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Reports: Gonzalez injury not believed to be serious

Omar Gonzalez

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Those worried about the status of Omar Gonzalez can breathe a little easier.

LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena said confidently on Tuesday that he does not believe the left knee injury Omar Gonzalez suffered this past weekend is all that serious, according to multiple reports out of Los Angeles. Gonzalez picked up the knee issue late in the first half of the Galaxy’s 1-0 loss at the Colorado Rapids and was replaced at halftime, but Arena said it should not prevent the 25-year-old centerback from returning to action soon.

“We’re going to talk to the doctors today and find out a little bit more. It’s a very short term issue and he’s going to be fine,” said Arena. “We’re doing everything to be safe with Omar and if we have anything to say, we’ll say it at the proper time. I feel very strongly that this is a short term issue and he’ll be fine.

“Mentally, a player with a full calendar of things ahead is very precautious. He’s going to be fine. There is nothing long term with this injury, I can promise you that.”

Gonzalez is expected to be included in the 30-man preliminary World Cup roster that Jurgen Klinsmann is set to release in the coming days. The injury caused an initial scare as to whether the Designated Player would be able to partake in that camp and the tournament in Brazil in June, but Arena’s comments should lessen those fears.

That, however, does not necessarily mean that Gonzalez will suit up for the Galaxy’s next game. LA visit the Portland Timbers at Providence Park on Sunday.

“If Omar is good to go to go then he’ll go. If he’s not then he won’t, it’s that simple,” said Arena about the upcoming MLS tilt. “I don’t think that it’s the turf. All things being equal, maybe (the turf) would play a role, but right now, we’ll take it day by day and we’re going to talk to the doctors to make sure that we’re moving along in the right way.”

The 6-foot-5 defender has started each of the Galaxy’s six league games thus far this season, helping the club post two shutouts and recording an assist.


What do you make of Arena’s comments? Refuse to be optimistic until there is a diagnosis from a doctor? Do you see Gonzalez being ready for this weekend’s game and the start of the USMNT’s pre-World Cup camp?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Brooks will be the starter against Ghana with Besler and Chandler and Cameron on the sides.

    Do you people know that Brooks was hurt and only began training again on Feb. 23, then, only 12 days later, he had his first play in a game, he went the full 90 against Ukraine. Then it was 2 weeks later that Hertha thought he was recovered enough to play?

  2. FWIW, “if we have anything to say, we’ll say it at the proper time,” could be understood as a reference to the rules where clubs can pull back injured players, suggesting that while they are saying it’s no big deal, they have also put that card in their back pocket to play if need be. Which means it’s not entirely innocuous.

  3. The second goal in the Mexico game was not Omar’s fault–he had to play the pass, and would never have caught up with the attacker who had his momentum going forward before the shot was released.

    • I agree, there are a number of errors, first Green for the turnover and failure to win it back, second Beckerman looses the runner he is tracking and fails to cut off the pass, third Rimando fails to reach it and it takes an unlucky bounce off the post. The first goal was on Omar or Beckerman but set pieces seem to have been a problem under Klinsmann no matter who is in the back line.

      • Really amazing how people knee-jerk to blame the player closest to the goalscorer, instead of analyzing the play with a soccer mind.

      • The USA has never had a world class CB (maybe Eddie Pope) and the team has a history of giving up soft goals. Omar isn’t world class either but he has done well in the games that count. I’m all for lighting a fire under Omar’s backside but if anybody thinks that Goodson, Cameron, Brooks are an obvious improvement you are deluding yourselves.

  4. Glad to hear. Want all of our options on good health for the camp. As much as people pick on Omar he’s one of those guys that as soon as he isn’t available people will miss him.

      • I’d almost hold that against him on the theory that the alternatives have equal quality (mediocrity is a level of quality) and have the virtue of not being hurt. We don’t particularly care for them, but if we don’t care for him either, then all things being equal you take the ones with less breakdown risk.

        Whereas you might make room for a limited set of injured but high upside players, just like you might throw Green on the roster for kicks. If they are healthy and thrive you are a genius. If not, that’s what 23 men are for.

    • Exactly. And really, to me, the debate is over whether he starts, not whether he gets a roster spot. Brooks or Goodson could overtake him or Cameron could be shifted over, but it’s unlikely that all 3 of those things happen at once, which means he’s almost certainly in our center back rotation in Brazil. And if he’s in our rotation, we need him healthy.

      • I like Goodson but if Omar had a weekend like he did, people would be loosing there minds. Also have we all just forgotten about Brooks against Ukraine? Everyone thinks there some perfect center back out there but there isn’t. We have 4 or 5 that are probably about the same in ability and have good days and bad ones.

      • I would think our Holden lesson from last summer would suggest that people with serious injury histories need to be evaluated with more distance and skepticism.

  5. Omar, play against Portland or don’t come to the US camp. Can’t take a chance with a nagging injury going into the WC where at slightest little tightness you step off.

      • nope, Johannsson has only shown an upside for the US, Omar is less than comfortable for fans to watch.

      • My point had nothing to do with there play but that fact Johannsson currently has a nagging injury.

      • I understand that, I was just pointing out that even with a nagging injury some people are worth the risk and others aren’t.

      • @Spencer

        Do share with us your starting CBs at Brazil, if not Gonzalez and Besler.

        Brooks and Besler?

      • Amen. AJ has seized his spot with both hands. Or feet. Or whatever. Gonzo meanwhile is in competition for his spot almost by default. So yes I would take the guy who helped us come back on Panama, rolling the dice on health but mindful we have plenty of talent in the attack, but I might not waste a roster spot on a guy whose performances are more questionable, who may have re-aggravated his knee, and who may be trying to limp into the World Cup a la Ralston a few years back.

      • Well then I guess Davis is going as well under that logic. Considering his assist helped us come back on Panama.

      • How about the guy who got us a badly needed point in Azteca, a game that actually mattered ?

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