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Klinsmann finds Green’s progress ‘exciting’ despite growing pains

Julian Green

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With just one professional appearance to his name prior to joining up with the U.S. Men’s National Team, Julian Green was always going to have to play a bit of catch-up with both his more experienced teammates and the opposition.

Despite his status as the team’s heir apparent, Green’s limited minutes for both club and country provide little answers to what exactly the U.S. has on their hands in the present time. At times, Green displays flashes of pace and technique that make viewers salivate at what could be. But in other moments, Green shows himself to be exactly what he is: an 18-year-old still adjusting to playing to the game at the highest level.

For U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, Green’s skill-set provides a benefit to the current team as it stands. However, the former Germany striker also understands how much he is asking from a player who is still in his teenage years.

“I think he has his sparks,” Klinsmann said after Saturday’s 2-1 victory over Turkey in which Green played 27 minutes off the bench. “We see that now in training. For him, that workload that we did those first two weeks was a lot for an 18-19 year old boy. We see that, but in every session now he gets fresher and fresher.”

Though he is a rookie on the field with seasoned veterans, Klinsmann has found positives in Green’s performances, including once sequence Saturday that saw Green nearly earn a penalty.

“His body language gets stronger, so he’s getting there to take people on,” Klinsmann said. “Not talking about the referee now, it’s a friendly game, but he drew a clear penalty again like he did against Mexico. That’s two goals, theoretically, if they give that, so he’s coming along.”

Regardless of his on-field performance, Klinsmann is most impressed with Green’s off-the-field adjustments. The U.S. head coach pointed out that Green’s acclimation to the U.S. Soccer environment has been just as important for the young German-American as his on-the-field play.

“You see him,” Klinsmann said describing Green. “He’s connected with the guys and he feels more and more part of it. It’s exciting.”


    • Oh please! Questioning JK’s motives or the pro’s and con’s of individual players has nothing to do with supporting our national team. I’m a big supporter of Donovan and think his exclusion was the wrong move and Green’s inclusion, especially, is extremely short sighted (including Goodson, Boyd, or Edu would have been a better choice). I still watched every moment of both friendlies, every documentary or special on the US team and will watch every moment of the third friendly and all of the World Cup. I will be rooting for my USA team the whole way. I’ll even be rooting for Julian Green to prove us all wrong!

      I guess you’ve never questioned anything by anyone significant in your life. You wouldn’t want them to think you don’t support them just because you think they’ve done something wrong.

      Get over yourself!

  1. Call me crazy, but I think its totally acceptable for Klinsi to talk about Green like this. What do you want him to say, Julian Green is not ready and has played terribly but we had a chance to take a guy away from Germany by putting him on the World Cup roster so it was worth it? Because that’s the truth. I think the Landon issue is totally separate and was personal between LD and JK. LD is better than Wondo and Davis, but I’m not sure he is better than Bedoya or AJ right now. Would have preferred having him on the team but think we are going to need strong performances from defense and Jozy if we are to advance either way. Regardless, I’m happy JK promised Green a spot and think it will pay off for us over the next 15 years (at which point JG will still be 33 and potentially in contention for another world cup).

  2. Did anyone see the horrible touch from Green inside our own box? I think I could have done as poorly as he did in the last game. Put me in Juergen!!! Come scout my Sunday league!

    • yeah, I kind of feel bad for the kid. Not really a fair position to put an 18-year-old. I think the Theo Walcott comparison is pretty apt. With very little experience, Walcott got picked over more established players for the ’06 World Cup and never played a minute. He ended up being a great player, but being chosen for that squad didn’t do him any favors, and I think is widely thought to have stunted his development because of all the pressure and criticism heaped on him. I’d consider the US lucky if Green ends up anywhere close to Walcott, but I don’t think this World Cup inclusion helps him at all.

  3. Seriously, does Klinsmann think we are this stupid? He is a liar and a charleton. His double standard for this player – or any of the players – versus Landon Donovan is enough to make me puke.

    I have zero respect for this man. I support the players but not the coach. The sooner he is shown his walking papers the better. And Sunil can take go with him for putting him in charge.

  4. shut up about Donovan you all remember 2010 in 2006 he was a no show .if not for the mls he would not be playing soccer cause he could not hack in Europe don’t even mention everton he went there during African nation cup and injuries even in his interview he talks about how he was amazed at the everton players playing a high level day in day out. Donovan has skated by on talent never a hard worker and overall a inconsistent player . most of his goals for usa have been against amateur carbiean teams yeah he was a hero at 2010 but what has he done since then gold cup yeah he was great against low level compitetion we don’t need landycakes or any one player we need a great team performance and Johansson mix and Dempsey show they can come up with that special something. takes getting kick out of team to start performing for galaxy

    • What league does Bradley play in? Some supporters the Nats have. Some of these Nat supporters will die for the team but won’t give MLS credit that its due. People still act as if this league hasn’t grown since 96. The same league that produced Dempsey, Jozy, Howard, Bradley, Wondo, Davis, Beasley, Cameron, Zusi, Gonzalez, Besler, Guzan, Rimando, Beckerman, and Yedlin should get more respect when your bashing a guy like Landon.

  5. Anyone saying move on from Landon talk :

    Did you see the back to back corners from Diskerud and Green ?

    I can’t unsee that. Burned into my brain as I fret for the team.

  6. I do not believe Green was promised a spot in the world cup to make the transfer but only a chance to. Green decided he had a good enough chance so he took it. He came in as a 60th min. sub against Mexico (and got a separated shoulder within 10 minutes), didn’t see the field against Azerbaijan, and came in at the 64th minute against Turkey. Although he didn’t show much, it is clear that he has not been given enough playing time to make a firm judgment either way.

    Based on his pedigree so far, not what we’ve seen but what his coaches at Bayern and Klinsmann and his scouts have seen, and what I think he has shown in training with the U.S. Nats, there must be something there. What I would like to see is having him start against Nigeria, if he screws up sub him out, if he doesn’t, let him play into the second half.

  7. When any of you “grown” men were 18 or 19 I highly doubt any of you were asked to perform on the level that Green is. Landon is out, get on with it. Just because Green is young, doesn’t mean he can’t perform at a top level. All the soccer “experts” on here really have no idea if he is any good or not. We don’t see him train, work out, get on with his teammates. You are the same people who critique Altodore because he doesn’t score but don’t take into account that the whole object of a target forward is just be a target link play.
    Can everyone just get over themselves, it’s going to be okay.

    • What makes you do certain that Green has performed so exceptionally well in training? Have you seen the footage? Things like the pre match interview with him do absolutely nothing to help his or the coaches case.

      Also Green has shown the fans absolutely nothing and I mean NOTHING to get excited about. Real fans want the team to be put in the best possible chance to succeed and NOBODY believes Green adds as much to the team as Donovan can. Just a year ago Donovan was absolutely critical to the US in the gold cup when even Wando was ineffective.

      If green can’t perform at a high level in front of an extremely friendly US venue there is absolutely no way he will perform in front of a hostile crowd in Mexico

      • It was clear in the last game that Green does have very quick feet. That is a trait that is very useful in tight spaces. But, Oh boy, does he have a steep hill to climb tactically and physically.

  8. It’s comforting so many people have access to US practices and will get to watch tape with the coaches, because Klinsmann clearly needs the extra sets of eyes and ears to help him make the right decisions. Look, Landon made his own bed by abandoning the team during qualifying, and then saying he still did not always have the passion. Why would you rely on someone who may or may not have his heart into it when you put him into the game? It’s not like he’s never pulled disappearing acts in big games, right? I’d rather have all of your respective mothers available to sub, provided they showed they wanted to be there BEFORE the team was selected, than a guy who admitted that half the time he does not care, and only lets us know he wants to be there after he gets cut. It’s about time “sacred cows” were done away with on the USMNT.

  9. Not trying to say this will happen but does anyone remember that Ronaldo (Brazil) was on the 1994 Brazil team that won the WC that year…never got into a game the entire tournament
    Now, will Green be the next Ronaldo….who knows, he could or could not. No one knew Landon would be the player he was to become at the age of 18, he just had a lot of potential….just like Green has
    Also…I do realize Brazil in ’94 was not the same as USA in 2014

    • Brazil was also deep enough to win the tournament. We’re likely not deep enough to make it out of the first round. Our scoring depth showed through in the first game when we were without Dempsey and looked largely toothless in the attack.

      FWIW, Donovan scored 8 goals for San Jose his rookie season before the World Cup and was having a good sophomore season as well. He also did well in matches with the US before the World Cup. Just because he was young doesn’t mean his situation is the same as Green’s.

    • as has been pointed out many times, ronaldo was already a successful professional at that age (pretty sure he led his team to the brasilian championship). and by the 2002 cup, landon had already won an mls title. those aren’t really comparable situations to green.

  10. In all sincerity, I think Freddy Adu would look much better than Julian Green has so far.

    The whole thing makes me cringe like big-time college recruiting does. Seducing an 18-year-old with a World Cup roster spot he doesn’t deserve is sleazy to me. When I heard Green say that the jersey Dempsey gave him influenced his decision, it sounded just like all these high-school seniors picking a college for all the wrong reasons.

    • This is one of the best comments here, too bad it is at the bottom of about 200 other posts. The sad thing is, this is so indicative of what sports have become and the way of the world. Maybe things have always been sleazy, but that sleaziness is be extended to younger and younger kids all the time in a variety of sports.

  11. I think it’s hilarious most of you guys were all about Julian Green and now all you do is bash the kid. Good grief

    • That’s nonsense. You can be excited he declared for us, be excited that he is a great prospect AND think he has no business being on this team. In fact, it is a pretty logical, evidence based position to have.

    • Sbi chat consist of overreacting and over analyzing. These are the same people who analyzed every one of altidore`s touches at Sunderland

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Julian green I didn’t notice how many times you gave away possession and didn’t score goals until my phone notified me HAHAHA

  13. Donovan should be on this team starting. not just on the team but starting. its a joke seeing davis and green on the field.

    mix was off today as well.

    i thought chandler played well except that one breakdown.

    • Green played well except for that one breakdown? A mistake like that could be the difference between getting out of the group or not. It is mistakes like that that have moved Gonzalez from starter to the bench. The worst part is that it was due to lack of effort, not skill.

  14. Klinnsman is a flat out a liar with no moral compass. He didn’t promise Green a spot. His son is a huge Donovan fan. Blah, blah, blah….

  15. give the guy a chance. he could be our next PELE. he could spring a surprise, pushing us into the sem-i-finals or final


    This guy doesn’t think the American soccer fan is smart enough to realize he is BSing us.

    Poor Donovan*

    *and yes, there is a connection here, fan boys. Green made the 23, Donovan didn’t. Don’t care if you believe Klinsmann’s lie about him being a forward. It’s all BS.

  17. I am getting less and less impressed with Klinsmann and I am concerned that players on the team are going to start losing respect for him because of things he says. Being a coach and not liking someone is probably a legitimate reason to cut them, making a decision that you are only going to go about 18 or so deep with field players and offering a spot to have someone choose the US might be a good strategic move, but to continually say that he Donovan wasn’t compared to Green and be positive about Green’s performance today reek of a guy who is full crap. If he wasn’t comparing Donovan to Green, he should have been. “Today”, Donovan is clearly a better outside halfback than Green. I know when I have had bosses that I didn’t like or didn’t respect, I definitely did not perform my best (of course, I didn’t have the extra incentive of knowing that I was performing for my country). Hopefully, he is being more truthful with the players. Not hating on Green; I’m sure he is trying his best and I hope he becomes the great player that people think he may.

  18. I was going to comment on how Green’s performance was anything except ‘exciting’ but the commercial video add disrupted me.

  19. Mike Krzyzewski of Duke I think put it correctly one time in an interview on recruiting players when he said “You always go after the best available talent at each position.” Obviously a different sport, but the principal holds true. I simply do not think Brad Davis or Julian Green are the best available talent at their positions, certainly not better than Donovan. Klinsmann has taken a HUGE gamble here, and my strong feeling is that it will not pay off.

    • NI,

      Marcello Lippi, Italy’s 2006 World Cup winning manager is fond of saying “Its not the best 11 players but the 11 who play together the best”.

      • donovan, deuce, howard and bradley have played well together for years. not sure what u are getting at?

      • Exactly. Not sure what GW’s getting at either. Is he trying to say Green, Davis, and Yedlin somehow are better with Dempsey, Bradley, etc.? Not only does Donovan have loads of MNT playing time and experience/chemistry, but also he’s simply a better player than those guys.

      • Not lately they haven’t. I don’t recall the last time Deuce, Donovan, and Bradley were on the field together before the MEX friendly.

      • not like green, brooks, yedlin, cameron, besler, fj, chandler, davis and Zusi have much time together either. I would have considered LD part of the “spine” alongside Tim, MB, JJ, Dempsey and Altidore.

      • How can you consider him part of the spine? He hasn’t been there lately. Zusi has played more than him, as has FJ. Brooks is a sub. Yedlin’s a sub. Greens a sub. The other three defenders are the apparent winners of the “build-a-defense” competition.

      • Based on what I saw yesterday, I sincerely hope Green doesn’t play a minute in the world cup, sub or otherwise

  20. Green may some day be a great player. right now he looks like a kid who hasn’t had first team action. Gee, i wonder why that is….?

  21. I’m not a hater at all and I’m not a big LD supporter. All i’m saying is that IF JK’s reason not to have LD on the team is based on the current form, then he’s sadly mistaken. If he just didn’t like him, then he should have said as much and moved on. WC is every four years. we have to have our best 23 on the pitch….not on a beach in California or in a Seattle coffee shop

    • Are you looking at form since he was cut of form before. His form appears to have improved since he was cut and went back to the LAG.

      • Donovan has a massive data set with which one can draw conclusions. Restricting yourself to his first seven MLS games of 2014 is beyond naive.

        But if you are going to take such a narrow view, donovan was in the mls top 10 in chances created at the time he was cut.

      • I don’t care about his “massive dataset,” but rather I care about his “recent dataset.” It’s always a question of what have you done for me lately.

        Recently (before the cut), he was playing poorly for club and country.

      • Don’t be absurd! I’m so tired of JK supporters on all these boards going on and on about Donovan being fat, out of shape, not in form, too old, etc.

        I guess all these guys on the USMNT are ‘too old’.
        J. Jones – 32 (about 4 months older than Donovan); Wondo – 31; Dempsey – 31; Davis – 32 (also 4 months older); Beckerman – 32; Beasley – 32; Howard – 35; Rimando – 35 (in 15 days)

        Is he fat? This link ( is to a Google image search for the Galaxy vs Union game a couple of days after Donovan was cut from the national team. Look over all those pictures – no gut, no fat, no flab. His shirt isn’t pushing out or tight anywhere in any of the positions he is in. If he isn’t fat in these pictures he wasn’t fat at camp – you can’t change your body shape in a matter of days.

        Did anyone catch the ‘beeps’ section of the ‘The Road to Brazil’? Watch that section carefully and guys are all falling over and wiped out as they’re supposed to be. Donovan isn’t on the ground, gasping or unsteady on his feet. Yes, he might have run in a different group (although it looked like different groups were running at the same time) but even if that was the case, the groups weren’t running at vastly different time frames, so it shows a very good recovery time, so, not out shape. Also, his last two games showed very good hustle and form, as did his games previous to camp, even if he hadn’t scored.

        Yes, JK cut Donovan from the team, right or wrong he was given that right and power. That doesn’t mean, we as fans and supporters can’t question what he has and is doing and question his motivations when his actions run so obviously counter to his words. It also allows all of you who support JK to do so without question. What I don’t understand is why supporting JK requires lies about Donovan? Say you don’t like him. Say you think others are better players. Say you think the young, unproven players can get us further at the World Cup. Blatantly fabricating facts as support only makes you look completely uninformed.

  22. My big question is how can a team have an heir apparent? Julian Green can be Landon Donovan’s heir apparent just like Cesc Fabregas can be Xavi’s heir apparent but I don’t think a whole team can have one guy as an heir apparent…

  23. Julian Green is better than Landon Donosucksavan. You’re all just a bunch of haters. He plays for Bayern Munich, the best football club in the world!!!

    • Probably shouldn’t have to point out the irony of someone calling people haters immediately after labeling LD, “Donosucksavan.” But just in case no one else noticed…

    • He does? The last time I checked he plays for BM 2 in the 4th division. He has been crap for the USA so far. And believe me, I hope he turns out to be an awesome player for us, but he is not there yet…not even close

    • He is a winger who knows how to give defensive cover. You think that might come in useful with this squad?

    • Yeah, I have actually always thought of Donovan as a winger first and a second striker second. He actually has provided very solid defensive cover throughout his career. As an Everton fan, I can attest that supporters were all very impressed with Donovan’s work rate on both sides of the ball.

  24. BTW, thank goodness Turkey doesn’t have a guy who could finish. If Germany or Portugal get behind us like that, we’ll get blown out and even Green will get in to excite Jurgen.

  25. Anyone who actually believes the Donovan as a forward story is blind. The only reason klinsman makes that statement is so he can say he wasn’t competing for greens or davis’ spot. The pre match interview flat out says green was promised a spot for this wc. It is a dirty good for nothing excuse from Klinsmann he doesn’t like donovan and he has explicitly gone out of his way to find German American talent. Anybody who says otherwise please find a WC cycle where we had the same amount of one time switch players from one country

  26. If Klinsmann only selects on where a player is now, its shocking he thinks some of these guys are better than Donovan. I am not a big LD fan, but objectively its not close.

  27. Does Klinsmann think that everyone is blind or stupid? Or does think that he can fool a lot of people into believing that he has some insight into the game that mere mortals don’t? Unfortunately, he might be right about the fooling part.

    • Seriously. Disturbing amount of people that are willing to blindly swallow Jurgen’s BS. Green looks like a 13-year-old out there…

      • Ethan, get over it Green is in Donovan is out. Kid is young and I don’t expect this was about WC 14. 23 players are on this team, Donovan was not going to play a huge role for Klinsmann in this competition so he went with a younger player who will factor in the future.

      • Let’s cut the “get over it” argument, shall we? The article we’re commenting on is about Julian Green and JK blowing smoke up our asses re: his assessment of him, not about the US team’s performance (which I thought was pretty damn good). So I think it’s fair to bring up the fact that Donovan would be about ten times more helpful as an option off the bench. In fact, after going through the 7 stages of grief over LD, I finally felt ready to move on and support the team. But watching Green’s performance today just made it so damn obvious what a bad decision it was. Back to stage one, I guess…

      • Get over it.

        LD is not coming through that door unless AJ, Deuce, or Wondo get hurt. It’s pointless beating of horse tartare. For good or ill, he’s not seen as a winger by JK. Maybe Green sucks and won’t play a minute, but were he to break his leg getting off the bus, Corona or Evans is in and LD is still out.

      • not gonna get over it, Mason, but thanks so much for the suggestion. And as much as the “get over it” crowd would like it to, this issue isn’t going away, for better or worse, and Klinsmann’s got only himself to blame. Won’t stop me from supporting the team though–they looked good today minus a few players (Chandler, Green), and I do think they have a fighter’s chance in Group D.

      • “It’s not going away,” is the problem because it entirely ignores the environment. This was always a tough group, and LD being in Brazil or not doesn’t materially affect the chances. If there’s anyone who thinks the LD is the difference between going through and not, that person is delusional.

        Furthermore… If the US does manage to get through the group stage, how will that affect the discussion? It should silence – completely, given the group – the “Team Landon” types. Will it? I doubt it. Two weeks ago it was, “We’re going to lose to AZE, TUR, NGA.” Now we’re hearing complaints about how the 19th man on the team looks green and the defense is a little wobbly. I’d wager the the US could put on a Spanish performance in the final send off, and we’d hear some niggling complaint about the one time Chandler missed a tackle or Jones made a dodgy pass. It just seems that there is no pleasing some people because they’ve made their minds up.

        At some point, someone should admit he was wrong, but we should really wait until after the matches are played. Until then, there is no LD.

      • C’mon Mason, talk about having your mind made up. How many goals does Donovan have to score this season (or over his career) to convince you he could be useful to this team? And wtf does “materially affect our chances” mean? Every player helps contribute to whether a team wins or loses. To say no one player makes that big a difference to the team’s performance is a ridiculous argument. By that logic, Portugal could leave off Ronaldo because, you know, he’s just one player. And if you’re saying that JK wouldn’t have used him off the bench anyway, that’s a self-defeating argument too. Fact is, he SHOULD be using him off the bench–he’s a much more useful winger option than Brad Davis or Julian Green, certainly still capable of affecting a game positively. As I said before, I’m still rooting for the team and I think they looked good yesterday. But no matter which way you look at it, the LD decision does not make logical sense and is looking worse by the minute. If anything Klinsmann is getting off light here–European or Latin press would be tearing him a new one.

      • You are totally missing the point. The point is that JK has a contract through the 2018 WC and he has made some questionable personnel decisions and one very horrible one in not taking Donovan. We don’t know why he did not choose Donovan, but to any serious soccer fan who has followed the US for any length of time, this is indicative of a very serious lack of judgment and perhaps indicative that JK puts personal likes/dislikes ahead of what is best for the US. I have supported JK, often in the face of frequent criticism in the past, but I now seriously question whether he is the best choice to lead the US after this action regarding Donovan. That is the issue–can Klinsmann be trusted to make the best personnel decisions that will best further the US cause? Right now I would say the answer is no. Just as B Bradley was criticized for using Bornstein and Clark and ending up losing his job because of those choices, so too, should we question Klinsmann’s choices if they hamper the development of US successes on the international stage.

      • And when will you admit you were wrong and that LD off was not a bad decision?

        3 losses like GER 2002?
        4 points and losing on GD?

        What will it take to convince you that LD was not the issue or even an issue? The tournament has one winner and 31 losers. The US rxd a tough draw. We will probably crash out at group, possibly without winning a match. The exclusion of LD did nothing to change that likelihood. At this point, it seems like the LD Marching and Chowder Society is searching for Russel’s teapot.

        It’s stupid, tiring and pointless. Even with a 3 and out, Klinsi isn’t getting fired. He’s got a four year deal north of $3MM a year signed after the group was known. USSF has bet on him, for good or ill.

  28. I’ve heard people want to see F. Adu’s birth certificate because they think he’s actually 30 . . . However, I want to see J. Green’s birth certificate because I think he might actually be 10! He looked like an (unimpressive) boy playing with men today! I hope he can gain confidence, shake of nerves, and improve his balance . . . or whatever is preventing him from playing well in time for the world cup! I’m a little worried due to Klinsi still having strong confidence in Green. Green may be the player of the future, but that future is probably sometime after this world cup. I just hope the kid can turn things around very quickly!

    • As i posted on another thread, he looked like he was recruited from a rec league. Talk about raw. And this was a friendly. What happens when the games count?

  29. Time to move on and get over Donovan. I remember his first caps. Deer in the headlights also. Let’s hope Green doesn’t disappear like Donovan so frequently did. Especially against better opponents. Give the kid a break. He didn’t put a gun to the US Federations head. They asked him to play

    • Do you also remember Donovan scoring the game-winner in friendly against Mexico in his first-ever senior cap, or did you happen to forget that one because it doesn’t match up with your little narrative? Look, I really hope Green pans out, but lets not pretend that Donovan was awful.

      • And who did Donovan keep off a world cup squad with that first cap? Oh, yeah, no one, Because Donovan forced his way onto the squad by being fantastic in the Gold Cup January 2002. Youtube that, why don’t you.

        No one is knocking Green. OF COURSE he looks out matched. Because he is. Criticisms of Green are really about JK and his BS.

  30. The LD omission is already archaic issue. Jurgen did not see enough fire in him so he wanted players who play with heart. Yes, Green is nervous but give him time. And have you ever seen how passionate Jurgen was when he played? Wow, a beauty to see! He knew that LD never had it so that was why he never performed as well in Europe as he has in MLS. Too rough for his comfort. Jurgen May saw that when he was at Bayern Munich. At least he gave LD several chances to show the fire and he failed. Oh boy, please close that LD issue and move on.

    • Lots of Everton fans would beg to differ with your assessment of how well he did over there. How can you have been a US soccer fan for the last 14 years and say Donovan never showed the fire. Who would be more likely to conjure sparks in THIS world cup- LD, or somebody that hasn’t even shown more for the US team than Freddy Adu.

    • Except this is not about who can play in Europe. It is about who can play in the World Cup and what Klinsi hasn’t seen, apparently, is clips of LD playing in previous World Cups. Plenty of passion there.

    • If what you said were true, then Donovan would be an abject failure in the biggest stage of all–the World Cup. His performance in the World Cup and in all the qualifiers show that your assessment is nothing but hot air, at best. He wasn’t mature enough when he went to the Bundesliga early on, but he was very good when he was loaned to Everton. Some of these posts are just illogical and full of ignorance. Sheesh. P.S. I hope this shows up in the right place as I am having issues now with posting here, so if this doesn’t make sense, it was intended for a post saying Donovan couldn’t handle big time environments like the Bundesliga.

  31. The more Klinsmann talks, the more it becomes obvious it’s a waste of time to listen to him. Sparks? This is the WC… not the time for “sparks” I saw nothing to justify his seat on the bench and have to wonder why JK even picked him? There are Sooooooooo many others that could offer more and the first one is Donovan. Hell, IDK if he could even start on most MLS teams. He certainly could not beat out Lee Nguyen for one and Landon Donovan for another. He might be able to bead Davis and one has to wonder why Davis is even on the team? He’s far too slow

    JK is a fool and he’s assembled a team of muckers. He keeps better players on the bench while he plays less capable favorites. It’s completely obvious to me that we have no chance of winning any games at the WC. My only question is if we’ll even score a single goal or will we be totally embarrassed? If we are embarrassed, will JK accept the responsibility or will it be somebody elses fault that the team he’s hand picked fails?

      • This group is much tougher than the ’98 group. The US could actually play well this time and still go out on 0 points.

    • if that does happen my bet is MLS will get blamed. maybe that motivates those players to play well but that excuse followed by a renewed push to get our players to Europe, etc. would be the press imo

  32. Did anyone see the pre-game feature on him?

    Green’s mother is quoted as having asked him why he declared so quickly, and according to her, his response was “it’s the World Cup.”

    Now you can either read that as he was promised a spot or that he thought the had a better shot at some point with the U.S. While the latter is obvious, I’m inclined to believe the former.

    The kid’s got talent, but I highly question whether he is physically ready to make any sort of impact this time around.

    • If he wasn’t promised a spot, then what did he do to earn the spot? Whatever it was, it would of had to be in training.

      • Exactly, he did not earn a spot. there is absolutely no way anyone can believe he EARNED a spot. He may be fast, he may be a prospect, it may be good political move to put him on the roster to encourage others to join the US team, but he did not earn it with hard work – relative to so many others who have worked harder and longer and have accomplished more and are probably even faster than he is.

      • LOL. Green plays for the academy of the 2013 European champions. Highly doubt “a number of MLS players” could make it there.

      • And Jonathan Spector played for the Man U academy when they were the class of the EPL. The younger Dos Santos has played for the Barcelona Academy. What has he done lately? Sports history is littered with potential stars who never lived up to their advanced billing. Just because Green plays for Bayern and Guardiola likes him is no guarantee for anything. There are numerous MLS players who have actually produced on the field; this kid has done nothing so far in professional games. Since he has chosen to play for the US, I hope he is the next Messi. But not even Messi did much in the WC when he was this age. The point is, this is a wasted roster spot for someone who may or may not be valuable in the future. Under different circumstances, it might be okay, but with this group, the US can’t afford to waste any roster spots on hopes for the future.

      • Saer Sene was Bayern II ‘s leading scorer in 2012. He is now playing for the New England Revs.

      • Facts, who needs facts. Sene did not play for Bayern II in 2012. He was released on free transfer during winter break (in Jan. 2012).

        He was signed to play for Bayern II in 2009 at the age of 23. In the first half on the 2011-12 season, at the age of 25, he did score 8 goals After his release from Bayern II he signed with New England in March 2012.

        Saer Sene was not signed by Bayern as a project, only to fill out their reserve team. This happens, all Bundesliga reserve teams have players over the age of 23 who know they will never make the first team. But they get paid a $100-300/yr. You know, like Basti Schweinsteiger’s brother.

      • No, the point is that Sere was only signed to fill out the reserve team, not as a potential starter for Bayern’s first team. There can be no comparison between Green’s play at Bayern II and Sere’s

      • When is your next set at the laugh factory? Been trying to catch your routine in person.

    • Yup that’s why I have always maintained on this site he had a golden ticket. Twellman referenced this interview a month ago and sure enough I agree Green’s mom confirmed he had a golden ticket.

      He did not take LD’s spot, he was always going. It is what it is. LD was left off because Davis and Wondo beat him out…fairly or unfairly.

  33. As excited as i want to get about Green, I just haven’t seen anything yet. Very frustrating. Obviously JK has a better eye for talent than any of us, but this seems like a waste of a roster spot (and yes, I’m one who thinks LD should have been given that spot. And don’t bother telling me he’s considered a forward now)…

    • The whole seeing LD only as a forward thing was just Klinsmann’s way of pigeonholing him into a spot he could easily get rid of him from.

      • No doubt, the goal Landon scored against Mexico, he was playing left mid. Today the goal he scored was while he was playing left mid.

      • The goal he scored against Mexico was almost a year ago. And nobody cares about what he’s doing against MLS fullbacks. If he wanted to be on the team he should’ve scored more than one goal before JK cut him.

      • Hey Jack, I’m back. regards all.

        Imagine if we had 3 choices
        thing 1, thing 2. and what’s that thing behind door number 3?.
        One, has a great left foot with limited mobility. whatever he does is exactly what you get, not much up or downside?.

        Two, has a good right foot, with a little bit of a slower left foot, not great speed, but the thing hustles all over the place and plays decent defense.

        #3 is the known unknown.
        For the most part this thing is ambidextrous(basically can do the job of thing 1, and thing 2.
        Thing 3 has the experience of 3 world cups under his belt.
        all three can assist, however Thing #3 is also a tried and true Goalscorer.
        Thing 3 has proven to be a clutch performer, team mate, competitor and is battle tested.
        #3, has all the motivation one can think of to have a very good WC.
        Age is not an issue for a part time player.
        Gerrard, and Lampard, are 34 and 35 respectively and both will probably start at one time or another at the very least play significant minutes.
        they are different players, but not sure 32 is over the hill by any stretch.

        in closing only summarizing some things.
        How to squeeze space into and out of a stone.
        In the end one would want as much balance and cover you can afford, however given the choice would you rather be weighed down with more cover and body armour, or have greater flexibility and firepower?.
        bunker down and hold on waiting to get scored upon, versus taking it to em!.

  34. Somebody should cal FIFA and ask them to add to ” theoretical” goals to Green’s stats.
    Julian didn’t draw a PK against Mexico. Everybody knows that by now. Klinsmann.
    Must think we’re the stup!dest fans in the world.

  35. Maybe it was foul against Mexico but it certainly wasn’t a PK and I don’t even know what he’s talking about from today.

      • It was only a PK because he was tackled 2.2 feet into the penalty box with the ball rolling toward goal in the same direction he dribbled it. Such a weak PK call.


  36. What I feared seems to be confirmed now. Green was gifted a spot on the WC roster. Just watch that prematch feature if you don’t believe me. Green’s mother said it all. As much as I want to move on from Donovan, I just cant fathom how Green beat Donovan (who still has something to offer) out.

    • Donovan, if he made the roster, likely would have been off the bench as an offensive sub – so he would be competing with Mix/Davis (if he subbed on as at mid) or Johannsson/Wondo (if he subbed on as a striker). Green didn’t take Donovan’s spot because he likely will be glued to the bench for the entire WC.

      • How can you say Green didn’t take his spot. “Oh sorry guys, there is always the 23rd spot that is reserved on every team for a golden ticket for someone. Then there are 22 spots for your 22 best players.”

        Fact is everyone wants the best team you can muster down there. No f’n way that is possible right now with this team. No way in this world is it better for our team to have Green on it than Donovan for this WC.

        Klinsmann just has a total crush on this kid.

      • Why should we move on? Who decided we shouldn’t talk about this any more? Maybe this kid will be good at some point in the future but he doesn’t offer anything now.

    • Based on the send off games, LD lost his spot to Zusi, Davis, Mix and then AJ and Wondo more or less in that order.

      Green took the Shea role.

      • Cut out the junk. First off, Klinsmann has said that Donovan was a forward not a midfielder. Now we all know that is horse cr@p. LD can play both. Second of all Klinsmann has even talked about the people being able to play in different positions or lines, like Cameron. However then he turns around and pretends that is not something he does, when he talks about the LD situation. Green did not take the Shea role. Shea has actually played the club and international game, done something, and has the physicality to at least cause even the World Cup quality players problems. I have no doubt in my mind that if Shea was doing better, and went, it wouldn’t be at the expense of Green. Klinsmann wants Green there, hell or high water.

        Don’t get me wrong, I was and still am ecstatic that Green choose us, and I hope he has a great Olympic run and next cycle. But it is beyond obvious he will be of no use to us in this cycle. This kid is just way too green, pardon the pun.

        Fact is we want our best team down there. It is obvious this is not the case. A Johnson vs Johannson or Diskeruud vs Corona might have been debated, but Green in the 23 instead of Donovan is beyond mind boggling. People will say stop complaining, but if I feel like the coach (who has spent less time with this national team then I have) has screwed my team then darn right I will complain.

      • Donovan may have been able to play wing 4 years ago or against CONCACAF minnows last year, but against real competition he has come up short. He no longer has the pace that made him a dangerous winger (See the last Mexico friendly), which is why Klinsmann said that he had to make the team as a forward. Then you consider his recent goalscoring record before JK cut him (he hadn’t scored a goal for club and country in 7 months) and Klinsmann’ decision for not taking him was clear.

        Like Timmy Howard said today after the match, experience can be good, but sometimes experience can come with baggage. LD has baggage; I’m glad he’s not on the team.

      • seen his form lately, hi speed and burst, his ability to play multiple positions, to be so sure in your analysis? the veterans know how to get themselves right and peak because they have to. our good friend GW has repeatedly pointed out this reality

        whatever, I’m trying to stay out of this mess (which is what it is), but please try to be accurate and current if you’re gong to lecture on a player’s form or fitness, whoever it is.

        I like your shield Ellis. cheers

      • His form before he went into camp wasn’t very good. It’s been good since he was cut, but it’s water under the bridge at that point.

      • actually, it was easy to see his form coming together before, for a few weeks, and some here predicted this. it’s not hard to do Mason if you’re watching

      • Apparently it didn’t come together fast enough for him. I don’t care what kind of work someone does for me the week after I fire them.

      • He scored against the Philadelphia Union and Chicago Fire. I’d bet $100 that Julian Green could score against those terrible ML defenses too.

      • What do you base that opinion on? You have never seen Green play against anyone. And what we have seen, a few minutes on the field with the NT, he has been terrible.

      • I’d base it on the fact that DCU put one past PhilU, and DCU isn’t really an offensive juggernaut.

      • But even still, the pace argument holds no water because Brad Davis doesn’t have any and he’s playing on the wing. I don’t think anyone can truly defend JK’s omission over Donovan. At this point all of the theory’s have been debunked due to his other player selections, all that is left is that JK left Donovan off for reasons he doesn’t want to explain.
        I think it is evident Green is not ready. Donovan is a proven commodity and as Tim Howard said, the top one or two players on the team. I think Timmy knows a thing or two about rating players.

      • Even though he has slowed a bit, I suspect that Donovan would still beat out every single midfielder/forward on this team for pace (except maybe green?).

  37. Not one moment in this game. And Chandler was owned all day. I thought maybe Davis handicapped him at first but it was mostly him. Giving up passes in the US’ final third that resulted in easy counters for Turkey.

    • I thought Chandler was solid for 60 minutes. He led the team in interceptions too. You can tell match fitness is an issue. The late breakdowns were inexscusable, but Chandler at least plays like a fullback and not an ex-winger masquerading as one.

      Wanna see him over on the right side where he belongs though. Just don’t understand why TC and FJ are flip-flopped like that.

      • They flip flopped so that FJ can play on the side of the best attackers.
        FJ is a rightie by the way and plays on the right for his club, he is just better with his weak foot than Chandler is.

      • it’s a good thing attackers aren’t allowed to switch wings. we’d be in trouble then.

      • He was way out of position much too often. He’s out of practice and out of position. Klinsmann seems to want to play an American version of Total Football. Any man should be able to play any position, except goalkeeper.

    • Chandler was solid for most of the game, though he did have some communication issues with his teammates. He was slacking in the last 20 or so, though.

  38. I understand that we’re looking for potential here, but all I see is a scared 18 (happy birthday on friday) making his second appearance for the national team. Time will tell if it was worth the spot, but we won’t see anything from Green until next cycle.

    • I think we will see Green in the WC, a lot of times new players see large improvements from one game to the next. Look how quickly Yedlin and Brooks have adjusted. I hope to see Green in our ext friendlie

    • Do you remember how awful Brooks looked in his last USMNT appearance?

      Did you see him today?

      I would not be so sure you won’t see Green in the WC.

    • The 2016 Olympics is where we will find out if Green is for real. Don’t forget, Green has played only a few minutes of first division football. Both Brooks and Yedlin have had a chance to improve by playing weekly for good teams in first division football. Who remembers that Jonathan Spector was in the Man U youth system and considered a real comer when he was 16? At 18 Spector started a fair amount of games for Charlton when they were in the EPL. Don’t confuse hype and potential for actuality.

  39. “At times, Green displays flashes of pace and technique that make viewers salivate at what could be.”

    I have yet to see these “displays,” when will I start seeing those? He looks lost on the pitch.

      • +1 Greene was terrible, all but 2 of his 8-10 touches were sub-par. He looked like a deer in the headlights….in a friendly against Turkey before a friendly crowd. (can’t wait to see how that translates to Brazil…) I want to hear Jurgen explain how he’s glad that Julian (not Landon) was on the receiving end of that beautiful cross from Zusi. you can’t tell me with a straight face that, down a goal against Portugal or Germany (or Ghana for that matter, the way things are looking) any sane person would take Julian over Landon.

      • It was Green over Shea. A fast left wing option off the bench which Klinsi clearly wanted based on continuing to call in Shea in the first place. Landon is a different kind of player. They weren’t competing for the same spot.

      • Yes, as someone not qualified to play in the World Cup. I still think Klinsy labeled Donovan as a forward to make it easy to cut him. If he was listed as a midfielder, how could Green and Davis beat him out? Guys like Donovan, Joe-Max Moore and Cobi Jones made nats careers out of playing both forward and midfield.

      • Glad you got it all figured out. Contact Klinsmann ASAP – our WC run is at risk without your insights on the coaching staff.

        This Donovan whining is really tiring. JK didn’t want him on the team, plain and simple. It is his prerogative and he will be accountable for the results. I would prefer to have him on the team as an option but likely the 2010 or even 2013 GC Landon didn’t show up to camp. Move on and get behind the team that was selected. This does no one any good.

      • Horse hockey – Shea didn’t even make the 30. Same player, Donovan’s German, he makes the squad.

      • How many times does it have to be said…Green was going to Brazil from the moment he committed to the US, whether or not he played a minute.

        Klinsmann selected Davis, Bedoya, and Wondo over Donovan. Not Green.

      • “They weren’t competing for the same spot.”That’s only because JK decreed that Conovan was only a striker, which is not true. Just today Arena brought in a sub and moved LD from striker to winger and i think it was as a winger that Donovan scored. Donovan has played many, many games as a winger or attacking mid.This is all b.s. by Klinsmann to try and cover his behind to shield himself from well deserved criticism.

      • looked like LD scored from the left wing crashing the far post. nice ball from Rodgers though I don’t know he had picked out LD, more like the ball got though the crowd across the face and LD’s late run and left footed roof blaster did it

      • Wrong. Shea was never in contention. I like Shea, but FC Dallas was glad to get rid of him and has been better off since. Green did not take Shea’s spot. Ludicrous. And if he did, that is also ludicrous.

      • BS on both points. FC DAllas has sucked since Shea left. We are no better since he got ghost. Both campaigns started hot followed by terrible summer months and the agony of missing the playoffs. It happened last year and this year looks the same.


      • Please don’t use logic and reasoning. God forbid you use sound speculation. You might break the internet.

      • This is not a club team that is going to play 50 matches. This is the World Cup where dozens of players will play out of position.
        It’s not like anyone is suggesting Nick Rimando took LD’s spot.

      • Bet you cheered for him when he came up big vs Algeria, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and on and on, in WC’s, Confed cups, WC qualifying, gold cups, etc. Klinsmann made a mistake, period. Hopefully the other players do well, but quit trying to blow sunshine up people’s rear ends

      • Well, if you would stop exposing your rear end to this comment section…

        And your commentary would probably get better too.

      • Maybe when you pass your English as a second language class you should come back and re-post, maybe then you will make sense.

      • We don’t have the benefit seeing the players at practice, but based on how Green plays for the nats and how Zardes plays for the Galaxy, not only is Zardes a whole lot better now, I think he has shown to have a brighter future. Two games ago he played winger and made at least four outstanding passes to get strikers in on goal. He not only is fast/athletic, he seems to have a real feel for the game. He has played only one equivalent season in MLS so far but looks very polished.

      • Surely you’re not suggesting that the competition level of MLS is on par with international competition, are you?

      • No, but hardly anyone has seen Green play except for the US so I inserted my caveat. It is difficult to make a direct comparison. Have you seen Zardes play? When both players are not pressured, Zardes seems the much better passer. Here’s my question. Since Green has played so little professional team football, how can JK be certain of his future? Based on my observation, Zardes seems to have more upside.

      • Brilliant! You should send your Zardes videos to Pep and the Bayern Munich technical staff. I’m sure they will agree and sign him right away!

      • Zardes is probably the most physically talented American prospect I’ve ever seen. Athletically he’s a cross between Balotelli and Christian Benteke.

        He’ll be getting a US callup…and sooner, rather than later. If LA hadn’t gotten him as a homegrown player, I’ve heard he would have easily been the #1 player in last year’s MLS draft.

        Zardes is really, really good…though ultimately, I think he’s a forward. He just happens to be athletic enough he can also play winger. His size alone dictates you want him closer to the goal.

      • I was never a part of the “JULIAN GREEN IS THE BESTEST EVER” brigade, but I will say this.

        I’ll take a guy who’s 18 and justifiably “scared” over a lazy doofus of Brek’s age any day. Brek is a world class dummy. He’s that bad. I have friends that didn’t finish the 4th grade. But they worked hard and now they have very good and sustainable lives. Actually two of them make 150k+ in jobs they love (for those curious– two words: merchant marines… not what I do but they do very well for themselves)

        Brek either needs a mentor or a new career. He is failing. Time will tell.

    • I thought Green looked tactically naive, but he did have the quickest feet on the field. His ability to use that trait in tight spaces is why he made the 23 and why he may be able to contribute to the US effort. He might be a guy brought on in the right situation when the US needs to get a goal late goal against a team bunkered to preserve a win, but not one brought in to help preserve a lead.

  40. Green’s exciting, but wouldn’t Johannsson have been a better sub given Alitdore’s scoring woes? Bringing in Johannsson for Dempsey at the half gives Altidore the signal that Klinsmann still believes in him, but is willing to look at other options at striker.

    • I think Klinsmann wanted to give everyone a chance to prove themselves with these friendlies and Johannsson proved his worth last game. I do agree with you that I would’ve like to see Aron as well.

      • I think the US lineup vs. Nigeria will basically be those that will play vs. Ghana, and fully expect Johannsson to sub in that game. I think this was the last opportunity to get green some minutes, so Klinsy did so. Green will likely be on the bench from here on out (likely through the end of the WC).

      • That’s a good point. It’s also worth mentioning that 4 of Klinsi’s 6 subs didn’t play against Azerbaijan…


        …and he’s trying to get everyone on the squad some minutes before the actual cup. Azerbaijan was probably a better match to test Green out in, but at the time, figuring out which 2 of the 3 of Zusi, Davis, and Bedoya would start was probably foremost.

    • Johannson already proved himself to be the #2 striker on the depth chart (which was his in the lead up to the camp, and solidified against Azerbaijan). You knew Julian would get some minutes in the send off, so that’s what we saw tonight. I’d also imagine that Jurgen really wants Jozy to get a goal or two to his name prior to Brazil so he left him in for the full 90 (in addition to Jozy playing pretty well today)

    • Agree!….I know it’s only a small sample of what we’ve all seen of J Green, but that small sample has amounted to zero thus far. Not impressed at all….

      • clear cut? The Mexican one was a clear foul, and also clearly outside the box. This one was something a ref will let go as often as not.

      • Countless giveaways and unable to make simple passes or work his way out of pressure. We have excellent U-20 and U-18 players and have to wonder what they thought watching this match.

      • They probably think they can all impress Pep Guiardiola and earn contracts at Bayern Munich! They would all be wrong.

      • They would be wrong based on their citizenship alone making it that much more difficult. But Green plays for Bayern’s fourth division team not the first team. And yes we have many youth players playing in Germany many levels above Julian Green such as Joseph Gyau. Not to mention those playing in Mexico at a much higher level.

      • Then you’re not looking. For some reason a lot of people are going all reactionary on Klinsmann, probably because he shot our Sacred Cow, and cut Landon Donovan.

        Green has looked a bit baby-deer-in-the-headlights so far, but he’s got next-level pace. What’s weird is he doesn’t look like he’s running all that hard, he just sort of…glides, and it’s not until you see the separation he’s getting that you realize how durn fast the kid is.

        Is he still making some painful-to-watch rookie mistakes? Yup. But it looks like nerves. And you can see the combo of skill and elite pace that makes him probably Bayern’s top reserve prospect. He calms down even a little and starts feeling like he belongs, you can tell he’s got the skill and speed to be very dangerous.

      • No, I can’t tell he has the skill to be dangerous. He did not show it, anywhere yet in ant competition. Maybe in practice he does but of course we can’t see that, can you?
        He may have speed and that can be measured on a track, anywhere. Usain Bolt has speed. Is Usain capped anywhere?

    • “While Green is a prospect for the future, I admit my mistake and have acknowledged that Donovan offers us more at this World Cup. For that reason I have dropped Julian from the squad and called up Landon, who happily obliged.”

      Hey, a guy can dream, right?

      • Please, please, please, let this happen.

        But of course, Klinsmann is a sorry excuse for a person and an egomaniac who would never do such a thing.

        I sincerely wish we had some folks in the media with some backbone who would stand up to Klinsmann and US Soccer and demand some answers and for him to own up what he is doing, but instead they just peddle the pablum he spits out of his mouth.

      • Why? Because he chose the kid over the self-appointed “chosen one”?I am not a hater but let it go. He’s not on the team any more. Move on.

      • Could you refer me to this “self appointed chosen one’ comment from LD?
        You can’t because it doesn’t exist. LD has been a great servant to US Soccer. Humble and interspective never trying to be the star on a team that he clearly loved. He is blistered by you and others when he opens up, or states he deserved to be on team. Why? Did you expect him to say that he isn’t one of the top 10 players in the pool?
        He is not on the team by coaches choice. But fan choices, informed fans that is would have opted by a large majority for his inclusion.
        This WC may set the casual fan following back 10 years and it’s too bad it didn’t have to.

    • You guys realize these reporters are asking the dumb questions? It gets printed because people keep asking about him. Is he supposed to say “No comment”? Not really sure what you guys want. Maybe there shouldn’t be so many articles about nothing!!! It seems thats what you guys want but I’m not sure.
      I don’t disagree too much but don’t blame JK because reporters ask the Julian Green questions.


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