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Must-See Goal: Yaya Toure


    • Good comparison. Maybe I’d say Bale because of the little nutmeg before the run; however, that was one v. one, whereas Yaya’s was one v. many. Undecided. Both deserve honorable mention for goals of the year.

      • Lol pretty much, It would be more impressive if some of them had decided to actually challenge him for the ball. That said… still a nice goal.

  1. Guzan. Look for a new club. Villa will be perennial relegation fodder for years to come.

      • Meh, I’d say 7 teams are truly safe from relegation: Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man United, Tottenham, Everton.

        The rest, good luck.

      • Suggestions for which league has it better? Or is this just expat and/or IG trolling again? Nevermind

      • just bc someone says something negative doesn’t make it trolling. everyone need a to ease up on that phrase. oh, brilliant goal too. amazing how you’re gets better at an age when most players are on the decline.

  2. Watching Toure and Fernandinho boss the midfield is the best part of watching City. And that’s saying something for a team with Aguero.

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