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Portugal defender Coentrão out for World Cup

FabioCoentraoPortugal1-Germany2014 (Getty)


Portugal got ripped to shreds by Germany in their World Cup opener Monday afternoon, getting outplayed to the tune of a 4-0 loss. Things only got worse for Portugal on Tuesday, five days before the No. 4 team in the world takes on the United States in what is now a must-win match.

Starting left back Fabio Coentrão has been ruled out for the remainder of the World Cup after injuring his thigh in the 65th minute against Germany. The Portuguese Federation announced the injury as a “second-grade tear of the adductor longus muscle in the right thigh.”

That was not the only blow for Portugal. Forward Hugo Almeida and goalkeeper Rui Patricio are doubtful for the United States match. Almeida, who scored 13 goals for Beşiktaş in the Turkish Süper Lig, has a first-grade hamstring tear. Patricio, like Coentrão, injured his thigh, suffering a grade-one tear. Both players are expected to be healthy before the end of the tournament but are unlikely to play Sunday.

Portugal will also be without center back Pepe, who will be serving a one-match ban against the Americans. Pepe was sent off in the first half of Monday’s match for head-butting Germany’s hat-trick standout Thomas Muller.


How do these injuries affect Portugal’s chances at the World Cup? Does this make the United States’ chances of progressing more favorable?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I was kind of looking forward to the Fabian vs Fabio matchup. But I guess if the US is bruised and battered, I’m okay with Portugal limping in as well.

  2. I’m not too comfortable with Beasley at left in my opinion he looked weak against Ghana we need more attacking option also we need a true left winger the formation we played was horrible at times it seemed like Jones was play out wide left. Nothing against Beckerman but we need someone who can attack going up in the middle it seems to me Bradley should stay a bit back control the middle maybe add Diskerud but Bedoya and Zusi should both be in the game hopefully we get the W.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dempsey as the lone striker, and go with 5 midfielders. Is there any chance Chandler slots in the back, and Johnson moves up? That strategy would clog Portugal’s attack and put pressure on their defense.



    Timmy with a clean sheet and a raging Ronaldo

    Oh and a Wondo hat trick

    • I am not saying 3-0 but I feel confident we will win. Portuguese defense looked bad to begin with and it has just lost 3 key players. Dempsey will score another plus one more person.

    • I’m sure, I mean he honestly could be out for the tournament for all we know. However there’s no real season to say as much.

      • deno, I thought that also,
        but then I was also thinking
        you know how when you get a sudden cramp and it feels like you got tasered/tazed?, your body just goes into sudden shock and falls limp.
        Or how an ankle turn/sprain can feel for the first few seconds like your foot just fell off.
        I guess in time we will find out the gradation of his tear?.

  5. Feel bad for him, to spend four years working towards this moment only to have it taken away from him like that.

    • Strange how people are all about Jozy and his health! 🙂

      Not meaning this toward your post, but a few people on here were calling for Jozy to be benched and to be replaced by AJ before the Nigeria game. After watching AJ yesterday I think no is questioning how really pivotal Jozy hold up play is to this team. The USA struggled mightily after he was stretchered off.

      • Yep, his hold up play is what allowed us to stretch and create space for our midfielders to get out of the back. Without that threat, other teams didn’t have much concern and our space was limited.

  6. Klinsmann press conference:
    Jozy they’re still waiting but hopeful=translation.. he’s out for Portugal
    Besler is good to go=good news
    Deuce is good to go, hasn’t decided if he will wear a mask= There’s no way anyone will keep that guy from playing…

    • From ESPN:
      Altidore had an MRI on his hamstring on Tuesday, and US coach Jurgen Klinsmann said the team would watch how he responds this week.

      “We’ll see how he reacts over the next couple days with his hamstring,” Klinsmann said. “We’re still full of hope that he comes back in this tournament.”

    • I was thinking the same thing. Both teams come in limping. Portugal however is limping much worse. It will be a close match.

  7. Hate to see players leaving due to injury, but this is good news for us. Second choice CB pair, and without their Number 1…hopefully we can capitalize.

      • Supposed to be getting his scan today, probably won’t hear anything until the morning at the earliest.

      • Just a hunch, but I think we’re going to see Jozy again during the tournament. Jozy’s exceptional touch has also always meant that he’s very sensitive to injury, and I’m hoping the hamstring damage is not quite as severe as he felt and the US training staff do their customary magic.

        Perhaps he returns in the second round against Belgium.

        (What? US advances out of group G? Why yes!)

  8. If we can get the ball past Portugal’s midfield, we should have some chances on a patched up Portugal back line possible new keeper.

    • This is a big blow for Portugal. Add to that pepes absence and the US like their chances if the boys can keep the ball and attack. Wondo or arjo? Does klinsi drop beckerman and go with mix? So many options.

      • Why on earth would you drop Beckerman? Our already inexperienced backline did not get stronger, and Cristiano Ronaldo did not die. CR7 is a champion, and he is angry, and he will be looking for weak spots. I’d rather we don’t leave DMB alone any more than he already is.

        I’m thinking drop AJ/Wondo (at least as a starter) and put Mix in as an atacking MF, just ahead of Bradley

      • I agree, Coentrão was in great form… this is a huge loss for Portugal. On the other side, I like Eder more than Almeida, so I don’t know if that’s exactly a positive thing for the USAMNT.

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