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Mexico rallies behind Ochoa in scoreless draw with Brazil




Host nation Brazil may have had the fans, the attacking talent and the pundits on their side, but most importantly, Mexico had goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa on theirs.

The two Group A nations played to a scoreless draw Tuesday afternoon, as Neymar and co. were frustrated time and time again by the goal-line heroics of the Mexican goalkeeper.

The 28-year-old Ochoa at times singlehandedly kept the host off the board, erasing defensive mistakes, spectacular runs and threatening set pieces on his way to earning his side a precious point.

Ochoa’s first contribution to the game came in the 25th minute on a Neymar header from just outside the 6-yard-box. Ochoa’s palm save off the line stopped a Brazilian attack against the run of play. Until Neymar’s opportunity, the game was under Mexican control.

The goalkeeper stepped up yet again in the 44th minute, when he was betrayed by his own defense with three Brazilian attackers bearing down. However, Ochoa’s most important effort came with the game on the line in the 86th minute: Thiago Silva got onto the end of a Neymar free kick for an open header inside the 6-yard-box, but Ocho notched his final save, his sixth of the game.

On the attacking end, Mexico competed admirably with Brazil, with El Tri firing 12 shots to Brazil’s 15. However, the hosts proved to be the more efficient side, as Mexico forced Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar into only one save.

With the draw, both teams find themselves on four points through two games. Mexico will finish up group play against Croatia on Monday, while Brazil takes on Cameroon at the same time.


  1. Another couple of shows like that and Memo will be pushing Rimando for the 3rd keeper spot on the USMNT. 🙂

    Seriously, that was a tremendous performance. His positioning was outstanding, even better than his saves.

      • Ohh friend, You’re words are very condescending and honestly not needed… Be a little more clever and don’t sound like you need to discriminate…taco Selling and beans are irrelevant to the game. So check yourself at the door:) thx!

    • Lol hes probably already better than Guzan, not that it matters though because Guzan is a very good gk an we are lucky to have him

  2. That’s the major difference between USMNT and Mexico. Mexico is already World Class, while the USMNT isn’t. Even Klinsmann said that once, that the USMNT has a lot to catch up to Mexico. It’s like they chicken out when they see Brazil in front of them. Confederations 1999 is a good example in that second half, so don’t go there.

    GO USA, let’s get to the next level: being competitive against World Class teams such as Brazil.

    • Mexico…. world class….. hardly
      The difference between the Mexico and US outside of style of play is that El Tri plays with alot of confidence against true ‘world class’ competition.
      Whereas, the USMNT (and especially its fans, which I count myself one) still has that inferiority complex against more established nations, which means they still give them too much respect.
      Mexico has played on this stage for over 50 years now, the US has only been on the WC stage consistently for 25 years. We (as the USA) has closed the gap quickly but still have a way to go.
      But regardless, I’m glad CONCACAF is showing well (outside of Honduras) and I hope that we continue to show the world who loves to look down on this confederation that quality football/soccer exists in this part of the world too.
      3-1-1 in the World Cup so far.

      • the real difference is that Mexico actually produces its own players, it is easier for the international community to respect you when all your players were developed in your league and give a show like this.

      • What? Beasley, Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, Howard, Besler, Reyna, McBride, Friedel, so on and so forth, all stamped out in a factory is China, I forgot.

        Mexico did what they were phenomenal at doing during qualifying… Tied.

      • By the way, Howard, Beasley, Cameron, Besler, Beckerman, Bradley, Altidore, Dempsey, and sub Zusi all were produced in MLS.

        That’s 8 starters and 1 sub.

      • And Bedoya grew up playing club ball in New Jersey and Aaron Johanssonn trained at Bradenton in Florida… So let’s not pretend we’ve got a bunch of Bundesliga fill ins.

    • World class? LLOOLLL!!! World class in what? 4th place in qualifying maybe? Word class in losing 2-0 to the U.S. Or world class swimmers in swimming the great big rio.

  3. If this was USA they would of lost 4-0 3-0 like always againts brazil. USA struggles againts south American teams unlike Mexico.

    • Like when USA beat Chile and smoked Argentina 3-0, won the group and beat Mexico in Copa America? We tied Argentina twice the last time we played them. Nearly beat Brazil in the Confederations final. Donovan hat tricked in win over Ecuador. Beat Colombia by 3 goals in ’05 and Venezuela in ’06 by 2 goals. Tied Colombia and chile in 2011. Beat Venezuela again in 2012. It is hard to recall say because South America teams rarely meet up with USA in real competitive games. But other then winning a majority of the friendlies we play against south emerican teams there is little evidence for assessment, and even it doesn’t support what you are saying.

    • You’re a moron, man. You know nothing about the game with a comment like that. Brazil is not that great but good enough to get out pf the group.

  4. Helps when Brasil hits the ball right at him, he was great, but Brasil also finished terribly. Thiago Silva literally had the whole goal except where Memo was standing and he headed it right at him.

  5. ochoa just got himself a transfer to a major club kids a free agent

    wouldnt surprise me if he ends up at one of the big three in spain or england

    • You’re absolutely crazy. Because of one game? The next game he’ll let a roller go through his skinny little legs. He is average keeper with terrible positioning on corners. He just had one great game. If the balls were hit a little to the right or left, Mexico would have lost. He’ll end up in one of the three selling tacos.

  6. Scolari’s tactics are just awful. How can you continue to start Fred and not play Oscar in the middle? Why does he hate Willian? Why is he playing both Paulinho and Gustavo? Brazil may not win this thing solely because their coach thinks its 1994.

  7. Wow…..CONCACAF is on the rise. As a fierce rival against them I’m still glad Mexico actually took it to Brazil. I hope results like this motivate the USA vs Germany. This is the WORLD CUP…..Believe


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