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Bradley, U.S. looking forward to exorcizing Ghanian demons

Michael Bradley

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When the World Cup draw was announced back in December, the hearts of every U.S. Men’s National Team supporter slightly jumped at the sight of the team’s group opposition. There was Germany, the international powerhouse and one of the tournament favorites. There was Portugal, with the world’s best player just waiting to cement his legacy on the biggest stage.

But perhaps worst of all, there was Ghana, the perennial thorn in the team’s side after having unceremoniously dumped them from the past two World Cups. U.S. midfielder Michael Bradley said he remembers the team’s last matchup with Ghana “quite a bit”, but the 26-year-old’s biggest focus is on starting the tournament on the right foot.

“Everybody starts at zero, so the first game is so important,” Bradley said from Brazil. “Statistically the chances of advancing go way up now if you’re able to get a point or three from the first game.

“We’ve certainly made no secret of the fact that all the focus at this point is about Ghana and making sure that we do everything we can so that on June 16 we step on the field and are ready to leave it all out there knowing that a good result puts us in a really good spot.”

Having had the experience of facing the African nation is something Bradley and the U.S. can certainly benefit from, as the team is familiar with the Ghanian style of play, despite changes made since their 2010 encounter.

“Ghana’s a team that can cause you trouble, especially in the attacking half,” Bradley said. “In the attacking part of the field they have guys who have a mix of athleticism, technical ability, and the way they can take certain plays and almost improvise and turn that half play into all of a sudden, a chance. So, we have to understand what they are all about.”

“I do think it’s a different team than the one that we played in 2010 and obviously a different coach,” Bradley continued. “In 2010, they played more a 4-1-4-1. We’re pretty organized, so I think all of those little details are to still to be seen; how now they’re going approach the first game against us.”

Finally, Bradley pointed out the fact that, regardless of the opposition, the U.S. still has two games to play regardless of the Ghana result. While everything is building up to that first contest, the team, he said, understands that this is a tournament, not a single game, and the U.S. will have to perform well throughout the group stage if they hope to prove their status amongst the world’s elite.

“Obviously, we’re sitting here now and talking about wanting to start well,” Bradley said, “but just because we talk about it doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed.

“We have to have a strong enough mentality and enough commitment that says no matter how it goes, no matter what happens in the first few minutes of the first game, it doesn’t matter, we’re just ready to keep going and going and going and knowing that at the end of three games, more often than not, the best teams will be there.”


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    You hit the nail right on the head to single out MASON and didn’t include all Americans, cos that’s not a real american attitude to look down on others. Americans may curse or whatever, but what MASON said was below the belt. How pitiful! Selfmade, easy bro! Woa ye agwuma papa!

  3. @theobanks I’d rather u ignore that one, let him go on feeling all high and mighty….I really don’t blame him, cos the Fifa rankings makes him feel like his team is good enough, but if we watch what goes on on the field of play…2-1, 2-1 back to back is not quiet good coming from Ghana to the USMNT, but it was a perfect score when they dished it out to our 9ja brothers….meanwhile, when we gave Korea 4-0 under their very noses, the “high n almighty” american be like “oh it was only a test match” “we woulda done better”…….nkwasiafo) nkoaa

  4. Do we think these guys are 14 or just horribly under-educated?

    I feel bad for them.

    Will feel even worse when we crush their hopes and dreams.

  5. Man so many are talking like Ghana thrashed the US. In 2010, Ghana scored in extra time to win 2-1 after the 1-1 draw in regulation time and in 2006, it was a penalty kick that gave them the 2-1 margin. In both cases, but especially so in 2010, the US spent long periods attacking. It was more the cruel nature of soccer that good games are not always rewarded with wins than Ghana’s supposed superiority that led to the result.

    The press often makes it sound like the US was soundly defeated in those games when in truth the results could easily have been different with the US taking both.

    Karma is a bitch, Ghana will learn as much!

    • Dennis, I hate to say anything that’s against USMNT, but bro you have to understand the Ghanaians retort. It isn’t because they thrashed the USMNT, but they have never lost a game against US. In the 80s Ghana played two games with the USMNT and won both of them, won in 06, and 2010 wc. Again, Ghana u20 beat US u20 4:1 just last summer 2013 u20 tourney; so, you get the point? That’s why bro…….the proof is in the pudding.

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  9. The USA seem to think Ghanaians are mediocre or something….. watch this space# #blackstars are gonna beat USMNT for the 3rd time in a row…. who wants to bet O.o?

  10. What the USA team have to understand is ,soccer is different from basketball ,soccer is played with both feet and not hands ,is different from nba ,and soccer is what GHANAINS play ,basketball is what USA plays .you can’t play soccer with your hands for your info team USA

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    • This is football and enjoy the teasing dude!! The guy is making fun of u guys and u are hurt from this fun hahahahaaa! He is playing!! This is FOOTBALL and let’s us all enjoy!! Selfmade u crack me hahahahaaa!!!! USA ll beat Ghana though!! Lol

  13. Spent the afternoon watching the Ghana games from 2006 and 2010. In 2006 we really didn’t create enough chances. Donovan didn’t look dangerous in either game. Bad turnovers in dangerous spots doomed us both times. in 2010 we had more and better chances but we didn’t convert them. The winning goal was shambolic on the part of DeMerit and Boca. For the people who are complaining about the lack of WC experience in the back line, would they prefer to have old, slow experience or fast young talent. I won’t make any predictions for Monday but will hope for the best.

  14. Bradley? The father or the son? Both of em has been beaten by the AGORO BOYS ALREADY! The father already has 9 SOLID HAYMAKERS( GOALS) on his face haha! The son too has TWO CHECK HOOKS ON HIS BALD HEAD and Ghana ll knock him out with 3 solid UPPER CUTS on Monday!! 9+2=11 and there is no way his son can repay those debts(goals) in Brazil haha! In fact those the BRADLEY WILL BE INDEBTED TO GHANA FOREVER haha!! Black stars!!!

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      • Hihhhiiihii…. Wow ….. I love this!!! This site is beaming and though am american, am enjoying it!! LMAFO!!

  15. I know this is off topic but has anyone seen the ESPN Donovan World Cup promo where he is all alone in the Galaxy office answering phones in full USMNT gear. It’s a great example of LD’s humility and sense if humor in a tough situation.

  16. Ok….this is an esoteric reference but stay with me.

    Someone confirm to me that I’m not crazy. In the USMNT 30 for 30 last night (Tuesday night), there was a scene where Michael Bradley was talking to Jozy and subtitles were provided because it was being filmed from far away. Bradley asks Jozy if he wants to come to Toronto FC, but he asks him in a weird voice.

    Does anyone watch the show Vikings on History Channel?? I swear, based on the tone and pauses he was usung, Bradley was doing a Ragnar impression from that show, when talking to Jozy. Anyone watch Vikings and also watch the 30 for 30 last night? Am I crazy?? For any who DVR’d it, please go back and check and give me your thoughts. Thanks in advance 🙂

    As for the actual game, I really like our odds against Ghana. Yes, this group is hard but one “advantage” the USMNT has is the order in which it plays the three teams. Ghana then Portugal then Germany is ‘easiest’ to hardest in my opinion. Get 3 points from Ghana in the first game…and that would be huge! Then go from there. Conversely, if we had Germany then Portugal as our first two games…I think we’d be dead in the water

  17. Alright, William I will be posting under this name after the game on Monday. I don’t see why I should change my name here after the game because I know what the Blackstars is capable. I will be here. Hope you will be here too.

    • Why are you on an AMERICAN soccer site, dude? Isn’t there some type of MS DOS version of this in Ghana you can be posting on?

      • Yes we have but we prefer to be here!! Is more easier to browse here and the SPEED IS GREAT TOO haha!! We ll be here till thy kingdom comes! Even if they block or ban us, we ll create a diff username hahaa!! Deal with it because we are TAKING OVER THIS SITE!!

      • is the name mister!! U can browse free buddy! Haha! U don’t have to be a Ghanaian to browse there as the world is now a BIG GLOBAL VILLAGE and we all can interact free!! U welcome buddy and hope to see YOUR NAME IN GHANASOCCERNET…. Haha! I can even give u a GHANAIAN NAME to browse there free! IS A FREE WORLD BRO!

  18. Hahahahaha. US fans and their players are too obsessed about the Blackstars of Ghana. They want to win at all cost, but the truth is Blackstars of Ghana will beat them for the third time.
    HAHAHAHAAAA. I can’t wait for that game on Monday.

    • Well, Kwesi, that’s “Anorful” lot of crap you’re peddling. Hope you, or whatever name you might be posting under next week, come back on Monday night to applaud the U.S. If they win.

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      • I saw a winning goal off a soft penalty and against a team that had started Redcardo.

        The first might happen, but the latter wont. Sorry.

      • And who told your coach to start Clarke? The same coach was annihilated completely by Ghana when he was the Egyptian coach(6-1)! In 2006, that call was legitimate as Gucci was all over pimpong! It could jabw been a penalty or not but the ref has the final say and he call for a penalty period! U know your problem mister, ARROGANCE! It hurts u that Ghana is punishing the USA but u ll be alright! Just as the Ghanaian basket ball team ll never dream of beating the US,the same thing that the US national team shouldnt ever dream of beating GHANA in a men soccer game! When it comes to FOOT-BALL, GHANA AND US ARE NOT MATE! We are the ADVANCED COUNTRY WHILES THE USA IS DEVELOPING COUNTRY HAHA! Picture that mister!

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      • Relax bro…. Lol!! This is the WC and we should all share in the fun!! Take it easy!! SELFMADE is just teasing u hahahahaaa!! LMAO…..LOL

      • The proper demonym for Ghana is “Ghanaian”. Ghanian is used to describe the former African republic in the 6th century and, while it appears to be a variant in frequent use as a demonym, it is not favored for this reason.

  19. I wonder how much info Bob has provided to the USMNT….he did after all play them in the last two matches that actually meant something while coaching Egypt.

  20. I BELIEVE,…… I BELIEVE,…… I BELIEVE…… THAT WE WILL WIN (2:1) and exorcize the dark cloud that is the Black Stars.


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