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Must-See Video: I Believe


  1. Recently joined AO. Went to USA vs. Nigeria game. Sat in AO section. Did the chant while bouncing throughout. Thousands of voices, loud, strong, pounding. Chillbumps.

    Noticed at end that the team saluted the fans, in thanks for support. Saluted AO first and longest. Guess they heard us after all. Must have meant something to them. Remembered AO given first thanks after every game.

    Chants have been part of our sports scene for a long time. First one I heard was at Knicks game in 1969. (“DEFENSE “) There were others before and after. Tell me that the players aren’t affected.

    Went to Honduras qualifier in 2010 cycle. Sat with the “normal” people. Quiet. No support. Honduras fans blew our doors off, support-wise. Except for the AO.

    BTW, I’m 64 and “I Believe”.

    P.S. Boomers, AO needs you too.

  2. So much hate, you people have issues.

    1. God forbid ESPN put money into making a commercial.
    2. Nobody but you cares about said commerical

  3. The corpratization of the American Outlaws is a bit disturbing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another supporters group pop up over the next xycle. One that’s less frat and more casuals.

    • Yeah wouldn’t want the Fifa World Cup presented by Coca Cola brought to you by ESPN powered by Gatorade. To be commercialized.

      • Perhaps commercialized isn’t the right choice of words. I suppose I’m frustrated that the media and AO are representing themselves as the US soccer fan base which they really aren’t. Also disappointed seeing US fans so poorly represented by a lot of these deuches.

  4. Is not that bad but why not make it multi cultural, add some Latinos, some Asian American and the list is long.
    USA soccer needs to feed off this World Cup and grow soccer even more 🙂

  5. instead of this

    can’t we use

    Started from the bottom, now we here.



    “i believe” sounds so stupid

  6. Should have done ‘we love ya…’ instead. I believe is a little bit of an uphill battle given the group. We love ya makes more sense, given the masses headed to Brasil.

    Despite these guys being ABC stars, and some people not liking the chant, I still am on the side of liking this, just given the exposure standpoint.

  7. I believe that ESPN has gone all-in on the worst chant in US Soccer history, proselytizing it from sea to shining sea. I hope the 16 year old high school basketball fan who invented this is getting royalties.

      • You guys are ridiculous. The bottom line is that if we want soccer to grow in the US, we should be happy about any mainstream celebrities promoting it in any way. The Outlaws can produce their own video but not nearly as many people will see it or care. Are you US Soccer fans, or just US Soccer snobs?

      • I’m a fan. However, anyone who is a “fan” because Don Draper and the dude from “Ghost” say “I believe”, should probably stick to the NBA.

      • totally. KEVIN COSTNER

        haahaha do you honestly think he ever played a game of soccer?

      • I get your point, but it comes across as incredibly pretentious to pass judgment on why or how people should be fans or supporters of anything, including US Soccer.

      • So bi%ch, just to confirm, you can only be a fan of soccer, if you’ve “ever played a game of soccer”.

        What a total jackhole

      • Only thing I disliked about soccer was when I found it hipsters accepted it as their own. The point is to grow the sport, not keep it underground

      • Rivers Cuomo, the look-at-me hipster from Weezer–who often reminds us that he went to Harvard–claims to enjoy Association Football.

        His “favorite team”?

        You guessed it… Sheffield Wednesday. How about that for a hot piece of sweaty hipster garbage.

        He may keep his sweater, but I intend to destroy his scarf.

    • Sounds like you have an issue with the chant, not the commercial.

      Pretty cool to see other athletes get involved. For those who are other sport illiterate, it was cool to see Cam Newton and Mccutchen get involved. Always thought the chant could be more creative but have no issue with the commercial, cool to see other celebs and athletes get involved

  8. Really confused as to why people are hating on this video. I thought it was great. It’s awesome to see random celebs boosting support for the Outlaws and the team. I BELIEVE!!

    • I’m not trolling. I genuinely think AO is really, really dumb. The cards they pass out with chants at pre-set times? Soccer scarves when it is 90 degrees outside? What?

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. Bunch of morons. With the “I believe that we will win” chant being among the most moronic things they do. They sound like a bunch of 8 year olds with special needs.

      • It’s good to know I’m not alone.

        Though it could be worse and I can understand disagreement, I am not in favor of US Soccer support turning into the Cameron Crazies with handkerchiefs. At it’s best, soccer is a beautiful, flowing game, and it’s wonderful when the supporters can mimic that with organic and responsive songs.

      • Well…I went to Duke and I think that the crazies are great with the pre-planned cheers. In fact, I have been to multiple soccer games in multiple countries and (surprise, surprise) pretty all had some pre-planned cheers.

        You are entitled to your opinion about AO, but I like it and I like the support they bring. They are not doing anything that I have not seen in Brazil, Germany, France or England when I saw games there. I also got over the I am too cool for this attitude I had in high school and college when I realized that I was missing out on some stuff. Sometimes corny is fun (and frankly I like it).

      • When I first heard that chant as the U.S. was playing some crap team… I thought it seemed really weird. Of course I believe that we will win against some concacaf minnow or Azerbajin, ect.. Are they saying that they believe we will win what? the world cup? They should only reserve that chant for when the U.S. are serious underdogs otherwise it sounds like we as U.S. fans are so insecure that we have to always say we will win, even when we obviously should.

    • Yeah, supporting the team is just so dumb. What? Get a life.

      I’m in no way affiliated with AO, but I live that we have nation wide support and crazy fans who show up and give our players an incredible atmosphere.

  9. It’s no coincidence that most of the celebrities in this video are a part of the ABC/ESPN “family of networks”.

    Anyway, safe travels to the Outlaws and anyone else headed down there.

  10. Chills. Regardless of angst surronding the coaching decisions, we all need to supporrt our team, our crest. They are representing us this summer, so support the players, and believe.

  11. this is so cheesy, total cheesy

    Ice Cube, Kevin Costner

    couldn’t they get celebs who actually love soccer rather than random A-listers?

    • This was my favorite chant… then the marketing people got a hold of it. I still like it, but uh… oh well.

      To your point, what celebs could they have put in this vid?

      • I’m aware that he’s English, but I could have gone with a solitary Alan Rickman here. Think Hans from Die Hard.

        Quiet and Bone Chilling.

    • More to your point, is Ice Cube really an A-lister? Don’t get me wrong, I love his raps, but can we really consider “Are We There Yet?” and “Are We There Yet? 2” A-list material?

      • I like cheesy. I like attention to our game. Damn kids! You dont even know what its been like to raise this baby called soccer in our country. Get off you FIFA video game, quit routing for Messi, and think about our game, our league, this country. You better believe. You better believe for every time you were called a P or and F for playing this game, or even trying to watch this game in public. Thank you Hip-hop, thank you, starlettes, thank you movie stars, thank you main stream, recognize. ‘

        I can give a crap about the bracket. After the USA who cares.

        This old man with a shitty hip believes.

      • I’m putting this quote (with some minor edits) in a word doc, printing it and putting it on my bulletin board.

      • I was never called a P or F but I grew up thinking that soccer was for losers. In 1998, during 3rd grade recess, was the first time I saw kids who could play real soccer. Two kids who played for the Austin Flyers would basically beat the jocks by themselves (the two teams were always the jokes vs. everyone else). It was the first moment I realized soccer not inherently lame. Respect to everyone who has helped grow the game.

    • Every WC (like everything else in life) gets more and more corporate and contrived.
      Nothing is organic, spontaneous and human any longer.
      Just another big corporate money junky orgy of greed.
      However, even the Brazilian people are turning their backs on the WC to make a stand against the filth that is capitalism. Mark my words, everyone will be in for surprises at the WC and it will not have anything to do with what goes happen on the field. The Brazilian people intend on giving the corporate world a show, just not the one they want.

      • Mia Hamm isn’t in this video.

        Whoopi Goldberg
        Hope Solo
        Abby Wambach
        Larry Fitzgerald
        Cam Newton
        Ice Cube
        Kevin Costner
        Jimmy Kimmel
        3 people all males I can’t identify.

  12. I’m putting down the first 25 minutes of the Nigeria game to Nigeria being pretty good in possession and us having to sort out the new formation. If we can play like we did after 25 minutes and before all the subs came on, that we have a fighting chance. Anyone else wish we had taken Tim Ream?

    • Instead of Omar Gonzalez? No disrespect to Gonzalez, but he’s hurt and Ream was Bolton’s player of the year last season.

      • You can’t see the difference between the team’s style today compared to 4 years ago? Our possession is much stronger.

    • I believe…..3 and out.
      I believe…..a lot of money is going to be made by a lot of wealthy people.
      I believe….this will provide another distraction for the sheeple from things that REALLY matter!


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