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A look at the players on the USMNT World Cup roster bubble

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As the U.S. Men’s National Team prepares to kick off training camp ahead of the 2014 World Cup, a total of 30 players will be battling for 30 World Cup roster spots, meaning seven players will see their World Cup dream fall short.

Jurgen Klinsmann will have to make the final decision and while he has three weeks to figure out who those seven players will be, it is safe to assume he has a working list going already, and has a sense of who is currently on the chopping block.

In my latest column, I discussed the players currently on that World Cup bubble, the players who will have to have very strong training camps to have a hope of making the trip to Brazil.

Does this mean the other players will have cakewalks? Certainly not, but it isn’t a stretch to identify those players facing the stiffest tests in the coming weeks.

The number of players facing pressure goes well beyond seven or eight, and is probably closer to a dozen or so, with stars like Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard and Landon Donovan, and key contributors like Matt Besler, Geoff Cameron and Jozy Altidore being safe on the 23.

Give my column a read and then answer this question: Which seven players would you cut from the preliminary world Cup roster if you had to make those cuts today? ┬áIt is a different question than asking which seven you think Klinsmann will cut, though that prediction wouldn’t be easy either.

Let us know which players you would cut right now in the comments section below.


  1. Final cuts?.
    Our very own version of twister and musical chairs.
    The heart of the matter is what to do with the back line.

    RB cover. Chandler, Cameron, Yedlin, Parkhurst,
    CB Cover. Besler, Brooks, Cameron, Edu,
    LB Cover. FJ, Run DMB, Chandler, Parkhurst

    CDM. MB, JJ, Edu, Cameron
    CAM. Deuce, LD, Corona, Bedoya
    RM. Zusi, Bedoya, LD, Yedlin
    LM. FJ, JG, Run DMB, LD,

    Altidore, Ice, Boyd, WonderWow, Deuce, LD, JG.

    Excluding the keepers, I have twenty one, (21).
    I have one scheduled to go out by default. Md?, etc.
    So this is the musical chairs part, one player vanishes, your choice?.

    In closing: Becks, is poised, calm, and in control, love what he offers in certain situations.
    One question could be, how likely given the group draw and subsequent competition are
    the Nats, likely to be in a position to utilize or need his services?.


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