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Who’s should the USMNT start vs. Turkey?

USMNT starting eleven, Candlestick Park

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The U.S. Men’s National Team faces an extremely tough test on Sunday against Turkey, and Jurgen Klinsmann will have to think about just how much he wants to change from the lineup that defeated Azerbaijan last Tuesday.

Clint Dempsey is expected to make his return to the USMNT after sitting out the Azerbaijan match with groin soreness. He will slot back into the lineup for Chris Wondolowski.

Just how many other changes should we expected on Sunday? It doesn’t seem likely to be too many if Saturday’s open training session at Red Bull Arena is any indication. We might just see one other change to the starting lineup (aside from Dempsey’s return).

Here is a look at the starting lineup Klinsmann is expected to trot out against Turkey:

Projected USMNT starting lineup vs. Turkey



——– Davis———————– Zusi————–




Some thoughts:

Brad Davis had himself a very good performance off the bench against Azerbaijan and Alejandro Bedoya had an up-and-down showing, so the Davis-Bedoya switch isn’t a complete shock, if only for this match.

Klinsmann could be tempted to give Timmy Chandler a start, but Beasley looks like he will be holding on to the left back roll one more match.


What do you think of the projected lineup? What lineup would you like to see?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. OK I’m full of it not the first time won’t be the last. Not that this thread is being followed anymore.

    Until a minute ago when FJ and MB combined for a fantastic goal, the diamond has looked awful and the Turks are handing our asses to us.

  2. Klinsmann. Mr mind game player. Mark my words – the lineup today will be predicted by no one. I can’t tell you what it will be though. Each group game will have a major lineup and/or formation shift.

  3. did i miss the consensus on brad davis having a ‘very good’ game against azerbaijan?

    i thought he looked pretty ordinary, especially considering the opponent was perfect to show off his skills.

    • I agree, Zusi and Bedoya both created easier chances for Wondo he should have put away. If he had then we’d be saying what a great match they had.

    • I’m against Davis starting, and I would happily replace him on the roster with Donovan. That said, I thought he had a pretty good game against Azerbaijan. Certainly didn’t embarrass himself. He was involved in a number of dangerous situations.

    • It would seem that if he is starting against Germany, as you have identified, he must have done a superb job against Ghana and Portugal.

      You know your (future) history, kid… I’ll give you that. Let me know when you get some more hot tips.

  4. If I was JK I would do this….


  5. Here’s what I’d like to see
    Dempsey-Altidore (well really I’d have johannson starting but I’m compromising)
    F.Johnson Bradley Jones (Zusi I guess?)
    Beasley Besler Cameron Chandler

  6. How would a left side of Beasley and Davis perform against Ghana? I’m guessing that pairing wouldn’t look very good by about the 30th minute.

  7. Ghana looked extremely disorganized and disconnected today v Holland. The Netherlands passed circles around them and when they got the ball, they immediately passed it back to the Orange team. We are lucky to be facing them the first match when they may be still struggling to get on the same page. They have some absolutely amazing individual players but with players scattered all over the place and without a good domestic league, we’ve got a decent shot. Portugal looked great early on vs Greece, but could not finish without he who shall not be named.

    • Agreed, for all the talk about Ghana’s incredible midfield they looked extremely disconnected. Granted it was against Holland, but you think they could have at least strung a few good possessions together. I also felt like Holland’s fullbacks were outrunning the supposedly super-fast Ghanaian wingers, and Ghana’s back line looked pretty awful. Also, Brad Davis free kick service >> Arjen Robben free kick service (never thought I’d say that!)

  8. I went to the training session today. The starting midfield that seemed to be working together was Bradley, Jones, Davis, Zusi, Altidore and Dempsey. Besler and Cameron at CB in a separate drill and they were switching out both LB and RB in the same separate drill. I think Ives hit the starting line up dead on with the only starting position up for grabs tomorrow being between Beas and Chandler at LB

  9. I’d rather see 4-2-3-1, with Mix on the left in a playmaker role, Bradley and Jones both a little deeper – to be able to move the ball from the defense to Mix, and Johannsson in for Jozy – less of a hold-up striker, and more in partnership with Deuce.

  10. Ives: You have made a number of valid points against utilizing the diamond in games against Ghana, Portugal, and Germany. Do you think it could be a useful system to periodically switch into, to change the flow of a difficult match? For example, I can see the US coming out in a diamond against Ghana. Getting Bradley forward ideally nets a goal. From that point, Bradley can drift further back into the midfield, with Dempsey taking his spot in central midfield, switching the formation from a 4-4-2 into a 4-2-3-1. How easy would this be to implement during a match? My sense is that certain players would be more able to make the adjustment–Dempsey and Bradley–while Jones tends to have trouble playing the 6 no matter what the formation. Starting Beckerman instead of Jones against Ghana provides stability for a proposed transformation from a 4-4-2 to a 4-2-3-1 and back again. I think Jones should be used in a 4-2-3-1 against Portugal, given that his speed and physicality will be needed to keep Ronaldo from gaining easy shooting opportunities at the top of the box.

  11. I’d like to see chandler/beasley as full backs and fabian johnson/Zusi as the wingers. Any chance of that Ives?

    • ——-Jozy——-Demps——

      I’d like to see that for sure

  12. ————————- Jozy ———————
    — Bedoya ——— Dempsey ——– Zusi —-
    ————— Jones ———- Bradley ———
    Beasley —- Besler —— Cameron —- Johnson
    ———————- Howard ———————
    Subs: Chandler, Mix, Johannsson, Davis, Beckerman, Green

    Let’s actually start preparing on how we are going to face WC opponents

    I’d also like to see Green, Chandler and Davis actually convince us that they should be on this team.

  13. Wondo is a good guy who works his tail off…I still don’t understand how he made this team, let alone people talking about him replacing Jozy. He has yet to score any goals against a full strength, quality opponent. I throw him a bone and give him the Mexico goal; however, when the announcers talk about how many international goals he’s scored lately, somewhere a puppy dies.

    • Wondo’s scored goals over the last year or so largely because he was playing with Donovan, who helps create numerous goal-scoring opportunities. Klinsmann obviously noticed the scoring but apparently not the part about Donovan.

  14. Ghana: Their mids can flat out fly, and the passing is great. But I think our outside backs are fast and athletic enough to at least keep up. Let Ghana wear down, beat them on set pieces, and expect our subs to make an impact. This is why I think Chandler comes off the bench at LB, and there’s a real chance we see Yedlin after 75′. Yes, I just said that. Not *easy* to beat, but with their back line on skates, they’re certainly beatable.

    Portugal: This game is hard to gauge, because Ronaldo and Pepe are out. Interesting to think that Portugal looks like a B squad without those 2 players. Their mids look as disjointed as ours did lat week. I’m not going to take anything away from this one.

    Let’s see how our boys do tomorrow.

      • I can’t believe the word toidi (spelled backwards) would prompt moderation. Oh well, I should’ve used moron.

        This is what I expressed:

        Watch Mexico outperform FC USA in the WC. All thanks to the moron FC USA has as a coach.

      • Dad!!!! We don’t WANNA watch Mexico! What is “Germerican”?!? Are we “Mex-merican”? Stop fighting with the moderator!!! Stop RUINING EVERYTHING!!!!

    • Waaaa Waaaa Jurgen cut my lover boy lady cakes. Its professional athletics and this shit happens all the time, get over being butthurt bruh.

  15. I’m psyched for the game tomorrow and will be there.
    I’d be okay with Ives line up except for Davis.
    But h heres what I would like to see.
    I think this would be the strongest USA lineup:



    ——– Johannson———————– Bedoya————–




  16. Jozy and AJ as our FWDs. Clint as CAM. Zusi as LM, Jones as CDM and MB90 as RM as he played for Roma. Fabian as LB, Besler and Cameron as CB’s and Timmy chandler as RB.

  17. I’m watch Portugal fail to crack Greece again (no Ronoldo).

    More importantly, if Portugal are planning on bringing this brass band with them, the Outlaws have their work cut out. They are mesmerizing. None of this English Route 1 stiff, with some oom-pah band playing “Rule Brittania” until somebody punches the trumpet player.

    I’m not sure we’re going to be able to break them down with “USA ain’t nuthin to f*k with”. C’mon guys… dig into the the songbook… “We are going to Brazil” might be a little awkward.

      • You said:
        “We are going to Brazil” might be a little awkward.

        Then, the user “WeAreGoingToBrazil” said:
        “Perhaps ‘We are in Brazil’ would be more fitting? (jokes)”

        He made a funny statement piggy backing on your last line, and I was rather inappropriately trying to get in on the humor.

      • And I understood you the entire time [hence the (jokes)] Don’t worry AMP. Your credit is very good. Unfortunately, I may have to retire the “Ali Dia (jokes)” name permanently. Our little slow dance here didn’t go so well as either of us might have hoped — hopefully nobody sees this.

        But it’s no reason not to try again. Let’s do some damage tm.

        Also, I think appending comments with (jokes) may have a big future. So it’s hardly a write off.

  18. Greece has dominated this game for the past 10-15 minutes. Portugal’s defense looks like it can be exploited.

  19. I’ve been watching the Ghana friendly and they’ve look very beatable. They played kickball the entire time trying to use their speed. The defense looks absolutely atrocious. Could easily be 3-0.

    • Portugal do not look lethal right now either. Granted, Ronaldo is not playing, but Greece is not playing well by any means.

      • Portugal didn’t have Ronaldo, Moutinho, Coentrao or Pepe, so pretty much their entire team. Don’t think you can take too much from their match

    • Ghana is toying with the Dutch, imo. They’re quicker, they’re roughing the Dutch up in the tackles (love it). Considering that Klinsmann is going to try and play a high line with Germericans at right and left back, those “kickballs” are going to be finding alot of space in behind the FC USA defense.

      Try to understand that the Dutch are among the favorites to win the World Cup. This ain’t Azerbaijan, if you get my drift. Lastly, amazing how well Robin van Payme has recovered from his “injury” lol.

      My prediction: Ghana 5 : 0 FC USA

      • I wish I had your brilliant insight to be able to see the game on YOUR LEVEL.

        If this guy says it’s going to be five nil Ghana, IT’S GOING TO BE FIVE NIL GHANA

      • 5-0? That is a bit ambitious. If you think their toying with the dutch they would have some possession; they really have no possession in this game. They have had no real chances either. Yes, the Dutch are a much better team than the U.S., but you can see clearly Ghana’s defense is below average. Those tackles will be called as fouls at the world cup. I think Ghana goes 0-3 with the performance they put in today, despite it being against the dutch.

        My prediction: USA 2-0 Ghana

      • “”Ghana’s defense is below average””

        BookNerd, decent reply. I thought Ghana had all the possession in the 2nd half (anyway). We don’t know how the refs will be calling the matches. Ghana just held a favorite to win WC 2014 to a single goal, in Holland no less.

        The backline for FC USA will feature 4 players without a single match of world cup experience and a keeper who is the most rooted to his line (not a sweeper) of any I’ve ever seen. From what I’ve seen, Ghana is absolutely going to drill the Klinsi selection.

      • Netherlands really aren’t favorites this go around. Most will be happy to get out of there group .

    • Obviously we aren’t the Netherlands and don’t have a player like RVP instead we have Brad Davis… I’m also watching the game and Ghana are parking the bus. 1-0 Netherlands

  20. I think either Davis or zusi start, not both. They are a little redundant. Either can take set pieces. Neither is overly athletic. Bedoya adds energy, mix adds creativity. I would try bedoya and Davis to compare to bedoya and zusi. Mix off the bench.

    • I think zusi starts. Reports from training are saying FJ is playing rightback and he is connecting really well with Zusi

    • Klinsmann is steadfastly refusing to tip his hand on Green, as well. Anything we could come up with is speculation, of course, but it would seem he is keen on keeping the Ace well up his sleeve.

      I think we see a very brief Green outing tm. Regardless of how good he is/isn’t, he has to get some minutes to be prepared to contribute. But I susupect Klinsmann doesn’t really want Green scoring a high-profile hat trick either When looking at the four teams in our group, it’s clear that our one clear and differentiating advantage (that even a neutral would admit) is the element of surprise (MLS players also provide a difficult propsition when in comes to scouting).
      Klinsmann is holding his cards close to the vest. All we have geniunine confidence in is that he is serious about the “spine”. Howard, Altidore, Dempsey, Bradley, and Jones are going to be first on the teamsheet. The extremely late lineup release for AZE may well be par for the course up until the tournament (I believe there is a requirement here but am not certain).

      • I do hope (assumng Green does have value ) that JK doesn’t plan on holding the surprise THAT long. But even still, Germany can’t possibly know all that much about Green. A few Bayern guys have trained with him, which is more than Portugal and Ghana can say. But he’s barely a known commodity to anybody. Certainly not me!

  21. Do you think there is a possibility of klinsman giving Mix a start to see how he performs given that he knows what zusi offers and Mix is more of an unknown quality as a starter.

      • I have to agree with this assessment. Mix seems to have a skill for unsettling defenses that have settled in. Not to say he can’t be a 90 minute guy for the future (or if we lose a piece in CM to injury/CM), but for now this utilization seems to maximize his value.

  22. If someone would have told me that Brad Davis would be starting in such a pivotal run-up game for the World Cup last year, I would have laughed in their face.

    Looks like I should start eating some crow.

    • These games aren’t pivotal. They are for trying different stuff out. With our schedule and opponents in Brazil there will probably be 3 different lineups in the group stage.

      • So, should Brad Davis’ performance in the last game matter then? I do not understand why he should start the game against Turkey, if the game does not matter — as you say.

      • All I am saying is Klinsmann is still tinkering. It’s not Davis had a great game; he must be the new starter. He is just trying different combos together to see how they play together against different types of players.

  23. All the gushing about how well Beckerman performed vs. Mexico and yet Jones is still getting the start.

    Altidore is the most frustrating player in US soccer. Wondo got two fantastic looks on Tuesday and he’s an all-around goal scoring machine and Jozy still gets the start. smh

    • Wondo got two fantastic looks on Tuesday … and missed. If we’re thinking about replacing Altidore, there’s only one player to consider, and it’s Aron Johansson.

      • There is a distinct difference between a missed shot and a saved shot. Wondo is sublime at putting shots on frame, so can you really blame him for doing what he excels at? Sure, the shots were saved, but I would rather have a striker, Wondo, that puts shots on frame, than a striker, Jozy, who does not.

      • the issue was Wondo pretty much dropped off after those two chances except for a few things here and there.

      • Wondo missed the first shot. He had enough time to place it better. The second had a fantastic save.

        Let’s not forget Bedoya’s service on the second. That mice and pass are not really what Davis brings.

      • Okay, one of the shots was a good one; one was saved because it was a poor shot. I’m still baffled by Wondo’s apparent place ahead of Johansson on the bench.

      • As an former Klinsmann supporter, this is one of the parts I hate the most about him. He locks in on certain players and no matter what happens on the field, it is next than impossible for him to make changes.

        Aron and Mix changed the outcome of that game. Why shouldnt they be rewarded with a start? My favorite topic, Altadore had good holdup play? Give me a break… that lead to zero goals. Wondo had more chances than Altadore.

        Why is it a given he should start? Altadore is JK’s Bornstein

      • do you not know what “holdup play” means?

        if altidore’s playing the holdup role (which i still don’t think he’s great at), it’s the others’ job (for the most part) to score. if he’s performing well, then yes, wondo would have more chances than him–that’s the way it works.

        jozy did his part well, and it’s not his fault other players didn’t finish their chances.

      • Duke, your logic is seriously flawed. Duplicitous. Here it is:

        A) Mix and Aron changed the outcome of the game. Therefore, based on this past performance, they should be entrusted with a starting role.

        B) Klinsmann managed a game wherein his sequence of starting lineup and substitutions led to a win. Therefore, based on this past performance, he should be ____________.

        Go ahead and fill in that blank.

    • And the most divisive.

      Notice in the team photo how the five in front are all doing his trademark half crouch?

      And yet there is in the back standing up straight, with that little smirk on his face probably secretly hysterical over how he has manipulated his teamates into doing the “Jozy” for him. And giving a middle finger to all his SBI critics.

      And you just see him thinking ” And I’m not going to sing the national anthem either”.

      Is it any wonder such a devious, manipulative character did not score? His behavior is un-American and until he ceases being un-American he will not score.

    • Okay okay. I’m laughing. I shouldn’t be. “I just’taco’d my leg” makes it very difficult. I had to watch it again in order to sober myself up. Man that was gnarly.

      • You have to laugh at times like these

        I’ll be back better than ever once my leg heals!

      • Montes had his leg obliterated today shortly after scoring a peach vs. Ecuador. He will not be going to Brazil (or anywhere for a while). Youtube it if you have the stomach.

      • Luis Montes from Mexico crashed with Castillo from Ecuador and broke what looks to be his ankle and his foot is flopping in a direction in which it shouldnt and will now miss the world cup, and apparently the guy up top thinks its funny to try and make jokes about it. Castillo was taken out too and might also miss the cup

      • Also Marquez was hurt

        Ives was making jokes about it on his twitter as well!

        two wrongs = a right!

      • Dempsey —– Johannsson
        Donovan — Bradley -Cameron – Zusi
        Johnson Goodson Besler Timmy C

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