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UEFA Europa League: Your Running Commentary

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Two teams will keep their UEFA Europa League dreams alive on Thursday, but they will likely have to go through some intense matches to do so.

Sevilla, Valencia, Juventus and Benfica will all attempt to book their tickets to the tournament finale in Turin, Italy following the second legs of their respective semifinals series on Thursday.

Sevilla head into Valencia (3:05pm ET, ESPN3/Fox Soccer 2Go) needing to protect a 2-0 aggregate lead in the all-Spanish series while Juventus attempt to overturn a 2-1 deficit at home to Benfica (3:05pm ET, ESPN Deportes/DirecTV/Fox Soccer Plus/Fox Soccer 2Go) in order to reach the competition final that is being played in the Italian giants’ home stadium.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to leave some play-by-play, analysis and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.



  1. UEFA Europa League. I watched because Juventus played. It’s a tournament. UEFA Champions League is a tournament. Tournament development helps players on national teams. Would like to see our yanks in Europa play in both. Concacaf Champions League is something MLS teams really need to be making a priority for those who play in it. When MLS teams take a fundamental better approach to tactics they will go farther. Give me flak for saying that. Just my observation and that of many others too. I’m not scared to say it.

    • Agree that CCL is key, but when we make a fundamental approach to start paying more for talent, we will go much further. We need to level the playing field a bit.

    • For all the eurosnobs on here that like to day “europe” this or “europe” that, they sure don’t follow Europe all that much. There is no competing against the super-club favorites. This is where the true competition is.


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