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Report: Beasley eyeing move to MLS after World Cup

Puebla FC vs Tiburones Rojos del Veracruz


Major League Soccer could soon be on DeMarcus Beasley’s horizon.

Beasley has told Jesús López Chargoy, president of Mexican club Puebla FC, that he wants out to join MLS after the World Cup in Brazil, according to a report out of Mexico.

If Beasley makes the move, he will be following in the footsteps of fellow U.S. Men’s National Team players Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley, who both made high-profile moves back to the U.S. from abroad to join MLS.

Beasley has recently been training with the Fort Lauderdale Strikers of the North American Soccer League, apparently to improve fitness heading into next month’s World Cup.

The 31-year-old had started his career with the Chicago Fire back in 2000 before successful stints in Europe with PSV Eindhoven and Rangers. He joined Puebla in 2011 after a disastrous spell with Hannover 96.


What do you think of this news? Think a move to MLS would be good to Beasley? Are you glad to see USMNT stars returning to MLS?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Will be surprised if he makes the 23.
    Won’t be surprised if he comes stateside for the traditional retirement league.

  2. I’d be amazed if Beasley generates much interest. I think the parade has left him behind to some degree and he doesn’t have the big rep to rely on

    • Maybe, hasn’t been on an SI cover in a long time.

      Galaxy could use a true left winger who thinks quickly and uses his teammates.

  3. makes sense that DMB is coming back. The sole purpose to him playing in liga mx is to have a shot at the USMNT. This is pretty much the last WC for him. He might have a Gold cup in him left but thats up to JK to decide. He’s pretty much done in the international stage after this WC so might as well come home and enjoy the home cooking.

  4. Puebla has pay issues with players, many players got their paid late, some players didn’t get their complete salary.

  5. “… before jumping around to a few clubs in Europe”

    Christ, he led PSV in goals in the 12 Champion’s league games that he played with them. You couldn’t have understated and disrespected his career any more!

  6. hes 31. makes sense. he did quite well in Holland and to a degree in Scotland but injuries. Germany was a flop move. But seems he was a success in Mexico

    I prefer when top Yanks play abroad. Chad Marshall and Wondo are great for MLS but guys like Dempsey/Bradley should be in Europe playing amonst the best.

    now im glad theyre getting $$$$$ to come back but now u stand to overpay players to match that. Jermaine Defoe isnt worth 6million a yer but hes a bigger name than Bradley or Dempsey.

    i dont know how much of a success their returns have been. Gradual or miniscule but if MLS wants to play with the big boys. Make an offer for Zlatan or Falcao or lewandowski. Offer them 20million a year and this will grow the league. Imagine the press.

    • So Bradley and Dempsey should be playing in Europe (at a fraction of the salary) but Zlatan or Falcao will come to MLS?

      • Ya that made no sense… MLS is doing a great job getting better players with an emphasis on capturing the best of concacaf.

        Stealing a big player from ligaMX would be a great next move. Somebody like Suazo, Jeff Montero, Baloy, Ayoví, Velasquez or Boselli would be great. Assuming Mexicans like Vela, Chicarito or Sambueza aren’t looking to leave Mexico.

        Going the opposite direction America is trying to buy Gonzalez from LA. I bet MLS is going to completely overvalue him and drag that out… It would be cool/ironic to have a USMNT calling Azteca home!

      • Doubtful. Internationals will be lining up for MLS DP contracts once the World Cup cycle is over (those Bradley/Dempsey deals turned heads, for sure)…LA will be able to grab a much bigger “name” than Omar Gonzalez. Heading into the World Cup, a lot of guys like Lampard were interested…but interest is one thing, and knowing that signing a deal in the USA probably knocks you out of contention for your spot on the plane in the World Cup seemingly led a lot of these guys to slow-play. As of July, they’ll be looking to sign. Which means LA is going to be a lot more amenable to unloading Gonzalez.

        Be a booming big business for MLS this summer, especially since American interest in soccer ramps up huge in a World Cup year anyhow. The fact that MLS was doing blockbuster deals with Bradley/Dempsey the year BEFORE a World Cup means there’ll be even more of them this summer, probably on the order of 6-7, especially with NYCFC throwing their hats into the ring.

      • I don’t know. Omar is Mexican American and is (err was???) a starting defender on the USMNT. He is extremely marketable because of his background and he is more personable than some of the other “stars” on the USMNT.

  7. DMB has a home in South Florida, IIRC. He would make a killer signing for Orlando City. Killer. But I see two issues:

    1) He would be subject to allocation as a returning US international. So I don’t know how that would work for Orlando City if he were to return this season

    2) at 31 yrs. old can he sit around from July to Feb without playing as he would have to do playing for Orlando City?? Although, as I type that, I just remembered Orlando City currently has several players on “MLS contracts”. Hmmmmm……………… If I were OCSC I think I would be all over this. DMB could toil in USL Pro for a few games until they transition. It wouldn’t him.

    • As an expansion team OCSC should be at the top (or second) in allocation order… But probably not until the offseason. Maybe he could circumvent MLS’ stupidity by signing with the USL team this year and moving up with them

      • Haha Beto, that could be a very keen move by Orlando! Theoretically with the unique position they’re in they could blow up the whole the USMNT allocation process right now!

  8. Awesome! NO DP spot though. I wasnt sure what to think about all the USMNTers coming back to the MLS. But the more I think about the more I love it. It builds the MLS. Now, I still like when USMNTers and Americans go abroad. But I am liking the MB and Dempsey moves more and more.

    • I like it, so long as the player does not stand to greatly improve his abilities by staying abroad. Put another way, unless you are playing in a top league that is substantially better than MLS, i would rather have them here.

      For younger guys (i.e. Agudelo) playing overseas i think is still a good benefit for exposure, and different environment etc….but if you aren’t able to eventually jump to a bigger league I would rather have them here.

      • +1 big fan of Beas but probably shouldnt be a dp. Homefully the cap goes up significantly so guys like Beas and Sasha can fit into teams easily.

        Chicago or Columbus would be close to home.. Maybe he would be interested in one of the new teams or reuniting with Mo in Philly.

  9. He’s more than welcome to stick around here in Fort Lauderdale with the Strikers 🙂

    Best of to Beasley in the WC and the future!

  10. MLS is really struggling to stay relevant with EPL getting so much attention on NBC. Do not think that over paying to bring back so many MNT players will fix that.

      • NBC seems to have all but killed their MLS coverage. I can’t remember the last weekend I was able to sit down and watch a game on NBC. It’s coverage is so sporadic that even when they do air a game it’s at a different time than it was the week before. I would love to be able to watch more than one a week on English speaking broadcast without having to buy a premium package. The next TV deal has to give more comprehensive coverage similar to what NBC does for EPL.

      • This is the most consistent the game times have ever been. Jusy about every Sunday afternoon, there has been a game on at 3 or 4.

        On Saturdays, there have been games starting from the afternoon that go all the war until late in the night that you can stream.

        Try harder, maybe?

      • MLS games are much more regular on NBC Sports. With ESPN there was no set day, time or channel.

      • The past two weeks NBCSN has shown MLS games on Sunday afternoon, and they’ll be showing the Sunday game between LA and Portland this weekend…

      • Strange, online I can find EPL games and replays on NBC Sports, but no MLS replays are listed in Live EXTRA. The Galaxy @ Timbers is listed on DirectTV ch 220 which is NBCSND, and is on the online version as upcoming.

        So as far as I can see Mike is wrong they do not have all the MLS games on every week. Even DirectTV Direct Kick does not have every MLS game.

        What is NBCSN’s policy on replays? Was there a game on NBCSN last Sunday, but just no replay?

      • Get MLS LIVE if you want to watch replays. Season-long subscription costs like $45. NBC gets rights to air some games (ie one per weekend) with a blackout on MLS LIVE that lasts 48 hours after the match. After that, the game is available to watch either in full or a condensed version on MLS LIVE. You can watch any MLS match since like 2010 with a subscription. It’s about media rights and who owns them.

    • Hahahaha

      Hopefully they read that and heed your sage wisdom! Give up MLS, Jay Boca doesn’t even care.

    • I only watch the EPL if there is an American(s) on the team playing. Other than that, I could care less. I am more interested in watching MLS any day.

    • I doubt Fire still has any rights over him after all these years but you never know. Also unless hes signing a DP deal he would not be free to go anywhere, would think he’ll be in the allocation draft.

    • i think the ‘rights’ only last 2-3 years, but he would be sent through the US national team player allocation process, so teams at the top of that list would have first dibs….unless MLS does something fishy like placing Dempsey.

    • The Fire got transfer money when he moved to Eindhoven, so he’s a free agent. What seems ambiguous is the whole allocation/DP thing. If he’s getting DP bucks, does he skip allocation a la Dempsey, or does he still have to go that route a la Edu?

      • I was going to answer that it depends on whether or not MLS pays the transfer fee. However, if there is no transfer involved, then I have no clue how that works. MLS rules are far too ambiguous…

  11. Think it’s great Beas is considering returning to MLS. Glad that he was able to by and large do well in Mexico and get back into the USMNT rotation. Would like to see him at DCU as would be great to have an attacking wing presence of his experience and motor.

  12. I’m not surpised at the news at all considering it’s becoming popular for national team players to come back to the MLS. I’m also happy that he is coming back, all of these players coming back is really helping the league grow more. I think a move back to the MLS is good for Beasley because he is coming to the end of his career. I also think he could get the out the last juice he has left in him if he comes to the MLS.


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