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Must-See Video: Landon Donovan EA Sports ad

Landon Donovan USMNT 2014 (

Landon Donovan isn’t finished quite yet with poking fun at his absence in Brazil for the U.S. Men’s National Team World Cup campaign. Check out his new web ad for EA Sports below:


  1. I bet you a $1,000,000 he was off his feet tonight screaming when Brooks scored… that is LD… he is a good human being.

  2. In a ranking of LD commercials, I’d put this one second between “Copy Machine” and “Es mas facil que ganar en Mexico”.

  3. He is awesome.

    There zero doubt in my mind, that when this all comes out and it will, that JK will look bad when we find what non-soccer realated reason Landon is not in Brazil.

    Landon is too at easy with it joking about it…because he knows it is a joke.

  4. Those of you talking about landon negatively…are you FREAKING kidding me? I mean honestly on WHAT planet is he not the best field player this country ever produced? On what planet is wanting to stay in your home country to help increase awareness of both its local league and its national team not what you want in the face of US Soccer?
    Dempsey is not the face of anything. He is the whiniest player i have ever seen in a National team jersey and it flat out p*sses me off.

  5. Donovan is the face of MLS but not the face of the US national team. I hate how American soccer fans sweet talk about Donovan that his the face and that he is the best American player with experience…….wtf.
    That is why American soccer does not progress outside the pitch,we need to be realistic and straight forward with American soccer as it grows.
    Donovan could have been bigger but his attitude is high school and never went to Europe and doesn’t speak and promote soccer.
    We need to understand Donovan is old school and there’s better players than him. We need to tell Donovan, thanks for the memories and helping grow soccer, but if you think you would be in the starting 11 somewhere else then go, shows what you got still…….but why cry in your beach house when sky is the limit.
    As a matter of fact, Donovan is not the only “good player” out of the World Cup.
    Would you rather have ronaldinho or Landon, tevez or Landon. Thank god we have Timmy, he is the real face of American soccer. Timmy has the balls to say, I love Everton and I will retire here.

    • Donovan has brought more attention to soccer in America than Bradley, Dempsey, Howard, Altidore, and McBride combined. Ask any professional soccer player from another country who they think of when they hear USMNT and I guarantee its Donovan. Ask any of the players on the team from 2010 (Ive asked Dempsey, Altidore, and Howard myself) who the player they most enjoy playing with is and they will say its Donovan. Donovan will go higher in soccer than any of those people I mentioned not in skill, but what they brought to American Soccer. We could win the World Cup this year and a year from now more people will know who Landon Donovan in the USA than any other player on the team.

    • The real face of US soccer needs to say I love a mediocre English soccer team ?

      Hmmm, you are very bizzarre ElPaso, very bizzarre.

  6. This is just painful to see. Not only the fact that he isnt in Brazil for his ability (I’ve rambled on that enough on this site) but his importance to the image of soccer in the USA. Even after being left off the USA squad, he is still the USA player the companies go after for their commercials. He is really the face of soccer in the USA and I think Klinsmann has hurt the advancement of the game by not taking him.

    Great commercial, glad to see he at least can have a laugh about it.

    • we don’t need him to be the face of the NT. He can be face of MLS but not the NT moving forward.

      we need DEMPSEY and BRADLEY. Hard men who battled over the years. They played several years in Europe against big teams and excelled.

      we want kids to say I wanna be a Dempsey or a Bradley. Donovan is more seen by middle class soccer moms “as the player they want their kids to emulate”. we need the kids from the streets and cities to be like a Jozy or a Howard to battle to get to the TOP.

      • I don’t think people get why Donovan is as popular as he is. Donovan stood by American Soccer. He is the perfect definition of what it means to be American and play soccer.

        He wants to bring USA soccer to the next level. He could have left and made much more money over seas. But instead he stood by the MLS and helped it grow. Its for that reason that Donovan is an American Soccer Star while most “middle class soccer moms” couldnt even tell you Dempsey’s first name.

        Yes, us educated soccer fanatics understand thats not the best way to further yourself as a player, however I don’t think that was ever Donovan’s goal. He wants the MLS to be a top league and wants to be an active part of raising the level in MLS.

        Donovan is a USA soccer legend because he stayed in America and played American soccer. Bradley will be emulated by kids everywhere in the USA because he plays in MLS, not because he played for Roma.

      • Going farther, Donovan would have been crucial to raising awareness of Soccer in the USA in Brazil while players like Dempsey and Bradley are crucial to the team becoming better.

        Of course these two points intertwine. Donovan brings lots to the field and Dempsey and Bradley bring lots of publicity.

      • That is probably the best explanation of the Donovan v Bradley/Dempsey/Howard/Altidore. He went abroad and hated it. He did not like it and wanted to come home. He is hard working (unless he would not be professional), but he was not willing to rough it in an uncomfortable environment to prove anything. I do not begrudge a guy who seeks comfort in his life, but I will notice when he does not push himself. Donovan did not push himself as hard as he could.

        USMNT is more popular in part because USSoccer made a marketing push behind their emerging star, but it got better because you had more players who were willing to push themselves and keep challenging against top competition (and thus improve and create more competition).

      • “perfect definition of what it means to be American and play soccer.” What? And you think he just stayed in MLS because he wanted to make it grow and it had nothing to do with his experiences in Europe and what type of guy Landon is. And let’s face it, the MLS is not that popular of a sport in the U.S. so by defintion Landon is not this big star in America. Most of the soccer players I know pay way more attention to European Football than the MLS. You know what would really help American soccer? An American becoming world soccer star like Cristiano Ronaldo- winning trophies in Europe- signing mega endorsement deals. For me Donovan’s legacy is as the first American who had the talent to become a world class soccer star, but he couldn’t do it beause he didn’t have the right mentality.

      • absolutely +100

        had he stayed in Europe. say he recovered from his problems of Leverkusen.

        he could have developed like say a Ribery or Robben. Could you imagine that? Donovan starting at a CL club or maybe a huge EL club. Fighting for a title each season. He’d get massive press over here. Him scoring in the CL would get him on sportscenter rather than him scoring against Chivas USA

        Donovan has done tons for US SOCCER. He really has. He’s the face of MLS but dammit the face of USMNT needs to be Dempsey or Bradley or Altidore. They have achieved abroad.

      • Yet they’re not and he is. That says a thousand times more than all of the bagging comments on this board combined.

  7. either he has the greatest sense of humor in the world


    he’s not that pissed off about playing in Brazil

    you decide

    • I think he’s probably just trying to roll with it and maybe takes solace in how many experts, pundits, fans, and teammates think the decision was atrocious.

  8. That last little bit was great!

    How can you hate on this guy? Seriously peopleā€¦he is the greatest living American soccer player.

    • Do you think he cares? Coach screws you over, wouldn’t you want to try and make every cent you can on his decision to compensate for it?

      • Ingrate! I am waiting for YOU fair-weather fans to disappear. Would I have started LD? no. Would I have brought him in the 23 for a 20 min sub-appearance as a forward instead of Wondo? yes. However, I am not a child and I got over it. Having LD or not is not going to be the difference in us getting out of this group.

      • Ingrate? HHHHHHAAAAAAA Why? Because he appreciates the player who has done more for US soccer than any other? Me thinks you are the ingrate. I too am looking forward to the end of Klinsmann era. There is plenty of reason to be skeptical of the guy. Ramos is doing all of the tactics and Berti and Jurgen have obviously run our players into the ground

    • Uh, no. LD has handled the situation with class and magnanimity. Nothing passive aggressive about turning a bad situation into a plea$ant one. He’s a smart man.

  9. Smart.. The Slacker making every cent he can before the end of the cup – after which his marketability will nose dive


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