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SBI World Cup Man of the Match: Julio Cesar

JulioCesarBrazil1-Chile2014 (Getty)


Julio Cesar became a Brazilian hero on Saturday afternoon.

The 34-year-old goalkeeper, who worked his way into the World Cup squad with excellent performances at Toronto FC, made two crucial saves in a penalty shootout, as Brazil defeated Chile, 3-2, in the shootout to advance to the quarterfinals.

Cesar made one save in 120 minutes of play, stopping a Charles Aránguiz shot from close range in the 64th minute to keep the score level at 1-1. In the shootout, Cesar made world-class stops against Mauricio Pinilla and Alexis Sanchez. Chile would score on the next two kicks, but a shot off the post in the fifth round by Gonzalo Jara secured Brazil’s win.

With his heroic effort, Cesar earns the SBI World Cup Man of the Match award. He claims the honor over goalscorer Chile’s Alexis Sanchez, David Luiz and Neymar, who netted the winning penalty kick.


What did you think of Cesar’s performance? Does Brazil advance without his heroics?

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  1. I don’t know about three, but easily a yard or more. Under those circumstances, I don’t consider that type of violation to be trifiling.

    • Thank you, I was waiting for someone else to point this out. I want to see a replay because I swear he was like 3 yards off his line on some of those saves.

    • Agreed. Medel played his butt off. The saves were good, but they were not world class. The save during the game was huge however, but Bravo was just as tough.

  2. A bit of a stretch to say he worked his way into the Brazil squad. He was always going to be the Brazil #1. He’s had that role handed to him for years, regardless of where he’s at or if he’s even playing. TFC and MLS had nothing to do with Cesar’s success. That said, I’m fine with it if it helps relieve some of the negative pressure on the league.

    • True , but he came to the MLS to stay in playing shape and it worked. He was a backup keeper in Europe. He seems like a great teammate, I glad he did well. Take a look at the his goodbye to TFC when he went to Brazil, He was tearing up during his speak. He’s a player you can’t help but support!

      Ives whether he comes back or not, He’d be a great person to interview after the world cup.


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