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Montes fractures leg in Mexico friendly, will miss World Cup

LuisMontes (Getty)


Luis Montes’ 2014 World Cup dreams came to a halt Saturday, as the midfielder was forced to leave Mexico’s friendly against Ecuador with what team officials are reporting as “suspected fractures” to Montes’ right fibula and tibia.

The injury came in the 37th minute after the 28-year-old collided with Ecuador midfielder Segundo Castillo — who also had to be substituted off — in an attempt to chase down a poor touch in his team’s own half. Montes had just gave Mexico the 1-0 lead in the match in the 33rd minute with a world-class strike from just outside the box.

Both Montes and Castillo were taken to a local hospital. Mexico’s communications staff confirmed the severity of the injury to Montes shortly after the initial challenge.

Along with Montes, Mexico defender Rafael Marquez left at halftime with an injury to his right foot. He too was taken to a local hospital, though the details of his injury have not yet been released.

Mexico was able to overcome the injuries to Montes and Marquez and add two final goals en route to the easy 3-1 victory in front of 82,876 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Midfielder Marco Fabian, who was substituted on for Montes in the 41st minute, scored Mexico’s second goal in the 69th minute before forward Giovani dos Santos tacked on the team’s final tally seven minutes later.

Ecuador was able to salvage its poor performance with a goal from substitute forward Enner Valencia in the 80th minute.

Mexico will have two days off before taking on Bosnia and Herzegovina in the team’s third World Cup tune-up match.


How will Mexico react to Montes and Marquez’s injuries? Still believe that Mexico has a chance to get out of their group?

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  1. Seems they need to stop these friendlies so close to the Cup. The reason for these games is: ‘to get the teams ready’? How is injuring players getting ready?

    Ideally, all teams have their best players available for the Cup…so why shouldn’t they omit these in the first place/future?

    • chad, that’s a fair question. See just one comment before yours: any team that forwent these friendlies would miss out on critical training – the kind of training that can’t be duplicated in practice or by pulling punches.

      • Undersood, I just think FIFA should cancel these in the future for all WC teams a certain period before the WC. Sure, players can always get injured at anypoint before the WC…but these recent games have been devastating to several players/teams.

  2. Well thats horrible. I saw the play on TV. Gruesome. I will I hope our Coaching staff tell our players to avoid contact when it can be avoided. I really thought Chapo slid in when he didnt have too. Its a friendly dude. Like seeing players hustle. But have to be smart about when you hustle. Best wishes to Chapo, hope for a speedy recovery.

    • It’s a fine line. These friendlies are essential for getting players into “match sharpness”—that’s not just fitness, it’s more about the speed and intensity of the game. Tell everyone to play gingerly and you kinda defeat that purpose. Though, of course, as you point out it’s also counterproductive if players get hurt. Fine line.

    • I’m pretty sure our players are human.

      All of them will be doing their best to play well and you can’t do that if you are consciously trying to avoid injury because if you do that it means you are thinking.

      And players play their best when they are just reacting.

  3. He is actually the heart and soul of the border city next to El Paso,tx where I live.
    Montes is from Juarez and is the number one idol for every soccer fan in Juarez, very sad news.
    Sad news and Marquez might be out as well.

  4. This is sad no matter to which team or player it happens.

    Wishing Montes and Castillo quick and full recoveries.

  5. Herrera was in tears during the press conference that says it all. You take away Chapo and you take away the heart of Mexico’s midfield. This is a painful loss hopefully they can recover in time.

  6. Watched the game on TV. Pretty gruesome shot of his leg. As much as I dislike El Tri, no one wants to see injuries like that.

  7. I’m not a fan of the Mexican team, but you never like to see a players dreams destroyed like this. Was hard to watch.

      • NOT THAT I’M WISHING ANYONE INJURY…………..but if someone on the fringe had an injury that brought Donovan in I’d be happy. Though team chemistry would get even more f’d up then it already is so that’s not even automatically a good thing.

      • It wouldn’t be a good thing under any circumstances. You’re talking about someone getting injured and missing the World Cup. There’s never any good in that. You have serious problems if an injury could make you “happy.”

      • “I’m not wishing for it, but it would make me happy… even though it would harm the team.”

        Thanks genius.

  8. Ouch. Not good for el Tri. Aquino is a good player tho; should be useful in Brazil.

    Other than that I though they have looked very good in the past two friendlies.

  9. What a tough moment. I’ve probably watched Mexico more than any NT outside of ours in the past two years, and Montes has distinguished himself consistently. Tough loss for Mexico and the tournament in general. Wish him a speedy and full recovery.

    Thoughts to Castillo. Hoping he can find a way back in time– a horrible way for anybody to miss out, after making the side and coming so close. For a South American player, missing this particular WC would certainly be heartbreaking.


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