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Timbers purchase and sign Adi as Designated Player



A month-and-a-half after acquiring him on loan, the Portland Timbers have seen all they need to see from Fanendo Adi.

The Timbers announced Monday that they have exercised their option to purchase the 23-year-old forward from Danish side FC Copenhagen and signed him to a multiyear deal as a Designated Player.

Adi, who joined the team on loan on May 13, has scored four goals and assisted twice in six games for the Timbers and was named Major League Soccer’s Player of the Week for his brace in a 3-1 win at Real Salt Lake on June 7.

“Taking a player on loan prior to purchasing his rights gives you a first-hand look at the player in every regard and reduces the risk,” said Portland Timbers general manager Gavin Wilkinson in a statement. “With Adi performing well and fitting into the club culture and team dynamics, the decision to take up the purchase option was an easy one. He is young and has already shown the ability to be a dominant forward in this league.”

“Obviously, Adi has made an immediate impact with our club and we are extremely pleased to have him on board now long-term,” added Timbers head coach Caleb Porter. “He has proven to be an ideal fit in our system and possesses qualities that will make him a very effective striker in this league. We look forward to his contributions for years to come.”

Adi will now occupy the Timbers’ second DP slot, joining midfielder Diego Valeri. Per MLS policy, terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Has Adi impressed you so far this season? What kind of impact will he have on the Timbers going forward? What do you think of the Timbers making the move to buy?

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  1. Hey Ryan Tolmich, what country is he from? (Nigeria), should have included that in your article. I’m sure you’ll do better next time.

  2. but i do enjoy that we got him on loan from the best club in Denmark.

    i want to see more loans from say the Korean/Japanese leagues or South American leagues.

    Heck why not loan players to the Dutch league and vice versa. MLS strop trying to emulate the EPL. It will take 30 years. why not just suit yourself to being a feeder league for now and getting low costs talented youths to play from abroad and loan our young boys to get experience in Europe

    • Yes, im sure all the mls owners and investors want to wait 30 years before profiting from their investment. Sure hope you are not a broker with that advice. Mls is a business first and foremost

      • Yo, keithbabs79, do some googling for “Soccer United Marketing.” That’s why MLS owners should be content.

  3. what’s the point?

    i thought DP’s were signed 1) for their performances and 2) for their ability to put butts in the seats and bring in PR.

    Try n sign Arjen Robben or Robert Lewandowski or stars on the Brazilian/Mexican National Team

    • It’s more of an “or” than an “and.” Thierry Henry and Beckham were past their primes when they came over. They clearly came over to draw fans. More recently, DPs have come to MLS based on their quality. Adi is obviously a quality forward. Four goals in six games? What more could a team ask?

      • Henry has been one of the best players in the league since he’s been here. That wasn’t just a pure “butts in seats” move. He wasn’t at his peak any more when he came over but even now he’s still one of the better players in MLS, although he may have slipped a bit the last year or so.

      • Not disputing Henry’s quality. Heck, I wasn’t even suggesting Beckham was only here for the name recognition (18 goals and 40 assists over six years is fantastic for an oft-injured or otherwise-absent midfielder). My point was that in MLS there’s a clear distinction between “marquee players” like Beckham and Henry, who have serious name recognition – and still a ton of skill – and guys like Diego Valeri or Ozzie Alonso, who are paid DP money based only on their quality. They have no name recognition in this country, but they’re very good players.

        Adi obviously falls into the latter category.

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