he wants Germany to beat America is outside of their mind. You won’t always agree with their decisions but sometimes you have to let things play out.

    • Chill bud, its a tweet from a teenager. Don’t overreact. Landon wasn’t chosen to the squad because he wasn’t in form, plain and simple.

    • hahaha.

      Samri Nasri was left off a national roster and he would be the greatest player in USA history after playing 3 games in red white and blue.

      If you didn’t know shit about Landon Donovan before 2010, would you put him on the roster? That’s how you have to look at it. What has he done in the last 18 months beside dominate B-level teams in the Gold Cup (if we are going off Gold Cup performances where’s Brek Shea??? We aren’t here talking about Wondo winning the golden boot without taking penalties)

      It wouldn’t really matter anyway, only 14 players get into the game. I can’t picture any situation of “oh we need to score goals lets get Landon Donovan on the field” after the season he has had so far in the MLS (especially compared to Johannson’s year)

      • See the thing is 02, 06 and 10 happened. He deserves to be with the usmnt than klinsmann does.
        Have a little respect.

      • Oh grow up. Many great moments have happened in U.S. soccer history. They mean little when you’re picking players for the here and now. LD has been amazing for soccer in this country. Lately, though, not so much.
        There’s no room for sentimentality in picking players. You don’t pick LD based on what he did four years ago. You assess him on how he’s doing physically and mentally now.

      • based purely on conjecture at this point. It’s convenient to get all bent out of shape over unverifiable claims. It’s also juvenile.

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