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Altidore impresses USMNT despite seeing scoring drought continue

Jozy Altidore

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HARRISON, N.J. — Jozy Altidore did not find his elusive first U.S. Men’s National Team goal of 2014 on Sunday, but there were plenty of other signs that showed why he is still capable of making an impact this summer.

Altidore put forth a 90-minute shift in the U.S.’s 2-1 victory over Turkey at Red Bull Arena on Sunday afternoon in which he demonstrated just how good and valuable he can be even when he is not scoring. Altidore fought hard for loose balls, chased down defenders, put himself in good positions and combined well with teammates, and that showing left everyone from U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann to Turkey manager Fatih Terim impressed with the forward regardless of the fact that the wait for his next goal was prolonged.

“It is the Jozy that we want to see,” said Klinsmann. “He will sooner or later break through with goals. You’ve got to work for it, stay hungry and grind it out and sooner or later, it’s time and, boom, the ball is in the net. You can see how he keeps an opponent busy and on their toes with Clint (Dempsey).

“That’s why I left them both out there for 90 minutes. They need to really fine-tune and they need to read each other blindly and that comes over time. … They are big time players and they are, hopefully, making the difference for us this summer. Jozy is getting there.”

Altidore appeared to have put an end to his much-discussed scoreless streak when he found the back of the net off a set piece in the 15th minute, but he was called for a foul and that negated what would have been his 22nd goal for the U.S.

The 24-year-old striker did not let that faze him, as he continued to be a handful against Turkey’s defenders. Altidore was constantly involved in the Americans’ attacks for the remainder of the game, and he showed the type of enthusiasm and commitment off the ball that should quell the fears that some U.S. fans have over his ability to make an impact when he is not scoring.

“He’s a very powerful striker,” said Terim. “The type of striker that the centerbacks don’t like much. He likes to hold up the ball, therefore his teammates can join in the attack. He’s a very important player.”

Altidore will likely have to be just that in the World Cup this summer if the U.S. is to successfully maneuver its way out of a difficult Group G that includes Ghana, Portugal and Germany.

Yes, the opposing defenses he will face in Brazil will be as tough if not moreso than the Turkish back line he faced on Sunday. But he and his teammates have full confidence that he will be as effective in the World Cup as he was against Turkey, so long as he continues to not let the outside noise distract him from focusing on his game.

“He’s doing his part,” said Dempsey. “All he can do is keep trying to create chances. If you can keep creating chances, you’re going to have opportunities to score. I think when everybody keeps talking about it and talking about it, hopefully he’s not paying attention because that’s something that’s not helping him as a player.

“He’s a strong character, he knows what he’s done in his career, he’s played his part in helping us qualify for the World Cup. I thought he played well today and he’s a handful for any team to try to deal with and you could see today he was creating some good chances and was just unlucky not to score.”


  1. Dont see how we can advance in Brazil if Jozy doesnt score. At some point he is going to be 1v1 with a keeper or infront of goal in Brazil and is going to have to put the ball in the net.

    Everyone understands he’s our best bet NOW, so they ‘re bigging him up and coddling him.

    If he doesnt perform in Brazil i think Jurgen brings in Agudelo, Boyd, Bunberry, McInerney in January 15’ and puts Jozy on ice till he gets his ish together.

    • Are you trying to talk to Jozy on a message board? You could at least tweet at him or try carrier pigeon.

      Wait… does Jozy read SBI comments!??

  2. Those calling for Aron over Jozy forget that Jozy scored more goals than Aron did in the same league. Those who say that Jozy has done ‘nothing’ forget his run of rich form last year. When he transferred to Sunderland he was on fire. He has a form problem, not a problem with his play. I am concerned about him because it’s a long streak that he’s been unable to score, but he’s as good a player as Aron, just off his form.

    So the argument to put Wondo or Aron in relies on current form only. Altidore’s ceiling is higher and his impact even when not scoring is better than the other two choices, and I’m sure that Klinsmann wants Jozy in simply to make opposing defenders tired even if he’s not effective. I wish he would start scoring again but I will be happy with him starting having watched the recent games. He’s working his butt off and helping create space for Bradley, Dempsey, and the wingers to get into.

    • To quote JK… this is about NOW. Not sometime in the past. Oops, that only applies to Donovan I guess.

      Does anybody believe that Green is better than Donovan at his position right NOW. Crazy

      • I was one of the many who rolled his eyes whenever Beckermann and Davis were mentioned as WC possibilities. Yet over the last few months, each has stepped up in ways I never thought possible. Neither is a great player by any stretch. But each has wrung every ounce of performance out of the body God gave them.

        I was marveling at how lean Davis looked in the Azerbaijan game. His body fat must be about as low as can be. As a 30 something, that is extremely difficult. Yet that fitness allows him to just barely compete at a WC level because of his innate lack of speed. This is a man driven to accomplish everything he possibly can. What he can do is cross the ball. But it’s the commitment to fitness that allows his talent to get on the field.

        With all due respect to LD’s world class talent, the effort wasn’t there. He’s not a bad guy, just not driven to achieve perfection in terms of his own capabilities. And at 30 something, it’s tough to get by on talent.

        JK is also driven. So when he evaluates the value of talent vs effort, he will choose effort over talent every time. He may be wrong about that, but I think he is consistent.

        The tragedy of LD is not what he accomplished. He was a fabulous world class talent. The tragedy is that he could have been so much more.

    • You reek of double standards. Although I am willing to give Altidore a nother chance until after the World Cup is over, I also know that Klinsmann said that this team is about today’s form. So, if that was the case what is Jozy still doing starting for our USMNT? Klinnmann is my idol as a player and now as a coach; Don’t forget that as a coach he took Germany to a Bronze medal in a WC. So, anything he says goes. But please, let’s be fair to Landon here for a second.

  3. What’s worse about this world cup so far?

    1. The incessant whining about Donovan, or

    2. The propagandists trying to tell everyone their eyes are lying and that a striker that shows that poorly in 2 1v1s against the keeper is actually good.

    • 3. Comparing these things, misstating other people’s arguments on Altidore, and using the word “propagandists” on a soccer blog.

      • Ahh, stop with your smart comments. Landon belongs and Altidore does too, but in the bench. He has proven nothing. How long do we have to wait for him to score, one year? I think it’s bbeen more than that already. Imo, Aaron starts and Landon subs.

      • jesus. if you’re going to steal usernames, at least say something outrageous. are you that embarrassed about what you’re saying that you won’t use your own name?

        i mean, your comment isn’t outlandish. i don’t think you’re right, but that’s just me.

  4. It’s pretty clear JK believes Altidore’s size and strength are going to be needed in Brazil and so he keeps him on the pitch, grinding it out. And if he gets the job done just by tying up defenders while others score, he’ll more than earn his keep. I’d love to see him paired with Aron for a half, to see what they could do.

    • This. People on the A-Jo must start wagon are not considering this approach. I have no doubt Johannson could do well as a starter. But he’s even better off the bench, especially after the defense has been beat up by a Jozy all game. Jozy’s contributions against first-team defenders are one reason Johannson has looked so good off the bench.

      And who would you rather come off the bench when we *need* a goal? Jozy? Johannson?

  5. Pick out the TRUE statement from the following:
    Guzan (Job description – goalkeeper) – excellent game, could not stop a series of goals but was in good form, showed his strength and agility.
    Bessler (Job description – defender) – good game, could not stop anyone to save his life, but had good hold up play, distributed the ball out the 18 with composure, showed heart and athleticism.
    Bradley (Job description – Midfielder) – could not effectively control the ball, lost most of the possession in midfield, but he distributed the ball well, looked good, strong and aggressive
    Altidore (Job description – striker) – could not find the back of the net, had few shots on goal in a game the US had most of the possession, was never at the “right” place at the “right” time but had good hold up play, showed strength and speed,contributed on defense, looked fit.

    • Guzan (Job description – goalkeeper) – excellent game, could not stop a series of goals but was in good form, showed his strength and agility.

      This happens like…. every weekend to Guzan.

      • But he makes a lot of saves, which he is between the sticks for. Hmmm…..maybe I should have said “couldn’t stop anything in goal”…lol

  6. I think “Altidore improves” was a better summation of yesterday’s performance. “Altidore impresses” is a bit overly optimistic. Can you imagine any other World Cup squad in which it would be acceptable for your striker to have scored 0 goals for club or country in the 6 months leading up to a World Cup? We are so screwed.

    • Miroslav Klose, the only striker on Germany has not scored since Sept. 6, 2013 and before that his only other goals for country was back in October of 2012. Do you think Germans are saying we are screwed?!?!

      • Not a good comparison. Klose only played 1 international game this year, so no, it doesn’t surprise me that he hasn’t scored in 2014. Besides, he’s scored several goals for Lazio this season. Plus he’s not the only forward on Germany’s squad, despite what the official roster says. Hey, does anybody remember the 2010 World Cup? Jozy started all four games and didn’t score there either. And he looked far better then than he does now.

      • How dare you badmouth our boy Altidore. He is great and will prove you wrong. Let’s just give him a chance throughout the World Cup to see if maybe he gets lucky and scores, so that way a new streak of goals by Jozy will begin. He is our only hope upfront, so said Klinsmann, and I believe him more than you when it comes to soccer decisions.

  7. I’m not the biggest Altidore fan, however, I was at the game and despite him not scoring, I have to say his holdup play was excellent. Without him, there’s no one for Howard to send long balls too. I think he has to start at this point since we don’t have any other target player on the roster.

  8. Not as expert as some of these commentators, but I liked Jozy’s performance. He was a good target, drew defenders, held the ball to allow the offense time to form their attack and generally worked hard and selflessly. I regret that few if anyone has commented on the great job he did on that first goal. Good work, Jozy!

    • You’re more of an expert then the geniuses on here calling for Jozy to sit. I really don’t know what game some of the commentators on here were watching

  9. With both Jozy and Deuce, there’s been quite a bit of wastefulness. I know my comments may be unpopular (especially regarding Deuce), which is why I waited to watch the highlights to comment. Just look at them… Quite a few occasions yesterday a good early or through ball is played into space for 1 of the 2. In Dempsey’s case, at least 2 times he should’ve played a simple cutback to a streaking MB90, instead of megging the defender and playing the ball straight to the keeper, or attempting a low percentage chip. I know there were a few more where those came from.

    With Jozy, I find it is the opposite. He made a few good passes at times, but tended to pass when he should’ve shot, and vice versa. He almost looks like he doesn’t know what he’s going to do before he picks the ball up. This is a sign of a lack of confidence. When he does have that killer instinct on the first touch (see the cutback dribble from the keeper’s left side in 2nd half), his 2nd thought lets him down. A simple pass to MB90 easily beats the keeper. Instead, Jozy stuffs his shot straight into the GK.

    Time to see what A Bacon can do. Seriously.

    • I agree, but tactically, I still think it’s better to have what I consider our clinical finesse guy come off the bench late in games. And who do you want coming on late when you need a goal: the hot striker, or the cold holdup guy?

    • JEM,

      Let me put this in NFL terms.

      You commit to the run early which means even though you are only getting a lot of 2, 3 yard pops, you are still softening up the defense. In the 4th quarter those same 2, 3 yard pops become 4, 5 or longer runs.

      Johannsson is a terminator. The way this team is , you start Jozy and , after 70 minutes of getting his uniform dirty make it easy for AJ to step in, now that the game has opened up, with 20 minutes to go and put the defense to the sword.

      Extensive pounding first and then the dagger in the back, not the other way around.

  10. Must admit I’m actually shocked out defensive everyone is being about Jozy. For me the question isn’t just about rating his performance, it’s about considering whether or not someone else can do better. I think Johansson certainly deserves a serious look at this point.

    • I agree. Jozy has had countless chances and done nothing. Aron produced a goal in what? 15-20 minutes? The strange part is that even when goals are scored (Aron’s and now Dempsey’s) He is not the guy on the ball. That makes me question if he has a scorers instinct. You would think that with the number of minutes he gets, he might once in a while get in position to score but he doesnt. Some guys just seem to know where to be to get those chances…I don’t think Jozy is one of those.

      • Watch Dempsey’s goal again and watch the run Jozy makes in the box. Can you honestly tell me that Dempsey put himself in a better position to score than Jozy?

      • Did you actually see Johannsons goal though? He was entirely undefended inside the six yard box. He had his feet firmly planted in the ground because no one challenged him. If he doesn’t score that goal it’s as bad as the sitter Wondo missed. Comparing that and the 180 minutes Jozys spent getting knocked from behind, doubled and hacked at makes no sense. Aron may deserve time, but alongside not instead of Jozy.

  11. Well, the Turkish coach apparently sees it. Poyet continued to play him even as a sub through the end of the season, and Klinnsmann clearly sees it. So three seperate professional coaches somehow think this guy is good enough to play.

    Not enough? Read Clint Dempsey’s quote on Altidore’s performance in the Turkey game. Would you, as captain of the team, publicly support a player who was not giving your team the best chance to win?

  12. I thought the goal he scored was legit till I saw the replay, if he just knocks the keepers hand away instead of shoving him it’s a goal.
    As big of a guy as he is, you’d think by now he would be better at using his strength better without extending his arms so much. Either nobody has given him that feedback and coached him up a bit or if they have the message ain’t getting through. That’s a fixable issue.

      • Yea it is, my point being this is a coachable issue. Everyone uses their hands obviously, but he’s like a left tackle sometimes.
        Like sideshow Bob Luiz, as big as he is he makes some stupid fouls throwing people around when he doesn’t need to.

  13. Someone give me statistical evidence to support Altidore’s good performance. All of us who think he is playing poorly are clearly missing something. Is it shots? Chances created? Goals? Assists? Passing %? Please tell us what it is so we can understand and if you tell me he’s holding the ball up “well” I will kindly ask how many times he has held the ball up “well” and what the outcomes of holding the ball up “well” were. I see someone who is “effective” 33% of the time and his only effectiveness is receiving the ball and passing it back to someone. At present, he can’t turn defenders. He can’t win 1 v 1. He gets knocked off the ball easily. He isn’t scoring and he isn’t assisting in goals. I’m thoroughly confused by his inclusion in the starting lineup. I don’t see it. Make me see it.

    • For starters, 13 of 16 passing most of it in heavy traffic, pulled the defense out of shape helping open space for Fabian Johnson’s run into the box, …. He played well. The goals will come.

    • Put on your glasses Dan. This isn’t baseball, it’s a sport not judged on stats. Jozy was a pest today. He won numerous fouls in dangerous spots. Laid off two passes that should have been assists. Bradley got blocked on the line and Mix flubbed his chance in the box. He scored a goal that was called back on an iffy push. He beat guy after guy with strength and speed to control the ball for the US. He played the full 90 and was still beating people and go figure being a menace on defense too.

      On all 4 goals we’ve scored in these tune up games, Jozy has had defenders drawn to him allowing someone else to have space to operate.

      • First off, I’ve been a huge supporter of Altidore in the past. Just want to make it clear that I do not have a bias. Just checked out Opta stats on game and still am completely underwhelmed.

        He conceded 3x more fouls than he took.
        He took 1 shot on target.
        He had 15 successful passes yet lost the ball or had an unsuccessful pass 8 times.
        He had 1 successful cross and 1 successful dribble.

        If this is a good performance then we need to seriously evaluate how we judge our strikers.

      • So you’re saying he had 16 successes and 8 failures.
        Add in that Altidore drew 3 fouls and won a corner.

        That is 20 successes. So even to someone who didn’t see the game and recognize how much stress he put on the opposing defense, how he should have had 2 assists, how he won 4 solid dead ball chances and was very active defensively, you would still see that statistically he had an okay game. He was around the ball a fair amount and I’m sure his heat map shows a much more active Jozy than we are accustom to.

      • I’m going to go back and watch the game in its entirety. I want to see the havoc he is putting onto opposing defenses.

  14. I thought Turkey is a chippy team. Lots of grabbing and pulling. They fouled Jozy on a breakaway. Grabbed Green inside the box and fouled Zusi in a breakaway. The Turks also go down with any slight contact. So many Turk players grabbing their leg and pretending to be hurt in the 2nd half. It didn’t help the ref is blind. He was smoking something like Clint said. Johnson is MOTM. I thought Brooks played well. Chandler should play RB. Davis and Zusi I thought were poor in the attack. No more diamond.

    • They were no worse than any central american team we play. Panama is the master of dirty fouls and just about every mexican is born clutching their ankles.

  15. OK Big Al well said I totally agree with you. The rest of you Twellman wimps get over it because clearly you know 0 about soccer. Yeah yeah all about putting the ball in the net ??Ahh no it’s called team work and props to Jozy today beause he was playing as a true forward k OK e’s not scoring but he’s providing hold up play, charging down defenders, forcing errors which is crucial in getting the attack going and allowing players to get into attacking positions. Remember when everyone was all over Tim Cahill ( Twellman you listening?) Then what happened he scored and kept on scoring so
    damn it the goals will come. You gotta believe but shut up with this Jozie sucks crap pleeeze. He is the best true forward that is big and imposing period,

    • Sorry but hold up play doesnt win games. That means others have to score…who will it be then? Dempsey looked dangerous for much of the game and finally got a tap in.

      We can’t win games when one of our forwards doesn’t score. All the stuff he does do is great but somebody has to put it in the net. I don’t think Dempsey is a forward, Bradley is not a creative mid (he did have a great chip though).

      I think JK has to drop Jones, move Bradley back to DM, move Dempsey into attacking mid and add Aron up top. Aron is a scorer and Jozy can do his holdup stuff. We might actually score some goals this way

      • So wait coach…… your problem isn’t with Josy, it is with Dempsey… JA’s hold up play is a positive just so long as he is supporting AJ?

      • I do think your plan could work nicely from a purely offensive standpoint, but it would be an unmitigated disaster defensively. Dempsey does not and can not cover the ground JJ and MB do. The center of the field would be a gaping hole with our groups mids running rampant. JJ alone bailed out our central defenders 4 or 5 times in the first half.

      • We have to do something… maintaining the current people/positions will get us 3 and out. I thought sliding people back a position might actually help but it doesnt matter cause JK will never sit Jozy and that will make it hard for us to score enough goals to have any chance of advancing

      • “We can’t win games when one of our forwards doesn’t score.”

        One of our forwards didn’t score yesterday. Therefore, we lose by scoring one more than the other team. Sheesh…

      • Yeah, but Jozy is a waste and Johannssonn is badly needed to start. Enough chances for Altidore.

      • With that useless comment you just showed me that you know nothing about international soccer. You are probably one of those Donovan wimps.

      • The heck I want Landon in this team. His talent and experience make him worth of a spot. Unlike your boy Green, Landon has proven that he can score on the biggest stage.

      • Landon lost his spot to Zusi, then he lost it to Clint, Bedoya, Davis and then AJ.

        Green took Shea’s spot.

      • And was the fastest to get to 100 in MLS history.

        He hardly ever got to play with the A team when capped mostly because Arena had a man crush on Ching. He did everything Altadore is now doing and did it better. With the exception that he could score. Had he gotten even 1/2 the chances that ICantScore has, it would have been a different story for him

      • Willie

        Twellman 6 goals in 30 USMNT appearances.
        Ching 11 goals in 45 USMNT appearances
        Jozy 21 goals in 67 USMNT appearances

        Twellman one goal every 5 games
        Ching one goal every 4 games
        Jozy one goal every 3.19 games

    • No, you didn’t. You need to pull your head out of that one, move on. But I agree, these fans aren’t helping.

  16. Guys what’s with all the hate on Jozy? Ok he’s not scoring but he’s providing hold up play which is crucial in getting the attack going and allowing players to get into attacking positions.

  17. Attention to all you lightweight who keep badmouthing Altidore.get a life,go play marbles, or watch badminton. None of you have a clue what a good forward does. Scoring goals is only one part.He was was good in holding the ball,finding pockets,in general making a lot of work for Turkey’s cornerbacks. I also agree that Twellman as only good at broadcasting high school games. Shame on him for being so negative about Josh.

    • Holding the ball does not win games. Pull your head out of your ahole and realize that Altidore is not World Cup class.

      • “Altidore is not World Cup class”

        Define ” World Cup class”. And remember that in 2010 Bornstein played two good games at left back in the World Cup.

      • fyi, gw, this wasn’t me. someone just found out about the internet and is posting under other people’s usernames. i wouldn’t be as annoyed if they at least posted something inflammatory. this was just boring.

  18. I wonder how the German’s are reacting to their multi-million Euro starlets flubbing more shots than Adam Johnson? With this kind of support for Jozy, I bet Gotze and Co. are glad they aren’t playing for the US.

  19. Watched the espn tactical cam and so was spared the commentary. Plus got to see the lines shift way better than the side view

    • I watched that cam too. Not sure why ESPN all of a sudden doesn’t want to put the regular feed on ESPN3, but oh well, it’s an interesting way to watch the games. I just wish we could get some replays.

      Why would anyone watch their fan cam, even as visual ambiance in a multi-screen situation?

      • I was looking for the tactical cam and got the normal feed at first. I think it was on while the extras were on

        Either way I liked it but it would have been nice to have it 10-15 seconds behind the live broadcast so I could reference a play I’d just seen to understand it better while still getting the excitement of the normal side shot. As it was the tactical cam was the one ahead so it wasn’t quite as useful. Still it was a nice touch. Hopefully next year’s MLS coverage has nice little extras like this.

  20. Thought Jozy played great, looked really sharp and fought hard all game long on both sides of the ball. So pissed they called his goal back. I’m glad Klinsmann is sticking with him. If he plays like he did today, the goals will come.

    • Can someone come up with some type of Taylor Twellman mute button? I’m done with his constant criticism of Jozy. If Jozy’s 1 v 1 with the keeper from a tight angle, I’m okay with him passing to someone who’s open. He and Alexi are in some sort of perpetual throw-down to see who enjoys the sound of his own voice more, and the rest of us are left to suffer.

      • Him and Wynalda are neck and neck for most worst American soccer color commentators for me.

      • Definitely sounds like something Wynadla would say, its going to be rough in 2018 when fox gets those WC rights

      • fingers crossed, he stays in the studio.. 4 years a long way away.. hard enough to get through the next 4 weeks huh…

      • Reignman

        Watch the games in Spanish

        Thats what I do. Granted I speak Spanish, but even if you dont you can enjoy the nicknames they give to players and enjoy their impassioned goal calls

      • Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph no! I would rather be deafened with a knitting needle that hear that guy refer to himself as “Harksy”. I think Twellman has been watching too much EPL, where the color guy refers to every other development with phrases like “not enough quality”. I don’t know where I stand relative to other US fans watching ESPN. But Ian Darke seems to bring a bit of fun and humor to his commentary and I like him calling the games.

      • Darke knows his stuff.

        He also seems to be a secure guy and seems to be enjoying doing the US stuff that he does.

        At someone seems to be enjoying these games.

        This is in contrast to Twellman Lalas and others who , in the ESPN tradition seem to feel that they are there to impress us , to “make an impact” and prove just how “inside” they are about soccer.

        It has become a tiresome, turgid, freak show, these ex US soccer players.

        I would have liked to have seen a real reporter interview Green’s mother and ask her to explain what Green meant by the ” Mom it’s the World Cup” comment. How about a little context?

        At least Foudy gets out there.

        I don’t remember seeing Lalas or Twellman in the locker room or the sidelines interviewing the players or the coaching staff. They are always in the studio.

        In effect it’s like sitting in a bar and trying to watch the game, next to some loudmouth know it all.

      • Thank you so much. I was yelling that same thing at my TV when he was calling out Jozy for passing on that play.

    • I felt the difficult experience at Sunderland (where he quite often played well) would steel him for the WC. He’s going to be a monster.

    • Yeah, they’ll come alright…”even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.” Meanwhile, Aron (the one that does score) rots on the bench

      • Aron hasn’t exactly lit the Dutch league on fire. Especially recently he has very few goals. Well less than the last striker to line up for AZ and break American scoring records.

      • Clearly Aron is not a hold up player, isn’t competing with JA for a spot, he is behind Dempsey. Granted, you might see him sub in for Altidore in a late game, everyone forward desperate push for a goal, but starting and going 90 alone up top… not so much. With the likes of the teams we will be playing and the pressure they will apply, we’ll need JA to do what he was yesterday. Working his butt off, holding the ball until help arrives. There is no one else on the team capable of consistently doing that. If we are going to advance, I’m afraid Josy will need to find net. Here’s to breaking free v Nigeria.

    • Jay’s on the Timmy Chandler piece, I think Ives really wanted to start him out with something he could sink his teeth into.

    • I am laughing my ass off,…hilarious.

      Even in jest I can’t stand the mention of that prep school little prick Carney. Jay ” Pinnochio” Carney!

    • “Impresses?” Hahahahahahahaa….the Jozy-homerism on this blog is so utterly blinding….Ives and his posse of Altidore suck-ups are making a mockery of themselves. Great comment, Willie.


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