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Report: Ream agrees to 3-year extension with Bolton

Tim Ream Bolton Wanderers 55

Less than a month after being named the club’s player of the year, American defender Tim Ream has reportedly agreed to a three-year contract extension with Championship side Bolton Wanderers.

According to The Bolton News, Ream has come to a verbal agreement with the club that would keep the 26-year-old defender under contract until the summer of 2017.

Despite interest from Premier League club West Bromwich Albion, Ream expressed happiness with his situation in Bolton earlier this month.

“I feel settled off the field, and that’s also a big factor whether people believe it or not,” Ream said according to the club’s official site. “I feel happy and am working in a structure and program that really helps us as players.”

The former New York Red Bulls defender started 45 times for Bolton this season, playing all across the back line and even in defensive midfield.

What do you think of Ream extending his contract with Bolton? Glad he’s staying?

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  1. I would have loved to see him sign with Premier League club, but there’s something for being a solid player and starter at a club you love. Congrats to Ream.

  2. I’m sure the reason this contract is for 3 years is so that he could sign with a PL team on a free transfer the year before the next World Cup if it looks like he’s still playing at a high level. There’s also a decent chance that Bolton gets promoted before then so in all I’d say it was a good decision (more playing time etc.). Defenders peak later than other players so I wouldn’t be worried about his playing in the WC at 30, assuming he’s earned it. Cherundolo burned England at the last World Cup and he was 31.

  3. I wish I could see some good highlights of him from this past season. Don’t see any in youtube. As a RB fan, I remember his hustle and recovery speed was amazing. Probably why he’s done well at LB.

    • +1 I genuinely have not seen Tim Ream play soccer in years now. I have no idea what his style/game even is out there anymore, other what I read from time-to-time. It is possible to see him play on occasion, if you work DVR right, but I haven’t gotten that done, and there aren’t that may chances to start with.

      All I can say is what you did… good for him.. it sounds like we might all be talking about a quite different player now compared to the one who departed MLS. Bolton seems to be doing right by our guys… so…. Here’s to Bolton gaining promotion, and Here’s Stu geting healthy, and Here’s to not getting greedy– we will go from there.

  4. Probably for the best.

    want to see him become the best defender in the Championship and a Legend for Bolton as they fight for a return to the PL.

    Ream was a solid defender in MLS who got OVER HYPED quite early only to fail in the 2011 Gold Cup and yet ARSENAL was tracking him but Bolton got him. He’s clearly on level and can play in the PL

  5. As one of his biggest supporters, both here and on bigsoccer, can I say… I’m slightly disappointed? i think he could have gotten a chance to return to the EPL. I’d imagine if they don’t get promoted next year, he has a chance to request a transfer. Just guessing…

  6. Ream got lost in the shuffle. He challenged himself, struggled but then got better in a tough league, and finally excelled. I only hope he’s not considered too old during the next cycle.

    • +1

      Completely agree. He’ll be 30 and that’s the perfect age for a wise veteran central D. Would love to see it happen, although he needs to start getting called up right after the World Cup to gain some good cap experience.

      • There will be a minimum of 2 (Gold Cup & Super Copa), possibly 4 (Olympics & Confed), tournaments between the end of the 2014 WC and the 2018 WC for Ream to earn a spot. But it isn’t going to be easy as there are a lot of quality defenders & CM’s who will be fighting for spots. Depending on where you try to project him on the field he’ll be up against the following as a minimum:
        LB: Fabian, Chandler, Lichaj, Klute,
        CB: Besler, Cameron, Gonzalez, Brooks, Packwood, O’Neal
        RB: Chandler, Fabian, Yedlin, Ferrell, Sarkodi
        CM (#6 or #8): Bradley, Cameron, Diskerud, Williams, Edu, Powers, Kitchen, Trapp.
        There will be others who will rise to consideration over the next 4 years as well, but anyway you look at it this is an impressive starting point for the depth of the USMNT and plenty of potential quality tournaments to hone the squad into an impressive team.

      • Really good counterpoint. I don’t think Ream’s inclusion or exclusion will be based on age. It will be class, form, experience and chemistry, and right now his chances for 2018 look pretty slim. Based on how I believe JK wants to play, the only position he is qualified to play is LCB, and I think Besler and Brooks will be far ahead of him on the pecking pole–barring injury–come 2018.

      • I’m taking bets JK won’t be here in 2018, contract or no contract. But more to the point, how you can say with confidence that Besler will be far ahead of anyone four years from now is more than I’m willing to do- with anyone, any position, any team. And after watching him Tuesday, I’m not sure he’s ahead of anyone right now

    • True! The issue this time around was when he was ready to come and finally did well with consistency, it was around the beginning of the year (I could be wrong). At that time, he only had the Europe friendlies to prove himself (January was for MLS based players). Unfortunately, his wife went into labor and he decided not to attend (can’t blame him). Timing! The 30 player call ups are not the time to see brand new people, it’s the time to call in your 23 and probably maybe a couple more to push etc.


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