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Must-See Video: Nike Soccer



  1. How ironic when you consider Nike is one of the biggest reasons why the sport has turned into this “business” it is today.

    That’s a bit like Darth Vader making a commercial about how the Jedi want to take all the passion out of the force.

  2. Only if MLS could have nike in the league, that would make MLS a better looking league.
    Adidas is not that bad, but nike and puma can give MLS a very good image around the world.
    Look at NCAA football, their uniforms are insane creative, and MLS needs creativity.

    • …but…but David Luiz!

      Honestly that’s probably the most defenders you’ll see in a commercial. They just don’t sell well. Same reason they don’t DP.

  3. often who decides what names should be in these videos? cause u never see Steven Gerrard in things like this despite being arguably the most famous English player after Rooney. is it cause it’s Nike and not ADIDAS?

    and why no Yanks? Most of these are catered to a US audience. why not Jozy or Clint or would that be weird having them up there with Messi, Ronaldo and Zlatan> just curious

  4. Yes Tim Howard.

    they could have used Gigi Buffon, David de Gea, Manuel Neuer or Petr Cech but they used arguably the 10th best goalkeeper in the world. Yesssss


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