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Must-See Video: Jimmy Fallon monologue on USMNT



  1. Its better to be talked about (or even joked about) than to be not be talked about at all. Any attention to the US team is good for the game. Even the soccer haters on U.S. sports radio are conceding “the young generation love the world cup & the US national team.”

    Its FAN-TASTIC!!!!!!!!

  2. Liked the big response for Zusi from the audience. For whatever reason, Fallon and the Tonight Show are broadcasting from Orlando this week, and of course Zusi grew up here. Even though he’s an SKC guy, there’s a ton of folks around Orlando and the Orlando City SC community following the first Orlando-connected guy to step foot in a World Cup game.

    The game-winning assist was big news down here Monday night, along with the win itself.

    • Aww c’mon man. It wasn’t THAT bad. Entertaining to be certain and made me chuckle a couple times. I love that they’re trying tho.

    • I’m with you betamale. Unfunny. Unfortunately, part of US Soccer being somewhat “mainstream” is that everyone wants a piece of it. In a month, they’ll go back to Khardasian and Bieber.

      • Ya, I find it annoying when big media gets involved in Soccer. Guys like Fallon don’t actually know enough to make jokes about the players in soccer related way.

        Example: The real reason the Spurs sold Dempsey is because Clint has too much history fighting though adversity and actually succeeding.

      • I liked soccer before it was lame-stream. Now I’m really getting into lacrosse.

        Please continue to confirm every negative stereotype of American soccer fans.

      • I want this to actually learn something about it instead of just go.

        “Heh, Timmy Howard is bald.”

        They don’t bother to learn that great American keepers are ALWAYS bald. There is the joke. They could chose to use it and educate but nooo they are lazy.

        So I don’t like them because they are lazy and they make the sport look cheap because they are lazy.
        I would rather they stay away if they aren’t gunna try.

  3. I liked the ones that were more playful than insulting. Pointing out that Johannsson had an intense stare and looks like Kevin Bacon was amusing. Insulting Besler for having an old photo where he looks young and has some acne was not.

    • It’s hard to make fun of Besler. Let’s be honest, the man suffers from extreme competence while having few stand out features. He is surrounded by the word Good there is almost nothing to say about him in a game except when he gets hurt.

      Hair: good not great
      Height: good not great
      Speed: good not great
      Personality: Pleasent

      • you think Besler is up there as one of the fastest?

        Beasley, Yedlin, FJ, Bedoya, Green, and Chandler are certainly faster. i’d say Bradley and Jones may be faster then him even.

      • No you were right the first time. He is one of our fastest. Obviously not Yedlin, but his speed compared to all other positions is very favorable.

      • Actually, it was said that during training in the January camp Besler clocked the fastest times. Ives talked about it in an episode of The SBI Show.

      • In terms of straight line speed, multiple USMNT players described Besler as the fastest on the team.

      • I guess I’m of the “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all” school. They picked and chose who to make fun of, there was no reason they had to pick Besler. The Besler one I felt was mean spirited.

      • Ya, he is kinda our James Milner. Although calling Milner or Besler boring is harsh.

        They just aren’t huge larger than life personalities.

        I really like Besler mostly for his lack of standing out. He has a job where standing out can usually be bad. For example Pepe or David Luiz. They stand out because they are actually quite bad at their jobs sometimes.

        Besler is basically being made fun of for not having Tattoos or notable hair.

  4. That’s awesomely funny! You know you’ve caught peoples imagination when they do a monologue on the Tonight show and like.


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