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Report: USMNT special advisor Vogts says he will support native Germany at World Cup

Berti Vogts (


Berti Vogts may have been recently appointed to serve as a special advisor to the U.S Men’s National Team at this summer’s World Cup, but that does not mean he will be rooting for the Americans in Brazil.

Vogts reportedly admitted in an interview earlier this month that he will be supporting his native Germany at this summer’s tournament despite the fact that the European powerhouse will face the Americans in their final Group G match on June 26. The 67-year-old Vogts – who won a World Cup with Germany as a player before becoming its manager – said that he will be offering U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann as much advice as he can, but that he does not intend to root for anyone but Germany.

“I do not know what people think,” said Vogts, who is also currently the head coach of Azerbaijan. “That I (am) now the great enemy of the Germans because I advise Jurgen Klinsmann? I’ll sit in Brazil in the stands and hope that Germany is world champion, and I will certainly not cheer when the U.S. score a goal against us.”

Vogts was named a special advisor by Klinsmann back on March 30, and the two are currently in Miami along with scout Matthias Hamann to scout Ghana during its friendly against South Korea. The U.S. opens the World Cup against Ghana on June 16 before playing Portugal and Germany.

There is no denying that the Americans’ three group stage opponents have talent, but Vogts believes that the skill those teams possess will require the U.S. to be as fit as possible in order to have any shot of at advancing from a Group G that many observers consider the Group of Death.

“Of course, Germany, Ghana and Portugal are superior to Americans in footballing terms,” said Vogts. “That is why the U.S. team must (have) top-driven (work rates). Their advantage is that Americans know the heat. That’s why I advised Jurgen in preparation for a high-running intensity in training. You need to play to this advantage.”

Vogts will offer more tips like that to Klinsmann in Brazil, but that is far as his support will go for the Americans.

Now he called me and invited to be with the team during the World Cup,” said Vogts. “If he has any questions, I will answer them. That’s all.”


What do you think of Vogts’ comments? Agree that the U.S. has to be in tip-top shape to compete with the likes of Ghana, Portugal and Germany?

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  1. I was born and raised in Germany – however, when the choice is USA or Germany, my support will ALWAYS go to the USA – don’t even have to think about that. I think that Klinsmann should dismiss
    Vogts, no later than Thursday. I will have a hard time watching the US – Germany game knowing that the head coach of the US is being “advised” by an advisor who does not support the U.S.A????
    Also, regarding the German-American players who were born in Germany and lived, and played in
    a very prestgious league should appreciate the opportunity – I don’t think they ever received an invitation from the German Nat. team to play with them – for if they had, I’d be willing to bet they would not be wearing the US uniform. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

  2. This strikes me as 1 part brutal honesty, but also a solid part Klinsi mind games. This just strikes me as an attempt to build up the “nobody believes in us” vibe.

  3. Vogts also answered to the question: Will Klinsmann be able to annoy Germany?

    Vogts: “It is the 3rd match of the preliminaries, when it depends on how both teams have played so far. The problem of the U.S. is that they first play against Ghana. The African teams are always very strong especially in the first tournament game – their concentration usually ceases over the course of the competition because the Africans have problems to build a solidarity for a longer run.”

  4. Not really surprised or overly conscerned about who Vogts roots for, I think most of us would have a similar attitude in his place; it does however to me reinforce that the USA should be coached by Americans. I give JK credit for some positive influence but me, I want an American coach for 2018, regardless of JK’s contract.

  5. I’m sick and tired of hearing about what a great soccer team the Germans have. Screw ’em. This is your time. Now go out there and take it. American coaches rule.

      • I suppose you could count Tab Ramos, the senior assistant coach. You might remember him from being a stalwart and awesome USMNT regular for… why do I bother…. you don’t care. I suppose he is Uruguayan to you. Please don’t answer that.

      • Not really but that is a modified famous phrase from an iconic American coach – Herb Brooks. He did not say that USA could not win gold despite the enormous odds.

    • Serious question. Why are you here? Why would a person say “USMNT fans has drawn a fight which their Team may not be able to fight” (sh*tty grammar aside) if they were on this website? I know plenty of Ghanaians, and none named “Troy” who use Nickelodeon terms like “Lmao”

      Really. Why are you here? Are you in a hospital bed and bored? I can’t imagine anybody would waste their time beating you up… maybe a tricycle crash? Educate us before you go back to K-PAX… Please.

  6. Korea is good, they could have scored twice

    If I am Ghana I mark MB out of the game and let the other 4 midfielders have the ball, particularly JJ
    They should keep their compactness but step their line higher and allow one pass into the mdifleld then try to strip us and counter. I have to think that Bedoya is a non factor in the game but who knows

    If I am the US I sit in and absolutely do not allow a counter. Johnson has to stay at home more and our midfield must have a balace as to not get countered on. Don’t see Ghana as being very dangerous if we are organized. We must not try to overpossess. I think we can take advantage of ssome of the dumb mistakes that Ghana will make such as diving in, fouling, possible red cards and GK mistakes
    Again it absolutely baffles the mind that we have prepared for this game the way we have.

    • Korea’s team was hit by a virus a few days before the game. They were showing the ill effects (no pun intended) – let Ghana be lured in by a false sense of security, because they blew it vs Montenegro and Netherlands.

      Also, they are dealing with a few injuries, their goalkeeper was a question before the match and Majeed Waris left the game with a foot injury early on. Of course, being replaced by Andre Ayew is not a downgrade, but it does mean that it could be one less option off the bench for Ghana.

  7. I have just made up the shortest drinking game ever. Listen to the podcasts and everytime you hear, “you know what” you have to drink a shot.,

  8. Oh boy, flawless exhibition game by Ghana. Highly organized and compacted defense and surgical and lethal offense. Very technical team. USMNT will have to play an impeccable game to beat this guys. I don’t see the USMNT scoring more than one goal against Ghana, so tighten up that defense and limit the mistakes to nearly zero. Go USA.

    • “Flawless”? Hardly. Good, yes. Much improved since Netherlands. But that vaunted midfield? Where was it? Korea’s midfield owned the center of the park. Maybe because Essian didn’t play – injured or resting? I couldn’t get the English feed.

      Korea should have had 1-2 goals in the 1st half. Ghana’s 1st goal a deflection off the defender after terrible marking on the counter. 2nd goal a gift from the ref at midfield leaving a 2v1 (or, even if you accept the call, a royally boneheaded giveaway by Korea). Could easily have been 0-0 or 1-0 Korea at the half. Ghana took over 2nd half though. Two quality finishes. Very fit.

      One glaring weak spot: dangerously prone to coughing up the ball in their own third when pressured.

      Their midfield looked pretty ordinary to me. Korea won possession back frequently just applying normal pressure.

      Not overwhelming defensively either. Competent but gave up a lot of spaces to a Korea team that didn’t have anyone to finish the chances that resulted.

      Not obvious that sitting back is the best way to beat them. A better team than Korea would have picked them apart off the same turnovers. Don’t be surprised if Klinsmann elects to press.

      • Other Jeff, you make some great observations. Ghana’s defense had a hard time passing the ball out of the back. Tactically that means you would want to put some high pressure on them, however, their attacks are so dangerous in open space, I want to do anything but let them run at our defense. Hopefully somebody tactically smarter than I was watching that and has a plan.
        For whatever flaws you can point to in Ghana’s game, they looked very fit, they were still running around after 90 minutes and they are scary good on the counter attack.

  9. Did anybody else watch this Ghana V Korea game? Yikes! Ghana just crushed them. It could have been much worse that 4-0. Ghana is crazy athletic. So extraordinarily dangerous on the counter attack.

  10. Notice how he said “he will not cheer when the US team scores a goal against Germany”. He did not say “if” the US scores. Go USA!!!!!

  11. Ghana up 1-0 after 15 minutes. stream supposed to be on ESPN3 but it’s not (surprise, surprise). if you have twitter, take a moment to ping their page and let them know they forgot to put the stream online…

    even the Gamecast on ESPNFC still says you can watch live on ESPN3.

    • 2-0 right before halftime. looks like Ghana has had five shots with three on goal. South Korea has 7 shots but 0 on target. possession even.

      • I watched the first half. Ghana is more technical than Nigeria (didn’t think Nigeria were that good) and an entire level more athletic and aggressive.
        They scored twice off counters and I am worried about our passing out of the back. Johnson must be careful about getting forward bc these guys are ruthless on the counter.
        Ghana makes some dumb mistakes and the GK wanders. Our passing has to be very accurate because if the ball gets off your foot even slightly they are so quick and strong to pounce on it.
        So much is going to be about Ghana’s fitness and can they maintain the kind of pressure they gave out vs. Korea
        I could go on but bottom line Ghana is a fun team to watch and it is going to be a good game.

      • I also came away absolutely baffled that our coach thought he could play a 4-4-2 against these guys.
        please save me the JK Koolaid talk. If he didn’t consider playing 4-4-2 vs them then why did he use it 2 games before the WC?

      • “I could go on but bottom line Ghana is a fun team to watch and it is going to be a good game.”

        I think you’ve hit it on the head. With the recent history at the WC between the teams, and the likley stakes, it has the makings of a rare “opening round classic” (this guarantees nothing of course).

        I am curious what a “neutral” (if there is such a thing with the WC) thinks. Or even a non-neutral from somewhere like Argentina or Holland or Japan thinks? Is this just the “other’ opening opening round game in Group G? Conventional wisdom suggests this is probably the case, but I’d be interested in hearing if you or anybody has a view here.

      • If the US plays the 4-3-2-1 we should do a lot better than Korea in stopping the Ghana attack.

  12. My parents are both from Portugal. I will be rooting for Portugal in every game except the US game. And, oh yeah, I’ll be also rooting for every team that plays Mexico.

    • +1 Atta boy. I had the same situation at the last turn with England. In the end, it was not hard at all. I was actually quite bummed about the 1-1 draw, which was a probably a fair result but felt like a missed opportunity in the second half.

      As others have pointed out, having a second team is very common among USMNT fans. Oddly, it might be once of the most unique and differentiating things about our soccer culture.

  13. If JK had hired Johann Cruyff as an advisor…who has a similar pedigree…
    Would you JK haters thrown this same hissy fit?
    Grow up..get over it
    Who cares…

    • they probably would because the same irrational thought process would prevail. i’ve never heard so much complaining before. unwarranted complaining.

      and no, whiny fans, i’m not only referring to LD being left out. i’m talking about every single story that has come out over the past few months. bitch, moan, yell, complain, repeat.

      • If we were playing the Netherlands and Cruyff said the same things, yes we would be throwing a “hissy fit.”

        I don’t know what exactly you think we need to “grow up and get over” or what Bryan thinks we are being irrational about.

        This guys was supposedly hired to ADVISE our coach. This adviser is than telling people he essentially believes we are terrible and hopes we fail. What exactly are you two having trouble understanding? This is a pitiful, disgusting situation. Meaningless? Perhaps…but still looks like a big stinking pile of poop.

      • your comment is EXACTLY what we are talking about when saying you are being irrational:

        “This guys was supposedly hired to ADVISE our coach” – yeah, that’s right. he was. he is currently with JK and our scout at the Ghana game. likely taking notes and putting together a detailed analysis.

        “This adviser is than telling people he essentially believes we are terrible and hopes we fail.” – he’s F’ING GERMAN. he’s just being honest with his assessment. he is not saying he HOPES the US will fail anyway! show me that EXACT quote. saying he will be cheering for Germany over the USA does not mean he is hoping we fail. all he said was he would not cheer when the US scores. and saying that, on paper, Portgaul, Germany, and Ghana are stronger is not some CRAZY idea. his career will BENEFIT by the USA doing well.

        “What exactly are you two having trouble understanding? This is a pitiful, disgusting situation.” – i’m having a hard time understanding when our fan base became so toothless that this type of thing upsets you. or that JK’s son tweeting some dumb remark means JK should be fired and stoned in a public square.

        “but still looks like a big stinking pile of poop.” – not even in the slightest. this is a classic example of something being made out of nothing.

      • If you honestly believe a person can give his best assistance to a team he will openly cheer against, than, you are not worth arguing with.

        You sure used a lot of words though, kudos.

      • Ok. Yea. That makes so much sense. Newsflash.. He didn’t just hire him as an advisor yesterday. The draw into our group didn’t happen yesterday.
        Just like Klinsmanns interview back in December that got published last week. So yea.. this isn’t worth an argument… Hissy Fit sounds about right..

      • The fact you think someone is incapable of giving professional advice and supporting their home team in their personal time tells me all I need to know about you.

        That and the fact that you “over-extrapolated” his quote as him saying he will be openly and actively rooting against the USA.

      • You have never worked a day in your life. It is obvious. Giving your best in spite of personal emotions about things like sporting results is something even mediocre professionals understand. Go do your algebra. Expat.

      • I have some shocking news here for many of you posters who seem unaware of it. Many times coaches will lie, yes lie, in order to mislead their opponents. Shocking, I know, but I have seen it happen time and again in all kinds of different sports. Maybe, just maybe Vogts is trying to mislead the US opponents into underestimating the US. Maybe not, but we certainly don’t know, so stop the whining and gnashing of teeth and stop wasting your time elevating your stress level. Sheesh.

      • He was hired to scout the other teams and give somes advices for training. In the end it’s Klinsmann who’ll makes the decisions and field the players.

  14. don’t care, none issue to me. his job is to provide consulting services. as long as JK and the USSF feel like he is doing that well, i couldn’t care less who he cheers for. nor am i surprised to hear he will be supporting Germany.

    i mean, at least the guy admits that the US will score against Germany. 😉

  15. “That is why the U.S. team must (have) top-driven (work rates). Their advantage is that Americans know the heat. That’s why I advised Jurgen in preparation for a high-running intensity in training. You need to play to this advantage”. Really? Every f*cking coach has known this since the 90’s. This is what we are paying him for?

      • Both of you are geniuses. Would you hire a special consultant, and then be thrilled when he disclosed the customized information you are paying him to originate to a bunch of journalists?

        Good job! You guys are three steps ahead!

    • It’s not like the Mannschaft are fat from drinking beer and eating brats. The heat and the Germans unfamiliarity with the heat and humidity are an advantage. They are always one of the fittest teams. Portugal OTOH probably less so.

  16. Spoken like a true soccer player. I can see where he is coming from and as far as that goes he loves great soccer. I also prefer it when the best team wins. However, this time my loyalties are devided as well. This time I really hope that the US team advances and wins all their games.

  17. Ghana superior to the USA? They certainly edged–never dominated–us in the last few cups, but FIFA rankings sure lean our way.

    It seems Vogt could use some good old patriotic, Amurrican re-education.

  18. Well this is great. A head coach that doesnt believe in American players and picks an 18 yr old kid that cannot help us while leaving out best forward home and his adviser that supports Germany. Whats he advising? Start Omar against Germany? Cut Donovan? He could score against Germany?

    Keep him the Hell away from our team I dont want this clown anywhere near our players

    • Let’s have a great time watching the games and see the best teams compete and let’s hope the US wins.

      Without great teams there is no great soccer, and the coaches in soccer can’t just take a time-out every time they need to tell a player what to do. In soccer someone like Berti Vogts is not nearly as important as in all the American games with all those coaches lording over everything. Enjoy yourself or don’t watch.

    • But this may be the main key for the USMNT as it was e.g. for the German NT in WC 2010 when they fielded a mainly unexperienced and likewise the youngest team of the competition. Up to the semifinal they run their opponents into the ground. (The same did Klopp’s BVB in the season 2011-12 with the youngest team of the Bundesliga which resulted in winning the Championship & Pokal.)

  19. I am getting the impression that Vogts doesn’t do a whole lot. Seems like we’re just paying him some retainer to take Klinsi’s phone calls (which he was probably doing anyway). The whole “hiring” may well have just been window dressing for the Vasquez firing.

    Meh. I don’t see anything worth getting upset over here.

      • I think it’s really hard to say. You could speculate using a couple of intuitions… Perhaps Vasquez was “in over his head” as many with knowledge seem to believe was the case, and JK had simply stopped listening to him. Or perhaps he was so entrenched that making decisions had become imposible without mutual sign-off. Or maybe Vasquez was advocating for a large role for Donovan. I really don’t know if any or all of these have merit.

        Personally, my own “guess” is that JK felt he had outgrown Vasquez. Klinsmann’s primary talent in the eyes of those who support him and have hired him is man-management. He has always had a “tactics guy” to help him (and perhaps deflect blame). I think he part of having the credibility and control he wanted meant taking the training wheels off and owning this area (which most nat’l team coaches are expected to own). I’ve just never understood how JK could be all that bad with tactics anyway– his pedigree, accomplishments and intelligence suggest he would have a high aptitutde.

      • Not impossible. Not my intuition, but I don’t have any way of proving anything either way.

        Didn’t expat fly the coop during the Julian Green debacle? Theoretically, anyway?

    • For argument’s sake, let’s assume that Vogts is giving JK lots of sage advice about the US opponents and preparing detailed plans for defeating them. And he feels confident that the US will do well. Do you think he would spill the beans on what he has been doing and how well the US will do? The fact that he said what he did doesn’t mean that is what he thinks and is the only thing he has been doing. There is an objection that attorneys can make in a court room argument that goes, “assuming facts not in evidence.” If we eliminated the posts here that did that, 90% of them would probably be gone.

      • I am not sure I quite follow so forgive me if I misinterpret… It sounds like they hypothetical concern you are looking to assess that involves something like this:

        -Vogts role has been understated and he may have valuable and current information that is unavialable to others outside of the USMNT camp regarding strategy/tactics/personnel etc.

        -Vogts has contributed some high-value information and is aware that it is likely to be manifested in the U.S. gameplan for the upcoming matches

        -Vogts has an audience elsewhere (i.e. Germany) who is soliciting or at least accepting this information, and who may be in a position to implement a meaningful tactical response on the field should Vogts choose to “spill the beans”

        Does this describe the scenario correctly? I don’t want to respond to a question you haven’t asked, so I’ll see if I”m following you…

      • What I am saying is that you can’t make any reasonable conclusion based on what Vogts said. Some people here say he isn’t doing anything and isn’t worth much and why are we paying him, etc. No one posting here knows just what or how much he is doing and to make any conclusions about those things is the rankest speculation and basically a totally worthless opinion. As I point out in another place, he could be lying to throw off the opposition, something that is common in sports.

    • They are pros and certainly want to win the match. Same with the coaches (USA & Germany). They have the winning mentality and of course want to win the match, too.
      They all want to enhance their prestige and not to damage it.

  20. “I will certainly not cheer when the U.S. score a goal against us.”

    …so you’re saying there’s a chance?

    • Did you ever watch a player when after leaving his home club for another club and scoring against the previous club? He won’t celebrate these goals and will show some respect to the former club and his fans. Does it bar him from scoring abgainst his former team? Of course, no. Nothing else Vogts was stating here. What should Vogts tell the German media after being asked “Is Vogts an enemy of Germany now?”

  21. In that last game in group if Germany already has six points and is sure to move to the KO round then most likely the USMNT is going to beat Germany. But if Germany still needs points to move to the KO round and with Herr Klinsmann and his former coach Herr Vogts guiding the USMNT then most likely Germany will win that game with Klinsmann strategically starting Julian Green and John Brooks and Timmy Chandler who will all have relatives back home cheering against them and who won’t have the heart to fight against the team they dreamed of playing for since they were children. We all know Klinsmann could have picked a stronger roster for the World Cup but chose to leave four or five guys at home who should be going to Brazil. But JK doesn’t have to worry he’s got a contract until 2018 that US Soccer has to pay even if they fire him and he and Vogts probably will stick around in Brazil for the rest of WC and have a good time cheering for Germany.

    Sorry to be a negative SOB but Klinsmann’s massive ego and incompetence and disrespect for the US player pool and US soccer fans and US soccer history have pretty much ruined this World Cup for me.

    • Which “4 or 5” guys would that be? One is easy. Two is doable, but I doubt anyone can actually name 4 or 5 guys that would be surefire improvements over the squad as it it assembled.

      • 4 or 5 guys that would be good quality replacements would be hard.

        LD, Goodson, Edu, Corona? and um er… Eddie?… and um hmmm Tony Beltran clearly.

        Or maybe this guy really misses Brad Evens.

      • The first two I can see easily. Drop Green and Gonzo. I’m less sure that the second would improve the team, but Gonzo has looked poor in his runouts.

        Edu makes sense now that the formation seems to be 4231 with Bradly at CAM, but who do you drop? Mix?

        After that, though… It gets really really hard to find two guys off the team that can replace two guys on the team and actually improve the squad.

    • You are so wrong. Make no mistake about it, no matter what the group standings are before our 3rd game, the American citizens on the team who have lived most of their lives in German, will have only one thing on their minds for 90+ minutes, BEAT GERMANY!

    • Let me guess. You probably think the moon landing was faked and the planes didn’t really crash into the buildings on 9/11. Conspiracy nuts unite!!

    • Oh well, in Germany fans and some of the media are kind of bullying Klinsmann that he betrayed his country because not extending his contract after WC 2006 and being interested in a contract with USMNT, and in the U.S. fans do so, too because they believe that Klinsmann betrays his self-chosen Home USA in giving Germany an advantage. 😀 Why people don’t understand that soccer is a global sport where players are playing for clubs of other countries and many coaches are coaching for other countries. They are all pros and can handle it.

      I’d have loved to see F. Johnson playing for Germany (and as a BVB fan for Klopp’s BVB, too) and I guess, so did Löw. The German NT is always in need of quality outside backs. But just F. Johnson and Chandler have been stating for years that they only want to play for the USA. Btw, the main reason that Chandler didn’t join the USMNT was that BL club Nuremberg’s former coach Hecking put a lot of pressure on him to stay with his club during the time of those friendlies, and I guess, Klinsmann was knowing about it. Since Hecking left for Wolfsburg Chandler connected again with the USMNT.

      As a German I understandably want German to win the WC (what won’t happen imho) but I’m also cheering for USA and want them to get out of the group and go far in the competition. And when it comes to Germany vs USA I’ll feel sad for the loosing team and happy for the winning one.
      May the best win!

  22. As every week goes by I become increasingly irritated by Klinsmann and his zany amtics. First, he leaves off Landon. Then, he says we have no chance at winning the World Cup. Finally, his moronic special advisor announces he is routing against us. I blame Sunil Gulati for failing to mitigate these conflicts of interest. I want coaches and advisors who are 100% behind what we are doing. How much is this special advisor being paid?

      • “First, he leaves off Landon. Then, he says we have no chance at winning the World Cup. ”

        Fail. The comment was 7 months ago. I’d explain further but why.

        Federal investigation? F*ck! I guess another mouth-breather has joined us from the expat-baptista allstars. Who’s next? Only time will tell.

        I swear it wouldn’t come as a suprise if this was “Franco Panizo” generating aonther 0.00002 cents of mouse cliicks. As long as it adds up to a mean sandwich at some point I guess. Just a comically sad attempt at whatever this is

  23. We paid Vogts so he could get his players to not mark on crosses…and they complied… watch Bacon’s goal off the corner… 6 Azerbaijanis standing and watching the only US player not in the goal mouth making a “run” into the box for the corner.. it was laughable.

  24. So if it comes down to the last group stage game and Portugal has already booked there spot in the knockouts and the last spot is available to the winner of Germany/USA is this guy going to roll over or be the insider that knows how to take down Löw’s team?

    • Do we know if BV will still be advising JK at that point?
      I’ve only read about him scouting and giving feedback when asked, all of this in the run-up to the cup.

  25. This story is click bait. Vogts is German, get over it. Once (if?) the US is eliminated, I can bet you that a number of folks involved in USSF will pull for Germany, Brazil, Argentina, or Spain. Maybe a few will root for France and Belgium, too. But it will be because they respect and love the beautiful game. That doesn’t make any of them traitors or less worthy or able of giving their all to the team while it’s got a chance. Now, if they were rooting for Mexico…

    • +1 This has got be one of most contrived and ridiculous topics I’ve seen people throw a tantrum about yet. What do people expect? Did people think the German guy who is the head coach of Azerbaijan was going to start rolling around town in an Uncle Sam hat setting off sparkers and singing “You’re a Grand Old Flag”? I would probably punch him in the face, assuming I got to him first. So would anybody on the planet.

      Wake up folks. He is a consultant. He is not on the staff. He HAS a full-time job elsewhere. His mandate is to “scout opponents and develop training regimes” which isn’t especially heavgy lifting. I don’t get the impression he is even going to be on the bench. Which is just fine — that’s not what he’s being paid to do. We have a staff for that.

      And I don’t need him singing songs and going nuts when we score goals. We have a staff for that too.

  26. I think you all are burying the lede. Vogts is apparently confident that the U.S. will score against Germany.

    “I will certainly not cheer when the U.S. score a goal against us.”

    I don’t care if our advisors start openly blubbering, just so long as that actually happens (preferably more than once).

  27. “Vogts will offer more tips like that to Klinsmann in Brazil.”

    How much do we need to pay to have Vogts stop offering any tips??

    So, we’re being advised (and I’m sure the USSF is paying good money for it) by a guy who will be rooting for us to lose? Nice. Brilliant move by the USSF.

    • He’s rooting for USA to lose (in one game), but profits if they win.

      I’ll take greed over pride. It’s the American Way.

      • How is profiting if the US win? He’s getting paid regardless. And nowhere in his interview did he say that he would be rooting for the USA to win in any of the games.

      • Really? You don’t see how he profits if his advice is on target and leads to US victories?

        Here’s how:
        1) Give good advice.
        2) US Wins because of (1).
        3) (1) is publicized as having lead to (2).
        4) Footballing organizations around the world read (3).
        5) Due to (4), said organizations hire Vogts.
        6) PROFIT.

      • So, if the US does well in Brazil everyone around the world will think it’s largely because of Vogts??

      • dude, if you can’t connect the simple dots of how the US playing well helps Vogts’ consulting career, then you aren’t trying hard enough.

      • Are you kidding? When have you heard of a national team hiring an adviser? Teams have coaches and assistant coaches; they don’t have advisers. No self-respecting coach would stand for a federation hiring an adviser. Klinsmann just brought a buddy of his in for some easy money.

      • Firstly, national teams hire consultants all the freaking time.
        Secondly, I said footballing organizations. That could be clubs. That could be National Federations. Look… If you can’t figure out how doing your job well might open up future opportunities for you, then I can’t help you. You’re just going to go through life getting fired from paper-hat jobs.

  28. As troubling as this might be to us, think how it looks to J Low and company… It’s got to be more troubling to them.

  29. “That is why the U.S. team must (have) top-driven (work rates). Their advantage is that Americans know the heat. That’s why I advised Jurgen in preparation for a high-running intensity in training. You need to play to this advantage.”

    We scheduled a worthless friendly with Azerbaijan and are paying money for this sage advice? To a guy who admittedly doesn’t even want us to win one of our three guaranteed games at the tournament? Hopefully his advice behind closed doors is something beyond what every coach of the USA has known since at least 1990.

    • “Hopefully his advice behind closed doors is something beyond what every coach of the USA has known since at least 1990.” EXACTLY

      On top of that we are paying Jurgen Klinsmann to be our cheerleader – something the US invented.

    • +1

      Who do you think taught Klinsmann about having a highly fit and heat tested and trained teams? BRUCE ARENA and US Soccer.

    • think about it. you honestly believe an Economics professor from Columbia University is going to just hire some guy to tell us things we already know? of course not! you are reading into this way too much. the guy is a professional and his reputation is still on the line. i’m sure he provided JK more than the obvious example he gave in the interview. i’d also venture to say his contract probably specifies that he cannot publicly discuss the advice he provided the USSF on Germany, Portugal, and Ghana. that would defeat the purpose…

      no pitch-forks needed.

    • And here the Germans are suppose to be the professionals when it comes to soccer. Sorry but for him to say he will be cheering for Germany is completely UNPROFESSIONAL. He can be for whatever team he likes in private, but for Berti to say he will be pulling for his employer’s competition is really unprofessional. If he can’t be impartial in a stupid interview how can we expect him to be impartial in advising US Soccer when things get a bit more complicated.

      • Wahhhhhhhhh.

        He said he would not cheer when the USA scores against Germany and he hopes Germany wins the Cup. Big deal! Eveything else is drama unless you can point me to the quote where he said he will be rooting against the USA.

      • Vogts is a consultant. He’s being asked to provide advice and counsel of a nature unknown to us.

        His rooting interest is irrelevant. If this is not an issue with his boss then it’s not an issue with me.

        Did any of you know who Martin Vasquez, who was born in Mexico and played for both Mexico and the US, was rooting for when the US played Mexico?

        Did anyone care?

        You all realize that if Egypt had beaten Ghana there was a possibility that Egypt would have been in the Group with the US.

        Do you suppose Bob would not be doing his best to beat the USMNT?

      • Egypt beating Ghana and the winner of Egypt/Ghana being draw into the US’s group were independent events. Thus, you can safely say that had EGY beaten GHA, EGY would have been in group G with the USA.

  30. Great! So our coach thinks we can’t win, and our adviser isn’t rooting for us. Must be a real morale boost for the players.

    • Do you actually believe any one of our managers has ever said to his players “guys, I think we can win this whole thing!” I’m pretty sure that Arena and probably Bob Bradley used the World doesn’t think we have a chance speech to get our players fired up. Our past World Cup history bears weight that we play better when we are the underdogs and the rest of the World gives us little to no chance of advancing.

    • Players aren’t as needy as you may think. This isn’t 10th grade kiddie soccer.

      I played college basketball for a small school, and one year we played Arizona in a tournament (the year after they won the national championship). We spent 10 days listening to how we could beat them if we did this and this and this. Our coach was king of the moral boost. We lost by 50.

      Also, Klinsmann said we COULD win the cup “if our players played the game of our lives seven times.” I see no problem with what he said because he’s right. Michael Bradley said that no one expects much but if they play out of their minds they can surprise a few people. Essentially the same thing Klinsmann said. He’s right too.

    • Why? How many pro athletes play for their hometown team? More importantly is it a conflict of interest when they play against their hometown team? It’s not like Vogts is saying he will give bad advice to JK!

    • No. It’s Vogts realizing that the USNT gig is a short-term. And as a former German NT and club star and German speaker, it’s stupid for him to do anything to sabotage possible coaching/consulting/media gigs. And right now, with the German camp on lockdown and providing no tactical and injury info worthy of perusal, media outlets like Bild are looking for anything to generate headlines.

      Sweet Geezbus, in the NFL if you went to someone like Bill Parcels or Joe Gibbs….they’d tell you about how the other side was so good, his guys were over-matched, it was going to be a tough game–a real test–they’d have to play their hearts out to have a chance of winning against this great competitor they’re facing. Maybe Vogts will root for Germany. But I suspect he’s watching out for his future employment AND avoiding giving the pulp press any kind of points to put up on someone’s bulletin board (“Former German Star Seeks to Sabotage Meinshaft” or “Vogts Knows the Secrets to Doom Our Boys” or crap like that). Even then, Vogts says he’ll only volunteer info when asked…does anyone really believe that’s the case? I bet Vogts wants to show he’s the smartest guy in the room and impress everyone he’s working with (Haman, Klinsi, Herzog, etc.) in this brain trust.

    • Interesting to me that everyone just accepts his “obviously Germany, Portugal, and Ghana are superior” statement.

      Uh, how is Ghana obviously superior? They are ranked 38th for a reason. For all the dismissing of FIFA rankings, they are pretty accurate (right, except when it comes to the US).

      It reminds me Efan Ekoku talking during halftime of US-Nigeria, that the US has players “atleast technically good enough” to “absorb lots of pressure from good sides [like Nigeria].” LOL. By virtually all objective measures I would take US over Nigeria.

      I hope we open some eyes this June. Frankly I believe we will.

      • So what that doesn’t make them better, Mexico has achieved more at every level, has a dominant record over us but that doesn’t make them better right now.

      • Ghana’s team is stacked with Champions League players. They will have most of the best players on the field when we play them. They beat us in the last two World Cups. And we might have looked pretty solid in beating Nigeria 2-1, but they just destroyed South Korea 4-0.

        Not saying we can’t beat them, not saying they’re powerhouses, but by just about any reasonable objective measure, they’re superior. And no, the FIFA rankings are not a reasonable objective measure.

      • Until it was 3-0, Korea was controlling the game. Ghana dominated the second half but Korea had lots of scoring chances that they failed to convert. I thought the second goal was a foul on Gyan. Some calls were ridiculous like where the Koreans were called when Boatang was stiff-arming the the RoK player. Still, they had lots of weaknesses. Like a suspect defense that was vulnerable in the air and on set pieces. They also were often very careless passing out of the back and made many turnovers. A quality team will make them pay for those kind of errors.

        Whether or not the US can beat Ghana remains to be seen. Scoring first against them would help. I think they have problems against high pressure. JK has a game plan and if the players execute it they will win. You can’t change the past. THIS US team is 0-0 and against Ghana. We’ve made killer mistakes (Reyna, Clarke) and had bogus penalties (Gooch). IMO the NATS are much more disciplined under JK and generally calmer. We never beat Italy in Italy or Mexico in Azteca before JK was hired either. We got this.

      • Because they are. Doesn’t mean we can’t beat each of those teams. But it’s really naive to believe that the US is producing as many or more players on world class teams than Germany, Portugal and Ghana. Ghana had a monopoly on the youth WC for a while. They’re the best team in Africa (a continent widely regarded as producing amazing players but underperforming as clubs/nations b/c of poor organization and corruption).

      • I agree JJ, that statement stuck out for me as well, and the fact that no one questioned it. By many objective rankings, the US is measured as a better team than Ghana. If you don’t like FIFA rankings, then check out FiveThirtyEight, the statistical savants who correctly predicted the most recent us presidential race, and who give the US better odds of advancing than Ghana. US is also running basically even if not slightly better odds over Ghana on most betting sites (and those guys aren’t in the business of losing money).

        I haven’t been able to figure out where all the cynicism is coming from, whether it’s American soccer inferiority complex or Euro snobbery (i.e. more Champions League players = better team). Look, we very well may not beat Ghana (they definitely have our number recently), but to claim they are clearly a superior team is simply incorrect.

      • If you’re gonna plug 538 in this context, plug Silver’s PECOTA and Baseball Prospectus work. It’s a bit more relevant, and no less illuminating, than his political work.

    • I’m curious. I was born and raised in France — lived there until I was 17. The only passport I’ve ever had is a U.S. passport. Do I meet your bizarre standards of Americanness?
      If I had been through PSG’s youth system (my PE classes were right next to their training field and one of my classmates actually played in their academy) and I was called up to play for the U.S., would I be American enough for you?

      • It’s actually very simple. If you always wanted to play for the US — fine, no problem there. If you’re playing for the US only because France won’t call you up, and you always dreamed of playing in the world cup — that’s not fine.

      • Read more carefully. The person in question doesn’t have a French passport, so his “desires” are irrelevant.

      • However, I was eligible for a passport and, had the laws not changed at the worst time, I would have gotten French citizenship.

      • My point is that getting (or not getting) citizenship is often a matter of a technicality, as it was in my case.
        To use citizenship and circumstances of one’s upbringing to then determine how American (or French or German) one just strikes me as bizarre.

      • Bummer.

        My parents moved back to the US from the UK three months before I was born. They had the option to stay, and had they, I would have had UK citizenship as well thanks to the unrestricted jus soli of the time. My parents later admitted that they blew that decision for me.

      • So really, foooo’s situation is not at all parallel to the German-American players (or coaches) we’re talking about. Pretty much a moooo point.

      • read my above clarification. Had the law not changed, I would have a French passport (I’m still bummed I don’t have one).

      • Does it also bother you that these people can vote in elections too? Or is it just playing for the US soccer team?

      • You do realize that you can join the armed forces and fight and die for the US ( this has happened) without being a US citizen?

      • That’s neat. That’s the opposite of me. I moved to France from the US 5 years ago and am about to marry a French girl and move back and forth from here to there for a while. If we have a kid, then sure as anything he’ll grow up watching the US with me, and France as well. Will slowleftarm be ok with him/her playing for the US? Will he/she be American enough? Anonymous opinionated internet moron doesn’t get to decide that for my kid, and reading his ignorant screed bugs the crap out of me.

    • I want to point out that this was not written by the actual slowleftarm, but by some loser impersonating me. I have no problems with Vogts rooting for Germany, fwiw.

  31. I wonder who the rest of our Germans cheer for. After all, they grew up wishing they could one day play for Germany

    • I would put good money that Jones, Chandler, Green, Johnson and Brooks want to want to beat Germany more than anyone else on that roster (except maybe Klinsmann).

      As for after the group stage, they should cheer for Germany. There’s no denying its part of who they are, and there’s no reason for them to renounce Germany. I bet 90% of Americans cheer for the country of their ancestry too.

      • I don’t know about your 90%, but I was born and grew up in a different country, but it would never even occur to me to cheer for anyone other than the US.

      • Well, if they are like me they would root for the U.S. first, and Germany second. But I am only 100% American.

      • And it was.

        It’s not any more, because none of those guys can play for GER. GER is now their “backup team.”

      • Do you think that any of the US players, outside the Germans, Johansson, and Diskerud, have “backup teams” they root for? I seriously doubt it.

      • Jozy would surely love to see Haiti miraculously make the world cup (but not at the US’ expense), and Freddy Adu openly cheered for Ghana in the past (not against the US, of course). I’m sure Stu Holden would be publicly celebrating if Scotland made the World Cup.

      • Any of the players’ having a back-up team? All I can say is that if the American citizens on the team that have lived mostly in Germany are doing their best to play for the red, white and blue, and I think they are, then I would deduce that maybe every player on the U.S. Team wants to get out of group and beat Germany.

        And if they drop out at some point then I would think most American-American players on the USMNT would be rooting for Germany.

      • There wasn’t a link to reply to your later posts, but wow. This is one of the funniest and most absurd complaints I’ve heard here. Congrats.

      • Many of us do not have backup teams. My family is from Sicily. I do not cheer for Italy. Don’t wish them ill, but only cheer for the US.

      • Lmfao. Yup. Totally sealed it.

        Honest to goodness, just because you are sitting at your computer thinking, “Golly, I’m a USA fan and I can’t comprehend supporting another national team (such as the country of my families ancestry) It doesn’t mean that the whole scenario is a farce. Though you might not believe it you are very much in the minority. Also, I am sure it hasbeen brought on a little bit more since the lull in Mexican soccer recently but I know(and Im sure I’m not the only one) Mexicans that root for Brazil/Spain/Argentina etc… And when you think about it you can’t really even blame them, if I had a team that constantly underperformed while working harder to find excuses as to why they struggle more than how hard they work to come together as a close-knit club I would look to support another team too.

      • So I guess I’m not everyone. I ONLY root for the US, the rest of the teams can take a hike, I don’t care how they do. By the way, I was born in Korea and have a Korean mother.

      • After the US exits I just watch the heavyweights. I am the son of a German immigrant, but feel nothing for their national team, despite speaking the language and spending lots of time in Germany.

        Mea patria est USA!

        USA! USA! USA!

      • Personally I would prefer that Vogts’ would have a better opinion of US soccer or a higher admiration for the team, but sadly he is speaking from experience and most likely from the heart. Can’t fault the man for doing so. Looking forward to the US proving the haters wrong. The US thrives in the underdog role. I have high hopes. BTW Background: Ecuadorian born and US raised since age of 2. I route for the US first, Ecuador second. My family the opposite. Doesn’t matter to me as long as there’s still love for the US!

      • Yea, of course, not when they’re playing each other. But you don’t cheer for your country of birth when they play anyone else?

      • I cant understand you guys. I was born in the US but also support other teams. I work for a Dutch firm and have Belgian ancestory. Yes, I root for them, too. I also like several other teams including Brazil. I have no doubt every coach and player on our team will be 100 % for the USA first and so what if they also support Germany or whatever. You sound like Cold War conspirators or Joe McCarthy. GO USA!!!!

      • I agree with this sentiment. American with Peruvian parents, I root for the USA. But also love watching Peru and hoping they make a World Cup in my lifetime.

      • I was too young to remember, but they were an exciting team in 1970. In 78 they had a respectable showing until they let Argentina beat them 6-0. In 82 they fell apart in the 3rd game against Poland. Cubillas was a good player.

    • I remember Thomas Dooley saying that if the USA beat Germany, he would get in an American convertible and drive all across Germany waving an American flag. I don’t think any of these guys “hate” the county they plan in. But in some cases they probably feel a bit rejected (Jermaine Jones is a great example) and the competitiveness that burns inside them wants to be able to say “see–you made a mistake not picking me–maybe you’d have done better if you’d picked me–hah!”


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