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World Cup Day 6: Your Running Commentary


After a wild finish Monday night, the World Cup continues Tuesday with three matches, including the introduction of the four teams that have yet to play.

Belgium finally kicks off its first World Cup since 2002. No longer considered a dark horse thanks to a young crop of stars like Eden Hazard, Thibaut Courtois and Axel Witsel, Belgium has been by pegged by many to be the most likely of the non-traditional powers to lift the trophy in Brazil and will be the team to beat in Group H.

Belgium opens their tournament against 2010 World Cup participants Algeria. While not considered a threat to escape the group, Algeria knows how to make things difficult for bigger sides at the World Cup. After all, their last match at the tournament very nearly kept the United States out of the knockout stage.

Brazil and Mexico both overcame slow starts to grab three points in their opening matches. Now, they face off against each other, with the winner (if there is one) all but assured a spot in the second round.

Russia and South Korea will be the last teams to make their 2014 World Cup debuts. Russia has hopes that they can overtake Belgium in Group H and maybe make a deep run as a result. Defeating South Korea and Algeria will be crucial for the No. 18 team in the world.

If you will be watching today’s matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (TV listings after the jump):


12 p.m. – Belgium vs. Algeria – ESPN

3 p.m. – Brazil vs. Mexico – ESPN

6 p.m. – Russia vs. South Korea – ESPN


  1. Thiago Silva showed some class there… late on the challenge…knew it, took the yellow card like a man and apologized to the player he fouled hard… Chicarioto accepted…wish football could always be like that.

  2. Brazil just missed their best scoring opportunity from an offside non-call. Mexico has been defending well. Brazil might need a Mexican to be red-carded off to win.

    • Neymar is doing rather well now too.

      Luiz also feels like half a second away from a yellow or Red on every play he makes.

  3. Brazil is really laking a good striker, Fred is the most un Brazilian striker I have seen, dude gives them nothing.

  4. I have to laugh when i see Guardado asking for a card for consistent infringement, and then not 40 seconds later he commits at least his 6 th foul of the game.

  5. Brazil is getting counterattacks but I have a feeling Julio Cesar is going to make a mistake here. Anyone else feeling that?

  6. So far it’s a great game. Both teams are playing dirty and flopping quite a bit but it’s entertaining football.

    Mexico went from being the worse to the best team in our region pretty fast.

    I still say they take it 2-0. Their goalie will be MOTM.

  7. Case in point: Brazilian striker falls down after a light touch, only to realize it was his teammate that touched him, so he hits his head in frustration. Minute 38-39

    • It takes time for the FIFA crew to switch strategies, and they needed to get accustomed to making bad offside calls and preparing the world for bad PKs, instead of just disallowing and declaring goals like they used to.

    • seriously, I was thinking the same… although it’s more Bora-ball and Sampson-ball and Arena-ball and Bradley-ball and Klinsmann-bal…it’s the American way until the talent pool s sufficiently stocked with players who equal their European peers in terms of first and second touch and spatial awareness…

      • Wasn’t Bradley/Arena/Sampson/Bora-ball absorb then strike? Last night was strike then absorb then strike again.

        (s) It’s totally different. (/s)

  8. Two teams that like to dive and act like there legs were ripped off their bodies, should be a tough one for the ref.

  9. On a side not, the MLS is showing pretty huge in the tournament. Dempsey’s goal, Cahill making Australia looking more than just a push-over side, and that guy from Costa Rica, number 9, with his amazing performance.

    Not bad, I don’t even care for the MLS that much!

  10. Belgium is getting to the quarters at least.

    Way too much talent on and off the field.

    The dominated the whole game and the Algerians were no push-overs. In fact, I was amazed at how organized and tight they were. Not half-bad at all.

    That number 10, which club does he play for? God, he is FAST!!!!

    • Today is a holiday in Brazil; If he needs a specialist, it will probably take at least another day before we hear anything.

      • VERY TRUE.

        Brazilians are drinking beer and getting ready for the game. Jozy can wait as far as they are concerned. Although, money does talk in Brazil.

  11. That Algerian fan with the “Aladdin” hat (I don’t know it’s proper name) dancing around the stands, waving the flag is going to be a symbol of this Cup.

    I am calling it NOW. You heard it here first!

    • The Ghana fan they showed just before their goal, the one that Ian Darke made the ‘It takes all types’ comment about, he was pretty intense. But Ghana not getting the result in the end hurts his chances as most memorable fan.

      • Yeah, the “witch doctor”, right?

        All the guys at the bar yesterday were saying he is the one who put a curse on the US team. haha

        Last Cup there was another African guy, although I don’t know which nation he was representing (maybe South Africa) who was definitely one of the symbols of that Cup.

      • We must have wrote our comments at the same time!! That witch doctor doing his thing again!!! haha

    • Hahaha…..thinks it’s called a Fez. Algeria is a pretty good team don’t know why this is a big surprise to everyone. Brazil always have a difficult time with Mexico so it should be a very interesting game. Wouldn’t shock me if Mexico pulled it out 2 or 3-1

  12. This is one hell of a game.

    Belgium not living up to their potential. Algeria with the tight, compact, controlled defense, exploiting their chances.

    I am liking it.

    Being half Brazilian and a fan of the USMNT, I am really looking forward to the next game. I say Mexico pulls the upset and wins 2-0.

    • I will thankfully be able to watch the second half on my lunch break. It will be interesting to see how Belgium reacts to being down at the half in their World Cup opener, especially considering how so many people have been singing their praises. Sink or swinmtime, they are in the deep end of the pool now.

      • They have lots of possession, lots of talent and get forward but can’t break the defense down. If Lukaku were Altidore in this same situation, people would be calling for his head. Lukaku can’t get two seconds of the ball at his feet thanks to the Algerians.

        Honestly, I wouldn’t count them out one bit. Even if they lose this one, next game they will be more accustomed to each other and therefore play better. They have all the tools and talent.

    • there are always 1-2 hyped teams that don’t make it out of the group-think France and Italy in 2010…

      the Belgians didn’t even make it to Euro 2012 with the same group, so the WCQ was the frist time they actually played up to their talent… and now you’re asking a bunch of EPL prima donnas to fly to a hot and humid place and work together to break down a pesky, technically sufficient underdog

      • They are dominating the game man.

        They are young and have little experience. However, they are bossing the game around despite the Algerians tight, compact, organized defense.

        Give it time. I bet they still get out of the group even if they lose this one.

      • Hmm, I should clarify. First half it didn’t seem like Belgium could do what they wanted to do. Algeria was succeeding in their plan.

      • And they won 2-1.

        They have it all. I bet they get to the quarters at least. Too much talent.

    • Dangerous play can be red. Sliding in studs up is an example here. I can’t believe there wasn’t even a foul called on the play. They are both shoulder to shoulder going up for a header. Then the kick. Because he knew where the other player was, and knowingly kicked to his head, that should have been a red card.

    • I’ve actually be trying to figure this out… at first I thought the refs just missed it — but there was ZERO commentary from the announcers as well (at least on ESPN). No one questioning the lack of a yellow, much less red. So I figured they knew something I didn’t? To me, that looked like a clearly dangerous play with no ball contact that should have been a red card.

  13. The face of US SOCCER

    should be Clint Dempsey or Michael Bradley

    not Donovan. He’s done so much for us but going forward it needs to be 1 of those 2

    • Absolutely NOT. Both of them were awful in yesterdays game, Bradley was downright terrible.Dempsey has a prima donna attitude, and wants everything handed to him on a silver platter including calls. As much as people dont like him, Jones is the embodiment of what America was founded on in a player. Hard work, leaving every single ounce of energy in your job, and being passionate about your work.

      • Dempsey scored yet another big goal for the U.S. and had his nose broken yet stayed on the field, and this is all you can say about him? He was very inconsistent last night, as were most of the other American players, but I don’t understand this vitriole.

      • +100

        Dempsey is a great player with a terrible attitude. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

        He carried on most of the game as if someone owes him after having done him wrong. You can see it in his face.

      • Vitriol…that is how you spell it!

        I was racking my brain about an hour ago trying to get it right.

      • So, I was not the only person who saw Clint’s attitude.

        Yeah, his goal was AMAZING. Third best goal of the Cup thus far for sure. And yes, he is a beast.

        But, his attitude is terrible.

      • Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? Clint has a bad attitude…how could all his teammates and coaches not see this.

      • Looks like you have never played sports before. Many world-class players, in various sports, have had HORRIBLE attitudes and yet continued to play and be played. I would go through the list but I can tell it is pointless.

        At any rate, his goal was amazing.

      • You know that I have never played sports before ? How? and I suppose you used the same methods to determine that Dempsey has a bad attitude. Your comments are conjecture not fact is all i am saying.

      • Bradley did have a horrible game.

        Dempsey was so-so. Always attacking. A few shots on goal.

        But agreed. He is the US SOCCER PLAYER. Came from a trailer park in East Texas to playing in the best football league on the planet and has scored in 3 consecutive world cups. when will the haters die? Same with Bradley. They’ve accomplished so much and done to erase the negative image of US players abroad. Kids should desire to play like them, not to play against the likes of Chivas USA.

      • you realize bradley plays against chivas usa, right? not sure if i understood your comment.

  14. my favorite team is USMNT
    my 2nd favorite team in whoever plays Mexico
    my 3rd favorite is whoever plays Russia

    Go Korea, Go Brazil

    • Normally i would agree with you but with the Garbage that went on in the officiating in the first game i want brazil to bomb out in the group stages. I hate diving teams like brazil more than mexico

      • i’m trying to make sense of your last sentence. do you actually think mexico isn’t a ‘diving team’?

      • No where near the level that Brazil is. Both Brazil mens and Womens are the worst divers in the game, its horrible to watch

      • The frustrating part is that Brazil are extremely physical on defense but fall down if a breeze hits them. Neymar especially.

      • It’s just that Mexico was definitely robbed last game, while Brazil was given a charity PK. (And Croatia was denied a good goal, not to mention the non-call on a play equivalent to the PK gifted to Brazil.)

    • I think Belgium can put 3 or 4 on the board, honestly, so I expect a romp there. I agree about Brazil-Mexico, and I think South Korea holds strong for a while, but eventually succumbs in the second half, 1-0.

      • We’ll, they are now down 1-0 and Algeria is tough to score against (remember 2010). Belgium may have been strong in qualifying, but this is their first time on the big stage in 12 years. I do not see them scoring a ton.

      • I thought talent would be enough for them, but you are right, the World Cup is a completely different animal. They of course have time to figure things out, but not an impressive half from the Belgians.

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