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SBI Wednesday Rewind: Spain out already; USMNT moving on; Ronaldo knee woes persist; and more

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In a shocking second result for Spain that probably ruined the brackets everyone had been betting on, the defending World Cup champion is out of the tournament after just two group stage matches. Chile and the Netherlands will advance from Group B to the knockout round after the Dutch earlier in the day rallied to overcome a deficit and defeat Australia.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Men’s National Team reflected on their win against Ghana before switching gears to focus on their upcoming match against Portugal. The consensus is the players know they need to perform better, but the early goal from Clint Dempsey changed their game plan immediately, SBI writer Franco Panizo reported from Brazil. Come Thursday, coach Jurgen Klinsmann is ready to focus entirely on Portugal.

And the drama surrounding superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s fitness continued to unfold with him reportedly leaving training early with ice wrapped around his knee. An unconfirmed report out of Spain said doctors have warned Ronaldo he is risking career-ending injury if he continues playing before being fully healed.

Here is a rundown of all the stories featured on SBI today:
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  1. We had an offensive plan and it was centered on a target/hold-up forward. Jozy. Jozy went down and we stuck to the plan, put AJ in and our offense stunk. But we got lucky on a set piece. We
    Did not deserve the 3 points, but we got them.

    Now what? With the many, too many to count, suggested line-ups posted on threads here I don’t like a single one of them. Our back line is our strength, our movement forward is our weakness. And don’t think Ramos and Herzog don’t know that.

    I believe we will see something totally different against Portugal. False 9 anyone?

    • If Ghana was so great, how come it took them 82 minutes to score. Why should we suffer because they suck at defending set pieces? It just played into our hands since we are so good at set pieces, scoring twice. It wasn’t luck. Good teams CREATE chances. And you are completely ignoring the impact that Altidore’s injury had both on the tactics and the substitution patterns. Jozy was reaching that long ball from Bradley. If he did, he could have toasted Boye just like Dempsey did. BTW, Boye standing still and didn’t mark Brooks on the winner. He’s also the bozo that kicked Dempsey in the nose. I think we could have scored two or three with a healthy Jozy. Ghana had nothing until Besler was subbed out and Boateng came on and they started playing wide. It was no accident that they sucked at crossing as they are used to playing through the middle (cough Colombia ’94) and Beckerman and Jones were absolute beasts.

    • False 4-2-3-1 with Clint in the hole? Sounds as good as anything. If Johannsson or Wondo starts you almost have to go with a 4-4-2 and hope Bradley controls the middle of the field better than in the Ghana game.

      I’ve seen some suggestions of a 4-3-3 with Clint up top, Bedoya and Zusi on the wings, and the 3 D mids behind.

      • It mazes me how every time we win a game or score goals in a major tournament (in any game period for that matter) the first thing these USMNT haters do is pin it on luck! People need to wake up and realize that the US are good team and other teams will have to play their best to beat us! Now did we play our best, no, but the good teams find ways to win and that’s what we did! As stated above, good teams create their “luck” and we took our chances well. The US are known for taking advantage of set piece opportunities and against Ghana it was no different.

  2. No matter what else happens, at least the USMNT will be able to say that they had a better World Cup than Spain.

  3. I would like to see US beats Portugal with somewhat healthy Rolando.

    Spain starting the “wobot” and Castillas again, is plain stupid, Torres and Villa needed instead “wobot”.

  4. Best case scenario is that we find a way to win against Portugal and secure a place in the second rd. Giving Jozy much needed rest through the final match vs Germany. He can get fit and come back to that all important role at the top of the attack vs Belgium, most likely. We can rest some other MFs too at JKs digression. I don’t see yellow card accumulation as an issue thus far with how we’re playing, which is a huge bonus.

    • I want to acknowledge this but I am superstitious that looking past the Portugal game will bring us certain doom, so I am not 🙂

      • Yeah I’m starting to get nervous already. Portugal is going to have nothing to loose but also know 6 points are still out there to put them through.

      • I believe you -and your amigos here- had the USA at 0-3 before the cup started, so don’t worry

      • Nothing wrong with this attitude my man. Hubris is a trap — good to steer clear. Remember though that fear is a powerful thing… it can become the only thing, if you allow it.

        But there are more powerful things. Seek them out and get excited for Sunday. Forward. Always forward.

        Oh… and one more thing… this one is important…

        LET’S GO YANKS!!!

        [Forgive me… I really can’t stop]

      • It’s all good Ali Dia.
        Sometimes, we all just got to get it out.
        Portugal is a cornered and wounded animal.
        Just got to take the fight out of them and
        make CR7, play both ways.

        Onward and Upward to Sunday, and beyond!

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