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SBI Saturday Rewind: Ghana holds Germany to tie; USMNT sees opportunity to advance; and more

Ghana struts their stuff like WHAT


Fittingly for one of the most unpredictable World Cups perhaps ever, the so-called “Group of Death” has turned into a group of surprises. Ghana put up a fierce battle against favorite Germany to force a 2-2 stalemate in a wild second half. The result keeps Ghana alive and forces Germany to wait for the third round of the group before knowing if they’ll advance.

For the U.S. Men’s National Team, the Germany-Ghana result presents an opportunity for the Americans to guarantee a place in the Round of 16 if they can eke out a win against a strong but bruised Portugal side. As the USMNT prepared for Sunday’s match against Portugal, players said they feel ready and know what they have to do to win, SBI’s Franco Panizo reported from Brazil.

And on the women’s side, after skipping Thursday’s U.S. Women’s National Team friendly against France, goalkeeper Hope Solo was arrested in the early morning hours Saturday for an alleged assault at a family party. The incident means she will surely miss Sunday’s Seattle Reign FC match in Western New York but it’s unclear how it will affect her season beyond that.

Here is a rundown of all the stories featured on SBI today:

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  1. I don’t see yesterdays result as being bad at all.

    1) it provided a little perspective on the USA victory
    2) it demonstrated Germany is no unbeatable force
    3) today is now a WIN and IN game for the USA….why would we not want that?!

    • 1) not much perspective I thought. Ghana played terribly against us and really well against Germany.
      2) no, Germany are continuing a history of flat game two’s in the WC
      3) I don’t care to win. There’s more to life than winning and I’ve lost interest in this team. Ready for new coaching era hopefully somehow.

      • “I don’t care to win. There’s more to life than winning and I’ve lost interest in this team. ”

        Alex, you’ve said everything we need to know about yourself. Go drown in a bucket of ennui. Leave the winning to JK.

      • +10, AMP! If a team doesn’t put out a 150% effort, especially in this WC, you won’t have a chance to get out of your group. Just look at Germany which has all of Deutschland today having a lot of weltschmerz after their Ghana game.

  2. This group is being unpredictable, I just hope Portugal will do us a favor by beating USA and we will beat them to qualify.Germany were lucky yesterday, I fell we did not take our chances enough….we should have won that game

    • Why are you two still here isn’t there a German or Portugal site for you to go on? I see you still think you will win the World Cup LOL.

      • Chris, I will be here at all times. Why? Simply in love with SBI. To your question. I am on too. Sorry I cannot speak German.

  3. Wasn’t it cool how the Ghanian team walked into the locker room? Like 8 of their dudes were huddled, crooning harmonies together. I thought they were going to win it, until I saw Boateng drifting a couple yards behind, laughing and talking to the subs.

  4. Doubly bad result for USA. Ghana remains a threat to advance and Germany is now forced to play their A side against us next week.

      • Well yeah, they’ve got players starting for some of the best teams in Europe. On paper, if they’re playing to their CVs, they’re better than us. Fortunately matches aren’t played on paper and we are catching them at a bad time, but sometimes a wounded animal is at its most dangerous.

      • Also with that danger comes desperation. We just need to play our game and our chances are as good as theirs.

    • Did you really think Germany would throw the match to JK or take it easy on him just for old times sake?

      As for Germany’s so called B team, all of them would start for the US.

      And you might consider that this may be the B team guys only chance to impress at the world’s biggest soccer talent showcase and possibly earn a huge, life changing big money transfer. Those guys have all the incentive they need to rip the US’ heart out and impress some scout.

      This is not some cheesy amateur soccer tournament. This is serious business. It doesn’t get any more serious in soccer.

      • Thank you. I’m sick of people thinking we are just going to collude with the Germans to get a tie, that’s preposterous. Germany are tournament favorites, they aren’t going to want to finish group play with only five points, they are going to want to pour it on and show people why they were a pre-tournament favorite.

      • What crazy people are saying the Germans would collude with us and why are you paying any attention to them?

      • Not you, others; but the idea that Germany would play their B side to rest their starters is still ridiculous (no offense) because Germany is still playing for first place in group G. They would’ve had something to play for regardless of whether or not they won, lost, or tied yesterday

      • That’s exactly what I said. If Germany had won, depending on the USA Portugal match, they may have had nothing to play for against USA.

      • Once again, GW, you’ve missed the point. If Germany is going to sit players, it has nothing to do with your conspiracy theories of collusion, but rather the simple need to rest players. Most people are aware by now that Group G has the most grueling schedule in terms of travel and heat/humidity. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely given the GER/Ghana result.

      • “Doubly bad result for USA. Ghana remains a threat to advance and Germany is now forced to play their A side against us next week.”


        This is what you wrote. It’s not my conspiracy theory. You imply that had Germany beaten Ghana they would have played their B side against the US.

        If you originally meant the use of a B side was forced by the need for rest or health considerations you should have said so.

      • What other reason would there be??? The fact that you attributed it to collusion rather than the obvious need to rest their players is very odd to me. Today it doesn’t matter, though. Let’s all band together and cheer on USA. Go, Go USA!!!!!!

    • You can also look at it this way: If they draw against Portugal, the U.S. and Germany both would both have 4 points which means both teams can crews to a 0-0 tie -Germany comes in first and the U.S. second. This can all be arranged with a little call. However, the the best case is that the U.S. take care of business against portugal.


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