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The SBI Show: Episode 144 (Talking USMNT, MLS Week 13, and more)

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The U.S. Men’s National Team has hit the New York/New Jersey area ahead of Sunday’s friendly against Turkey, and the latest SBI Show takes a look at the state of the team following Tuesday’s win against Azerbaijan.

Episode 144 of The SBI Show takes a look back at the USMNT 2-0 win against Azerbaijan, including the players who impressed and what we thought of the 4-4-2 diamond formation. We also look ahead to Sunday’s friendly and what to watch for when they USMNT face Turkey at Red Bull Arena.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly also catch up on MLS action, including the mid-week results, the CONCACAF Champions League draw, and the upcoming MLS Week 13 match-ups. We also discuss the U.S. Open Cup, which saw six NASL teams advance to the fourth round, while some other small clubs pulled off upsets.

Give Episode 144 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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  1. The cartel behaviour of the select USMNT journalists with access is becoming an elephant. Moderate yourselves from time to time, no?

  2. Best Peruvian style roast chicken in the DC area – Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA. “Super Chicken”
    The roast yucca fries are also out of this world.
    Here in Somerville, MA we have “Machu Pichu” in Union Square. More formal dining. Outstanding food. M. Pichu also has a take out place across the street for roast chooks. MMmmmmmm – momma!
    Que delicia!

    Great show guys.

  3. Love the podcasts, been listening for a while. Keep up the good work!

    You both dismiss opposition to the stadium in Miami as baseless – Ives saying it’s people saying ‘not in my backyard’ and Garrett bashing politicians in general. Instead of just criticizing I’d prefer you spend time informing listeners about the details of the opposition.

    I don’t know many of the details on Beckham’s proposed stadium. I do know that many 1%ers (the Miami Marlins & many the politicians in the area) absolutely robbed the middle & lower classes there just a few years ago to build their new $600+ million baseball stadium – that already sits mostly empty for a surprisingly competitive team.

    Maybe the opposition there isn’t based on the 1%ers again robbing the public of vital tax dollars – but maybe it is. With the disgraceful track record of pro sports teams in the country fleecing citizens I’m high skeptical at this point. I wish the Miami group the best to get a team up and going there, but the only responsible thing for fans and citizens to do is to work hard to make sure that it happens in a financially ethical way. I hope the journalism on this website can contribute to that positive outcome. I love my sports teams, but we gotta hold them accountable to higher standards.

  4. My apologies for posting this twice…

    And congratulations go out to the ESPNFC crew and that “Sendoff to the USMNT” show.
    I’m sure both the fans and players are so happy they were blessed with such a positive and well prepared display.

    Quite possibly the worst bushleague live show I’ve ever seen on ESPN. Of any sport.

    You have ONE live special show in NYC in front of the 23 guys on their way to Brazil, titled as a “Sendoff to the USMNT”
    A “PEP RALLY” starting at 1 pm, ending with a Live “Send Off” to the team

    You have a show daily.. and the internet, to be a pundit…two totally different things…..

    That was a disgrace. Right there live in front of the players and fans.
    It took Ian Darke, a professional, to say, ” I think we shouldn’t be talking about doom and gloom, you have 23 guys right here ready to go play”

    I dont care if you HATE the coach, or any of the players, theres a time and place for everything.
    That was totally bush league, and a complete disgrace.
    If youre gonna turn it into a critics talk show, at least wait until the players are off the set and on the bus… But since you have a show every day, and will have plenty of chances to interview JK before the games begin.. you have plenty of air time for that…
    Not during the ONE “kickoff” Pep Rally for our team…

    Twellman should be given a lesson about how to behave by learning from his partner Ian Darke. Foudy, who usually does a good job, should at least look like she has prepared her questions.. even if most of them were fairly poor…

    Lalas should be fired immediately. Period.

    • meh. Jurgen can use it to bond them further together, us against the world. I think he likes that equation, this fits right in for him, my opinion

      • Alexi Lalas just tweeted…
        “I” was doing a soccer show, not a pep rally.

        Plenty of chances for interviews coming up, plenty of daily shows to talk. You hate the coach, fine. In front of the players on a show titled “ESPNFC Sendoff to the World Cup” after a 6 hour pep rally for the fans…

        Most unprofessional thing I’ve ever seen.

      • OK. Lalas owned it and may may have to eat crow too depending on how things go. Jurgen will use it to further fuel the team’s fire imo, further illustrate the passing of the old way for the new, and how this team is part of the new, and go out there and prove it because you earned it and I believe in you, that’s why you’re here…something like that. so it may just all play nicely for him, that’s what I’m saying

        maybe it’s just that I don’t get so fired up about the talking heads. I often mute the games and don’t watch the talking head shows

      • Oh he was bragging….
        You’re right about everything you said.
        And you’re smarter than me for tuning em out.
        I’d be curious how people would react if Bob Costas hosted a live show like that titled “NBC kickoff to the Olympic athletes” right in front of them all as they depart for an event that happens once every four years. Even with the Pink Eye…

      • Watch the US games on the Mexican channels

        You get interviews with Bedoya, Gonzales and Donovan speaking Spanish.

        And the commentators are always going nuts, whatever is happening.

      • Better listen to him beachbum!

        You see,guys like you just don’t get it. Coming around here. Posting thoughtful comments. Expressing enthusiasm for US Soccer, Optimism. Patriotism.


        Real BRO’Z like me and Ted Tran here understand how to truly *spend* a Friday night on a US Soccer website.

        It’s about trolling for 90 minutes. Sometime more. Sometimes months… it could be a lifetime — GOTTA STAY FOCUSED ON THE TROLLING AT HAND!

        I offer an example — My homeboy “Baptista”, who bravely confessed that he and his kids had their World Cups “ruined” by JK’s personnel selection, has not wasted a second on further self-pity. No sir, he got right back up and started throwing down “PHUK U’s” at other US commenters ASAP. Right now he is writing six letters to Santa about how much we want the Gold Cup squad back.

        That’s the heart of a thoroughbred doosh.

        For chump like you, it’s just a game.


      • good morning to you ZTom. Glad to have your support and amazing insight 🙂

        as for supporting our team, since before Caligiuri for me. bark up whichever tree you want to about that. I’ll stand by my take on how jurgen will use all of this

        hey ZWorst, I saw the F U stuff posted, thought it to be pretty horribly amateur. have a good one

      • The send off show was painful because every interviewer and presenter was completely unprepared. Max Bretos is usually decent but seemed half drunk. The whole show was bizarre.

      • There was one hilarious moment when Bedoya joked that rather than learn any German he was focused on trying to teach Jermaine Jones some English. Julie Foudy apparently didn’t want to ask any more about that and had no idea what to say.

        Other than that, the show was the worst thing ESPN has done with something soccer-related since Dave O’Brien.

      • That was a mean, gratuitous, and not funny comment about O’Brien. He worked hard to learn the sport and bring it professional coverage when it got far less attention. I apologize for the comment. I should have left it at “the sendoff show was terrible”.

    • Its kind funny because Darke is usually the one saying “lets be realistic” and tends to not think much of the US chances.


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